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Cartoon: Les Beastiables -- Senator Lindsey Giraffe
Les Beastiables ("Les Bez"): Beasties say the darnedest things! Today's Beastiable is Senator Lindsey Giraffe. He is of course a parody of Senator Lindsey Graham, who announced this week that he ...
elenacarlena 06/03/2015 1
Bruce Bartlett interview
I just read this interview in the LA Times. It's framed as a conservative takes on the GOP and Fox News, and ...
gshenaut 06/03/2015 1
Woozle Wednesdai
Those of you who already either ...
triciawyse 06/03/2015 2
Austin police officers injured in explosion while saving distraught man from burning car (VIDEO)
Two Austin, Texas police officers were injured while trying to help a distraught man who apparently tried to commit suicide via car explosion: Fire ...
Jen Hayden 06/03/2015 7
History of the Antiquities Act- Part 2- First monuments and Western backlash
This is the second part of my diary series on the History of the Antiquities Act. Part 1 can be found at the link below
MorrellWI1983 06/03/2015 3
NC Vetoed Magistrate Hate Bill may yet pass
SB 2 - The bill that would allow Magistrates and Register of Deeds to receive taxpayer funded income for not doing a major part of their jobs is very alive and may become law, even after Gov. Pat ...
Intheknow 06/03/2015 3
EVERYone for President!
It's time, people, for you to join the presidential race for the White House in 2016. This is not an original idea. Two dozen candidates - and counting! - have made themselves available, many ...
TRPChicago 06/03/2015 3
Make Your Case - 2015
An essay by Paul Graham on how to disagree is summarized visually by this pyramid : Where does your comment fit into this ...
Wee Mama 06/03/2015 15
God is Calling His People Home
I have a history of ministers in my bloodline, but not as extensively as, say, Martin Luther King, Jr., who was a fourth-generation preacher. My great-great-great-grandfather John Jackson Camp was a ...
cabaretic 06/03/2015 5
Atlanta Public Schools eliminate all elementary music programs and jobs
For Atlanta Public Schools, this is the week the music died. Depressing news out of Atlanta, where budget cutbacks ...
Jen Hayden 06/03/2015 15
PPP continues to find Republican Pat McCrory locked in a tight re-election contest
GOP Gov. Pat McCrory Public Policy Polling surveys North Carolina's gubernatorial contest and they continue to find a very ...
Jeff Singer 06/03/2015 2
NC-Gov: PPP Has Roy Cooper (D) Leading Pat McCrory (R) 44-41
Here's some good news today out of North Carolina courtesy of PPP:
poopdogcomedy 06/03/2015 3
Scott Walker wants to wreck the EPA. He's not the only one
Scott Walker gives gollum a bad name. Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who has said he will announce whether he is running for president after the state budget is wrapped up this month, has a ...
Meteor Blades 06/03/2015 24
High Impact Posts: June 2, 2015
jotter 06/03/2015 4
Family Faces Jail & Fines for Cheering At Senatobia Mississippi Graduation
Prom and Graduation season is here along with all the antics that come with these rites of passage. The Superintendant for Senatobia Mississippi schools, Jay Foster, warned the audience to hold ...
JDWolverton 06/03/2015 14
Monckton's model is useless, surprising no one.
Back in January, a troop of deniers led by Monckton (and including Willie " $1m in dirty money " Soon) published a paper in a Chinese journal that made the claim that climate models overestimate ...
ClimateDenierRoundup 06/03/2015 2
Netroots Radio Presents The After Show with Wink & Justice: "Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa!"
It's "Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa! Wednesdays" on The After Show. We were going to call it "Germanic Mercury" but you know what they say, if you have to explain a joke, yada yada ya. A black ...
justiceputnam 06/03/2015 1
Walmart's latest raises show just how low its pay is
You know you're a low-wage employer when you're bragging about raising base pay levels to $15 an hour ...
Laura Clawson 06/03/2015 16
Connect! Unite! Act! Glacier National Park, Maine, Phoenix & Asheville Meet-up Info — What if?
A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
Angie in WA State 06/03/2015 112
Wikileaks Offers a $100,000 Bounty for the Text of the TPP
It's come to this: WikiLeaks is offering $100,000 for the text of President Obama's trans-Pacific trade deal. The transparency organization released a video on Tuesday asking for donations to ...
Dartagnan 06/03/2015 46
Let there be songs to fill the air
The morning ear worm strikes again. At Cedwyn's memorial Roo and I played a few Grateful Dead tunes. Started with Friend of the Devil, then we played Black muddy river, Me and my uncle and ...
BOHICA 06/03/2015 21
Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Cole 4 West Virginia 4 Coal
West Virginia Senate President and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Cole Leading Off : • WV-Gov : On Tuesday, state Senate President Bill Cole became the first credible Republican ...
Jeff Singer 06/03/2015 33
Maybe space based weapons really want to destroy Richmond California
Democracy does have some negative policy externalities and perhaps the drought is having a mass effect on some otherwise quite progressive towns at the intersection of oil refineries and a ...
annieli 06/03/2015 13
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Rand's rotten reception reverberates
Elias Isquith : For the Republican Party in general, politically speaking, [the improving economy] was inconvenient — but not a disaster. Just as nature seeks to fill a vacuum, whichever party is ...
Greg Dworkin 06/03/2015 130
Father & Daughter Team Up To Block One Of The Most Restrictive Abortion Bans Yet
Leslie Salzillo 06/03/2015 35
Texas - concealed weapons + drinking on campus
Carrying concealed weapons on campus will become legal on private and public campuses in Texas in August 2016 if the governor signs a bill passed by the Texas Legislature: Texas Lawmakers Pass a ...
oc hope 06/03/2015 25
Morning Open Thread - Iconic Mary Ellen Mark
Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 7:00 am Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel free to ...
Joy of Fishes 06/03/2015 35
Bernie Sanders is one of us
Senator Bernie Sanders shares our political values. Senator Sanders has worked on our issues. Sen. Sanders has worked to build a real grassroots political movement in his home state of Vermont. ...
StewartAcuff 06/03/2015 7
Disease-a-week Challenge #2: the California Stem Cell Program vs. Alzheimer's disease
In the middle of the night, a was woman driving across a deserted highway overpass when she say man in pajamas at the side of the road....
diverdonreed 06/03/2015 1
I See Said The Hammer to The Saw
This is one reason why I don't write science much. And why the bulk of my work is secured. 1. it took conventional science 10 years just to prove Pauli's theory. 2. And so far all conventional ...
nicolemaschke 06/03/2015 11
Quilt-chemo-babble and a Song
Yesterday, I was gently wrapped in the quilt that Sara R and Winglion created from the kindness of Kossacks. With IV needles and tubes arrayed, I settled into a volume of W. S. Merwin while Ms. ...
ruleoflaw 06/03/2015 12
Going to Mars... and Survival
There are, right at the ground 0 level significant issues with going to Mars, and human survival.
nicolemaschke 06/02/2015 51
The Great Melt-Out: Summer Comes Early to Heather Meadows
We live near the snowiest place on the planet. That's not just a saying - by measure, Heather Meadows, near the Mount Baker ski area in Washington, gets more snow than any other weather station ...
James Wells 06/02/2015 21
Which Republican said self-interest as a primary principle is incompatible with civil liberty?
The longer quote is this: " (an action the speaker disagreed with) forces so many really good men amongst ourselves into an open war with the very fundamental principles of civil liberty -- ...
wordmonkey 06/02/2015 4
IVH & LLS w/ James Corden
Please read and follow instructions before opening. Or consult your physician. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man Oh Man 06/02/2015 21
Meanderings, Deferred
It's been a while since I wrote a diary that didn't revolve around food (cooking or eating it) or the death of my mother. Writing the draft, I still have no idea where it's going to go. I'd ...
Gemina13 06/02/2015 1
Rachel Talks to Bernie -- About his Strong Rollout and his Cutting-edge Debate Ideas
Just watched the Interview. It was very good. Bernie is breaking records in Iowa, among other things. Well worth watching, if you missed it. The Rachel Maddow Show -- June 2 ...
jamess 06/02/2015 92
Kids, don't do drugs you don't like.
I think Starbucks should embrace sad hour, similar to pubs happy hour but instead a discount on coffee before we all go to work. To an outsider, Trader Joe's just looks like a place where ...
jbou 06/02/2015 20
Republican attacks on the EPA
A feature of the New Conservatism is a pathological anti environmentalism. This was not always so. many of the early conservationists were Republicans. Even ten years ago Sen McCain and Sen Graham ...
cuddytom 06/02/2015 11
Another year, another clusterf**k at the Tennessee Dept. of Education
The State of Tennessee Department of Education (Motto: We will spend millions of dollars to make our schools like China!) is so addicted to testing that they will simply do anything to hide how bad ...
Teacherman1978 06/02/2015 12
Toxic Substances are topic of Congress House Committee Markup today & Wednesday
Congressional fights over 62,000+ unregulated chemicals can be complicated by TPP, TTIP, & remand to each state. House Committee Markup today & Wednesday -- Hope you'll read on! ...
e2247 06/02/2015 5
Infighting in Kansas Senate Gives Small Number of Electeds Final Word
A deeply divided Kansas Senate debated the budget throughout the day in caucus and on the floor until Senate Republicans called for a do-over, reverting the bill to near original state and ...
Chris Reeves 06/02/2015 9
When GOP Gov. Pat McCrory Did The Right Thing
Republican Governor Pat McCrory did the right thing -- and in so doing showed the way for conservative Christian Republicans in the age of marriage equality. McCrory not only vetoed a North ...
Frederick Clarkson 06/02/2015 54
My Story
How it all fits together and what it means when it changes. This diary will follow the progress of my work on building a coherent philosophy of the nature of my own humanity in an inhuman world. I ...
Politcal Alchemist 06/02/2015 3
#Black Lives Matter and The Climate Justice Movement
I recently ran across this article by Naomi Klein Why #Black Lives Matter Should Transform The Climate Debate . At Daily Kos, I've learned we white progressives have a bad habit of thinking ...
joedemocrat 06/02/2015 17
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 6/2/2015: Full Moon and Empty Head
Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones -- the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically. ~ Rabindranath ...
belinda ridgewood 06/02/2015 128
Huckabee Wishes He Were Trans In High School...So Do I
One day after former Olympian Bruce Jenner announced that she would now like to be known as Caitlyn Jenner, right-wing tabloid site World Net Daily released a video taken back in February featuring ...
jawillie 06/02/2015 33
2 New Polls shows both frontrunners slipping as Republicans narrow the gap
Poll: Hillary Clinton Weakens on Trustworthiness While Jeb Bush Slides Into GOP Free-For-All Weakening ratings for Hillary Clinton present opportunities for her potential Republican opponents, even ...
Lefty Coaster 06/02/2015 67
We Don’t Need Another Earthquake Movie
Last weekend the movie “San Andreas” premiered, and became the top-grossing film in the U.S. for that weekend. The movie is filled with action, explosions, thrills, and Dwayne Johnson’s large ...
LouVince 06/02/2015 9
Do you find the tone of this piece puzzling?
This is old, but worth revisiting given the tone: It's the Seattle Times seeming to do their bit ...
SninkyPoo 06/02/2015 7
Bye FeLEGEcia: A 2015 Texas Legislative Wrap-Up
Ok everyone sing it with me… Ding Dong The Lege is Dead! Which Ole Lege? The TEXAS Lege! Ding Dong The Texas Lege is DEAD!! Though I guess it’s up to your point of view on just how ...
TexasLeftist 06/02/2015 2
A very young man with a very ambitious and ingenious way of cleaning up our oceans
20-year-old Boyan Slat is a young man who has come up with an idea about how we might be able to clean up our planet's ocean plastic pollution problem. That solution is The Ocean Cleanup. About 8 ...
Walter Einenkel 06/02/2015 25
A few maps show Americans' views on climate change confused. But they like renewable energy
The map shows Americans are strong backers of renewable energy. David Roberts at ...
Meteor Blades 06/02/2015 37
Overheating Earth staggers into last chance saloon
The inhabitants of overheating Earth are starting to realize that they only have one last chance to stop the rising heat from their planet from overwhelming life on Earth as they know it. So they ...
VL Baker 06/02/2015 16
High Impact Posts: June 1, 2015
jotter 06/02/2015 9
Ohio: Agenda and Blueprint for Progressive Victory
Ohio is one of the most critical presidential battleground states in the country. The last Democratic presidential candidate to win the White House while not winning Ohio was John F. ...
OhioDomer 06/02/2015 36
The "employer mandate" is the ultimate target of King v. Burwell
Sometime this month the U.S. Supreme Court should rule in King v. Burwell - the latest Republican lawsuit seeking to damage the ACA, or "Obamacare."
RETIII 06/02/2015 17
The Daily Bucket - an otter daily bucket
The Daily Bucket is a regular feature of the Backyard Science group. It is a place to note any observations you have made of the world around you. Rain, sun, wind...insects, birds, flowers......
OceanDiver 06/02/2015 66
Bees are getting dusted
The May 21 Nature carried a special section on bees (behind a paywall), and the heart of it was a detailed evaluation on the state of the science on the role of the insecticides known as ...
nicteis 06/02/2015 29
How about some good news out of Arizona?
Over the last week, local and national news stories, including a handful of my diaries here, have ...
Mother Mags 06/01/2015 103
Texas Legislature recesses until 2017
Thank the maker! The Lege finished up its 140 day session today. Their next session will be in 2017. As bad as it was, it could have been a whole lot worse. More ...
johnatx 06/01/2015 32
On "Being Mortal" & Dealing with Cancer (Revised)
Every day we live, we are each one day closer to our own death. A truism, of course, but one that we tend to suppress in the rush and tumult of other demands on our attention and time. Until, one day,
peregrine kate 06/01/2015 114
Who saw THAT coming? Phoenix mosque protest organizer sets up GoFundMe account
See a pattern here? Do or say something that's batshit crazily offensive, like refusing to serve pizza to a gay couple, then complain when the not-insane world says nasty things about you and ...
Mother Mags 06/01/2015 50
Small Organic Business of Minority Owner Needs Your 2 Clicks
Flora's Organics is the tiny one-woman organic seedling/plant/flower/veg/fruit nursery of VERY LOW INCOME kosak Mona Twocats-Romero, a Native American in the running at the WellsFargo Works Project ...
mettle fatigue 06/01/2015 119
High Impact Posts: May 31, 2015
jotter 06/01/2015 7
Finding jobs while homeless (and roses)
Terrance, Aaron, Chelsie, Makala This is another entry in my series on a homeless family I've been trying to help. Fundraiser link: Previous diaries are here:
patrickz 05/31/2015 12
My Asperger's, my Politics
The author (middle), in traditional garb reflecting his European ancestry. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in the summer of 2010, at the age of 39. I've always been quirky, kind of a nerd,
JJR1971 05/31/2015 45
Reverse Robin Hood: State taxes
Who pictures the IRS as Robin Hood and a state like Washingon as the Sheriff of Nottingham? But, that's the way it is . The average state is undoing efforts to address income inequality, according ...
CorpFlunky 05/31/2015 36
No longer girls, they are military veterans
Blue Butterfly Village Laydia Mockabee was one of the lucky ones. The homeless veteran finally found a place for herself and her children at the ...
Susan Grigsby 05/31/2015 52
If Bernie beats HRC in the primaries, Its unrealistic
to think Bernie loses the general election. Comparing Bernie in 2016 to McGovern in 1972, saying Bernie loses like George did is a bit of a stretch. One should remember that the 1972 Democratic ...
Roger Fox 05/31/2015 435
Odds & Ends: News/Humor (with a "Who Lost the Week?" poll)
I post a weekly diary of historical notes, arts & science items, foreign news (often receiving little notice in the US) and whimsical pieces from the outside world that I often feature in "Cheers & ...
Ed Tracey 05/31/2015 10
Week's High Impact Posts: May 23-29, 2015
jotter 05/31/2015 4
High Impact Posts: May 30, 2015
jotter 05/31/2015 5
Pamela Geller calls for Phoenix mosque to be investigated, site of Muhammad cartoon contest
Friday night approximately 500 demonstrators faced off at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix. While more than 800 people RSVP'd on the anti-Islam Facebook page to say they would attend, about ...
Mother Mags 05/31/2015 29
I spent over 30 years of my life working in agricultural biology. Mostly this was in biological control of insect pests and weeds. At the same time I followed my interests in the evolution, life ...
Desert Scientist 05/30/2015 102
Profiles, High and Low
Yours truly in High School NJROTC I live in Sugar Land, Texas, in Tom DeLay's old district. I attended one of the highest ranked public High Schools in Texas, Clements High School. I was active ...
JJR1971 05/30/2015 14
High Impact Posts: May 29, 2015
jotter 05/30/2015 5

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