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Spiritual Awakening in Egypt
The L.A. Times has posted an article about a Muslim evangelist,0,2187828.story He has 2.6 ...
catherineD 04/14/2011 15 9 1 108
Arab League asks for No Fly Zone (video)
Al Jazeera English posted this video of the Arab League meeting and deciding to ask the U.N. to enforce a No Fly Zone over Libya. I don't know if we have the kind of U.N. (or more accurately, ...
catherineD 03/12/2011 3 3 - 25
What To Expect in Egypt
For the past 11 years, I've been researching political change in history, which has suggested a pattern. A pattern where the interests of the Lower Class, Upper Class and Working Class each take ...
catherineD 01/28/2011 20 1 - 90
The Hot Chocolate Party
I was on Facebook the other day reading inspiring quotes from a motivational speaker when he made this suggestion: Glenn K. Garnes: So, now we have a Democrat Party, a Republican Party, a Tea ...
catherineD 04/01/2010 19 4 - 19
And When Eric Massa's Wife is a Widow?
When Massa dies of cancer, will the widow of this veteran stand beside Glenn Beck?
catherineD 03/10/2010 214 7 1 36
8th grader strangled in band class now has headaches - help!
My friend's son was strangled from behind in his 8th grade band class until he passed out. After determining that this appeared to be entirely random and without provocation, the strangler was ...
catherineD 12/22/2009 123 17 - 79
My brother is dying without insurance
There is reason to believe that the public option will be coming in the future --- landmark legislation often starts smaller than it finishes a decade or so later. But right now, today, I have a ...
catherineD 12/15/2009 44 30 - 87
The Paradigm Shift of 2010: The Rich Get...Religion
David Leonhardt and Geraldine Fabrikant wrote an article in a recent New York Times (August 21, 2009) entitled "Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall." I think I like better the title ...
catherineD 10/28/2009 47 4 2 57
2010 Paradigm Shift: Why National Health is Inevitable
Why will we get National Health Insurance? Because we’re beginning a paradigm shift that’s all about the working classes. If you've been waiting with baited breath, sure that if ...
catherineD 10/26/2009 18 2 - 19
Paradigm Shifts, Civil Rights Eras, and Clothing
I'm writing a book with far-reaching implications. Three world views repeat in the same order in a cycle that currently takes about 97 years to fully complete. In pre-modern times --- before ...
catherineD 10/12/2009 34 7 - 107
The Paradigm Shift of 2010
In mid-2010, a tipping point will be reached in which we will feel a paradigm shift clicking into place. The last time this happened was in 1977 --- the next election we got Reagan and Reaganomics, ...
catherineD 09/27/2009 161 5 2 76
Still Can't Get Over Clark Slam
Was just at and listened to the audio of Clark's most recent interview on the Georgia/Russia problem. Hearing the host of the radio show say how much he wanted to see him as VP ...
catherineD 08/21/2008 58 10 - 27
Speculating about Clark
Really? The theme of the day when the Vice Presidential candidate speaks will be Securing America's Future? Every Clark supporter knows that Clark's website, begun in 2004, was never WesClark....
catherineD 08/17/2008 102 13 1 28
McCain's Military Career --- A Couple Details
All of this talk about McCain's war record has made me curious --- I mean, is it usual to crash 5 planes? I know his daddy and granddaddy were admirals, and that presumably McCain meant to carry on ...
catherineD 06/30/2008 16 6 1 16
Two 100-Year Plans: McCain vs. Clark
In Derry, N.H. in January of this year, John McCain cut off a questioner who talked about the Bush administration's willingness to keep troops in Iraq for 50 years and said "Make it a hundred." ...
catherineD 06/18/2008 19 25 1 30
Expedia: Nearly Three Hours on Hold so far...
Their web site says to check in with them or the airline 24 hours before the flight. Okay. My flight from LAX at Expedia said it was leaving at 10:40 am, flight 272. The 4 of us got there and ...
catherineD 04/26/2008 20 3 1 -
Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Clark & the Dem Party's Future
This is an election of great importance. A sea change is occuring, in which the parties need to reconsider what they are about, what issues will be of importance to them, and who will be their ...
catherineD 08/25/2007 43 6 - -
When did you stop beating your wife? Fox debate questions
[From the diaries - BarbinMD] These are questions from an October 2003 Debate in Detroit sponsored by Fox News and the ...
catherineD 03/30/2007 205 146 5 138
Obama thinking of this Look magazine article?
The latest attack on Obama is that he's making up stories from when he was nine. In his memoir, Dreams from my Father , he remembers being horrified at nine upon seeing an article in Life ...
catherineD 03/28/2007 32 7 - 11
Clark Endorses Timelines for Iraq
I know that this has been a sore point for a lot of people --- that Clark has not been for timelines. Clark on the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Health, and Iraq Accountability Act (which ...
catherineD 03/24/2007 24 34 - -
Wes Clark in Dubai
Most candidates spend years of their lives devoted to little more than running for president. A few care more about putting in the kind of preparation it takes to be a good president. ...
catherineD 03/19/2007 47 49 1 21
Candidate on Cover of Gay Magazine
All right, so this was a couple years ago. But I think Wes Clark is the only candidate to have made the cover of a gay magazine, and probably the only general to have that honor, as well. The ...
catherineD 03/15/2007 15 23 1 14
Clark and Dean Targeted in Fox's 2004 Debates
Does Fox News go into a Democratic debate with a plan to be objective? Unlikely. Then do they go in with a plan to smear all candidates equally? The answer to that lies in looking at the ...
catherineD 02/26/2007 38 27 2 14
Clark for Non-Clarkies: His Responses to Questions on Recent Iran Blog
For those who didn’t want to slog through the fan mail (879 comments!), here are edited or paraphrased versions of the questions Clark was asked and answered, with his responses in full.
catherineD 02/16/2007 115 184 7 41
Is Iran War a Moral Issue or Does it Endanger Troops?
I've been reading about the likelihood that we will bomb Iran soon. I understand the moral issue: "How can you talk about bombing a country when you won't even talk to them?" said ...
catherineD 02/05/2007 15 1 - -
How Clark is Keeping Us Out of Another War
There's more to being presidential than running for president. Clark has something more important to do right now than entering the primary race. Let me explain.
catherineD 01/29/2007 191 254 9 32
Wesley Clark in Dubai Today
He's attending and speaking at the 4th Arab Strategy Forum in Dubai, which brings together more than 600 global leaders. Newspapers in the Arab world report the following "prominent" speakers: ...
catherineD 12/04/2006 55 60 4 9
Why no talk of 6 Arab countries pursuing Nukes???
catherineD 11/04/2006 31 2 - 1
Transcript of Clark on Science Panel
catherineD 06/16/2006 3 11 4 40
YearlyKos Statistics
catherineD 06/15/2006 7 7 2 -
Amer. Progressive Bloggers Assoc. Convention 2007?
catherineD 06/13/2006 2 1 - -
When the Bloggers become the Story They Stop Blogging
catherineD 06/11/2006 46 6 - -
Where are the Yearly Kos diaries?
catherineD 06/10/2006 14 6 1 -
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