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Piers Morgan Questioned by Police
Things have been very quiet on the phone hacking diary front for the last couple of months. The trials are in progress, and people on the UK side of the water are very wary of discussing things that ...
ceebs 02/14/2014 5 18 - -
Murdoch: The Brooks/Coulson trial commences
In the last few minutes the Prosecution has commenced its case in the News of the World phone hacking case. Eight members of News Internationals staff are up in court 12, although one will only be ...
ceebs 10/30/2013 45 21 - -
Murdoch: The Court case rumbles closer
The final pre-trial maneuverings have concluded in the News Of the World phone hacking cases. five of the defendents were arguing that if people had already listened to the voicemail messages before ...
ceebs 06/28/2013 24 72 1 -
Murdoch: Action in the US (updated)
For over a Year now, people have been asking when civil court cases would happen in the ongoing Phone Hacking fun coming from the UK Murdoch enterprise. People have come to the assumption that if ...
ceebs 06/18/2013 7 31 1 -
Murdoch: Another court day.
After yesterdays Roundup today we had people in court. All the main people who had already been charged were now at the point in the process where they must Plead. All were there apart from a ...
ceebs 06/05/2013 14 32 - -
Murdoch: The cases continue
Much happening in the ongoing Murdoch mania. Firstly, News International has de-listed itself from the London Stock Exchange, an action that may be mere housekeeping or may presage the next round ...
ceebs 06/04/2013 18 36 - -
Murdoch: Court cases continue
Today the Crown prosecution service announced yet another case moving to the next stage. This one covers cash alledgedly paid to staff at Sandhurst, The Officer training school for the British army.
ceebs 04/24/2013 16 23 2 -
Murdoch: Court Case and Police Conspiracy?
Today was yet another case day in the ongoing civil cases. A further eight cases were brought to conclusion.
ceebs 04/19/2013 6 25 - -
Murdoch: 600 new hacking cases
Yesterday we had several senior members of the UK's Mirror group arrested, former editors and deputies from one of the papers, including the person who was Piers Morgans deputy. In the corner of ...
ceebs 03/15/2013 43 56 2 -
Murdoch: Big day in Leveson
Two major events today firstly Four Daily Mirror Journalists arrested, first thing this morning. Operation Weeting: four arrests over alleged Sunday Mirror phone hacking | UK news |
ceebs 03/14/2013 25 25 - -
Murdoch: Where is the UK now post Leveson
Now I don't know as this is really relevent to a US site, but as you have all read through discussions of evidence and reports, you may as well have what i think about the current state of things as ...
ceebs 03/10/2013 5 11 - -
Murdoch: Casburn sentenced
This morning, the first sentencing of an individual convicted from the investigation that has come out of the phone hacking case. For several reasons this result has been particularly anticipated, ...
ceebs 02/01/2013 8 29 1 -
Murdoch: Making up the News
Today the Sun managed to publish a dose of rabid Tory wankfantasy. An article that managed to hit just about every single point in Benefit bingo. Benefit Claimant Single Mother East European ...
ceebs 01/20/2013 19 24 - -
Murdoch: The first conviction
Today the next phase in the ongoing UK legal cases surrounding the Murdoch organisation occurred. DCI April Casburn was found guilty of misconduct in public office. BBC News - Detective guilty of ...
ceebs 01/10/2013 19 23 - -
Murdoch: police phone hacking numbers
Throughout the Investigation we have had updates from the Metropolitan police in the form of DAC sue Akers as to the numbers of cases that were still in process. Here’s a quote from one of ...
ceebs 12/01/2012 20 22 1 -
FOTHOM: Leveson report day
yesterday at midday the first copies of the Leveson Inquiry report were delivered to David Cameron. Over the next period, at 8:30 this morning the political oposition leaders recieved their copies, ...
ceebs 11/29/2012 29 15 - -
Murdoch: Leveson report date announced
This morning it has been announced that The Report of Part 1 of the Leveson Inquiry will be published next week on Thursday 29th November at 1:30 pm UK time Lord justice Leveson will be making a ...
ceebs 11/22/2012 16 19 - -
Updated: Murdoch: Coulson and Brooks charged again
This morning the Crown Prosecution Service made an announcement about the first three files passed to it covering Illegal payments to public officials Charging announcement in relation to ...
ceebs 11/20/2012 20 46 1 -
Murdoch: More leveson documents
In the last few days there was a sudden burst of Leveson related activity when several Journalists noted that a final statement by DAC Sue Akers had been posted on the Leveson website. A statement ...
ceebs 11/19/2012 20 28 - -
Murdoch: Is A US Grand Jury Set To Indict Rupert For Illegal Payments, And If Not, Why Not?
Over the last two years this side of the Atlantic has been providing piece after piece of evidence of irregular practices between journalists and private eyes employed on behalf of the newspaper arm ...
ceebs 11/18/2012 113 130 3 -
Murdoch: Akers last evidence to Leveson
On the 9th of this Month the Leveson Inquiry announced that it would no longer be taking onboard any more evidence. which caused a frenzy in the local media. It was also announced that we would ...
ceebs 11/16/2012 16 27 - -
Murdoch: An opportunity for republicans?
And so we come to the conclusion of the 2012 election. In nearly every state the result was as good as could be hoped for, and whilst democrats and women heaved heavy sighs of relief, the Right were ...
ceebs 11/10/2012 24 30 - -
Murdoch: Is James in trouble?
Todays papers are predictably packed with the ongoing paedophilia scandal in the UK and its fallout amongst media organisations as various factions try to play the situation to their own advantage ...
ceebs 11/10/2012 19 37 - -
Murdoch: More texts for Dave and Rebekah
I know You're all busy with your election, but things are still bubbling along in Murdoch land For the last two weeks Chris Bryant, one of the MP's who has been holding the governments feet to the ...
ceebs 11/04/2012 19 18 - -
Murdoch: Rebekahs payoff more than Twice the Dowlers Compensation
This afternoon, we once again have a Newscorp AGM and as embarrassing details would come out in its finances, we have had what looks like a selective leak to attempt some damage limitation Ft ...
ceebs 10/16/2012 36 34 - -
Murdoch : Court Action
A week of action in the UK courts in the ongoing Phone hacking saga The first step was a procedural step in the ongoing criminal cases against the so far named journalists including Coulson and ...
ceebs 10/01/2012 31 26 1 162
James Murdoch: Quicker than Jesus
Yesterday James Murdoch was roundly condemned by the UK media regulator OFCOM for his poor performance in his executive role. BBC News - Ofcom says Sky fit and proper, but James Murdoch rapped The ...
ceebs 09/21/2012 12 19 - 85
Murdoch: OFCOM report James Murdoch Burned
For several months we have been waiting for a report from OFCOM the UK broadcasting regulator and it has rolled out this morning. Now it was a long shot that the Murdoch organisation might be staked ...
ceebs 09/20/2012 31 31 - 165
Murdoch: Burglars, and Bribery?
Yet another Major news story busting out from the News Of The World stable today. The UK Independent is reporting that The paper Hired a Private Investigation company to spy on the Commissioner of ...
ceebs 09/17/2012 30 55 - 221
Murdoch: The Truth
Yesterday a Hard hitting report was published covering the Hilsborough disaster, one of the UK’s worst sporting tragedies, where 96 individuals died in a disastrous crush at the Leppings Lane end ...
ceebs 09/13/2012 19 18 1 118
Murdoch: More Phone fun
At the end of last week, the Commons Home affairs committeehad a meeting to update itself on where we are at with the Murdoch investigations of Operations Weeting, Elveden and Tuleta. DAC Sue Akers ...
ceebs 09/10/2012 27 22 - 161
FOTHOM: The Book is out!
And so the Time has come, As Lord Leveson’s inquiry is in the reading/Writing phase, Brit has reached the point where his own personal reading and writing has come to its natural end. It's now ...
ceebs 08/12/2012 14 32 1 142
Murdoch: at the Olympics
The Olympics being just about the only thing in the news at the moment You would think that Rupertr would be keeping his head down, but no. Over the last few days there has been a rumour doing the ...
ceebs 08/03/2012 19 23 - 147
NBC Fail Again
Over the past few days there has been much Criticism of the US TV coverage of the Olympics, and this has been noted over in the UK. Im not in a position to say wether this is justified or not, ...
ceebs 07/30/2012 223 177 1 1910
More Romneyshambles
Over the past 70 days the Olympic Torch has been travelling the length and Breadth of the UK, to be seen by reportedly 16 million people as people have run the torches through the streets. Tonight ...
ceebs 07/26/2012 26 34 - 314
Murdochgate: Rupert steps down! Updated
and the next step occurs, it's only the UK, not his Worldwide organisation, but it's on the way. BBC News - Rupert Murdoch resigns as News International director Rupert Murdoch has resigned from a ...
ceebs 07/21/2012 133 244 1 1862
On Forgetfulness at Leveson
We have now concluded the first three modules of the Leveson Inquiry into the standards of the press. Throughout the recent days there have been many complaints that Leveson has become a partisan ...
ceebs 07/06/2012 14 17 - 106
Murdochgate : Leveson's off so we'll have a quiet week? No?
So after last weeks Politicians special at the Leveson Inquiry, where all those involved in The Jeremy Hunt situation were much more forgetful than everyone else. people were expecting a quiet week.
ceebs 06/18/2012 17 19 - 130
Murdochgate: Politicians week preview
The coming week once again appears to be full of Highlights for the Leveson Inquiry Monday opens with Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister, and has an afternoon of George Osbourne. the current ...
ceebs 06/08/2012 7 22 - 90
Murdochgate - Cameron: The Crisis continues
Following on from Twenty days of Crisis for Cameron covering the background to this, and various diaries covering the efects in this list things have carried on moving on at pace (and when I say at ...
ceebs 05/24/2012 32 39 - 175
Twenty days of Crisis for Cameron
Ten days ago Rupert and James Murdoch were brought up before the Leveson inquiry, and the fallout is still echoing round the British political system. The thing that fired it off was the three days ...
ceebs 05/09/2012 26 23 1 125
Murdoch at the Inquiry
And Finally We have Rupert in front of the Inquiry The questions Rupert Murdoch must answer at the Leveson inquiry | Media | The Guardian All of the questions are directed to testing key ...
ceebs 04/25/2012 7 23 1 118
Murdoch day (Junior) at Leveson.
Finally we are at one of the major points of the long running Leveson Inquiry Today James Murdoch will be spending the entire day answering questions under oath. Where he had a relatively easy ride ...
ceebs 04/24/2012 86 24 - 261
MurdochGate : Moving towards the Courts
A big day once again and the Murdoch press just can't manage once again to stay out of the papers. (Even when in this case it appears to be mostly unconnected) And something big from the US side of ...
ceebs 04/18/2012 19 35 1 163
Murdoch - Crowdsourced Investigations
Earlier theis afternoon The UK MP Tom Watson tweeted the following tom_watson (tom_watson) on Twitter Australian Financial Review needs help with crowdsourcing a review of some interesting emails! ...
ceebs 03/27/2012 26 41 - 171
Murdoch new TV Piracy claims (Updated)
And the BBC's Panorama program finally arrives tonight, bringing out new charges to an already lengthy list. in the past we have had reports that a Murdoch firm called NDS has been involved in ...
ceebs 03/26/2012 33 30 1 186
Murdochs TV hell week
Just a quick one. By now you will all have seen Randomnonviolences Diary on PBS's Frontline program where for a US TV audience, the channel is going to run through the current state of play in the ...
ceebs 03/24/2012 29 31 2 226
Murdoch - A horses tale
We’ve had a week of Fun at the Leveson Inquiry, we’re now onto the second module of part one which covers the interactions between the police and the press. The first section seemed to consist ...
ceebs 03/03/2012 14 13 1 97
Murdoch and Murder
Around the edge of the current investigations into News International things have kept turning back towards the Name Daniel Morgan, too many small details have kept tieing up, and whispers have ...
ceebs 02/28/2012 32 61 - 333
Yet more Murdoch - (updated)
the "If you're going to run a conspiracy, it's best to make sure your co-conspirators aren't wearing red false noses and overlength shoes" piece. We're winding down to the last24 hours till the ...
ceebs 02/24/2012 24 39 - 168
Another week in Murdochland
It's been a week of ups and downs for the followers of this story, The main feature was a big down, Rupert has flown in after a couple of weeks of arrests of Sun Journalists, and has begun a ...
ceebs 02/20/2012 29 25 - 115
Murdoch - More Arrests - updated
This morning the Metropolitain police returned for a second round of arrests in operation Elveden. Once again these arrests are at the Sun, Murdochs UK daily tabloid, not at the News of the World, ...
ceebs 02/11/2012 112 153 2 964
Murdoch corruption arrests
Brit is busy today, but this is just too newsworthy to miss Unfortunatelyit's not reaching all the way to the top yet. But another arm of the News international spidersweb in the UK today has had ...
ceebs 01/28/2012 21 35 - 142
Piers Morgan at Leveson Inquiry on Tuesday
CNN has announced that Piers Morgan will appear before the Leveson Inquiry on Tuesday Leveson Inquiry: Former News Of The World Editor ...
ceebs 12/15/2011 11 13 - 60
Murdoch - The Leveson Inquiry begins.
This morning the next phase of the Murdoch story commenced, with the formal procedures of the Leveson Inquiry. By legal necessity has been split into two parts The first covering press standards in ...
ceebs 11/14/2011 16 19 1 105
Murdoch - The Juggernaut rolls on
Another week and the hacking scandal rolls on In the last week we've had a good selection. Firstly we had Vanity ...
ceebs 11/07/2011 52 26 - 142
Murdoch - The lawyers letters
Todays news in the world of Murdoch is a follow-up to the committee evidence given by Pike and Lewis last week. The committee today released the documents that they had been promised at that meeting.
ceebs 11/01/2011 23 14 - 112
Today in Murdochland: The Hub
And another day goes by with more evidence of the problems on the inside of News Internationals UK papers. A person who has been hacked has had a meeting with the detectives of Operation Weeting ...
ceebs 10/26/2011 21 63 1 335
Murdoch - Shareholders Meeting
Today we have the General Meeting for Shareholders of News International taking place in California. A variety of people have turned up to take part in this event. Tom Watson the UK MP has ...
ceebs 10/21/2011 43 25 - 176
Another Day of Hacking in Murdochland
Over in the UK we have had yet another day of the Department of Culture Media and Sport select committee. Today we have had two Lawyers involved. James Pike, a partner in the legal company that ...
ceebs 10/19/2011 13 13 - 74
Murdoch - When did phone hacking start?
One of the most regular questions asked is when did the phone hacking start? Now the initial story, on which the police had no choice but to act happened in 2005, the reason they acted was that the ...
ceebs 08/05/2011 33 31 - 138
What is the mileage of your last lunch?
A variety of the mainstream media today are reporting on a confidential world bank report on the effect of Biofuels on food prices. The initial figures of a 75% increase appear large, but what do ...
ceebs 07/06/2008 33 21 - 26
The end is Nigh for Blair
ceebs 09/05/2006 6 5 1 1
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