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Oklahoma Repug wants to opt out of new hate crimes law
There is a disturbing trend of rightwing states and rightwing politicians in more moderate states of attempting to opt out of Federal laws. So it should come as no surprise that it would be ...
certainly 11/18/2009 28 13 - 71
Palin defiles Reagan's zombie grave. Thanks Sarah!
I'm seeing some light on the horizon after reports that Sarah Palin's new book is essentially a rewriting of the tired old re-re-hashing of Bushano... I mean Reaganomics. Same difference after all.
certainly 11/17/2009 9 6 - 105
"Every member of my unit abused Iraqis"
Every member of my unit abused Iraqis -Donald Payne, 1st member of the British Armed Forces to be convicted of war crimes Bring the troops home now. There are war criminals ...
certainly 11/16/2009 95 14 - 246
2009 H1N1 vs 2008 seasonal flu: Obama saves larger % of children than Bush.
Despite the hyperventilating claims on Fox News and shows like Rush Limbaugh that Obama's stewardship of our nation's flu response has ...
certainly 11/15/2009 15 8 - 241
Fox Terrorists and their imams can't have it both ways
Jim D. Adkisson is a Fox terrorist if Nidal Hassan is an Islamic terrorist. And unless Fox News takes responsibility for their role in leading and inspiring their own terrorists, they have no ...
certainly 11/14/2009 117 4 1 153
Catholic Church threatens to end aid to poor b/c of gay marriage law
Many in the liberal community have problems with the biases of religious charity groups and the impact they have on the poor people they serve. The following article explains how the Catholic ...
certainly 11/12/2009 78 19 1 147
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