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GOP Rep claims Obamacare costing $5 million per enrollee. Turns out he's off by about $5 million
Texas GOP Representative Pete Sessions (R-Math Challenged) Recently claimed on house floor that the cost of each enrollee was costing the U.S. treasury $5 million. He came up with that estimate by ...
cgvjelly 03/25/2015 53 49 1 -
A nation (Canada) breathes a sigh of relief
It looks like Ted "Canadian" Cruz has finally gotten around to renouncing his Canadian citizenship: Cruz renounces citizenship It looks like Ted is getting his ducks in a row as he prepares to run ...
cgvjelly 06/10/2014 22 3 - -
Canadian Ted Cruz releases his "birth certificate"
It looks like Ted "Canadian Cruise" Cruz has released his "birth certificate" to the Dallas Morning news. Let the birther heads commence to explode. Cruz Birth ...
cgvjelly 08/19/2013 44 7 - -
Rick Perry ads $92k to his salary by claiming he's "retired"
It looks like our favorite teabagging Governor, who claims to detest goverment so much, has found a legal, if highly unethical (in my opinion) way to add $92,000 to his annual salary, claiming he is ...
cgvjelly 12/17/2011 12 12 1 141
Breaking! GOP rep Chris Lee resigns..!
Banner currently on MSNBC: Rep. Christopher Lee, R-N.Y., resigns after Craigslist dating ad ...
cgvjelly 02/09/2011 32 6 - 134
"Terrorist" FAIL.!  Man pleads guilty to threatening Pres. Obama
I came across this extremely funny story today in the Dallas Morning News. A Dallas area man has plead guilty to threatening President Obama, and is awaiting federal sentencing in lieu of a trial.
cgvjelly 07/20/2010 11 3 - 21
Arnold tells CA legislature where to go.
I saw this earlier, and thought it was completely hilarious. Here is a link to The Governator's latest veto message: [ Hasta La Vista]
cgvjelly 10/29/2009 10 4 2 35
Live blogging "In Performance at the White House: Fiesta Latina"
Tonight, President and Mrs. Obama and family are hosting "In Performance at the White House: Fiesta Latina" feature musice by the world's biggest Latino music stars, including Los Lobos, Gloria ...
cgvjelly 10/13/2009 46 24 - 44
 Kay B. Hutchison to resign senate to run for Gov-TX.
From the Dallas Morning news, reports are coming in that Kay Bailey Hutchison, the cheerleader senator from Texas, will resign her senate seat in 3 to 4 months to devote herself full-time to running ...
cgvjelly 07/29/2009 22 6 - 3
An Israel/Palestine diary for the rest of us!
Like many regular readers, I've been following the latest round of I/P diary pie fights, and have observed as they predictably descend into tit for tat accusations, screaming, and general rowdy ...
cgvjelly 12/31/2008 64 9 - 17
I just got BACK from Denver!
So about a month ago, my wife tells me she's stressing out over work, and needs a long weekend getaway to de-stress and re-charge. Me being a husband who likes to keep his wife happy, I started ...
cgvjelly 08/25/2008 12 2 - -
*Blank* is a disaster as VP pick!
I finally had to give my 2 cents, with all this talk of *blank* on the short list for Obama's VP, and all the hot scuttlebutt that *blank* may actually be the one chosen!
cgvjelly 08/18/2008 69 22 1 19
Help me respond to this anti-Obama email. Updated w/ response
I just received this email from my brother in law, who is a die hard Bush guy and will vote %100 for McCain. We get along great, and don't discuss politics at all. This email is relatively mild ...
cgvjelly 08/05/2008 36 4 - -
July 31st money bomb! w/ pole. Updated: $400 so far
Today is the last day of the month, and the last chance to show continued strong monthly fundraising numbers for the Obama campaign. Obama needs to demonstrate that his decision to opt out of ...
cgvjelly 07/31/2008 21 15 - -
Open thread for FISA gloom and doom
Since we're probably going to see another 20 diaries on FISA today, I thought I'd use my daily allotment of 1 diary to provide an open thread to get everything FISA related off your chest. ...
cgvjelly 07/09/2008 47 - - 8
Women for John McCain website
I stumbled across this great website with tons of information for women considering voting for John McSame. I can't believe the McCain campaign didn't reserve this domain name. http://www....
cgvjelly 06/19/2008 34 34 - 16
Breaking: "Big" John Cornyn is an idiot. w/ video
Check out this campaign video from "Big" John Cornyn, running for re-election against Kossack Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate in the great state of Texas. I can't tell if this is snark, or if it's a ...
cgvjelly 06/17/2008 28 7 - 10
I got my IRS "rebate": Now what?
Like many Americans this week, I received my IRS rebate via direct deposit today for $1,200.00. I guess I should be grateful, but I really don't see how this passes for sound economic policy. But ...
cgvjelly 05/02/2008 65 8 - 20
On hiatus until SHE drops out
I've been following this primary process closely since last year, and have finally reached the point where I need to take a step back, a break, from following this race day-to-day, closely, to the ...
cgvjelly 04/23/2008 34 12 - -
Everything IS bigger in Texas: Stories from the Caucus Wars
As a long time commentator, and very rare Diarist, I thought I would share my experience caucusing in Texas this past Tuesday night. First a little background:
cgvjelly 03/06/2008 14 18 - 1
Conversation with my father
I called my father in California today to catch up on family matters and discuss a little politics before super tuesday tommorow, and ended up with a very interesting insight on the mindset of one ...
cgvjelly 02/04/2008 11 6 - 1
Find your candidate match
I found this interesting quiz at on finding a presidential candidate that best matches your views based on about 30 questions. It's not based on party, so your answers may match you up ...
cgvjelly 09/17/2007 60 7 - -
Please: No Harry Potter spoiler diaries
I am sure many here are eagerly awaiting the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this coming Friday night/ Saturday morning. I know I'll be at my local Barnes & Noble on Friday ...
cgvjelly 07/17/2007 73 12 - 20
Texas Kossacks: I didn't vote in yesterday's primary. Now what?
cgvjelly 03/08/2006 12 2 - -
Homophobia quiz - What did you score?
cgvjelly 01/20/2006 69 6 - 16
School district calls for O'Reilly retraction
cgvjelly 12/14/2005 9 4 - -
A View of Harriet Miers' tenure on the Dallas City Council.
cgvjelly 10/04/2005 5 6 - 83
Cronyism run amok
cgvjelly 09/20/2005 1 2 - -
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