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Afghan/Iraq Veteran Killed In Botched Drug Raid While Family Hid In a mid-morning drug raid May 5, a Pima County SWAT team executing a search ...
change the Be 05/14/2011 63 87 1 568
Politico: Jon Stewart Will Debate Bill O'Reilly On Monday
Get ready. This will be the best thing to come from this entire manufactured "controversy" from Fox News. Politico is reporting that Jon accepted the challenge to a duel.
change the Be 05/13/2011 23 13 1 325
Delaware becomes 16th State w/Medical Cannabis program
Link. Gov. Jack Markell has signed legislation ...
change the Be 05/13/2011 7 9 - 39
"Family Values" Republican (and accused murderer) pleads guilty to drug charges
While visiting today to get updates on the damage in Tuscaloosa, one of the main headlines taking up as much space as tornado news was this:
change the Be 05/12/2011 11 17 - 211
Over 90,000 in Streets of Mexico City, at least 30k in Toronto
For an issue that no one cares about , it's interesting to watch the streets fill up in a day and age of online petitions, chain e-mails,
change the Be 05/11/2011 11 14 - 322
FDA Approves Study of Cannabis for PTSD
Link . Who hates science besides the American Taliban? Let's find out...
change the Be 05/10/2011 7 21 1 93
A Poet Leads the Movement: Continued [L.A. Times]
[ Diary #1: A Poet Now Leads the Movement in Mexico ]: Their hope, as usual,
change the Be 05/06/2011 5 1 - 56
Anyone else have Friends/Family believing the Bin Laden conspiracy?
[skip to end of diary for diary title question. UPDATE: in comments, a few are unhappy with use of word "conspiracy". However, we have yet to hear any fleshed-out alternative theories from said ...
change the Be 05/05/2011 61 1 - 242
Uruguay Legalizing Cannabis. (expanded intro, outro)
crossposted to awesomeness I ...
change the Be 04/29/2011 85 30 1 285
International Energy Agency Chief Economist: We hit Peak Oil.
Back in 2006, that is... The IEA is an independent, multi-government agency formed out of the wake of the 1973 ...
change the Be 04/27/2011 3 13 - 94
Paul Ryan admits that Republicans "scare seniors."
He is on the record by the Associated Press as saying that "only this time" the Republicans aren't doing it....they might have been doing it all those OTHER TIMES, but not this time. [...
change the Be 04/27/2011 1 4 - 68
CBS: Mexico may sue US gunmakers; US Fed Agencies Let Guns Go to Cartels (expanded x1)
This is Diary #2 about the ATF gunrunning scandal. [Previous Rec list diary is here: ...
change the Be 04/23/2011 25 19 - 177
Getting ready for 4/20, and other News.
And by getting ready, I mean mostly highlighting some news and happenings tomorrow. Long gone are the college days where we'd wander over to Patel's dorm room on April 20th, using his handheld ...
change the Be 04/19/2011 12 10 - 94
Gov. Gregoire Has History of Lying; ACLU Enters the Fray
crossposted to nothing, because I only blog here. Huffington won't pay me! In Last Night's Friday News dump, WA Gov Gregoire made her move. In Overnight News Digest, we ...
change the Be 04/18/2011 39 13 1 232
WA Dem. Gov. threatens veto of medical marijuana bill w/cover from DOJ
Perhaps Gov. Gregoire didn't feel brave enough to claim the veto as her own, which must be why she publicly dragged the DOJ into the state legislative process. The question, oft asked and bound to ...
change the Be 04/15/2011 28 33 - 197
$75 million cut from homeless vets, $27.4 million more given to NASCAR sponsorship (update x2)
After seeing the issue of sponsorship and corporate ad placement featured on the Colbert Report last night, it was doubly nauseating to see this headline via Instead of helping out ...
change the Be 04/14/2011 121 218 7 1230
"Elite" and "Powerful" winger blog CEO hit with fraud charges
Republicans hate regulatory agencies, mostly because they hate the rule of law. It's an impediment to their "He who has gold makes rules", also known as their "Golden Rule". They hate all ...
change the Be 04/13/2011 4 19 - 243
Canadian Judge Strikes Down Cannabis Laws (expanded)
What headlines don't detail is that this ruling appears to only apply to Ontario. In any case, however, the government has 90 days to respond or cannabis Prohibition is effectively stricken. [
change the Be 04/12/2011 33 51 1 324
Dutch withdraw from Afpak, slash militay spending to tackle budget hole
Take a peek into the looking-glass, and on the other side is a land where things are a bit more reasonable. I don't want to ...
change the Be 04/08/2011 7 19 - 84
Los Angeles: CicLAvia on Sunday/ 7.5 miles bikes only
2nd one ever in L.A. You can take a train into Union Station [which went from eerily quiet to bustling with Starbucks, etc thrown in there]. That’s when the city closes seven-and-a-...
change the Be 04/08/2011 6 7 - 32
A Poet Now Leads The Movement In Mexico-update
Yesterday, I came across a story about plans for a march today in Mexico. It touched my soul. Often, I forget or disbelieve that I ...
change the Be 04/07/2011 29 55 2 262
Candie's foundation paid Bristol 7x amount spent on actual pregnancy prevention
Via ThinkProgress: Today, the Associated Press reported that the Candie’s Foundation released its 2009 tax information, revealing that Bristol was paid a salary of $262,500. But a ...
change the Be 04/05/2011 8 9 1 105
Delaware Senate passes Medical Marijuana 18-3, and other News.
Marijuana Policy Project posted a diary recently about Delaware and ...
change the Be 04/01/2011 5 5 - 44
March 31st, 2011: The Day the Tea Party Won...Again
And they will always win, over and over again, as long as the lazy Traditional media keeps covering their events. It's a combination of institutional bias as well as lazy, repetitious reporting. No ...
change the Be 03/31/2011 10 8 - 175
Teabaggers, Rep. Weiner, Obama: Fear ye not the Plants
"All plants should be legal. Strychnine is legal." - Joe Rogan [youtube video, and the ...
change the Be 03/30/2011 8 11 1 76
A voice for the voiceless- Bob Herbert
A voice for those of us on the bottom of the scrap heap, giving readers a glimpse firsthand of what the future looks like for more and more people. Bob Herbert was quite an asset to NYT; he always ...
change the Be 03/26/2011 14 46 2 215
updated-Canada: Conservative Govt Set to Fall
While the so-called 'conservatives' down here scheme on a government shutdown in an effort to hurt Obama by hurting America, the Canadian ...
change the Be 03/25/2011 33 30 1 210
The War on Drugs Celebrates its 50th Birthday Today
Maybe Drug Prohibition will be at the bar having a shot with Alcohol Prohibition, celebrating its 50th ...
change the Be 03/17/2011 102 45 1 259
NY Times: U.S. using drones in Mexican drug war Stepping up its involvement in Mexico’s drug war, the Obama administration has begun sending ...
change the Be 03/16/2011 10 7 - 58
Maine, Florida, and Kentucky: Cannabis/MMJ Updates
For those who are interested in reading a few blurbs and updates. Call it an overnight news digest for cannabis, if you will. Kentucky ...
change the Be 03/07/2011 9 10 - 89
Project much? Heritage Foundation: Tea Party Being Hijacked By Progressives
Bad Brew Alert: Tea Party Being Hijacked by Progressives That is the headline of the article they put out this morning. I happened to see it on twitter, pointed and laugh, and ...
change the Be 03/07/2011 6 1 - 48
The NFL Lockout, Wisconsin, and G.O.P: Dkos Gets It
Right? The NFL lockout is one of the most potent and relevant analogies for the labor debate in our sports-obsessed country. I'm also curious, given the average kossack's interest in sports, how ...
change the Be 03/05/2011 24 11 - 160
CBS News: ATF Partly Responsible for Mexico Violence
So much for that drug war lovefest between Obama and Calderon. Less than 48 hours after its conclusion, this bombshell dropped, and this one ain't going away folks.
change the Be 03/04/2011 34 80 2 627
PBS, the DEA, and Cannabis
Over the past few days, there's been 3 different inter-related items that have caught my attention: the PBS documentary on cannabis science, the new DEA proposal to declare marijuana pills a ...
change the Be 03/03/2011 11 26 - 131
Nationwide update on ALL Cannabis Measures
H/t to and NORML: 2010 will be remembered, in part thanks to Proposition 19, as the year in which ...
change the Be 03/03/2011 4 9 - 76
L.A. --Politics, Bicycles, and the Mayor
Here's a good story of local politics, and also a glimpse into the future. With fuel prices set to steadily increase in the coming years, don't be surprised to find more and more of Us. We are ...
change the Be 03/01/2011 31 18 - 119
Marijuana Decrim Bill in Maryland Legislature: Update
To harp on a theme that some of us have been pushing , re: cannabis is one of those rare, real "bipartisan" issues out there on a local/state level (not so much federal, with a few exceptions)......
change the Be 02/23/2011 8 19 - 107
Van Jones: Let's Make This A Movement
Van Jones penned a piece over at Huffpost , and it states clearly what our message is: Over ...
change the Be 02/22/2011 4 13 - 88
FAIL? But they don't care if they are outnumbered; Or, "Fish Fry"
Just for egotistical reasons, perhaps, the GOP members don't mind seeing their minions hit the streets and do a bit of yelling. But they don't really care about much of it, since it's mostly ...
change the Be 02/19/2011 2 3 - 85
Seattle's Only Daily Newspaper Says: Legalize It.
Here is bit of wiki on the Seattle Times, for the rest of us who don't live in WA: The Seattle Times is a newspaper serving ...
change the Be 02/19/2011 21 28 - 119
White House Drug War Budget: More of Same?
The overall budget size proposed is a 1.3% increase over last year's budget. Before the President's ...
change the Be 02/18/2011 2 5 1 30
Fox News mistakes lens flare for Apocalypse. Good job, guys.
Wish this was a joke, but for the second time in a month, they're giving us ...
change the Be 02/14/2011 9 5 - 166
Maybe the best diary I've ever written.
It was yesterday, at Newport Beach (that's in Orange County). Near the jetty. I saw trash on a rock, which is not uncommon, even here in one of America's richest cities. There I stood - a poor man ...
change the Be 02/14/2011 12 4 - 68
"UBS Whistleblower Finds Himself in Federal Prison"
Good thing we're locking up whistleblowers and Lindsay Lohan. The world is safe now. Ha. Remember Bradley Birkenfield? Maybe you don't, what with all the Wikileaks stories flying around, like that ...
change the Be 02/10/2011 13 21 - 107
Conservatives' Dirty Little Secret: Texas Budget Woes
Want a one-word rebuttal to the Teabaggers, GOP, Chamber of Commerce, and all the other snake-oil salesmen preaching the Austerity Gospel (TM) ? "Texas" is your word. More and more attention ...
change the Be 02/09/2011 55 27 - 157
Hawaii Bill to Decriminalize Cannabis Moving through Committee
Considering that 20 out of 24 Hawaii state senators have co-sponsored the bill, it's probably safe to say that this bill will see a vote this year. (h/t to http://www.staradvertiser....
change the Be 02/06/2011 15 20 - 202
AIG CEO prefers to do business in "Red States"
Grab some popcorn. AIG, the insurance behemoth that took billions in taxpayer ...
change the Be 02/02/2011 17 27 - 101
The President Speaks on Drug Law Reform
Yesterday we wondered whether or not Obama would address ...
change the Be 01/27/2011 27 23 - 73
Mr. President, Cannabis will one day save lives. (New Cancer Research Out Now)
That day has been delayed by our refusal to allow this plant to be studied sufficiently by universities, while certain government/law enforcement officials disingenuously claim that not enough ...
change the Be 01/26/2011 27 21 - 75
Very Interesting Development in Alternative Fuels....
Like many others, I've posted about- and been intrigued by- the evolution of alternative fuel research. It's gone from wealthy investors pouring wasted money into corn ethanol(while many us us ...
change the Be 01/18/2011 219 42 2 70
Tweety's In-Law in "$8.1 million" weed bust
Just so you know, and you probably already do: EVERY SINGLE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY DRAMATICALLY OVER-ESTIMATES THE VALUE OF MARIJUANA RECOVERED IN BUSTS. Not to mention a little-known fact that has ...
change the Be 01/04/2011 44 13 - 161
Breaking! Harold Camping actually announces date of Rapture
Having grown up in an evangelical church, I've known for some time about the Rapture. You know, when Jesus will call forth all true Christians from the earth, and leave the rest of us suckers here ...
change the Be 01/03/2011 691 213 1 409
Still losing the war, but won a battle
It was a long year. A lot of diaries were done on prop 19, here and elsewhere. We kept our expectations low, only to be surprised at the strong polling all the way through October 2010. In the end, ...
change the Be 01/01/2011 3 7 - 53
Vick and the President
First of all, thank you Mr. President, for your humanity and ...
change the Be 12/29/2010 37 6 - 44
Sex Charges Against Assange: All Hype
Don't believe the hype. After seeing folks like Michael Moore being forced to give the compulsory "these charges are serious charges" statement, let's make one thing clear: Rape is serious ...
change the Be 12/26/2010 189 12 1 74
Mexican Soldiers Murder Innocent New Yorker
This is a casualty of the drug war , although it doesn't involve a border raid or a cartel. ...
change the Be 12/25/2010 11 15 - 70
How to Smoke with a Magnifying Lens
Taking a break from politics here, folks. A few years ago I posted a few comments in environmental diaries about my experience with veggie-oil cars (converting a diesel car to run off used veggie ...
change the Be 12/24/2010 27 3 - 129
U.S. to host World Press Freedom Day! (for real)
via reddit via wonkette: US TO HOST WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY IN 2011 (this is not snark) The theme for next year’...
change the Be 12/08/2010 11 5 - 62
Wikileaks has helped expose the War on Drugs
It's alarming to watch the reaction from some in the USA to Assange and Wikileaks. It's similar to how China responds to Tibet activists, or Nobel prize winners. In case you think I'm being "...
change the Be 12/06/2010 24 25 - 424
Willie Nelson will avoid felony charges
Well done, sir. I was kind of hoping for a fiery response from Willie's camp over this whole ordeal, given the local ...
change the Be 12/04/2010 34 17 - 78
From "Cornbread Mafia" to KY King of Pot
This is a story about Boone's Farm. No, not the cheap wine that you know about. It's an interesting story that I came across on yahoo about an older gentleman in Kentucky. It's worth ...
change the Be 11/27/2010 12 9 - 149
"Medical Cannabis Stops Spread of Breast Cancer"
Surely everyone is grateful by now to be rid of all my Prop 19 diaries, but I did want to share this little ...
change the Be 11/21/2010 13 37 1 106
By wingnuts' definitions, church is socialism
Nowadays, you hear people frothing at the mouth about socialism at every turn. I got a roommate who's a tea partier and thinks every single tax he pays is proof of 'socialism'. Healthcare reform is ...
change the Be 11/13/2010 90 3 - 53
Ct-Gov Malloy, and marijuana '10: the new pot politics
Just wanted to go a little more in depth into the pot politics of this last election. I see the discussions about cannabis often go in circles like water circling a bathtub drain, and there's a need ...
change the Be 11/06/2010 20 8 - 130
Cannabis got more votes than Meg Whitman
Ha, Ha. Too many pundits and newspapers are out there to inform us, very very seriously , that legalizing marijuana was "soundly" rejected, etc etc ad nauseum. Don't believe the hype. --
change the Be 11/03/2010 77 29 - 150
History, stop repeating yourself. It's just not polite.
Really. We hear you already. And even if we didn't, Jon Stewart gave us the highlights . Meg Whitman ...
change the Be 11/01/2010 4 2 - 51
46% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana
Many of us over the last year have used the Gallup annual poll from 2009 that showed 44% support.
change the Be 10/29/2010 50 16 1 84
change the Be 10/27/2010 23 34 2 235
Prop 19: News You Can Lose
If you have NO expertise whatsoever, and live in Canada with no self-admitted interest in Prop 19's passage, you get ...
change the Be 10/26/2010 50 13 - 111
Prop 19: Chamber of Commerce Drops $250k
The Empire is Striking Back a lot lately. This time with a radio ad buy ...
change the Be 10/23/2010 11 13 1 127
O’Reilly Bets John Stossel $10,000 That Prop 19 Loses
It'd be great if the opposition to Prop 19 had any credible facts to debate us with. Since they don't, we're left with Falafel guy'...
change the Be 10/20/2010 37 6 - 81
Peter B Lewis donates $200k to Prop 19
Peter B. Lewis, a retired insurance company executive, has donated $209,005 to the campaign to pass Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization measure on California's Nov. 2 ballot. The ...
change the Be 10/17/2010 10 15 - 98
Hey, Eric Holder: Bring it on. (prop 19)
I guess stoner is the new gay, because the Department of Justice seems to care little about either , or ...
change the Be 10/15/2010 136 17 - 103
Prop 19: It's getting down to game time, here come the lies
(I want to give props to, which keeps improving as time goes on) It was only a matter of time before the volume on the lies got turned up, and it's disappointing to see the LA Times ...
change the Be 10/12/2010 51 16 - 97
Cops raid elementary school, find tomatoes.
You know, there's a lot of statstics and common sense anecdotes of how much money the drug war has siphoned off taxpayer funds. I don't think the average American really noticed the wa$te that goes ...
change the Be 10/05/2010 37 44 1 70
Party in the Medicine Cabinet...
While we spread lies and propaganda about cannabis to our children the past two generations, Americans have turned a blind eye to an actually dangerous phenomenon, albeit one that ...
change the Be 09/22/2010 9 7 - 29
Marc Emery Prosecutor Now Says Legalize Marijuana
I know, I know...this one gets filed under "Hypocritical Public Figure Comes Out Against Injustice...But Only After Retirement/Quitting". Due in large part to his activity in helping fund the ...
change the Be 09/14/2010 35 13 - 30
Mr President, Secretary Clinton is correct. And incorrect.
President Obama has released an official statement that 'corrects' Secretary of State Clinton's ...
change the Be 09/11/2010 6 4 - 38
Please stop lying about Amsterdam/Netherlands....​Thanks
I've spent a few days in Amsterdam. It's a lovely city. Too bad marijuana prohibitionists use ...
change the Be 09/03/2010 20 24 3 42
Another mayor murdered.
via Mexican authorities are investigating the assassination of Hidalgo, Tamaulipas Mayor Antonio Leal-Garcia whose killers are suspected gunmen allied with Los Zetas. The ...
change the Be 08/30/2010 10 13 - 20
Facebook censoring Pro-Marijuana Campaign for Prop 19?
Seems like a good question to ask: Proponents of marijuana legalization, which is on the ...
change the Be 08/24/2010 7 18 - 64
LA Times: "Mayor found dead three days after kidnapping"
Educated in the United States and part of Mexican President Calderon's conservative party, Mr. Edelmiro Cavazos, mayor of Santiago, "was seized at his home near Monterrey on Sunday." Mr. Cavazos' ...
change the Be 08/19/2010 17 11 1 27
Dirty Drug War tactics are expensive to Atlanta taxpayers.
Beyond the needless loss of civil liberties that results from the War on Drugs, there are other consequences. For ...
change the Be 08/17/2010 3 7 - 31
The "largest settlement of any shareholder case to come out of the subprime crisis this far"
Via LA Times: Countrywide agrees to pay $600 million to settle shareholder lawsuits Countrywide ...
change the Be 08/02/2010 5 4 - 26
Proposition 19 Update: Re-Legalize Cannabis
With the election coming up in a few short months, it's about to heat up. I don't have a TV, so maybe there is a lot of debate about Proposition 19 going on inside the idiot box, though I doubt it. ...
change the Be 07/31/2010 14 14 1 180
Obama responsible for Anti-Semitism?
While perusing ...
change the Be 07/27/2010 25 1 - 23
The Current State of Prop.19- Tax and Regulate Cannabis
Over at, the latest Field Poll numbers are up. Before I get into those, I'd like to point out the most concise, ...
change the Be 07/09/2010 21 17 - 46
"Cash-strapped Long Beach seeks to tax marijuana"
That's the title of today's article. I closed my browser out, my ...
change the Be 07/06/2010 26 18 - 43
Political Assassinations Continue in Mexico
In yet another hit sure to be blamed on drug cartels, a gubernatorial candidate was gunned down:
change the Be 06/28/2010 17 9 - 45
Police Brutality: Bill Hudson, Civil Rights Era Photographer, Dies.
I've written on this site about Kelly Ingram park before. The statues there inspired me both before, and after, my own battle against injustice and for personal freedom. I paid another visit to ...
change the Be 06/26/2010 4 11 - 29
Palin: Law Enforcement Need Not Focus On “Minimal” Pot Problem
America's self-proclaimed 'hockey mom' has now entered the public debate over marijuana prohibition. An absurd headline, I know. That's how things are these days.
change the Be 06/18/2010 27 10 - 29
LA Times: "Prince of Pot is at a new low" /minor update
Many white Americans don't care about the 'war on terra' because they feel it only affects brown-skinned people. Ditto for ...
change the Be 06/13/2010 46 35 1 51
Murder is long as you are military or police
Not too long ago, I made a comment here about an affliction that affects both our law enforcement and our military: a race to the bottom in recruiting standards and operational practices. Nowadays, ...
change the Be 06/12/2010 69 14 - 37
Jimmy Carter, Solar Energy, and "The Road Not Taken"
Over at reddit, I saw this link about the story behind the solar panels that Carter put on the roof of the white house. [ the lead comment by the reddit reader was : "To every person, especially ...
change the Be 06/06/2010 20 22 - 40
Cancun mayor arrested for alleged connection to drug cartels
The LA TIMES calls it the highest-profile arrest since Calderon took office. In the second half ...
change the Be 05/26/2010 11 3 - 21
I am now off parole. (updated)
[for background, here's a few diaries- here ,
change the Be 05/23/2010 52 31 1 113
Gov. Jan Brewer talks about Drug War...
..and completely omits any "rational" information in her treatise on that calls for "rational" debate on AZ's immigration law. Brewer's ghostwriter/political hack writes this:
change the Be 05/05/2010 21 1 - 99
CA Ballot: 56% Support Cannabis Re-Legalization-SURVEYUSA
Now, having majority support doesn't guarantee anything. Look at Prop 8. But we are seeing ...
change the Be 04/24/2010 60 24 - 138
"You either buy insurance or you pay a fine, and then, go to jail"
Or at least that's what the insurance guy told our office employees today. There's no many of us, just about 15 or so. So the owner decided to pick up the tab for a HMO plan for everyone, and PPO ...
change the Be 04/19/2010 40 12 - 87
Marijuana: Wake Up And Smell the Drug War
While we all may be aware of immoral and unfair public policies or laws, we might not actively support their repeal. But keep in mind: when your tax dollars are being used to support a war, you are ...
change the Be 04/17/2010 45 28 - 46
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