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When Voters Don't Vote Rights are Taken Away
I have not written here for awhile but have been reading many of your diaries. What happened in Wisconsin totally devastated me and many. Please jump for more...
cherbear 03/11/2011 3 2 - 21
Soon-to-be Citizen disappointed in Dem Party
I stand here in shock at what just occurred in this country. The Democratic Party sat back as a whole and allowed a bunch of miscreants to win on a big lie, corruption allowed the corporations to ...
cherbear 11/10/2010 25 6 1 38
GOP: you don't respect the American People
GOP: you don't respect the American People No you don't. All I hear from you is respect the American people but what do you do? Jump...
cherbear 11/04/2010 6 3 - 33
Is there room for a person like me?
As the results roll in I ask myself if there is any room for a person like me anymore in this country. Jump...
cherbear 11/03/2010 10 5 - 18
"The audacity of voters" by Tom Tooles
I love Tom Tooles! So he put what is going on succintly in his cartoon today in the NY Times see ...
cherbear 09/07/2010 11 4 - 38
Need to get beat up? Wear the "Snazzy Napper"!! lol :-)
What were these people thinking? Jump...
cherbear 08/21/2010 16 5 - 22
ASPCA: House passes law against crushing baby animals
My daughter loves animals and would be happy to hear this because she told me about people who do this... Jump...
cherbear 07/23/2010 38 10 - 26
letter from Prez inspires girl to stand against bullying
This is a really wonderful story Jump...
cherbear 07/22/2010 15 12 1 38
Why give a liar airtime?
Ok Ms. Sherrod is telling her story and she deserves airtime for that but why do we have to see the idiot who spread the lies about her? jump...
cherbear 07/21/2010 13 10 - 25
MSM and Obama admin outfoxed again and fear wins
I am so mad about the Sherrod situation I can hardly breathe straight ...
cherbear 07/20/2010 23 7 1 16
Brief response from Lincoln to Mark Williams' "colored" letter
"A house divided against itself cannot stand." Abraham ...
cherbear 07/16/2010 5 5 - 170
MSM not covering President Obama speeches. Why?
I am noticing a pattern lately jump to find out what...
cherbear 07/15/2010 392 264 2 72
Leaders need to set the tone for those who are being led
I really think that the reason why the political atmosphere has gotten so toxic in this country is because we do not have leaders who are setting the right tone. Jump...
cherbear 07/14/2010 14 - - 26
Note to Rachel & Keith some folk liked Obama's speech
Rachel and Keith might have their own take on Obama's speech but some people, like me, thought it did what he said it was going to do. Jump---
cherbear 06/17/2010 75 37 - 48
Why does the President let things get so out of control?
Why does the President let things get so out of control? jump...
cherbear 05/28/2010 144 4 - 106
Repub website: "BP is creating a new race of faster dolphins'
Republicans asked for input from the public and they got it good jump...
cherbear 05/26/2010 23 8 - 60
DON'T tell me who is racist or not!!!!
Don't tell me who is racist or not jump...
cherbear 05/24/2010 84 14 - 32
Rand Paul on Miner deaths: "accidents happen"
I just don't know what to say... ...
cherbear 05/21/2010 56 40 - 40
I am one pissed off progressive: Period.
I cannot tell you how disappointed i am with leadership in the Democratic Party and with some of the base... ...
cherbear 05/19/2010 101 14 - 46
CT Dem Candidate lies about Vietnam service
This is not going to be pretty...
cherbear 05/18/2010 70 7 - 27
Arizona Republic paper slams Arizona law and pols
This is just great to see Jump...
cherbear 05/03/2010 6 11 - 33
Dems moving on Immigration Reform without repubs
I just saw this and am very happy to hear that the dems are getting their heads in the game. jump...
cherbear 04/29/2010 16 7 - 23
Palin hacked into Alaska State employee computer yet No Consequence
Palin hacked into Alaska State employee computer with No Consequence now she is asking for the kid who hacked into her computer to have a consequence??? huh... jump for rest of story...
cherbear 04/26/2010 35 30 - 42
Tea Partiers speak: see incredible video link
This video is something else...
cherbear 04/22/2010 9 2 - 29
Bloomberg News: Repubs on SEC voted against Goldman charge
I hope this story gets out because it is importtant and shows where repubs truly are on Financial Reform. Jump...
cherbear 04/19/2010 11 18 - 36
UPDATE:Erupting volcano is Obama's fault! Limbaugh agrees
The erupting volcano is Obama's fault!! This proves he is the antichrist!
cherbear 04/17/2010 38 6 - 120
Black Water Dog: open your own blog don't come back!
Black Water Dog: open your own blog don't come back! You have an audience and your work is beautiful you can do it on your own. Here is why I think you should not come back... jump...
cherbear 04/12/2010 42 13 - 89
 Mika Brzezinski battered journalist?
Whatever happened to Mika Brzezinski? I used to admire that woman but lately she has become unrecognizable in her quest to be 'one of the boys' on Morning Joe's rightfest show. jump...
cherbear 04/02/2010 78 14 - 48
What about my voice?!!!!!!
What about my voice?!!! Am I being heard?!!! I am sick and tired of people on the right yelling that they are not being listened to... jump...
cherbear 04/01/2010 8 6 - 20
Evidence: George H.W.Bush supported individ Mandate
Just saw this and thought it was an interesting article. Jump...
cherbear 03/29/2010 21 2 - 9
States can opt out of mandate! It is in the Bill repub AGs! Read it!!!
just found this info Did these legal folk not read the bill? jump...
cherbear 03/24/2010 24 17 1 105
Pastor calls for death "FATWA"of dems who voted for HCR
What can you say to this stuff??? ...
cherbear 03/22/2010 59 13 - 23
Rep Tim Ryan (D Oh) denounces racist teabaggers/repubs on housefloor
I hope this has legs and will begin to shift the talk that all HCare protesters for and against are equal... ...
cherbear 03/20/2010 101 66 1 54
Healthcare=Civics 101: part of change
Now we know alot about how the government works Jump...
cherbear 03/19/2010 1 - - 24
NYT article: Government held hostage by republicans
I see the press talking about the latest Wallstreet Journala poll and saying that the country is split on healthcare and that the toxic environment in Washington is not helping. Yet, I see little ...
cherbear 03/17/2010 14 18 - 24
Thank God for Massa!!!!!
Man that guy needs help and I hope he gets it soon because I think he could hurt himself the way he has gone out. I feel great sympathy for him because he obviously is in great pyschological pain.
cherbear 03/10/2010 21 5 - 10
How come The Bachelor/ette always are white?
Can anyone help me with this question? Jump...
cherbear 03/03/2010 69 10 - 39
My Blackness Goes Before Me!
Blackwaterdog thank you so much for your diary. The arrogance of being president while being black
cherbear 02/27/2010 26 24 1 222
Dems don't vote? Don't complain! VA  gay protections roll back
Lots of people on this site complain about dems and what they are not doing. Some say they are staying home when time comes to vote Below is a good example of why you should all get out and ...
cherbear 02/17/2010 36 15 - 24
"Oh ye of little faith"
Oh ye of little faith Obama just spoke at a chuch in Washington and he talked about why he always appears calm... Jump...
cherbear 01/17/2010 9 7 - 15
Don't always get what we want: we get what we need
Does anybody ever get all that they want? No. But we do always get what we need at the time we need it. Jump...
cherbear 12/24/2009 17 5 - 64
Michelle O face as a monkey? Offensive or free speech?
I saw this as I was making the rounds on the web. I find it very offensive but some say it is free speech. Google has a disclaimer but image can still be found when searching for Michelle O.
cherbear 11/24/2009 109 4 - 208
LEAVE OBAMA ALONE!!!! No playing sports with him for U!!!
Hmmmmmmm? I am sick and tired of all the complaints against Obama not playing sports with women. Where was the outpouring of requests by women to play with G.H.W Bush or his father, or with ...
cherbear 10/25/2009 8 6 - 36
Census results shows Bush term hurt country
There is not much I can say just jump...
cherbear 09/12/2009 10 17 2 111
In Texas kids being taken out to hear Bush speak
Hello Sorry but this is short cause have to run...
cherbear 09/08/2009 34 15 - 33
Our U.S.S Constitution and Batshit crazy
What more can i say? Not much. Watch video below. It says it all... ...
cherbear 09/02/2009 6 - - 15
Goodbye Senator from a grateful immigrant you helped
I am in tears as I watch Senator Kennedy's coffin being slowly loaded into the hearse for his final journey. I would not be here typing from my own home in the Subhurbs of New England if it were ...
cherbear 08/27/2009 2 7 - 13
BOO!! Fear driving policy in America
Where is all this fear coming from? I turn on my tv and it seems that Americans are fearful of everything! Jump!
cherbear 08/19/2009 3 1 - 8
Obama you are the President stop acting like a Senator!!!
Preesident Obama what are you doing?!!! You are either sly like a fox or....
cherbear 08/18/2009 61 10 - 26
Lets see some black men showing up with guns then what?
Hmmmmm... Wonder what would happen if a bunch of black men showed up on the Pro-Healthcare side with guns... Wonder what would happen? Hmmmmmm??????!!!! Jump...
cherbear 08/17/2009 38 9 - 41
Tim Pawlenty perdicts: GOP win when Dems fail on healthcare
Yup this is what all the 'ruckus' over the last week was about and now they are moving in for the kill. Jump...
cherbear 08/15/2009 64 8 - 23
ObamaCare ="Nazi Medicine"? what repubs mean by this (article)
The below article describes what the T4 program by Hitler in Nazi Germany was about. This is the program that the leaders in the Republican party and the lobbyists against reform are saying Obama ...
cherbear 08/14/2009 10 3 - 2
Conservative writer "GOP misplaced Anger"
Finally!!! A conservative is telling it like it is... ...
cherbear 08/13/2009 13 24 1 17
What if a muslim or black man had gun at townhall today?
What if a muslim or black man had gun at townhall today? Just wonderin' Jump...
cherbear 08/11/2009 54 39 - 23
Sen Baucus: my healthcare nightmare please get movin'
I am writing this because I am so fed up!!! How much more can we take in this country?! Each job lost we have to apply for a new healthcare plan Jump and will tell more...
cherbear 07/16/2009 11 7 - 10
Palin: Proud to be Valley Trash or photoshop?
I cannot tell if this is for real but if it is what can you say?
cherbear 07/14/2009 36 1 - 18
Chart of States get most fed dollars: Red States top list
what the heck were those teabagger talking about the other day regarding being taxed too much? Jump to link to the chart that shows they are full of crap since those white folk in the Red States ...
cherbear 04/18/2009 58 15 3 27
Bushies on tv and in news today slowed memo release
Those who are complaining on tv against Obama release of memos asked Obama not to release memos Jump...
cherbear 04/17/2009 5 4 - 1
Always blame the black guy (vid) so true!!!
This is just so true Am at work and this is a short one but had to post quickly...
cherbear 03/31/2009 19 3 - 10
Obama painted on Brazilian Queen (warning over the top photo)
Well thought I would share this article Just found. ...
cherbear 02/22/2009 35 3 1 689
NY Post cartoon should look like this...
NOw this is what I am talking about! Please jump...
cherbear 02/20/2009 7 6 - -
Harry Reid usually wrong but right on Burris
I know I am going to get flack from this page for this but I am supporting Harry Reid's decision to not let Burris just walk into Senate. JUmp for why...
cherbear 01/07/2009 43 4 - -
5 and 6 year olds try to elope to Africa caught by police
This story is so sweet but also scary. Jump for link and story...
cherbear 01/05/2009 24 9 - 9
The Field: u don't get inclusion fightin' for exclusion
The Field has an interesting take on the whole Rick Warren controversy. Jump...
cherbear 12/18/2008 93 9 - 21
GOP doing it again CEO planes latest distraction
Yes, the CEO plane thingee yesterday was a distraction but come on this is just another GOP talking point to get what they want: a total gutting of the Big 3. Jump...
cherbear 11/20/2008 108 13 - 27
Conservative WAPO writer blames Fox for Repubs loss
I have not written anything here for awhile because I am so overwhelmed by what has come to pass. But this article by Harold Meyerson in Washington Post today made me run for the keyboard. He ...
cherbear 11/12/2008 28 16 - 27
McCain winning strategy: bring out racist, old, white vote
McCain has a strategy. It is cynical and mean but he has one. He hopes to squeak to 270 betting on some ugly shit in this society. Jump to see how...
cherbear 10/25/2008 19 2 - -
My friend 'Barackatized' a McCain Phonebanker
Yes, my friend 'barackatized' a McCain Phonebanker and I will share how below. Jump...
cherbear 10/24/2008 28 91 1 172
McCain camp teaching volunteers to use terrorism against Obama
I am not really shocked about this. Not anymore. I thought that McCain was allowing this to happen but had no proof until now. See below for article link to time and huffPO JUMP...
cherbear 10/12/2008 14 18 - -
Political child abuse? (video and commentary) update 1
I must say that this video touches on something that has been bothering me for sometime.When I first saw Sara Palin with her special needs child at the Repubican convention I was taken aback.Jump...
cherbear 10/11/2008 48 19 1 20
Another Republican speaks out against McCain tactics
Never deprive someone of hope... it may be all they have. -- Unknown. There are good republicans out there. NOt all of them are haters. I am impressed by those who are ...
cherbear 10/10/2008 28 33 - 21
Suspending all diary entries until economic crisis averted
I will be suspending all diary entries until economic crisis is resolved. ...
cherbear 09/28/2008 15 2 - -
Obama Ad hits McCain on his 13 cars
McCain: "bought American literally all my life." Well look what Obama did to show this ain't true Jump...
cherbear 09/23/2008 17 5 - 1
Palin, The Family, God, Bush and fundamentalism
I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job. Bush Statement made during campaign visit to Amish community, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Jul. 9, ...
cherbear 09/21/2008 11 5 - -
McCain: In his own words (video compilation link)
If my opponent had his way, the millions of Floridians who rely on it would’ve had their Social Security tied up in the stock market this week,” Mr. Obama told an audience ...
cherbear 09/20/2008 5 7 - -
'Alternate Reality', Palin/McCain, 'white privilege' and 'A woman's worth'
I have come across a buunch of articles that have finally explained this 'alice-in-the-looking-glass' feeling I have been living with throughout this election and especially more so since the general.
cherbear 09/19/2008 23 14 - 2
Tim Wise on 'White Privilege'
Tim Wise knocked it out of the Park with this article on buzzflash. He says all that I have been feeling as a black person but he says it from his perspective as a white male. This man gets it.
cherbear 09/18/2008 28 16 2 -
The Neocons rise again
I was thinking about how Sarah Palin's nomination came about. I wondered who advanced her name to McCain. I knew there had to be a plan. Check over the jump for the plan...
cherbear 09/15/2008 19 4 - -
Palin said bridge 'would shorten her commute" Alaska news
"Often my haste is a mistake, but I live with the consequeces without complaint." John McCain McCain's words sums up his cynical ...
cherbear 09/11/2008 14 6 - -
See Video of Arial Wolf Hunting Palin supports in Alaska
I just viewed this short doc and it is indeed heart wrenching to see how these animals are put down. How could Sarah Palin support something like this? What does support for such a thing say ...
cherbear 09/10/2008 14 6 - 3
Video: Palin supports Obama
I just saw this video on other diary and decided to post as the diarist ...
cherbear 09/09/2008 15 13 1 -
Letter to Hillary (defend women please) Newsweek
I was wondering when Hillary would come out and it looks like she will be out next week. However, she will not be going after Palin. Jump to see plea for her help...
cherbear 09/06/2008 9 4 - -
ABC News devastating Palin video
This is a video I found of an ABC report of Palin. Not looking good. JUMP...
cherbear 09/05/2008 92 68 2 16
ENOUGH John McCain! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!
Often my haste is a mistake, but I live with the consequences without complaint." John ...
cherbear 09/03/2008 9 6 - 171
Pic of Palin McCain ticket: Big me and mini me?
I have to say this ticket is blowing me away but this pic that was sent to me was just hularious and I had to share. This was sent to me by a friend who asked to send it around please feel free ...
cherbear 08/30/2008 15 1 2 10
A Palin 'nugget' I found in home newspaper (Vid update)
Like many people, I am in shock by McCain's pick. Here is a little nugget I found about her messy ethics problem in her home newspaper. Jump...
cherbear 08/29/2008 386 304 12 89
To be Prez, 'leave your blackness behind' Mr. Obama
Mike Montoya, a 51-year-old online book salesman, firmly committed to McCain and the GOP, interjected with a complaint that the Obama campaign has claimed racism "every time ...
cherbear 08/26/2008 12 4 - 24
Who is the elite one again?
I just found this on HuffPo and had to post it. Looking at these pics I wonder who is really elite in this election Please Jump...
cherbear 08/20/2008 - 2 - -
Why did you make me black Lord?... and the Lord's reply
I found this today. Apparently it has been going around the internets so I thought I would post it. Very beautiful. Why did you make me black Lord?... Jump to see entire poem...
cherbear 08/19/2008 40 17 2 27
"Pet goat politics" versus take the high road politics
We all will never forget Bush reading The Pet Goat while all hell was breaking loose on September 11th.� How could anyone forget that day?Since then we have been diluged with 'Pet ...
cherbear 08/14/2008 6 2 - -
He will make a 'mediocre' President. Wow! Breakthru finally?
Finally!!!! At last someone has the cojones to put it out there! Breaking News! McCain is a poor choice!! Jump for a brilliant and beautiful article that says it all...
cherbear 08/10/2008 37 39 1 14
Victims of ambition? We have been played.
I will get yelled at for this diary but here goes... We got played. Yes. I. Said. It. We got played and we got played good and it is still going on. The Edwards are not victims to be pitied.
cherbear 08/09/2008 71 10 - 21
'What about the black community Obama?" Here is my answer!
You know I have been dropping poetry from my book BEING BLACK: being human over the past few days because I felt my poems addressed some of the crap I see coming out of the woodwork ...
cherbear 08/01/2008 20 6 - 2
Caribbean Black Isolated in White Suburbia
Yesterday I diaried my poem Ode to Michelle O: My Blackness goes before Me . I had really good feedback and was asked where the book could be bought but it was not published. ...
cherbear 07/31/2008 18 6 - -
Ode to Michelle O: My Blackness goes before me.
I have been thinking alot about how Michelle is treated and by extension how her treatment has affected us as black women. The way she is being disrespected really thrusts a dagger deep into the ...
cherbear 07/30/2008 36 20 1 33
When one candidate disrespects the other.
Has anyone noticed that no matter how much dirt McCain puts out about Obama he never reponds in a disrespectful way? McCain is not attacking Obama on his policy but seems to want to take down his ...
cherbear 07/29/2008 70 3 - 3
Obama or Cheese you choose. (updated with poll)
Obama sits calmly and listens to a question and then responds in a well thought out narrative: not a soundbite. He is studious, assured, confident, assertive and clear. The journalist on the ...
cherbear 07/27/2008 29 5 - 8
Obama and theTwilight Zone Campaign Season
I am missing something here. An American citizen who is now running for President goes abroad and is enthusiastically received. Crowds come out to see him an we back home can see the obvious ...
cherbear 07/25/2008 13 7 2 -
Obama damned either way?
Obama cannot seem to do anything right by the standards of some. No matter what he does (even when he does what they want him to do) he still gets it wrong. After the jump...
cherbear 07/23/2008 54 14 - 33
This identity politics thing is killing us as a country
Following this election over the past year has made me more aware of many problems we have in this country. But the most worrisome part of this whole campaign was how identity politics came ...
cherbear 06/19/2008 26 8 - 3
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