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Christie asked Cuomo to back off investigating Fort Lee. In mid-December.
In what seems like ages ago in the Chris Christie Gina Close-a-your-bridgeda scandal saga, the WSJ reported something that looked exceptionally fishy at the time; that Christie had talked with ...
chrississippi 01/09/2014 188 365 5 -
"We Did Stop" - SNL rocks it with John Boehner parody
Last night, Miley Cyrus hosted SNL, and while you can imagine the relatively lame VMA references that dotted the show, one of the best skits was a video of John Boehner and Michele Bachmann (Miley) ...
chrississippi 10/06/2013 61 109 1 -
Foreign Policy: "U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched"
Geez, this is more than a little disturbing ... American intelligence agencies had indications three days beforehand that the Syrian regime was poised to launch a lethal chemical attack that killed ...
chrississippi 08/30/2013 74 15 - -
What songs cranked up one of your parties?
I got a hankering for a bit of old school music today (started with listening to the B-52s and Lipps Inc. yesterday ), and I ran across an old undergraduate memory. It was 1985, and I was partying ...
chrississippi 06/01/2013 98 27 1 -
The difference between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day? Death, and Peace
Memorial Day is the day that we remember the soldiers who never got a chance to be Veterans. These are the men and women who died in service to our country. This is always a sad, thoughtful day ...
chrississippi 05/27/2013 25 21 - -
"Mitt Romney's Olympics blunder stuns No 10 and hands gift to Obama"
Oh. Lordie, Lordie. And so the headline pile-on begins across The Pond. When will it start in the U.S.? Mitt Romney handed Barack Obama a priceless gift for the US presidential election campaign ...
chrississippi 07/26/2012 257 325 2 2992
There is something very special about Goldey-Beacom College of Wilmington .
chrississippi 06/28/2011 29 24 - 436
"people with very high apportionments of intelligence and education"
A friend of mine forwarded a letter he received this week that really made me take stock of who has been responsible for the economic catastrophe we are living through. My friend does some really ...
chrississippi 09/12/2009 46 19 1 25
Adultery is a crime in South Carolina!
Oh my Juicy Fruit, this is just too good to be true! As in most of the fundigelical-est of the Southern states, there are many laws still on the books against all kinds of moral offenses and ...
chrississippi 06/24/2009 368 407 4 1724
CONFIRMED with updates: Ted Kennedy collapses at luncheon
ABC is reporting that Sen. Kennedy was taken out of the luncheon following what appeared to be convulsions. Sen. Byrd was taken out after being overcome at the events. Will update as info comes . .
chrississippi 01/20/2009 488 238 3 168
LIVE BLOGGING: 60 Minutes Obama Campaign Insiders
Hey y'all . . . 60 minutes is doing a piece RIGHT NOW on Obama's campaign, with David Axelrod, Anita Dunn, David ...
chrississippi 11/09/2008 102 27 - 21
Obama “Perpetrated a whitewash of our history”?
Is anybody watching Tavis Smiley right now? Julianne Malveaux was WAY yanked about Obama not actually saying Martin Luther King's name, on top of a bunch of other perceived slights. She actually ...
chrississippi 08/28/2008 29 2 - 3
Reality check: Hillary's been winning the Electoral College
. . . Actually, for some time. First things first. I'm a die-hard Obama fan, I fully ...
chrississippi 05/25/2008 167 12 - 19
Appalling Hypocrisy: What Happens When You Paint a Billion People with One Broad, Bigoted Brush
chrississippi 04/02/2005 179 74 - 11
Kos Frontpages It Wrong: McClellan [GASP!] isn't lying
chrississippi 03/21/2005 24 8 - 10
2006 Midterms--THE "470" CLUB: $470 in 470 days for 470 Congressional seats
chrississippi 11/04/2004 8 6 - -
'Swifties' make $4.7 MILLION ad buy for swing states
chrississippi 10/28/2004 7 - - -
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