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I can'€™t sell you rape insurance because it's against my religion. MI Policast Ep 26
This time we're all about Christian persecution, charter schools, and Father Knows Best. Ew. Download the mp3 here:
christinebarry 12/15/2014 7 5 - -
Dark, dark, dark money. Michigan Policast Episode 25
Cross-posted from Michigan Policast Oh my goodness, we have a lot of ranting in this one, and I even get bleeped once.  That's good though, we've got a family-friendly image to protect ;) Click ...
christinebarry 12/05/2014 2 3 1 -
Introducing Michigan Policast
Hi Kossaks, I'd like to introduce our podcast, Michigan Policast. You can find it at , or subscribe to it on iTunes. Michigan Policast is all about Michigan politics. ...
christinebarry 12/02/2014 5 9 - -
Podcast: Amy Kerr Hardin: Corruption did not cause deindustrialization
Cross-posted from Blogging for Michigan Hello Kossaks. This is the BFM Political Briefing that we (try to) put out each weekday. Today Amy & I are talking about Detroit. Speculating a bit on how ...
christinebarry 07/22/2013 3 1 - -
Lee Fang: The left can never emulate the strategy of the right without losing their values
This is from the original diary at . Article & interview are by Walt Sorg. Lee Fang joins us in this podcast to talk about the issues he addresses in his new book,
christinebarry 05/20/2013 5 3 1 -
Podcast: After the Boston bombings: Islamophobia and immigration reform
Today we talk to Dawud Walid about the environment since the Boston bombings. Podcast - Today we talk about: *The ...
christinebarry 04/24/2013 1 - - -
Podcast: Lonnie Scott on the shameful US Senate and the power of the NRA
Today we talk to our old pal Lonnie Scott about guns, guns, and more guns. Podcast: Today we discuss: *What was really in ...
christinebarry 04/22/2013 1 - - -
Podcast: Emily Dievendorf on lgbt equality and the Michigan “courage problem”
Today we talk to Emily Dievendorf, Managing Director of Equality Michigan . Podcast: Today we talk about: *The ...
christinebarry 04/19/2013 2 2 - -
Podcast: Gilda Jacobs on the EITC and Michigan’s regressive tax structure
Today we have Gilda Jacobs , President and CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy. Podcast - We talk about *...
christinebarry 04/18/2013 1 2 - -
Podcast: Dawud Walid on Islamophobia in Michigan
Today we talk to Dawud Walid from CAIR Michigan about Islamophobia, racism, and more. Podcast: Dawud is the Executive ...
christinebarry 04/16/2013 1 2 - -
Congressman Dan Kildee on his first 100 days in office
In this podcast we talk to Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) about his first 100 days in office. Today we talk about *What ...
christinebarry 04/12/2013 2 2 - -
Michigan Dems Progressive Blogger Caucus - Tentative Agenda
Hello Kossaks, blog buddies, lurkers, and everyone else. I have some updates on the MDP Progressive Blogger Caucus. The caucus takes place at the 2012 Michigan Democratic Party Convention. ...
christinebarry 09/05/2012 2 3 - 26
Join us at the MDP Blogger Caucus Sept 8 in Lansing
I’m happy to report that we’ve got a Blogger Caucus scheduled for 8-10am on Saturday Sept 8. We’ll be meeting in the Raddison, Michigan Rooms II & III. We do not have an agenda set for the ...
christinebarry 08/26/2012 4 5 - 29
Michigan's Mackinac Center: Transparency is for Losers
Cross posted at Blogging For Michigan Wasn't is just last week, when MI State Senator Gretchen Whitmer (D)
christinebarry 02/23/2009 3 7 - 3
Ron Weiser Replaces Saul Anuzis as MI GOP Chair
Cross-posted at Blogging For Michigan Yesterday in Convention, Michigan Republicans ...
christinebarry 02/22/2009 13 12 - 8
Day 8 of Troop Care
Hello Kossacks, today is Day 8 of BFM Troop Care , and here’s how things are going .. We make a pretty generic and ...
christinebarry 11/18/2008 2 8 - 6
Blogging For Michigan Troop Care 2008
The Blogging For Michigan community is excited to announce that holiday Troop Care time is here again! The goal of Troop Care is to provide support to Michigan troops stationed in ...
christinebarry 11/11/2008 4 8 1 5
Troop Care: First Day Of Shopping!
Cross posted from BFM Wow! That was nuts! I never thought I'd spend $1,000 in one trip, on candy, dvd movies, and games.
christinebarry 12/02/2007 5 9 - 13
BFM Troop Care Up To $2700!
Cross-posted from Blogging For Michigan Another day, another $1700-ish!� We are now up to over $2700! BFM ...
christinebarry 11/20/2007 1 5 - 17
Troop Care Goal: $5,000
Cross-posted at ...
christinebarry 11/19/2007 11 10 - 4
Knollenberg and Wisecup Make Olbermann's Countdown
It started small , and eventually made it's way to a ...
christinebarry 10/17/2007 15 13 - 32
MI Congressman Says Activists Are Not Citizens, We Hate America
Michigan Congressman Joe Knollenberg has some harsh words for citizen-activists: "You're anti-American .. you're against the country." "...
christinebarry 10/13/2007 23 28 - 18
Republican Senate Attacks Free Speech In Michigan
Maybe you have seen this diary, by Michigan blogger Liberal Lucy , in which Lucy details the events surrounding the Senate ...
christinebarry 08/04/2007 4 3 - 8
My Statement On The Mi-04 Committee Election
As you know, I was a candidate for Chair of the 4th District Congressional Committee. That election was decided ...
christinebarry 02/25/2007 6 6 - 23
My Plan For Michigan's 4th Congressional District
When I launched my campaign on January 30, I shared with you my purpose in running for Chair of the 4th District ...
christinebarry 02/23/2007 3 5 - 4
MI-04 Dems - The Victory Slate
On January 30, I announced my candidacy for Chair of the 4th District Congressional Committee. Since then I have had the pleasure of ...
christinebarry 02/20/2007 4 7 - 4
I Am Running For Chair of Michigan's 4th District Congressional Committee
Fellow Democrats, I am pleased to announce that I am running for chair of the 4th District Congressional Committee. I am doing this because I believe that the 4th District Democrats can win the ...
christinebarry 01/31/2007 10 17 - 27
christinebarry 09/24/2006 2 4 - 6
WWDD - What Won't Dick Do?
christinebarry 01/14/2006 3 3 - -
Shiawassee, Michigan - Owosso Fire Department & the City of Owosso
christinebarry 01/07/2006 5 5 - 15
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