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The greedheads will destroy the Boundary Waters Wilderness
If they can. Here’s the deal. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) straddles part of the Minnesota/Ontario border. What with not being so much the trekking, camping type, I haven’t ...
chuck412 06/13/2013 15 34 2 -
Wilfred Owen (d. Nov. 4, 1918)
(Others have written about Owen, here, in various contexts. Their diaries are better; more effort was put into them. But I figure that Owen's work can't be over-pimped.) What ...
chuck412 11/04/2011 21 18 - 94
Pawlenty Post-Mortem: I've Been Waiting A Long Time, To Type This
A gentleman does not exult in the humiliation of others; I get that. But, in the case of Tim Pawlenty’s ignominious early exit from the 2012 presidential campaign, I’m not prepared to even try ...
chuck412 08/14/2011 25 25 - 360
What's Going On, In MN GOPers' Heads?
I’ve been pondering, now and then, what might be going on with the mental processes of Minnesota legislative GOPers, in the wake of their shutdown of many state government services. The following ...
chuck412 07/05/2011 10 7 - 92
Minnesota Progressive Blogger Held Liable For Truth-Telling
John Hoff, a progressive blogger in Minnesota who runs the site 'Adventures of Johnny Northside,' was found liable, to the tune of $60K, in a lawsuit brought by the subject of a series of his diaries.
chuck412 03/12/2011 32 48 - 895
Whither President Obama?
The purpose of this diary is neither to extol President Obama’s job performance, nor to denigrate it. I just have a couple of items I’d like to present, with some commentary. (I used ...
chuck412 12/03/2010 18 6 - 23
Corporate Media, By Any Name
The progressive blogosphere has yet to entirely settle on just how to refer to long-established media outlets like daily newspapers, newsweeklies, and most broadcast and cable news, radio and TV, ...
chuck412 07/05/2010 7 7 - 26
Biggest Obama Disappointment?
I figure there have to have been other polling diaries of this nature here, but I haven't seen one, and a search turned up nothing. I am neither an 'Obamabot,' nor a perpetually outraged ...
chuck412 02/18/2010 45 7 - 44
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