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Let Us Listen to Our Slavic Brother
I live in an area that I warmly refer to as Slav-land, basically Southeastern Europe, less basically the Western Balkans, explicitly Serbia. This morning due to an internet outage I was forced to ...
ciganka 12/19/2012 5 2 - -
Legitimate Small Business Owners Woefully Uninformed
Andrew Weinstein has put together a great read over at Mother Jones covering wealthy US corporations passing as small businesses. I have long suspected this to be the case, and this article seems ...
ciganka 10/15/2012 6 6 - -
Matt Taibbi on the fabulous paper shredder at the SEC
Today Matt Taibbi has written another exposé of our financial system ; this time the SEC ...
ciganka 08/17/2011 16 15 - 153
Researching at the National Archives
First of all, I have been busy and very remiss in participating at Daily Kos. I was thrilled to see the new face of KOS and particularly excited to see the genealogy section - a big thanks for this.
ciganka 02/19/2011 48 37 3 274
Small Businesses Need a Robust Public Option
This morning, over at the NYT, an article appeared entitled, “Small Business Faces Sharp Rise in Costs of Health Care”
ciganka 10/25/2009 9 7 - 28
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