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Harry Reid killed gun control. Full stop.
People can moan about the NRA killing gun control, but we need to be clear about what just happened here: The background check amendment failed 54-46. Other failed gun control amendments gathered ...
citizen lehew 04/17/2013 49 11 - -
For the New Folks: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pie Fight
I see once again it's the season for flared tempers and diarist walk outs, with some of the newer folks fanning themselves and gasping "I declaya, but what has gone so terribly wrong with mah ...
citizen lehew 01/06/2013 12 16 - -
Forget the debt ceiling, or anything else. Filibuster reform is more important!
Debt ceiling? Gun control? Whatever it is, put it on the back burner. Nothing can be more important over this next two weeks than pushing Harry Reid and the Senate Dems to enact REAL filibuster ...
citizen lehew 01/03/2013 18 7 1 -
Lost in the assault weapons conversation is just how destructive handguns are to society . With that in mind I have a very simple gun control policy proposal: SHOTGUNS. THE END. Shotguns are a ...
citizen lehew 12/22/2012 36 8 - -
A message from NC: "Screw you!"
I've been reading the cascade of predictable, condescending diaries today sneering at North Carolina over passage of Amendment 1. Allow me to say this as nicely as possible: Screw you! There are ...
citizen lehew 05/09/2012 26 12 1 184
4 Words That Will Change The Nation
As Occupy Wall Street gains strength, its obvious that a clear message and goal needs to emerge. While there are many critical issues swirling around, I believe all roads lead to one central issue ...
citizen lehew 10/06/2011 9 11 - 114
Can We Kill Bipartisanship Now?
From Politico, according to a top Obama aide : “There are lessons for us, and there are lessons for [Republicans],
citizen lehew 11/03/2010 45 13 - 62
Note to Anderson Cooper: Reconciliation Not "Obscure", Used Regularly By Republicans
After watching Anderson Cooper's report today , ...
citizen lehew 08/19/2009 23 20 - 23
Time for an "Intelligent Sunshine" lawsuit?!
citizen lehew 10/05/2005 14 4 - -
Roberts Gives Dems The ULTIMATE Wedge!
citizen lehew 08/10/2005 29 17 - 12
Choking Down The Purple Pill
citizen lehew 11/14/2004 94 80 - 8
We've Been Framed!!!
citizen lehew 11/10/2004 7 3 - -
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