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Republican Austerity Kills. Literally
When I heard about the Amtrak train wreck outside of Philadelphia on Tuesday night my heart stopped for a few seconds. My son lives in Washington D.C. His girlfriend's family lives in NYC. I have ...
Libby Shaw 05/16/2015 20 18 - -
Hillary & Establishment Groupthink Are Consistently WRONG
Mainstream thinking, not just Republican thinking, is consistently wrong. Justification and support for the Iraq War? WRONG. Catastrophically wrong. Multi-generational even. Centennial even. An ...
Words In Action 05/15/2015 146 41 1 -
From Oakland to Baltimore. Labor & Community Against Police Terror on May Day.
A simple tweetpic essay. from the 510 to the 410 — m4rg1n4L (@marg1nal) May 1, 2015 Putting the final touches on chalk art at Oscar Grant Plaza before the march ...
jpmassar 05/01/2015 6 18 1 -
The Only Chart You Need To Pick a President
I was born in 1979. It's a year that many economists have now found to be a turning point. From the end of the Great Depression until the year I was born, American productivity and prosperity ...
greywolfe359 05/01/2015 28 35 - -
A Photo from Baltimore.
Photo : If ever a photo should exist to explain how we feel every day, from the moment we arise til we fall asleep. — The Real Segun Idowu (@RevrendDoctor) April 26, ...
jpmassar 04/26/2015 94 209 2 -
The Failure of Privatization
Sell Yosemite! Dump the Post Office, the prison system, education, Social Security!! Conservatives have been pushing this agenda for decades, insisting that private ownership would increase ...
T C Gibian 04/26/2015 11 32 1 -
It's long past time to take away Obama's flying death robots
Back in 2013, in the aftermath of his murder of Americans Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son, when Mr. Obama was trying to justify his arrogated powers to incinerate people with his fleet of ...
joe shikspack 04/24/2015 379 131 1 -
Campaign Cost Reform?
Regulating the money contributed to election campaigns, Campaign Finance Reform, is a failed approach. Can the problem be approached from the cost side? Rather than trying to limit contributions, ...
stancutler 04/22/2015 3 - - -
The Future of the Middle Class: Slumlords, sharecroppers, and racist vigilantes
In case you missed it, the billionaires' final solution to the problem of the American middle class (as created by FDR) has been underway since the 2008 crash. For six centuries there has been a ...
arendt 04/22/2015 23 37 3 -
The War On The Poor: What Will It Take To End It?
I'm tired of the war on the poor. I'm tired of running into people, including Democrats, who support the war on the poor. This is not a rebuttal to any Daily Kos diary. This is a rebuttal to what I'...
joedemocrat 04/12/2015 50 78 - -
For a Political Revolution
The good news is that the economy today is much better than it was six years ago when George W. Bush left office. The bad news is that, despite these improvements, the 40-year decline of the ...
Senator Bernie Sanders 04/03/2015 233 563 15 -
Strike Debt Take Three Strikes at Student Debt, Scores Hat Trick.
Although Prock finally has the degree, the only potential job the college helped her find was a ...
jpmassar 03/30/2015 10 19 - -
Why The TPP is a Game Changer
In February 2008, with only two candidates left in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama distributed a flier to Ohio voters denouncing Hillary Clinton’s support of NAFTA.
praenomen 03/27/2015 200 183 5 -
Action: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
Leaders in Congress, particularly John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi are preparing another bipartisan fiasco in order to reward a particularly powerful constituency and stop them from engaging in their ...
joe shikspack 03/26/2015 27 32 2 -
Sign up to be a citizen sponsor of the Congressional Progressive Caucus's People's Budget
Only one budget proposal for fiscal year 2016 wisely deals with the real needs of Americans both in the present and the future. That's the Congressional Progressive Caucus's budget: ...
Meteor Blades 03/24/2015 29 85 1 -
Why the Right is so Wrong
Actually, the Right is more than wrong. It's behavior and policies are scary, dangerous and are an unmitigated disaster. The social media had been on fire last week with shares and hashtags that ...
Libby Shaw 03/22/2015 42 99 3 -
Adelson and Kristol attempt the first Liberum Veto in US history
As the GOP sabotage and sedition continues, the US appears to be going the way of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth (P-LC) rather than the way of the Roman Empire. If you know your history, this ...
arendt 03/16/2015 128 348 16 -
A Tale of Three States: California, Kansas, and Florida
Robert Reich recently pointed out that if you listen to rightwing groups like the Tax Foundation, you would think California is a horrible place for business. These groups rank it in the top 10 ...
SemDem 03/15/2015 208 294 5 -
Bill Maher slams GOP for support of welfare for the rich as they attack welfare for the poor
Egberto Willies 03/14/2015 14 34 1 -
The Snow Made Them Do It
What happens when the contempt of elected officials for the duly elected POTUS (twice, thank you) trumps loyalty to one's country and its Constitution. This is especially true when these same ...
Libby Shaw 03/14/2015 2 13 - -
One of the Most Moving and Memorable Speeches of our Lifetimes
The President gave a moving and rousing speech today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Selma at the Edmund Pettis bridge. (The full speech is included in the link.) Excerpts: It is a rare ...
Libby Shaw 03/07/2015 15 34 2 -
I am Not Ready for Hillary
I really hope that Hillary Clinton, by some mercy bestowed upon us by an act of Fate or whatever, decides not to run for president. �I know, I know, you've been ready since 2008, just seizing with ...
ThisIsProgress 03/05/2015 244 33 - -
Bernie Sanders Economic Agenda for America
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a 12-step plan to revitalize the American economy last December, which has gotten fairly little attention.  The self-proclaimed socialist, who is considering a ...
ThisIsProgress 03/05/2015 35 24 1 -
Capitalism's Last Defense
American history is riddled with disingenuous moments wherein leaders, seeing their preferred system of capitalism threatened by bottom-up production, give the smallest concession to expanded ...
ThisIsProgress 03/05/2015 11 3 - -
Why Scott Walker's Union-ISIS Comparison Doesn't Shock Me
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is drowning in his own words , having stated that if he can stop union protesters in Wisconsin, he can handle ISIS. A lot has been said about this subject already, ...
ThisIsProgress 03/05/2015 5 8 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: The Mouse Has Roared – Greece post-Elections
The Greeks have said enough! Hope has defeated fear and SYRIZA has won the election and have beaten New Democracy and the fear-mongers, as expected. This is a major victory for anti-austerity ...
NY brit expat 03/05/2015 57 26 - -
Let's stop the disaster that is the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)!
There have been lots of great posts on the TPP. I wrote about it here and here ...
VL Baker 03/05/2015 72 102 4 -
It's the looting, stupid.
That's the reminder I want to see taped to my political candidates' laptop screen. Today's world is run by looters. There are neoliberal looters using financial weapons, and there are neocon ...
arendt 03/01/2015 65 131 8 -
"What May Be the First Organized Student Debt Strike..."
It began with a crazy idea more than two years ago.
jpmassar 02/23/2015 47 34 4 -
Gen Jones Wants Cuts To Military Middle Class - Buys $3.7M Mansion
Four retired senior officers have written an ...
angelajean 02/11/2015 87 224 2 -
Infinite Money brings SciFi weaponry to politics
As a tech-literate reader of hard SciFi, I've always have to "suspend disbelief" about energy density. For a general audience, I call it the rayguns, warp drives, and Terminators problem. The ...
arendt 02/08/2015 37 20 - -
Conservative Texas: Cronies, Crooks, No Bid Contracts, No Oversight, Junk Science. But...
And a former Governor, recently indicted for the abuse of power, said he wears his indictment as a badge of honor. This is what happens when there are no term limits. Rick Perry served as the ...
Libby Shaw 01/30/2015 18 21 1 -
If the TPP passes, 2016 is irrelevant
Yes, TPP has been designed to be a boring, opaque, fly-under-the-radar, FATAL corporate coup d'etat. But, let's focus all our attention of the 2016 race. Let's badger Elizabeth Warren to the point ...
arendt 01/18/2015 20 15 - -
I, for one, do NOT welcome our techno-libertarian overlords
We need to stop the billionaire elitist radicals who want to replace democracy with corporate feudalism and techno-elitist domination. If we don't, technological progress will become the private ...
arendt 12/30/2014 83 10 1 -
A decent nation would have impeached Bush and Obama
The administration of George W. Bush committed a number of actions, some of which are likely criminal , some of which expand the powers of the ...
joe shikspack 12/18/2014 801 158 16 -
American libraries are under attack as the last best socialized institution in America
(Written by American expat living in the European Union) (This diary is written by an American expat living in the European Union who is a male business librarian who holds a graduate library ...
Democrats Ramshield 12/14/2014 66 98 6 -
Spiegel quote: It is mostly white men who shoot young African Americans in the service of the state.
(Written by a Caucasian, American expat living in Germany). THE AMERICAN 200 YEAR RACE WAR!! The German magazine Der Spiegel's English language edition is the ...
Democrats Ramshield 12/13/2014 254 127 2 -
Chicago Murders Up 50%: Rahm Manipulating Murder Rate News
Chicago Murders in November 2014 up 50% during the same time last November. In November 2013 there were 28 total murders. There have already been 24 murders as of November 16, 2014 with 14 more days ...
Hyde Park Johnny 12/13/2014 12 14 - -
Make No Mistake, There Will Be Trouble Down at the Hamster Wheel
I guarantee it. I am that trouble. I am making that trouble. And so should you. I feel our pain. I am sorry. It was sad. We try so hard. The deck is stacked. Turnout so low . Lies are told. ...
Galtisalie 12/13/2014 27 10 - -
The hole in my soul is the least of it
I grew up in the wake of WWII, was in fact born into a military family smack in the middle of the Korean war, and found myself coming of age on a fast-track trajectory for Vietnam. What a bizarre ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 11/30/2014 198 302 13 -
I Racked Up $2000 Campaign Debt Fighting Fracking; Can You Help Me Retire It?
I've put off publishing this for what I expect to be a slow day on Daily Kos, because I don't like having to write it at all and, if and when it does its job, I'm happy for it to recede into ...
Seneca Doane 11/27/2014 15 67 3 -
Greg Abbott's Reaction to Immigration? The usual. TX Dems will not give up.
While many of us within the liberal and the populist wing of our Party have been frequently frustrated and disappointed by our President, his bold and decisive executive action on immigration reform ...
Libby Shaw 11/23/2014 22 16 1 -
Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down Mel Watt, Demands Principal Reduction for 5.1 Million Homeowners.
There's nothing that I can add to this takedown by Elizabeth Warren. Listen as she chastises Mel Watt, the new head of Federal Housing Financy Agency, which oversees Fannie and Freddie, as to why he ...
jpmassar 11/19/2014 340 343 7 -
Updates: Call your Senators about their vote on the Keystone Pipeline
Stop the Senate from approving #KeystoneXL ! Tell senators to say NO! #NoKXL via @sierraclub — YEARS (@...
Onomastic 11/18/2014 44 36 1 -
Can the US political system deal with climate change?
The American "system" has been a bit tardy in its response to climate change. Experts tell us that the longer it takes to make needed changes, the more difficult it will be to make them. As'...
joe shikspack 11/18/2014 161 132 9 -
Strike Debt Radio Turns an Ear Towards Predatory Payday Loan and Check Cashing.
Together on Strike Debt Radio the debt-dispatching duo of Mike and Cassie expose the nasty business of Payday Loan shops.
jpmassar 11/17/2014 5 13 - -
Aji for TiaRachel: When There Aren't Enough Spoons In the World: Helping a Friend Dig Out
This diary is written by Aji. She can't post at Daily Kos anymore because it does not download for her, so I am cross-posting for her from her blog .
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse 11/16/2014 51 108 1 -
Michigan exports its anti-democratic model: Chris Christie considers Emergency Mgr for Atlantic City
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Remember when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to Michigan to visit Governor Rick Snyder in March ? And when he came back ...
Eclectablog 11/13/2014 19 18 - -
Inevitability is to Third Way Politics as Austerity is to Disaster Capitalism - changed the title
They are the same scenario: leadership screws up; they are rewarded, while the rank and file are informed they must endure all the hardship and trust the screw-ups to fix things. When the bankers ...
arendt 11/11/2014 10 10 1 -
Obama's Bipartisan Achievements
There has been a lot of talk, now that the elections are over and the legislature has fallen into the hands of Republicans about what this will mean for President Obama's agenda and the Democratic ...
joe shikspack 11/11/2014 270 136 10 -
We Can't Rely On The Democratic Party
The fallout from the elections has been severe with a complete GOP takeover of the Senate, and state legislatures across the country. Our party lost, and there were many reasons, but the most ...
slinkerwink 11/06/2014 290 226 3 -
Drop That Plate Right Now!
Who knows what evil lurks in the plates men carry? "One of the police officers said, 'Drop that plate right now,' as if I were carrying a weapon," said Abbott, who runs a nonprofit group called ...
jpmassar 11/04/2014 14 41 1 -
Poverty Denialism in a Culture of Cruelty: Bashing the Poor as Right-Wing Amusement
The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Culture of Cruelty: How America's Elite Demonize the Poor, Valorize the Rich and Jeopardize the Future (San Francisco: City Lights, 2015) ...
tim wise 11/02/2014 140 227 13 -
I will not sit down and shut up about voter suppression in Texas
Of course my Governor Rick Perry would never get directly in my face to tell me to shut up and sit down like the bullying Governor Christi did to one of his protesting constituents the other day. ...
Libby Shaw 11/01/2014 41 120 1 -
Community Quilt for Yasuragi
Meteor Blades' quilt in the quilting hoop Our friend, Yasuragi, has had a hell of a year, and she is in chroni pain. Onomastic is in close touch with her and kindly provided the details of what ...
Sara R 10/29/2014 325 122 1 -
"Koch's Angels": the 1% hire the one-percenters
American democracy has reached the level of the Polish [ liberum veto]. Super-rich individuals, like the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, can block any ...
arendt 10/26/2014 6 12 - -
Texas Voter Photo ID Law Disenfranchises 600,00 to 744,980 American citizens
I know I have written about this subject before but now that we are in the throes of early voting in Texas the abstraction of the strictest Voter Photo ID Law in the U.S. has become a frightening ...
Libby Shaw 10/25/2014 54 116 1 -
Taking on 'Odious Debt' Everywhere: Strike Debt Goes on Television, Radio and The Big Screen.
Almost two years ago Hannel Appel, Bay Area native and Occupy Wall Street veteran, came back to the Bay Area, came to a General Assembly of Occupy Oakland and called on people to form Strike Debt ...
jpmassar 10/03/2014 9 20 - -
Germany just eliminated tuition, while Americans are drowning in $1.2 trillion student loan debt.
(By popular request of readers this diary has been updated and republished at the following link where under Daily Kos rules, reader participation through comments may now be accepted whereas the ...
Democrats Ramshield 10/03/2014 269 225 6 -
Dramatic events in Hong Kong
Americans could take a lesson from Hong Kongers who have taken to the streets in the thousands to fight for a fair election. Thousands now surround government buildings, even surrounding police ...
monkeybrainpolitics 09/28/2014 49 58 3 -
Kansas Teachers Roll out Welcome Mat for Rick Perry in Wichita
Sam Brownback, looking to bring some life back into his campaign, farmed in Rick Perry to bring in donors. Perry, who's next plan is a trip to Europe to recruit business for Texas , still finds ...
Chris Reeves 09/25/2014 24 50 - -
BREAKING: Yahoo! leaves ALEC
Originally posted at Eclectablog . In another blow to the corporate front group American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), another internet powerhouse is leaving the pro-Big Business "bill mill"
Eclectablog 09/25/2014 22 65 1 -
BREAKING: Yelp leaves ALEC. Will Yahoo! be next? (UPDATED)
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Technology giants Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have all made recent announcements that they have or are leaving the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),
Eclectablog 09/24/2014 27 47 1 -
No money for Unemployment Comp or Food Stamps, but Plenty for Bombs and War
No, you can't have more. We need the money for bombs. Too bad, hungry kids. This country, according to the GOP, can't afford to give you any more food stamps than your monthly allotment. Keep ...
Puddytat 09/23/2014 306 269 3 -
US elites beginning to realize there's a problem
Sorry, I didn't post this two weeks ago, but, frankly, things have been tough so far this year, and I don't get paid to blog. But these are important reflections of how top elites in USA are thinking,
NBBooks 09/21/2014 333 681 61 -
The German Spiegel publishes the truth about history of slavery & bigotry in Ferguson, MO.
'We're Like Animals To Them': An American City's Daily Racism (Spiegel quote) As an American expat of European ancestry living in Germany this article provides a review from my perspective of a ...
Democrats Ramshield 09/20/2014 157 322 9 -
The Wall Street Journal cries about the poverty of making $400,000 a year
Please put down your drink, you won't want to cover your computer/device's screen with coffee or juice or water. But if you do ruin your electronic device, no one understands your pain more ...
Walter Einenkel 09/17/2014 337 252 9 -
President Obama's high-mileage, "new" stupid war
Would you purchase a used war from one of these men, Bush the elder, Bill Clinton or Bush the younger? President Obama, who called it ...
joe shikspack 09/17/2014 391 133 - -
Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee Erases $4,000,000 in Student Loan Debt - For $100,000!
Almost two years ago the Rolling Jubilee , a project of Strike Debt (an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street), announced an ambitious stunt - raise $50,000 and abolish $1,000,000 in medical debt. They ...
jpmassar 09/17/2014 94 307 7 -
Plutocrat Predicts: The Pitchforks Are Coming
You know things have gotten bad when a self-proclaimed plutocrat sees the future and doesn't like what he sees.
Puddytat 09/15/2014 324 401 17 -
The best truly socialized good in America is the Library! That's why they are trying take it away!
(This diary is written by an American expat living in the European Union who is a male business librarian who holds a graduate library degree (MLS) and a Master's degree in business administration ...
Democrats Ramshield 09/12/2014 60 161 8 -
Who's going to stand up to save the Earth?
This diary is inspired by Neil Youngs' new song "Whose Going to Stand Up and Save the Earth? and his support for the documentary "Under The Influence" SEPARATION OF CORPORATION AND STATE September ...
VL Baker 09/12/2014 8 16 - -
The Industrialization of American Agriculture and the Proletarianization of The American Farmer.
A 2013 USDA report on US agriculture on average farm acreage dedicated to field crops had this to say; The midpoint acreage for U.S. cropland nearly doubled between 1982 and 2007, from 589 acres ...
steve1960 09/11/2014 7 18 2 -
The Military Cancer Devouring America
The corporate wing of the Democratic Party has completely given up trying to rein in the excesses of the military-intelligence-police-prisons (MIPP) complex. In the 17 years since 1997, the office ...
arendt 09/07/2014 28 31 1 -
Inequality is THE Problem
Negative real interest rates (interest rates below the rate of inflation) are rare events. Negative nominal interest rates are simply not supposed to happen in even the most messed up economy. ...
gjohnsit 09/06/2014 90 112 7 -
Maria Fernandes,through worker exploitation tragically dies in New Jersey parking lot.-Tribute Video
(Written by an American expat living in the European Union) Maria Fernandes, (32 years old) of Newark, New Jersey died when she fell asleep in her car from carbon monoxide poisoning and gasoline ...
Democrats Ramshield 09/05/2014 46 123 2 -
I need your help
Steroetype by Cannupa Hanska Luger I won't lie, this is hard for me. I've done something similar once before, but this is, looking back, much more important. I'm crap at this sort of pitch, so I'll ...
AoT 09/05/2014 13 41 - -
American middle class no longer the most affluent in world, our poorest have fallen behind says NYT
The New York Times commissioned a data study, by the Luxembourg Income Study Database, that shows The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest. Our middle class income growth appear ...
HoundDog 09/05/2014 17 36 - -
Monsanto's Money Modifies Politics
In July of 2013, the non-partisan National Institute on Money in State Politics issued a report focusing on contributions from agricultural giant Monsanto. Monsanto made over $600,000 in ...
ThisIsProgress 09/05/2014 7 5 - -
Rahm's Numbers Game: Is Killing People
After a deadly Fourth of July weekend, let's reflect on crime in Chicago using some public information that apparently the Attorney General missed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Attorney General Eric ...
Hyde Park Johnny 09/05/2014 13 19 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: On "The Making of Global Capitalism"
As a first group diary, this will be fairly narrow in scope and ambition. There have already been numerous excellent reviews of The Making of Global Capitalism , and a symposium over at Jacobin . It'...
diomedes77 09/05/2014 84 16 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Gaza, and Life in the Global Economy
'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat. 'We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.” (Alice in Wonderland) The past month or two I ...
Geminijen 09/05/2014 65 16 - -
Hellraisers Journal Saturday Morning Special: "Waiting for the Signal" to Revolt in the late 1890's
This diary is dedicated to JayRaye, who has rediscovered so many Hellraisers, including Henry O. Morris, radical labor journalist, see, e.g., Hellraisers Journal: Tear-stained Women...Besieged the ...
Galtisalie 09/05/2014 4 10 - -
There's a new "worse than Hitler" bogeyman, prepare to bomb some more brown people!
There's a new bogeyman in the middle east. It is a terrible monster of great proportions, a barbaric, sectarian, unrepentant butchery machine. Its name is ISIS and like the previous bogeymen ( ...
joe shikspack 08/27/2014 436 92 1 -
NE-Gov: Pete Ricketts (R), "Raising minimum wage would most hurt those it's intended to help"
Oh really?
poopdogcomedy 08/25/2014 5 10 - -
New Evidence that the Rich Have Prospered while the Poor Got Poorer
We got more evidence last week that rich Americans are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. A new report released August 21st by the Census Bureau shows not only that the top 20% of ...
WI Budget Project 08/25/2014 9 14 - -
Jobs, Peace , Decency - A Progressive Platform
Progressives need to play offense. Instead, what little media visibility they are granted (e.g., MSNBC) is used up playing defense. That is, reacting to the right-wing outrage of the day - and ...
arendt 08/24/2014 13 5 1 -
Jesus drove usurers from temple. We allow 500-percent interest payday loans. Where are Christians?
I'd love to have this Jesus in Congress. First, let's start with the good (if you can really call it that) news : A trail ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/12/2014 110 88 1 2
Billions for domination, not one cent for decency.
We will spend hundreds of millions without hesitation to send weapons to Israel, military advisers to the Ukraine, non-lethal aid to the completely compromised Syrian resistance (a creature of the ...
arendt 08/05/2014 80 162 20 -
Despite supposed moratorium, Detroit water shutoffs continue
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Depends on what your definition of "moratorium" is, I guess... Last week, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, bowing to pressure from Detroit bankruptcy ...
Eclectablog 07/29/2014 51 59 1 -
Welcome to Pottersville, Massachusetts
One can only thank the clueless greed-heads now running Market Basket for their unintended remake of [ It's a Wonderful Life] for a whole new ...
arendt 07/23/2014 27 26 1 -
NYTimes Profiles The "Part-Time Hell" Offered To American Workers
The latest tripe from the Republican Party attempts to distract from its purposeful obstruction of all initiatives or legislation designed to create new jobs, by accusing the Obama Administration of ...
Dartagnan 07/19/2014 130 216 3 -
Hey Kossacks! When You're in Detroit Steal Some Water for Me - and Give it to the People.
I'm not going to Detroit. Truth to tell I probably would have if I'd known I'd get to participate in Netroots Nation AND be part of an uprising against shit-stupid bureaucrats and one-percent ...
jpmassar 07/14/2014 7 18 - -
The Seeds of Protest Bloom. Staples Boycott Goes National.
Staples is feeling the heat from a national boycott , called by the American Postal Workers Union and recently endorsed by major non-postal-worker unions across the country. Some of the seeds for ...
jpmassar 07/12/2014 100 325 3 -
34 Democrats Join House GOP to Pass More Business Tax Breaks
The House continued its piecemeal approach to tax extenders today by passing a bill to extend the bonus depreciation tax credit for businesses permanently. The bill would add $287 billion to the ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 07/11/2014 16 21 - -
House Republicans finally let a poor person speak on poverty, but won't hear what she's saying
Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) When Paul Ryan held his fifth hearing on the War on Poverty earlier this week, he finally allowed an actual poor person to speak. That's right, it only took him five times. ...
Laura Clawson 07/11/2014 141 111 - 1
McDonald's CEO: "We Are Trying to be a Really Great Employer." Actually, Don, You're Delusional.
It'd almost be funny if it wasn't on the backs of millions of low-wage workers. As a New York Times article on other companies that pay more than they have to notes: At the McDonald's shareholders ...
jpmassar 07/07/2014 21 54 - -
If I Were Hillary Today
Coming on the news of the Supreme Court's decision, I would be making a statement about the decision today if I were Hillary Clinton. I'd use this as an opportunity show why we need women voters ...
slinkerwink 06/30/2014 60 46 1 -
It's Official! Oakland Will Vote on the Highest Minimum Wage in the Country in November.
The Alameda County Registrar of Voters yesterday validated the signatures for Lift Up Oakland's ballot initiative calling for a $12.25 minimum wage, inflation adjustments, and paid sick leave, ...
jpmassar 06/28/2014 60 47 2 -
Watch a Starbucks Worker call out CEO on working conditions and Intimidation of Pregnant Workers
The Starbucks Union pulled off a minor coup late Wednesday. They got one brave worker a microphone, and let him loose on the CEO. In a two minute conversation, the worker raised a number of issues:
OllieGarkey 06/19/2014 25 36 1 -
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