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Man with a gun? Call 911. (updated)
Short and sweet. Silence is complicity, so if you have a problem with guns being displayed in public, call the police when you see it happening. I await the many comments explaining why this is a ...
claude 06/02/2014 786 284 2 -
How is that Chromebook working out for you?
Seeking info. I have been offered a new Chromebook of my choice, so I am studying up on what this thingie is. I get it about Linux and open-source, and I understand the cloud concept of storing ...
claude 12/10/2013 35 9 - -
New Mexico Kossaks Meet.
A contingent of New Mexico-based Kogs met Sunday in Albuquerque at Kelly's Brew Pub. Housed in a renovated auto dealership building dating back to the early days of the Mother Road (Route 66), ...
claude 07/29/2013 26 20 1 -
Last Call for NM Kossaks Meet Up
One last outshout for the New Mexico Kossaks meeting. 2 pm Sunday, July 28, 2013. Kelly's Brew Pub 3222 Central SE Albuquerque, New Mexico (SW corner of Central and Wellesley, between Girard and ...
claude 07/27/2013 8 12 - -
The Frog Who Crushed The Planet
Did a French Yuppie really create the Finance Crisis? You just knew it had to be one of those brie-biting, Sartre-spewing, overly-garlicked Frenchmen who pushed the Earth's finance system over a ...
claude 07/24/2013 5 10 - -
New Mexico Kossaks meet up Sunday!
UPDATE: continued from yesterday I am calling out a time and place to meet, as we discussed. 40 Kossaks are on our NM list, more than doubling the roll after my diaries on Saturday and Sunday, ...
claude 07/24/2013 14 8 - -
New Mexico Kossaks meet-up!
I am calling out a time and place to meet, as we discussed. 40 Kossaks are on our NM list, more than doubling the roll after my diaries on Saturday and Sunday, although some live too far to get ...
claude 07/23/2013 45 16 - -
"Trusted" User question
Would you trust a user who has posted 9 comments in the 20 months of their membership, 7 of which received mojo, has rated 12 comments, and who has posted no diaries? Somehow I don't think "trusted ...
claude 07/20/2013 91 4 - -
group messaging question?
Is there a way for all members of a group to receive a message? Is there something on the group page I am missing that lets a group admin (or other) send out a group message? Thanks for any help ...
claude 07/20/2013 15 2 - -
Calling out to New Mexico Kossaks
UPDATE 2 We have doubled the membership list of NMKossaks! And more keep coming. Tomorrow I shall propose a venue for the Albuquerque area. Thanks all. UPDATE: I'm re-posting this in order to ...
claude 07/20/2013 42 30 - -
Calling out New Mexico Kossaks
UPDATE: This thread will continue here Calling all New Mexico Kossaks! It has been years since we all had a meet-up, despite our organization being one of the earliest of the State-level ...
claude 07/19/2013 39 16 1 -
Rio Arriba County, NM, sending Kossak to NN13
Back on May 29, New Mexico Watchdog was the first to reveal that in a 3-0 vote, Rio Arriba County commissioners approved out-of-town travel expenses for Lauren Reichelt, the county’s director for ...
claude 06/12/2013 24 22 - -
Happy Birthday to Daily Kos, and to me.
Today is the 11th birthday anniversary of Daily Kos, founded May 26, 2002. It is also my 68th birthday, which I also share with John Wayne. I want to thank Marcos for Daily Kos and all it has ...
claude 05/26/2013 53 52 - -
Sarchasm: the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit, and the person who doesn't get it.
I wish I had invented this word, but I have to share it. This whole list of words came in the email from an old friend, and I'm not sure where it originated. Many of these words cry out for ...
claude 05/06/2013 33 93 2 -
Lives in the Balance
Fortunately, this song keeps coming back to me, just when I have forgotten about it. It is as true today as it was when Jackson Browne wrote and performed it. Needless to say, it did not get much,
claude 03/17/2013 10 20 1 -
Saturday Morning Home Repair 7.25
Good morning. The Shop is open and I've got some coffee going. 7am here on the high desert east of Santa Fe and it's first light outside. I'll be your host this morning, taking this opportunity ...
claude 02/02/2013 103 51 - -
You make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel…
…like your emotional piano. (h/t Carole King) I am completely at your mercy, in your power to put your emotions inside me. Just hit one of my keys, and your emotion resonates through me ...
claude 01/30/2013 8 12 - -
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.51
Good morning. Next week will mark the completion of 6 years of the Home Repair shop. It has been my pleasure to host these Saturday morning gatherings, and I have been gratified by the ongoing ...
claude 08/04/2012 67 84 - 263
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.50
Good morning. The shop is open, and I have a few photos of the Dilia School new roof project. The roof is complete, but lacks a piece of trim on the belltower corners, and I still have to ...
claude 07/21/2012 25 36 - 100
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.48
Good morning. The Shop is open, although I don't have anything prepared. I'll be on board for the next hour or so, until my neighbor comes by and we go out and play with the adobe press machine to ...
claude 07/07/2012 47 40 - 147
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.47
A mile above sea level, where the Spanish Peaks meet the Great Plains, it is 64 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. We start this early because by noon it will be 100 degrees, our materials will have ...
claude 06/30/2012 85 41 - 174
Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog 6.46
Good morning. The shop is open and I'm here this morning, although not with a prepared entry. I got in last night from the left coast.
claude 06/23/2012 32 34 - 161
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.37
Goog domrning. The shop is open. I'll be write back after I have some coffee,,,
claude 04/21/2012 49 33 - 199
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.35
The shop is open, and that what I've got this morning.
claude 04/14/2012 67 34 - 153
HELLO!? This is the choir speaking...
Message for the Front Page: Guess what? We actually get it that Republicans, Romney, and his crew, are dorks, etc. We don't actually need it repeated endlessly day after day. Do you grasp the ...
claude 04/12/2012 13 18 - 166
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.34
Good morning once again to the home repair/improvement folks and anyone else who shows up. Too much to write about and no time to do it. Life is full, most of it good. We did lose the chickens to ...
claude 04/07/2012 60 35 - 123
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.33
Good morning. Summer has come early this year, before Easter; fruit trees have been seduced by temps in the 70s to put out their flowers. Freezing seems like a distant memory, but Mr. Jack Frost ...
claude 03/31/2012 61 37 - 151
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.32
Good morning and Happy St Patrick's Day. This morning we'll be going over to Frankenoid's Saturday Morning Garden Blog for a sneaky surprise birthday party for her there, so I hope you'll all join ...
claude 03/17/2012 12 34 - 118
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.31
Good morning. The Home Repair shop is open and you are all welcome. I am drawing a blank on interesting things to say, but I'll be here for the first hour and then back again later, after I give ...
claude 03/10/2012 37 39 1 118
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.30 - The Rumford fireplace
Good morning, homies. The Home Repair/Improvement Shop is open. This week I am going to expand on a comment I posted late to last week's thread that mentioned the "Count Rumford" type fireplaces ...
claude 03/03/2012 76 55 5 212
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.29
Shop is Open, good morning. Had to clean out my own kitchen drain line this week; a kitchen just comes to a screeching halt when the sink won't drain. My secret weapon is the garden hose with a ...
claude 02/25/2012 93 40 - 175
Ahem. How about those UNM Lobos?
Unranked UNM (22-4) (8-2 MWC) Men's basketball team humbled No. 11 UNLV (21-5) 65-45 in the notorious Pit in Albuquerque today. This is SOO out of character for me, as spectator sports are not ...
claude 02/18/2012 18 7 - 72
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.27
Good morning. The shop is open for comments and questions around the broad topic of home repair, maintenance and improvement. We promote de-mystification and empowerment. Yes, you can. Many ...
claude 02/18/2012 50 38 - 153
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.26
I'm setting up the shop to auto-open so I don't have to sweat it. I may be a little late in responding. See you all in the morning.
claude 02/11/2012 34 32 - 142
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.25
The Tecolotito Acequia held its annual meeting last week and the parciantes (members) approved the new By-Laws and re-elected its officers by acclamation. I'll be the Mayordomo again ...
claude 01/28/2012 42 31 - 136
Out of the Park and gone
I don't usually indulge in immediate commentary like this. I've had way more than my share of "disappointments"with The President's style, but I just have to say that I am blown away by the ...
claude 01/24/2012 204 256 1 1764
George Soros speaks...
to Newsweek's John Arlidge, 24 January, 2012 , via Reader Supported News. No need to ...
claude 01/24/2012 19 24 - 224
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.24
Good morning. A busy week on multiple fronts with the full panoply of New Mexico experience. A white-knuckled drive over the pass through the snow to Taos, and the decision to head right back ...
claude 01/21/2012 51 34 1 146
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.23
As has become too often the case, all I have to offer this morning is the shop open and my attention in this moment. It has been a wild and many-hatted ride this week, with movement on multiple ...
claude 01/14/2012 79 25 - 140
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.22
The shop is open and I'm here, if late. 2012 is off with a roar, and we'll talk about that in the thread. Happy new year.
claude 01/07/2012 130 42 - 197
Saturday Morning Home Repair: Closed for the Holidays
Enjoy your holiday time and I'll be back in 2012. (yes, I got the job!)
claude 12/17/2011 21 29 - 107
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.18 DK Subscription drive
Good morning, home repair friends. I may be jumping someone's gun, but I've been asked to help promote awareness of the DKos subscription blogathon. Yes, you can subscribe to Daily Kos, and not ...
claude 12/10/2011 40 31 - 167
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.17
A wintry good morning from the high desert as we wake to snow on the ground. Looks like maybe 8 inches, but I haven't ventured out yet for a more precise measurement. The weather people have been ...
claude 12/03/2011 126 45 - 179
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.16
Good morning. We had some Kossak visitors to the high desert caravansary yesterday morning, Land of Enchantment and jnhobbs passed through trying to beat the storm that never actually materialized ...
claude 11/26/2011 114 34 - 174
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.15
I'm going out today to look at this adobe building that needs some help...
claude 11/19/2011 44 37 - 107
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.14
Valantin has been growing his new ...
claude 11/12/2011 55 38 - 157
That Emergency Alert System test?
Anybody else miss it? Here in New Mexico, it didn't happen at 2pm ET (noon, our time) and the radio station (KUMN, of course) doesn't know why it didn't happen as scheduled here. Did you hear it ...
claude 11/09/2011 29 8 - 206
SaturdayMorning Home Repair 6.13
Good morning. I'm writing this the night before, as by publication time I'll be on the road to help occupy Santa Fe, if only for a few hours. I've got a propane tank for their kitchen, as I heard, ...
claude 11/05/2011 36 41 - 160
SaturdayMorning Home Repair 6.12
Good morning and welcome again to the Home Repair shop. This week on the high desert saw our first visit of Winter. Cold enough in the sky to snow 3 inches of heavy wet stuff, but not cold ...
claude 10/29/2011 33 34 - 120
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.11
Good Morning. The Shop is open for questions and comments.
claude 10/22/2011 32 28 - 117
Lakoff nails it
The Master of the Frame lays it down in three 'grafs: via Reader Supported News (RSN)
claude 10/19/2011 107 407 11 2195
SaturdayMorning Home Repair 6.10
Good morning. The shop is briefly open until we all go occupy someplace.
claude 10/15/2011 33 30 - 123
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.9
Good morning. The Home Repair shop is open and I'm glad to be back after my weekend in San Francisco. Thanks to boatgeek for the informative article on water supply and for manning the shop in my ...
claude 10/08/2011 77 37 - 136
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.7
Good morning. Welcome to another session of talk about fixing and fixing-up our homes, where we share experience and advice in hopes of empowering Kossaks to Do-It-Themselves. It's hard to be an ...
claude 09/24/2011 61 39 1 131
1967: The Day the diggers Kidnapped Mitt Romney's Dad.
Actually it was just one digger, the legendary Emmett Grogan . He was a friend of mine. I was a digger. I'll let Emmett tell the story ...
claude 09/21/2011 14 30 2 234
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.6
Good morning. The shop is open for another round of home repair/improvement conversations. Sorry I couldn't make it last week. I was up late for 4 nights visiting with a writer doing research on ...
claude 09/17/2011 49 60 - 217
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.5
Good morning. Ye Olde Home Repair Shoppe is open. Our time out here in this oasis on the high desert is filled with many small and inconsequential delights: the gardens in full abundance. The ...
claude 09/03/2011 128 45 - 187
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.4
Good morning. The Shop is Open and we hope your home is safe. The floor is yours. Sorry to be late.
claude 08/27/2011 65 32 - 140
Saturday Morning Home Repair blog 6.3
Once again it is Saturday morning; the Shop is open. Thanks for coming by. Anemic and sporadic, but it is a monsoon, here at last. The miracle of the water-that-falls-from-the-sky on everyone. ...
claude 08/20/2011 82 35 - 142
Saturday Morning Home Repair 6.2
Good Morning. The Shop is open. I'll be here to respond, but there is no program prepared for today. Thanks for stopping by.
claude 08/13/2011 79 36 - 159
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.52
Good morning. This will be another minimal offering. Or perhaps one of the other regular contributors has something prepared for this morning. We haven't coordinated. It finally rained here, a ...
claude 07/30/2011 35 34 - 116
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.50
Good morning. The Shop is open. It still hasn't rained here.
claude 07/16/2011 25 28 - 109
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.49
The Home Repair shop is open. Grab some coffee and gather round. The dog we don't have ate the homework I didn't prepare, but our drought continues. Rain is showing up nearby, but hasn't quite ...
claude 07/09/2011 52 33 - 122
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.48 Back home.
Welcome again to Saturday Morning Home Repair blogging, where we talk about fixing houses, the things in them that are supposed to work for us, and fixing them up. I and an ad hoc cadre of ...
claude 07/02/2011 82 58 - 206
OFA comes to Las Vegas, NM 6/29/2011
So last week, fresh back from NN11, I get a call from a young man, whose name I cannot recall (he failed to press a card into my hand) inviting me to an OFA meeting in Las Vegas, NM, County Seat of ...
claude 06/29/2011 9 18 - 76
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.45
Good morning. The Home Repair shop is open and you are all invited to join in and share your experience and problems concerning keeping your home, at least the physical manifestation of it, ...
claude 06/11/2011 99 47 - 191
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.44
Good morning. I had been hearing about this stuff they call "rain", which is, allegedly, water falling out of the sky, but I guess I had to see it myself to believe it. Given the time and energy ...
claude 06/04/2011 40 42 - 146
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.43
It is not good to stumble to the keyboard, groggy with a new morning and find that Gil Scott Heron has died. I doubt he suspected how iconic his signature piece would become when he penned the ...
claude 05/28/2011 116 54 - 188
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.42
Good morning. The Home Repair shop is open for "business" once again. I don't have an informative essay prepared, but I can hang out and visit this morning for a while. Water continues to be ...
claude 05/21/2011 54 35 - 160
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.40
Sorry about last week. Acute fuggititis, to which I am not immune. Country life on the high desert, in all its vernal splendor, continues, un-abated and relentless. The hummingbirds are back. ...
claude 05/07/2011 76 31 - 183
NN'11 bound, but I'll need some help.
It wasn't in my plans, but Markos has asked me to participate in a panel on The State of Daily Kos in the DK4 Era and I have accepted the ...
claude 05/05/2011 19 22 - 146
Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, NM CD3, my Representative. UPDATED
I wrote yesterday of my difficulty in emailing my Congressman. I am happy to ...
claude 04/27/2011 5 9 - 57
Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, NM CD3, my Representative
I happened to notice the my Rep, Ben Ray Lujan, who I met in Austin when he came to ask for our support in 2008, hasn't yet signed on as a co-sponsor of the People's Budget. I tried to write him to ...
claude 04/26/2011 13 15 - 63
SMHRBv5.38: Rationing the Acequia
Continuing my sporadic reporting on my new role as Majordomo ("ditch boss") of the acequia (irrigation canal) that carries the water of the Pecos River to the fields of the ...
claude 04/23/2011 40 35 - 143
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.37
I have nothing prepared, so I'm just going to link over to this great diary , and ...
claude 04/16/2011 44 27 - 138
SatMorn Home Repair 5.34 - Acequia photos
Although it isn't home repair/improvement related, I'm using this venue to show what I've been working on since being elected Majordomo of our village acequia (irrigation ditch). A farming ...
claude 03/26/2011 61 66 1 189
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.33
I am completely unable to keep up with writing about what I have been doing. Most of the time has been about scurrying ahead of large earthmoving equipment to prepare for its passage and to direct ...
claude 03/19/2011 72 48 - 161
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.32 Large-scale water matters
My week has been about water. The village acequia (irrigation ditch) and the village drinking-water cooperative, two essential utilities in this rural agricultural village on the edge of the great ...
claude 03/12/2011 59 55 - 198
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.31
Good morning. It has been a busy week for me, and I'm tossing this off on the fly to keep you updated. Last week I mentioned an expectation of being elected to serve on the Commission of our local ...
claude 03/05/2011 140 52 - 211
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.30 (Acequias)
I have a little time to visit this morning before I'm off to a day of community meetings involving water issues for my village. The DK4 robot will post this at the appointed time, and I'll get in ...
claude 02/26/2011 43 49 - 164
Updating NMKos group construction
Everyone who requested has been sent an invitation, and I think you all have aacepted. You are "contributors", and allowed to post diaires to the group queue. I made LoE "editor" to begin with to ...
claude 02/20/2011 3 3 - 53
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.29
Good morning. The shop is open. Start a fire and brew some coffee. I'll be along in a while and tell you about my week. It's been intense.
claude 02/19/2011 75 43 - 192
NM Kos group under construction
Hi all NM Kossaks, the ones I know and the ones I haven't met yet. I've been real busy with the Rescue Rangers doing the transition, but I will get to focusing on this group. I started the first NM ...
claude 02/13/2011 30 10 - 116
The Rescue Rangers welcome Kossaks back to Daily Kos
Community Spotlight is the new home of the venerable and respected institution of Diary Rescue, brought to you by the volunteer Kossak posse of Rescue Rangers. We check every diary posted to Daily ...
claude 02/13/2011 96 67 2 811
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.28
Good morning. This is the farewell edition of SMHRB, before DK3 closes down forever around 10am MST, probably right while we are at it here. Suddenly, poof!, DK3 will no longer reload or refresh, ...
claude 02/12/2011 68 42 1 89
Move over Monty Python. Top this if you can...
Demonstrating that ANY good intention can be ridden to the point of utter absurdity, this clip from a new sit-com called "Portlandia" takes us to downright Monty Python-esque levels of humor and ...
claude 02/07/2011 48 33 1 116
Saturday Morning Home Repair from the Freezer
Another half of a year has passed, marking 4 1/2 years of Saturday Morning Home Repair Blogging, SMHRB for short. As I said last week... Good morning. A little respite from the ...
claude 02/05/2011 162 89 3 114
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.26
Good morning. A little respite from the turmoils of the world as we bring our focus in for a moment, in to where we live, our homes and how we keep them homey and comfortable. Many of us repair ...
claude 01/29/2011 68 44 1 32
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.25
Once again, it is Saturday morning and Ye Olde Shoppe is open for discussion of repairs and improvements on our homes. Winter continues its Fan Dance here with 38 degree temps on a January morning.
claude 01/22/2011 131 42 - 42
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.24
The shop is open; welcome.
claude 01/15/2011 76 43 1 27
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.23
Good morning. All the nasty "winter" stuff left and it is back to being the warmest winter I've ever seen out here. Dry, too. That made it easier when the home repair demon struck here...
claude 01/08/2011 92 59 - 24
Good Christmas morning to you all from the Saturday Morning Home Repair shop and the ad hoc cadre of construction professionals and gifted amateurs that gathers round to make interesting ...
claude 12/25/2010 128 92 - 31
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.20
Good morning again and welcome to another gathering of the Kossaks who work on their own houses when they are not busy lurking, working or being super-duper activists. Face it: it is about ...
claude 12/18/2010 118 30 - 25
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.19
Good morning from the high desert, where it isn't much like winter this year. Yet, anyway. La Nina conditions generally tend to give us dry winters, and they say this is an especially strong La ...
claude 12/11/2010 136 42 - 22
Every now and then I post one of Joe Bageant's mighty rants on the state of the USA. Bageant is a unique and ...
claude 12/08/2010 18 29 4 411
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.18
Well, it's that "blank screen" moment when I am supposed to have something literate (if not brilliant and incisive) to say as an intro. ... Oh well. Welcome to the empowerment zone, where we ...
claude 12/04/2010 76 30 1 28
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.17
As I sit here this morning enjoying the warmth of a wood fire that is keeping our house warm, it occurs to me that at the center of any home is a flame; something burning. For the vast majority of ...
claude 11/27/2010 106 31 - 23
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.16
Good morning. The shop is open. This is where we help Kossaks fix their houses and the many things within that make them home. We share our home improvement projects and some people think we ...
claude 11/20/2010 113 36 1 32
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.15
Rushing to open the shop. 25 degrees this morning and the dog ate my homework. Settle in by this warm fire and tell us how it's going for you. The assignment for next week will be rainwater ...
claude 11/13/2010 90 47 - 39
Saturday Morning Home Repair 5.14
Good morning. Today I'd like to show you a couple of things I'm working on. Our portal, or porch, had been threatening to fall down for years, so I finally rebuilt it. This is a detail of one of ...
claude 11/06/2010 65 43 - 25
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