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Violent Country
This isn't uplifting, but it's what's on my mind. We live in a violent country – a nation with a heart of darkness. A sickness flows – fear and anger and hate. We pray for Boston and Newtown ...
claudsam 04/17/2013 7 4 - -
Des Moines Register Taken Over by Fox News
There is something profoundly disturbing when the endorsement of one of America's most respected newspapers boils down to a Fox News view of the world with all it's contorted logic and bizarre faith ...
claudsam 10/27/2012 59 28 - -
Obama Will Win Reelection
It's going to be close and GOTV is going to matter A LOT. But, Obama has a few very clear and viable paths to victory and Romney has just one path -- he must win Ohio, a state Obama has maintained ...
claudsam 10/24/2012 6 2 - -
Top 10 Things Obama and Biden Must Say in Their Debates
Debates, like political campaigns, are zero-sum games. One person wins, the other loses. That's the way it works. So, even though I don't think Obama had as bad a debate as all the pundits think, ...
claudsam 10/09/2012 11 7 - 67
The Lying Rotten Republicans
On Monday morning's CNBC Squawk Box, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson complained that our federal government spends 25% of our GDP today and that 100 years ago it was 2% -- evidence, he said, that we ...
claudsam 07/26/2011 3 3 - 41
GOP Goal: Bankrupt America
Actually, I'm not sure it's a goal as much as it's merely a logical consequence of their deranged view of government's proper role in managing the affairs of a modern country. The debate (AKA: ...
claudsam 07/25/2011 11 4 - 91
I Flat Out Don't Get It
Americans overwhelmingly support raising taxes on the rich to help make up the budget deficit. Americans overwhelmingly oppose dramatic cuts to Medicare and Social Security, especially if ...
claudsam 07/22/2011 35 13 - 154
Can Anyone Explain This?
Simple question: Why has President Obama not made jobs and the economy THE central focus of his presidency? Yes, I realize that a president needs to be able to do more than one ...
claudsam 07/18/2011 10 9 - 151
Crazy Idea to Get America Going Again
I know there is no chance in hell anything like this could ever pass, but work with me for a second. What if instead of talking around the clock about our national deficit crisis, our political ...
claudsam 07/12/2011 12 4 - 61
Wrong Debate, Worst Time
Echoing many sentiments expressed throughout the Kos community, but just to add my feelings of complete frustration and anger at the failure of our political institutions to deal with basic reality ...
claudsam 07/12/2011 5 4 - 25
You Can Solve the Deficit without Touching Medicare or Social Security
One of the biggest lies in our current debate about our national deficit "crisis" is that this is a spending problem, not a revenue problem. That Republicans have successfully framed the debate ...
claudsam 07/07/2011 14 7 - 68
Why America Is Dying
Let me start with the positive: There are still caring, passionate, intelligent, and sane Americans in our public square -- All you need to do is spend an afternoon reading Kos diaries and watching ...
claudsam 06/23/2011 23 19 - 162
10 Wealthiest Could Solve State Deficits
I'm not saying this is the best way to deal with the state budget deficits. I'm not saying this is my advice or policy prescription. But, to put the so-called state budget crises in context with ...
claudsam 03/03/2011 28 20 1 131
Spending Isn't the Problem
Conservatives are winning the national debate over the federal deficit for one simple reason -- they have succeeded in inaccurately framing the deficit problem as a spending problem. Every budget ...
claudsam 02/20/2011 44 42 5 227
Logic and Reason are Dead
Glenn Beck turns out let's be generous and say 100,000 last week on the Mall. He gives an incoherent speech about faith and God and America and the trouble we're in. The crowd praises the Lord ...
claudsam 09/03/2010 31 9 1 53
Will GOP Survive 2010?
The conventional wisdom and chattering class pundits seem to agree that Republicans are poised to win back one or both houses of Congress. And normally in politics a win is a win. But, given what ...
claudsam 09/01/2010 49 20 - 45
Reflections from Summer Vacation
I regret to say that I live inside the Beltway and work for an environmental nonprofit. While there is no real shame in either of these two facts, they do make me very much unlike most people in ...
claudsam 08/30/2010 6 2 - 26
What's the 2010 Message?
Hello, Team Obama? Hope you don't mind if I ask a question. Not sure you've noticed, but we have mid-term elections coming up and things are not looking good. Yes, the economy stinks. Yes, major ...
claudsam 08/11/2010 15 3 1 26
Message to Team Obama: Get Your Sh*t Together
My first post on Daily Kos a couple of weeks ago was The Astonishing Lameness of Barack ...
claudsam 08/10/2010 74 5 - 16
Obama's Birthplace is Beyond "Doubt"
Our pathetic national media just drive me crazy sometimes. runs the headline: "CNN Poll: Quarter doubt Obama was born in U.S."'s The Caucus blog uses: "On ...
claudsam 08/06/2010 30 19 - 56
Obama's Afghanistan Plan
Yesterday, I posted my three serious questions about our Afghanistan strategy : 1) Are the ...
claudsam 08/05/2010 10 1 - 8
3 Serious Questions on Afghanistan
Like many of you, America's military escalation in Afghanistan has been very troubling to me. More of our soldiers are dying. More Afghans are dying. More money is being spent. More uncertainty ...
claudsam 08/04/2010 17 4 - 24
How Hard Will It Be to Balance Our Budget?
Answer: REALLY F'ING HARD! I stumbled across this really cool website that lets you play with the budget on the revenue and expenditure ...
claudsam 08/03/2010 41 2 - 23
Taxes, Our Founders, and the Tea Party
Updated from original post on . The more I've tried to understand the substance of the Tea Party ...
claudsam 08/02/2010 6 2 - 13
The Big Picture of Gulf Coast Disaster
New video reveals the big picture of the Gulf Coast disaster -- 150 years of development and wetland destruction. And we're all responsible.
claudsam 07/31/2010 12 7 - 22
Which of These GOP Senate Seats Do You Most Want to Win?
Depending on which pollster/election analyst you use to help you prognosticate the state of play for the 2010 elections, there are up to a half dozen Republican Senate seats in play this cycle. ...
claudsam 07/30/2010 31 9 - 110
Are Republicans a Danger to Democracy?
This will (hopefully) be a kumbaya post. My first two entries, The Astonishing Lameness of ...
claudsam 07/29/2010 28 5 1 28
Deadly Folly of Climate Inaction
Yesterday, I slipped a glancing impeachment reference into my post on The Astonishing Lameness of Barack Obama , saying:
claudsam 07/28/2010 34 2 - 37
The Astonishing Lameness of Barack Obama
Originally posted at . Man, that's a harsh headline. But I have to tell you that is ...
claudsam 07/27/2010 488 17 - 98
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