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I no longer have anyting to say about persons of color or gay persons.
I also no longer have an opinion about Israel and Palestine. I have no opinion. I am a good Kossack. I will follow our Leader and Teacher and have no opinions. None whatsoever. I'd like to be ...
commonmass 08/28/2014 169 9 1 -
For My Nagga's Birthday
My grandmother's birthday would be, well, the 28th of August. We lost her in 2011. How I do miss her.
commonmass 08/27/2014 8 19 - -
My White Privilege Diary, Part One.
Encouraged by a few people, including Kossack Tool, I'm going to write a two part diary about my experience with the police and White Privilege. I think this is important to do, because it draws ...
commonmass 08/27/2014 30 35 1 -
Sleepers, Awake! Occupy Every City
I've had it with nearly everything I've heard here about Ferguson, Missouri and Detroit, and New York, and California, and all of this third-rate third-way baloney. Where are you, Occupiers? We ...
commonmass 08/17/2014 44 34 1 -
I've Been Thinking About Josh.
Josh was one of my best friends. We worked together in the theatre and he was a reed player in my theatre orchestra, of a big-band nature. I guess I have that in the blood as my great uncle Harry ...
commonmass 08/12/2014 21 17 1 -
I Remember Nixon's Resignation
I was five years old, in the Summer of 1974. My family was highly political and solidly Democratic. Grandad, with his hat and John Slattery look would come home from his job as a computer systems ...
commonmass 08/08/2014 59 26 - -
The Next Time I Hear We Have A "Border Crisis" I Am Going To Smack Someone Upside The Head
"Border Crisis"! I'm tired of hearing it. It's a refugee crisis. Children making their way to the border and turning themselves in. What, I ask, has the United States ever done to Chile, Nicaragua,
commonmass 08/07/2014 19 28 - -
In Praise of my Late Husband
It's been rainy here in Maine, on and off, but I have been giving some love to our memorial garden, where both my beloved grandmother, "Nagga" and the true love of my life, Terun Sabre Weed (aka ...
commonmass 08/06/2014 58 170 - -
Who Owns Your Toilet Paper?
I had occasion to visit the privy this morning--I know, too much information. However, if you're visiting a privy or having your constitutional in the privacy of a running-water bathroom, we're all ...
commonmass 07/29/2014 72 41 - -
Horace Boothroyd III Is at NN and Needs Help
In Horace's diary last night it turned out that in accepting a pass and a room from a generous Kossack did not end up in allowing him to get the room. tmservo433 put him up for the night, and ...
commonmass 07/17/2014 99 100 1 -
What's For Breakfast: Fish!?!
I had some leftover haddock, and put it in a white sauce and had it for breakfast over toast, which my grandparents and great grandparents might have done. In fact they did do on occasion. Many of ...
commonmass 07/10/2014 55 20 - -
Calling Out The Meanies
I had a horrible thing happen to me the other year when my husband died. I had to change my lifestyle, too. I also learned that some of my Daily Kos Friends were not my friends (my grandmother ...
commonmass 07/04/2014 53 21 - -
His Majesty, Juan Carlos King of Spain Has Officially Abdicated.
The BBC website has an article. An excerpt: Juan Carlos, 76, signed the bill at a ceremony in the Royal Palace in Madrid, which was attended by only 160 guests. At midnight local time (22:00 GMT),
commonmass 06/18/2014 46 26 - -
So We Have Some Wingnuts in Maine: Who Doesn't?
I don't mind Kossack brainwrap's call-out of Maine State Representative Lockman's stupid pronouncements on rape , however, as a voter and taxpayer in the State of Maine, I feel compelled to make ...
commonmass 06/17/2014 43 22 - -
Brothers and Sisters: A Bittersweet Anniversary
Today would be Terun's and my third anniversary and second as a married couple. It would also be his 50th birthday. I am glad I am here at The Rock, sitting just feet from the memorial garden where ...
commonmass 06/15/2014 100 78 - -
My Masonic Lodge Recognized My Husband's Death Tonight
My late husband, whom many of you might have encountered as he was a Kossack, was an identical twin. Tommy, my brother-in-law has a birthday coming up in a few days. Terun, my late husband, died ...
commonmass 06/10/2014 47 119 - -
Drive-By Diary: I Loved Him So Much
I'm kind of persona non grata these days up here in Northern New England. I don't mind. I mean, if people are really your friends, they are really your friends. I'm not sure any of them were. Some ...
commonmass 06/09/2014 75 72 - -
LGBT Pride 2014: First Things First--Coming Out
LGBT Pride month is upon us again, and each year I like to kick it off here with a diary about coming out. There's a first step in any process, and in the process of living your life as an open and ...
commonmass 06/02/2014 76 70 1 -
NOM Fined over 50K, Will Have to Disclose Donor List
According to today's edition of the Porland Press Herald (article at link), the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices has decided to levy a $50,250 fine on the National ...
commonmass 05/29/2014 58 145 1 -
What Are Your Favorite Museums?
Today, eclectablog had a diary up about the temporary "saving" of the DIA (and long term issues: Do read the diary). In the comments, I said that the Detroit Institute of Arts is in my top five ...
commonmass 05/23/2014 126 30 1 -
My Good Friend Comes Out as a Bisexual Cross-Dresser on YouTube, With Video.
Meet my good friend. This took a lot of guts, and yes, I have his permission to post this here. In fact, he was hoping I would. Take a look, and I'll let this stand on its own.
commonmass 05/20/2014 25 27 1 -
Front Pagers Hate Religious People.
There are religious liberals. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one, The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson is one, the Right Reverend Barbara Harris--the first woman Bishop in the entire Anglican Communion ...
commonmass 05/16/2014 401 16 2 -
Language Ignorance in Maine
I just had a rather interesting experience while purchasing a package of cigarettes (no judgment, please) at the local convenience store. Three lines: one, with young Somali girls in Hijab, bying ...
commonmass 05/13/2014 41 18 - -
The Aristocrats
There's an old comedian's joke called "The Aristocrats". Filthy as you can make it, it was never told to audiences but rather around the proverbial water cooler amongst comedians. Even Jack Benny ...
commonmass 05/05/2014 50 59 - -
A Challenge for the Daily Kos Atheist Community: Who Will Write a Diary Mocking Passover?
Like clockwork, there are certain agents provocateurs among us who will write broad-brush mockings of Christians at Christian holidays. I'm used to it: heck, I've been here a while. I know the drill.
commonmass 04/20/2014 409 18 2 -
Good Friday: It Is Finished.
From Alban Berg's quote from Bach: Es ist ...
commonmass 04/18/2014 23 28 - -
Easter Bunny Arrested in Pennsylvania as Witness and Accomplice in 2008 Santa Case
Wooksburra, PA: John Thomas "Jack" Rabbit, aka "The Easter Bunny" was arrested on Friday in a sting operation in Pennsylvania while allegedly attempting to buy counterfeit Cadbury eggs from what he ...
commonmass 04/13/2014 29 24 - -
Digging Steamers, And How To Make Them Tasty
I grew up summering on an island off the coast of Maine, and we liked to harvest our own seafood. Now, we weren't allowed to take lobsters--you need a license for that and it takes five years of ...
commonmass 04/02/2014 67 31 1 -
Heavens To Betsy! It Is My Kosiversary!
Several years ago, six in fact, I joined up at Daily Kos. Now the funniest diary I ever wrote suggested that Santa Claus was a criminal, but later I proposed to my husband here on line. Sadly, he ...
commonmass 03/29/2014 71 48 - -
Would You Take a Bullet For a Black Female Teen?
Let me introduce you to the man who did. In March 1965, Daniels answered the call of Dr. Martin Luther King, who asked that students and clergy come to Selma, Alabama, to take part in a march to ...
commonmass 03/27/2014 25 49 - -
MPBN Discusses Transgender Issues
Maine may be a large state geographically, but there's only about 1.5 million people here. Heck, Baxter State Park is about the size of Connecticut. However, there is one thing we do well: LGBT ...
commonmass 03/19/2014 16 12 - -
Before There Were Charter Schools, There Were Magnet Schools, and I Went to One.
I've been following the battle over Charter Schools between Andrew Cuomo and Mayor DiBlasio in New York. MSNBC has had quite a bit of coverage tonight and it got me to thinking: What's the ...
commonmass 03/10/2014 25 27 - -
Now I've Done It: I am Running for President
I have always wanted to be the President of the United States. I won't win, but here's my platform: An FDR response to the Great Recession. Economic responsibility and a hike of the minimum wage.
commonmass 02/17/2014 237 112 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Being Brothers and Sisters
What a horrible experience it was to have to talk to my Brother in Law earlier tonight: one of his sons lost their best friend, and one year ago yesterday we buried Terun, Tommy's twin brother and ...
commonmass 02/16/2014 20 21 - -
My Husband Green Mountain Boy 02 Left Us One Year Ago Today
Today is the anniversary. One year ago today, a snowy Friday, Terun Sabre Weed aka GreenMountainBoy02 left us for the great beyond. I wasn't with him when he died--I arrived just minutes too late. ...
commonmass 02/08/2014 112 231 - -
Welcome Brothers: Daily Kos Masons
I have decided that there should be a group on Daily Kos for brothers. Let us keep our secrets, and let us keep our work for social justice. Consider this a kind of virtual Lodge. I'm really ...
commonmass 02/06/2014 30 10 - -
What Do You Know About Freemasonry?
Conspiracy theories show up all the time about Freemasonry. They show up here, and they show up on the Hitler History Channel and they show up all over the place. What do you know about Masons? ...
commonmass 02/05/2014 131 24 - -
Geoff the Cat Weighs In on GMB02's Yahrzeit
There will be another diary, but for now, with Geoffy next to me, here is what Virtute the Cat has to say via the Weakerthans. And Geoff and I are in a way better place. This helps me process my ...
commonmass 02/04/2014 36 34 - -
What's for Dinner? v8.25: Hungry for Hungarian
I'm not Hungarian--though some of my relatives came from there but they were ethnic Slavs, not Magyars--but I love Hungary and Hungarian food. Having lived for several years in Central Europe, I ...
commonmass 01/18/2014 113 50 15 -
"Dear Aunt May": Letters From Post-War Britain, Part I; "Hands Across the Pond"
I was inspired by a conversation I had with shortfinals in his recent diary on WW II era RAF aircraft to pull out some correspondence between my great-grandmother, "Aunt May", and her niece Dorothy. ...
commonmass 01/15/2014 22 32 1 -
Humankind's Best Friend: And It's Feline
For a long time, people have assumed that dogs are "Man's Best Friend". I grew up with dogs, and like them a lot. But I prefer cats. The internet is full of cats. Some people say that the internet ...
commonmass 01/05/2014 132 192 - -
The Original Duck Commander: Groucho Marx
With a hat-tip to John Perr's little-read civil war diary I present without comment what I said in his diary: There has only been one "Duck Commander" as far as I am concerned, and it's Groucho Marx.
commonmass 12/23/2013 16 20 - -
A "Santa" Fox News Can Get Behind: Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet
There's been a lot of talk about the "race" of Santa Claus lately, but not a lot of history on where he comes from. Now, people in the know are aware that Santa runs sweatshops all over Southeast ...
commonmass 12/18/2013 15 14 - -
The Advocate Names Pope Francis Person of the Year
The Advocate , the nation's largest-circulating and oldest continually published magazine dedicated to LGBT issues and politics named Pope Francis "Person of the Year" in its December, 2013 issue. ...
commonmass 12/17/2013 27 31 - -
The Holy Father Gives Me My New Favorite "Comeback"
In an interview with La Stampa , Pope Francis responded to a question about Rush Limbaugh's accusation that he was spouting Marxist ideology with this statement: "Marxist ideology is wrong. But I ...
commonmass 12/16/2013 85 94 1 -
The Most Natural Violin Concerto
Ever written. Presented without comment.
commonmass 12/12/2013 14 19 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Late Diary
I had a power outage here, and was on the phone with my brother in Texas and wasn't able to save my diary. I apologize. Let us pray for Nelson Mandela, and all righteous people throughout the globe.
commonmass 12/08/2013 17 17 - -
The Best Thing About Republican Democracy: No Aristocracy
The best thing George Washington ever did was to refuse to become a King. We Americans, well, the US version of them, tend to be obsessed with nobility, most especially British (though it bears ...
commonmass 12/08/2013 13 5 - -
Where Capitalism and Christianity Meet: The Capitalist Te Deum
The Te Deum or Ambrosian Hymn is an ancient Hymn of Praise often used on festival occasions at the Daily Offices in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and sometimes, Lutheran Churches. From what we can ...
commonmass 12/01/2013 41 23 - -
Where Were You on 11/22/63?
I was born in 1969. I wasn't there. I missed the '60's in a big way, though I was old enough a decade later to make my decision that Carter was preferable to Reagan, though I could not vote. I ...
commonmass 11/22/2013 77 27 - -
Gov. Pat Quinn Signs Marriage Equality: Liveblog
MSNBC will be covering it live, and if you know of other links, please offer them. Here is a forum to discuss this. Please join me and add links for other opportunities to watch. As I wrote ...
commonmass 11/20/2013 24 22 - -
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to Sign Equality Bill This Afternoon
This afternoon at 3:30 CST, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is scheduled to sign the State's marriage equality bill into law at the University of Illinois in Chicago, making Illinois the 16th State to ...
commonmass 11/20/2013 24 25 - -
Have You Ever Been Televised?
Tensions are running high these days on Daily Kos, and a conversation I had with a user about the history of television got me thinking: Have you ever been before the camera and the lights? I have.
commonmass 10/08/2013 129 25 - -
The National Anthem They Don't Want Us to Sing
Presented without any other comment but to say I was taught to play it by a great Anglican African-American named Horace Boyer. We should all be singing this.
commonmass 10/07/2013 24 18 - -
Why Head Start Matters.
Head Start, and all sorts of other programs are hated these days by Congress. I was a graduate of Head Start in 1974, because I had a speech impediment. I know: you'd never know it now; however, ...
commonmass 10/03/2013 15 8 - -
Divine and Edith Massey Explain The Rift.
I'll allow John Waters, Edith Massey and Divine to tell it all, with nothing else to say.
commonmass 10/01/2013 22 1 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Virtual Choral Evensong
As we settle in this Sunday evening and turn to peaceful contemplation and reflection, join me here at the internet chapel of St. Bede's -in-the-Bytes for a virtual Choral Evensong (Evening Prayer), ...
commonmass 09/29/2013 49 16 1 -
Let's Talk About How We Help Kossacks
You know, sometimes Kossacks need our help. I've been helped when I was down and out, by Kossacks, and in major ways. I think this is what we do for one another. Which is why I took a Kossack into ...
commonmass 09/23/2013 42 15 1 -
The Blessed Jonathan Myrick Daniels: Anglican Saint and Civil Rights Hero
Who is the Blessed Jonathan Myrick Daniels? Have you ever heard of him? Well, if you're an Episcopalian you have, because his Feast Day, August 14, just passed. He's a major hero of the civil rights ...
commonmass 08/30/2013 27 33 - -
Drivers From Away
Short and sad diary. In my town, a 9 year old boy was killed and others injured By a tourist from New York. Why I bring this up is because in our little fishing village, at this time of year there ...
commonmass 08/12/2013 44 21 - -
A First Nations View on Animal Companions
A number of Kossacks have recently lost animal companions. I have one, and I take my responsibility very seriously. So do most of us. Having just read a sad and moving diary by geordie about the ...
commonmass 07/26/2013 48 30 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Listening for Justice
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious language, but may ...
commonmass 07/21/2013 21 24 1 -
God Save The Queen.
The Crown has approved Parliament's bill to legalize marriage equality. See it here: God Save The Queens, and especially Her Majesty QEII. Elizabeth ...
commonmass 07/17/2013 58 36 - -
So it happens that I should say that I am sorry, and so it happens. I'm sorry.
commonmass 07/03/2013 243 53 2 -
I'm Out, Are You? Commonmass' Annual Pride Month Coming-Out Diary
I was always out. Even before I was born, my great-grandmother said to mother "Oh, this one is going to be queer". My Great-Grandmother, 1894-1986, she had seen it all. . When I was in High ...
commonmass 06/28/2013 173 150 - -
What's for Dinner? v. 7.45 Entertaining On The Deck
Looking back on it, when I've written for What's for Dinner? I've written a lot about entertaining. Maybe it's because I like to do it, or because I've always seemed to have friends who's idea of a ...
commonmass 06/08/2013 109 37 1 -
What Soderburgh's Film About Liberace Says About the Closet
If you subscribe to HBO, you can go over any time to "HBO GO" online and take a look at a recent film about the life of Liberace , the iconic Las Vegas entertainer and closeted homosexual. As a ...
commonmass 06/01/2013 309 172 1 -
C&J Placeholder: Awards Edition Plus Tuesday
Welcome to Awards Edition Plus your one-stop snark shop Cheers and Jeers placeholder. I'm saving most of the diary I had drafted for another time in order to bring you this update on Toronto Mayor ...
commonmass 05/28/2013 82 39 - -
C&J Placeholder: Awards Edition Plus Canadian Capers Edition
While Bill in Portland Maine is busy taking a couple of days off up at a friend's cottage a bit up east (where I would be, too, were it not for my dead ice box issue), Awards Edition Plus , your one-...
commonmass 05/27/2013 80 58 - -
Oh Dear. "Constitution" and "Fascism" in the Same Sentence. Liveblog.
Oh, dear. I said what I have to say here and I hope this is not tanking some front-pager's job. Oh, dear. We compromised our American values. Really? Thanks for noticing, Your Excellency.
commonmass 05/23/2013 12 4 - -
A Couple of Thoughts on GITMO, Drones, and the President
Of all the accidental Presidents ever, Barack Obama has a serious situation on his hands. Now, I voted for him. Twice (but only twice, because I have a little bit of a sweet spot for Southern ...
commonmass 05/23/2013 49 26 - -
Thank You, Daily Kos, For My Quilt.
I wanted to write a diary about the quilt for me and Green Mountain Boy 02, and I wanted to do it when I could post pictures, and when I could thank by name every single one of you who contributed ...
commonmass 05/22/2013 171 315 2 -
Who Else Here Is a Kentucky Colonel?
Meteor Blades just wrote a diary about something Rand Paul said. It made me think, who else here is a Kentucky Colonel? I know I am: Who else here has had the honor to be ...
commonmass 05/21/2013 86 20 - -
Canadian Capers II: Rob Ford and Entourage Doubles Down on Drug Denial
I've got my teeth in this story now, and I'm not backing down. Yesterday, I diaried about Rob Ford, the right-wing Mayor of Toronto who has been caught on a smartphone video smoking crack in his ...
commonmass 05/18/2013 14 19 1 -
Canadian Capers: Toronto's Crackpot Mayor
Rob Ford , the right-wing wacko Mayor of Toronto and John Candy look-alike is not just a crackpot: he's also a crackhead according to a report in the Toronto Star. That Ford has been mired in one ...
commonmass 05/17/2013 26 26 - -
I Just Saw The Most Unusual Political Advocacy Ad about Gina McCarthy
While watching The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC in the Portland, Maine market, I just now saw the most unusual advocacy ad: an ad advocating the confirmation of Gina McCarthy to head the EPA, a vote ...
commonmass 05/16/2013 10 33 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Mothers' Day Sermons
In some Christian calendars today, Ascension Day has been transferred or is being observed (it was actually Thursday). On my secular calendar, I see it is Mothers' Day. Outside, it turned from a ...
commonmass 05/12/2013 44 24 - -
The Sad and Twisted Moral Bankruptcy of Paul LePage
Maine Governor Paul LePage is no stranger to controversy: just a quick look at this Maine Public Broadcasting Network news page gives a quick overview of his priorities which include moving public ...
commonmass 05/10/2013 45 84 - -
Jack Webb, Dragnet, and the NRA: "A .22 Rifle For Christmas"
The other day I was channel surfing--which is odd, because outside of the 8-10pm bloc on MSNBC and a few other things I follow, I don't watch a lot of television. However, I came across an episode ...
commonmass 05/06/2013 114 117 - -
Awards Edition Plus: Monday Cheers and Jeers Sub Edition
Welcome to Awards Edition Plus , your one-stop snark shop and Cheers and Jeers placeholder for Monday, April 29th 2013. Bill--who takes more vacations than George Dubya Bush--is busy washing the ...
commonmass 04/29/2013 144 71 - -
Brothers and Sisters: Eastertide Vespers
Inspired by dirkster43's diary last week , I thought tonight we'd have Evensong*--or a virtual and very relaxed one anyway--with some chorales, canticles, hymns and anthems associated with ...
commonmass 04/14/2013 41 36 2 -
I Think My Cat is a Republican.
My cat is watching me write this, and frankly, I don't care what he thinks so watch away, my feline friend, because I think you're a Republican and I'm going to out you. Fig. 1. Geoffrey the Cat ...
commonmass 04/12/2013 342 500 7 -
Awards Edition Plus: Cheers and Jeers Monday Placeholder Edition
From the Great State of Maine in an undisclosed location between Ledgewood and Pheasant Hill Drive in beautiful, rainy Portland, Maine it's Awards Edition Plus , your one-stop snark shop sitting in ...
commonmass 04/01/2013 96 64 - -
The 105th Archbishop of Canterbury to Be Enthroned Today
The Most Rev'd and Rt. Hon. Justin Welby , The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, will be formally enthroned as the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the worldwide Anglican ...
commonmass 03/21/2013 39 28 - -
Thursday Classical Music Op. C109: Everett Titcomb
The music of Everett Titcomb (1884-1968) occupies a unique niche in the catalogue of sacred organ and choral works by 20th-century Anglican composers in the United States. His compositional voice ...
commonmass 03/14/2013 21 33 2 -
Entitlements and "Grand Bargains": Life Before Social Security Through the Lens of Leo McCarey
Given the sequester and the President's continued willingness to embrace cuts to entitlements and "chained CPI" for Social Security, I'm re-publishing a diary I wrote last September about life ...
commonmass 03/04/2013 41 74 2 -
My Personal Funeral Hymn as GMBo2's final hymn tomorrow:
Not the best performance but This is the best ...
commonmass 02/14/2013 128 231 - -
Regarding The Funeral: An Answer To What People Are Asking
It would be WONDERFUL if some people chipped in for the flowers, but so far, it looks like someone has. But mostly, we've had to make a decision about where to send donations. Here's where: The Ryan ...
commonmass 02/12/2013 67 241 2 -
Where Things Are At Now: Friday, 3pm, Cathedral Church of St. Luke
For those who are interested, it appears that we will have a Requiem Mass for Terun at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Luke at 143 State Street, Portland, Maine on Friday at 3 PM. All are invited to ...
commonmass 02/11/2013 197 265 1 -
If You Live in the Blizzard Area, Don't Let Your Cat Out!
I let Geoffy cat out this afternoon, he insisted on it. I had to dig him out of the snow and he still has a lot of it clinging to him. He's divesting himself of the snow by sitting in front of the ...
commonmass 02/10/2013 147 203 - -
Terun Sabre Weed aka GreenMountainBoy02: 1964-2013
My beloved partner, Terun Sabre Weed, aka GreenMountainBoy02, left us peacefully just after noon today. He was in no pain. He was surrounded by his family. Arrangements are being made, and the ...
commonmass 02/08/2013 631 1033 4 -
Update on GMB02: Letting Go
GMB02 is being put in a hospice situation. His identical twin brother and I will crawl into bed with him as he makes his transition. His priest--also an identical twin--will also be there. It might ...
commonmass 02/07/2013 583 785 4 -
Update on GMB02's Health Crisis: Hope--and Change
Thank you to all of you who have helped me keep vigil, given moral support, and give me a laugh or two over the last week regarding GMB02's serious illness and hospitalization. This community is ...
commonmass 01/29/2013 304 696 - -
GMB02 Update III
GMB02 is still alive tonight. So this is short. Thank you for all of your prayers. Kossack Clytemnestra suggested that I write an update, so I did. Tomorrow is a new day and we'll know if the ...
commonmass 01/24/2013 268 615 - -
Update on GreenMountainBoy02's Health Crisis II
First, I want to thank you all for the outpouring of love from this community. I am deeply touched, as I always am, by the caring this community shows to its members. Today, his twin brother, ...
commonmass 01/23/2013 594 808 - -
Update on Kossack GreenMountainBoy02's Health Crisis
As some of you may know, my partner GreenMountainBoy02 was repeatedly hospitalized last week with what they thought might be flu. For the last two days he has been in the Special Care Unit (ICU) at ...
commonmass 01/22/2013 681 703 3 -
A Recommendation For Diaries on Religion
This will be a short diary. As one of the people here on Daily Kos who regularly writes on religious issues and who administrates a group dedicated to those issues, I've noticed something lately: ...
commonmass 01/20/2013 50 38 - -
I Will Go To No Ball At All: A Doggerel Moment
I will not go to an Inaugural Ball, Nor any expensive party at all; I can't afford the charity, with lack of income parity, that others can and loudly say will be their action on that day. The ...
commonmass 12/26/2012 107 81 - -
The Politics of Self-Denial and the Fiscal Cliff
"Democrats are practicing the politics of self-denial" says William Wilberforce Lumburgh, an Oklahoma State Senator and President of Concerned Republicans Against Progressive Policy Initiatives or ...
commonmass 12/26/2012 17 15 - -
Brothers and Sisters: The Holy Innocents
Matthew 2: 16-18 When [the Magi] had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. Get up, he said, take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for ...
commonmass 12/16/2012 93 49 - -
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