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Maybe Chuck Todd was right...
Has no one written about this yet? A two-day old story? I really don't need to see this with my morning coffee. Maybe Chuck Todd was right about Allison Lundergan Grimes having "disqualified ...
commonscribe 10/16/2014 58 1 - -
The Democrat is on the air in NYSD-40
One of the ugliest local races in the country is being fought out in New York's 40th Senate District. Money on both sides is flooding into this Hudson Valley district from Albany and beyond, as ...
commonscribe 10/14/2014 4 6 - -
NY-18: When Democrats go bad
The NY-18 congressional district is one of the swingiest in New York state. Redrawn in 2010, it was held by a tea partier and was high on the DCCC's "red-to-blue" list in 2012. It's now rep'd by ...
commonscribe 05/28/2013 35 12 - -
Reporter or Accomplice?
The Department of Justice needs a thorough housecleaning, but it’s probably not for the reason you think. In fact, these new revelations make the seizure of the AP’s phone records look like ...
commonscribe 05/20/2013 16 11 1 -
Who was the naked man arrested in Watertown?
Things like this make me nuts; memorable moments that flit across the internets and cable, headed straight for "whateverhappenedto"-land. I haven't seen any further reporting on this since the ...
commonscribe 04/22/2013 22 5 - -
Come rebuild the Gulf Coast
Post-Katrina, Hancock County Mississippi is about 10,000 houses shy of being rebuilt... so the day after Christmas, my gang and I are heading back to Bay St. Louis for a week of intensive building.
commonscribe 11/22/2008 11 18 - 36
Give it up for the Gulf Coast
Yep it's me again. My gang is going back to Mississippi again. You can read about some of our past adventures here ,
commonscribe 11/19/2008 4 5 - 4
AMTRAK authorization passes: veto-proof, baby
For the first time in a decade, Amtrak's reauthorization was approved. It came over the objections of the administration, which has been relentless in its attempts to cut Amtrak funding. The ...
commonscribe 10/01/2008 167 57 - 28
smurf this Palin poll
received this email from my sister in law in Brussels, who got it from somenone in the American Womens Club there... They watch PBS in Brussels??
commonscribe 09/19/2008 35 19 1 19
Four More Hurricane Seasons?
After Katrina, Gustav and now Ike It is time we faced the ...
commonscribe 09/18/2008 3 6 - 5
The New Welfare Queens
The New Welfare Queens wear Zegna suits. $30 billion. That might be the size of the welfare check the FDIC is writing to Wall Street tonight. Of course, there is no Wall Street as we have ...
commonscribe 09/14/2008 37 13 2 2
Gustav and the GOP
RNC leaders said no matter what happens with Gustav, the convention will go on as planned next week. A spokesman said they have a contingency plan for speakers just in case some are ...
commonscribe 08/30/2008 18 5 - 28
NOLA/Gulf blogathon:  Insuring profits over people
It is the Great Forgetting. After thirty-odd months, the nation has moved on. Katrina and all that it wrought has fallen out of the national conversation. The devastation caused by both the storm ...
commonscribe 04/17/2008 20 26 - 185
The Death of A Blogger: Coins for the Ferryman
Down in New Orleans today, they are burying the noted blogger, citizen activist, rabid Saints fan and local bon vivant Ashley ...
commonscribe 04/11/2008 1 9 - 4
There's one less angry, funny man in New Orleans
I'll keep this short, because frankly, I never met him. Professor Ashley Morris is one of the wittiest, sharpest bloggers on life in New Orleans, post-Katrina. For the past few years, I've ...
commonscribe 04/04/2008 7 15 - 19
Katrina: The Latest Embarrassment
also available at docudharma It seems our great national embarrassment, the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, is the gift ...
commonscribe 03/19/2008 12 50 2 143
Judgement Day:  No Justice for New Orleans
It's now official. U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval ruled today that the Army Corps of Engineers “squandered ...
commonscribe 01/30/2008 17 5 - 3
A rant from a footsoldier in the Army of Compassion
Tonight the armies of compassion continue the march to a new day in the Gulf Coast. America honors the strength and resilience of the people of this region. We reaffirm our pledge to ...
commonscribe 01/29/2008 6 12 - 12
Katrina Fatigue? I don't think so.
Crossposted under slightly different titles at Docudharma ...
commonscribe 12/22/2007 13 13 - 17
Finish The Job: 14,000 in FEMA trailers on the Gulf
With federal relief money still bottlenecked in the system and 14,000 residents displaced by Katrina about to go through their third winter in FEMA trailers or tents, the housing ...
commonscribe 12/02/2007 12 9 - 17
Happy Thanksgiving from the Group W bench
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for three reasons: *Great food *Minimal commercialization *Alice's Restaurant This song was born on a Thanksgiving Day in the late 60's. It's about ...
commonscribe 11/22/2007 19 11 - 6
Stop Screwing New Orleans-- Come to the Party!
First the Netroots diss her, then the Presidential Debates do. It's hard enough rebuilding when the White House thinks you're a PR problem that needs to go away. Hell, it took them forever ...
commonscribe 11/21/2007 8 8 - -
Madame Speaker thinks you're irresponsible
crossposted at Docudharma From the Washington Post:
commonscribe 10/11/2007 590 345 6 92
Who is the Speaker Speaking for?
I had hoped there might be some sort of rethink going on, but apparently, the leadership's war strategy is still geared to the next election: they're waiting for 2008. Let's ignore for a ...
commonscribe 10/01/2007 26 12 - 6
I want my LBJ!
crossposted at Docudharma Aren't you guys a little tired of the whingeing about not having enough Democrats in the Senate? About waiting for 60 ...
commonscribe 09/22/2007 26 8 1 10
Is Osama "virtually impotent"? w/ poll
Interesting word choices from Bush aide Fran Townsend when discussing the newest Osama Bin Laden tape today- from the AP: "This is about the best he can do," Townsend said of bin ...
commonscribe 09/09/2007 7 - - -
Katrina 2.0:  It's Our Bad Now
It's the anniversary. Have a cry. Vent your rage. Then we need to talk about getting the Gulf Coast out of the 2008 political lockbox. Because, while it may be tempting to beat the Republicans ...
commonscribe 08/29/2007 13 12 - -
2 Years Later: The Moon is Red
Mars danced with the moon and turned her red this morning, and it was two years ago tonight that Katrina began hammering the Gulf Coast. Ah, me. 9/11 didn't change everything- Katrina did. ...
commonscribe 08/28/2007 9 7 - 8
Landfall plus 24 Months:  Same as it was
August 28, 2005... Katrina off Mississippi 14 hours before Landfall.
commonscribe 08/27/2007 8 8 - 3
Must see TV: GOP Vote Caging & the US Attys
As diaried here, more e-mail evidence from inside the RNC points to a massive 2004 GOP effort to disqualify likely Democratic ...
commonscribe 07/26/2007 11 21 - 10
DKos Real World Wedding !
Attention Kossacks: Let the wild rumpus commence.
commonscribe 07/21/2007 41 36 - 21
Reform my blog, Kos!
From the 1913 Webster's Dictionary, by way of Wiktionary: reform (plural: reforms)n, Amendment of what is defective, vicious, corrupt, or depraved; reformation; as, reform of ...
commonscribe 06/20/2007 20 11 - -
Holy **it, They F*cke'd the FCC
As reported in the NY Times, A Federal Appeals court in NY just gutted the FCC's ability to fine ...
commonscribe 06/05/2007 48 24 1 12
I wish this had been published before the vote
Monday's New York Times has a "view from the ground" article bylined from Baghdad:
commonscribe 05/27/2007 10 24 - 9
Some good news for the Gulf
The wheels of Congress turn slowly, but two HUGE roadblocks to rebuilding have finally gone away. Tucked into the new supplemental funding bill are provisions waiving both the 10% local match ...
commonscribe 05/26/2007 14 10 - 13
Losing in Congress, losing in '08?
We've got a problem in 2008, and it has nothing to do with the top of the ticket. In 2006, there were three main issues that brought independent voters to Democratic candidates, and in turn ...
commonscribe 05/23/2007 41 12 - 38
Where's my Damn House, Kos?
Remember all those promises about rebuilding the Gulf Coast? I'm calling bull. More than a year and a half has passed, and the money's still not there. Not in Mississippi, not in Louisiana, ...
commonscribe 05/12/2007 19 29 1 35
Iraq: Just Don't Do It!
What's next in the Iraq chessgame? Send up a stonger funding bill? Send up one without any strings? Send up the same bill? Well, at this point, it's worth remembering that Congress doesn'...
commonscribe 05/06/2007 11 3 - -
How to survive and prosper after W's veto
The Decider, having Decided, has dropped a blackball on the supplemental funding bill. The assumption is that Congress will eventually send up another one. At this point, it's worth remembering ...
commonscribe 05/02/2007 2 5 - 10
Virginia Tech & flawed Background Checks
Earlier in the week, this diary questioned the thoroughness of the background checks on Seung-Hui Cho's firearm purchases. Today, ...
commonscribe 04/22/2007 5 5 - 5
VT SHOOTING: Background Checks, anyone? *updated
Ain't this grand... the shooter was known as a stalker. UPDATE: in 2005, he underwent a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.
commonscribe 04/18/2007 64 7 1 10
Katrina and the Insurance Industry- from a horse's mouth
Most of the Mardi Kossacks know my feelings on the insurance industry and its jaw-dropping, dishonest and in some cases, arguably fraudulent response to Katrina. Well apparently, at least one ...
commonscribe 04/15/2007 7 8 - 16
Katrina +17 months:  Ashton's Woodpiles
I've recently returned from a week in Bay Saint Louis. These are more thoughts on what I found there.
commonscribe 04/13/2007 9 16 2 32
Katrina + 17 months:  A week in Mississippi
I've recently returned from a week in Bay Saint Louis. These are some thoughts on what I found there.
commonscribe 04/12/2007 10 11 1 165
Katrina, Low-income Housing & The Ban on Decency
Apparently, it's fine for the GOP to show a basic lack of compassion and decency towards the survivors of Katrina... you just can't call them on it. One of the more onerous strings on federal ...
commonscribe 03/31/2007 12 17 - 24
Did Ken Starr screw George Bush?
From the Dripping With Irony department: Thanks to the legal legwork of Kenneth Starr in l'affaire Clinton a decade ago, there's a chance the White House's executive privilege defense ...
commonscribe 03/21/2007 26 29 1 8
Allstate Screws Katrina Victims Again: The Update
The State of Louisiana fired back today in what's become the ongoing saga of Allstate vs. Everybody Who Got Their Ass Kicked in Katrina- or didn't.
commonscribe 03/06/2007 16 15 - 14
AllState screws Katrina Survivors AGAIN!! --Action diary
crossposted at bluehousediaries What is the deal with AllState? And why would anyone in their right mind still do business with them? The ...
commonscribe 02/24/2007 8 16 2 10
How ya Bin, Laden? With Poll
crossposted at BlueHouseDiaries This is what happens when your G.W.O.T. goes all A.D.D. on you. Al Qaeda ...
commonscribe 02/19/2007 7 4 - -
State Farm and the State of Mississippi: Lightning Round
"We are looking at a robber baron in the face that is trying to make an example of Mississippi," - Jim Hood, Mississippi Attorney General Those folks who have taken "...
commonscribe 02/17/2007 11 10 - 17
Dispatches from the Disaster Zone: Money & Politics
An occasional compendium of items gleaned from the Gulf Coast. Crossposted at BlueHouseDiaries The "compassionate conservatives'" plan for ...
commonscribe 02/16/2007 2 6 1 9
Dispatches from the Disaster Zone: Suffer the Children
An occasional compendium of items gleaned from the Gulf Coast. Crossposted at BlueHouseDiaries The oft-maligned and much-...
commonscribe 02/03/2007 11 6 1 -
Dispatches from the Disaster Zone
(crossposted at BlueHouseDiaries) Today's tour of the Gulf Coast follows- but first, a selection from Emmylou Harris: ...
commonscribe 01/27/2007 3 6 - -
Webb's SOTU rebuttal: It's the other gulf, stupid
Jim Webb dropped some serious hints to the Associated Press about what'll be in his rebuttal tonight.
commonscribe 01/22/2007 18 17 - 6
Calling BS: State of the Union Anniversary Edition
Warning to users: There is no mention of Iraq, impeachment or the 2008 primaries in the following diary . Here we are, 17 months after Hurricane Katrina, and 12 months ...
commonscribe 01/22/2007 2 2 - 9
Help Congress help the Gulf Coast
While there is no comprehensive federal plan in place to rebuild the Gulf Coast, there are several bills being written and/or introduced in Congress that, if passed, would greatly speed up recovery ...
commonscribe 01/20/2007 4 10 - -
Impeachment: Finding the timing, finding the frame
There are lessons to be learned from the past. Those flashes of clarity that come when you really drill down on a moment in time that you thought you already knew. That's when the switch flips or ...
commonscribe 01/18/2007 8 15 1 14
Out of time: The 100 Hours and the Forgotten Gulf (w/poll)
The Congressional Leadership's otherwise ambitious agenda for the first hundred hours holds very little for those struggling communities on the Gulf Coast; in fact, it may already be too late.
commonscribe 01/15/2007 2 4 - 6
A Post-Saddam New Year's Prediction & Poll
Now that the administration has had its way with Saddam, maybe they won't be quite so distracted in 2007... and maybe, just maybe, we can circle round to hunting down the bad guy who started it ...
commonscribe 12/30/2006 9 - - -
Kos, others to be exposed by PBS tonight (AFTER the pie fight)
commonscribe 09/15/2006 214 167 3 30
Ernesto in the Gulf: Deja Vieux Carre?
commonscribe 08/26/2006 16 11 - 9
Tropical Storm Ernesto: Deja Vieux Carre?- Update-
commonscribe 08/25/2006 20 3 - 12
NY-19: One to watch
commonscribe 03/12/2006 4 - - -
Can I hear an "Atta Boy" for the Coast Guard?
commonscribe 02/27/2006 15 8 1 -
Home-Grown Impeachment?
commonscribe 01/20/2006 2 - - -
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