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Voted for Romney. Will vote Democrat next election. Probably
Hello friendly Kossers. Long time, no post. I have come to you in a spirit of reconciliation. I have often split my ballot between Republicans and Democrats. I choose to vote for the people who I ...
conservative dem 09/07/2013 79 7 - -
The Republican Party is Terminally Ill
As someone who was raised in a Republican family and who still attends family get-togethers in which Ronald Reagan's name is only mentioned with the utmost respect, I have first-hand knowledge on ...
conservative dem 11/25/2012 29 12 - -
I'm unemployed
I started working at a bakery in a supermarket in 1993, a few months after I turned 18. I was a senior in high school. I had worked for my dad's company previous to that. But that was just some temp ...
conservative dem 09/25/2011 104 - - 308
Please don't steal yard signs
This is a plea for civility in an uncivil time. I know that many of you have had yard signs vandalized or stolen. I know that many of you feel that anything left on public property may not enjoy ...
conservative dem 10/26/2008 36 5 - 10
Don't Protect Criminals (Jena Six Diary)
On December 2, 2006, six black teen-age boys brutally assaulted a white teenager who had allegedly made fun of one of them the previous week. The ring-...
conservative dem 09/22/2007 411 3 - 17
Whatever happened to Plamegate?
conservative dem 08/30/2006 57 1 - 2
Tone down the Anti-Semitism. Please.
conservative dem 08/11/2006 306 4 - 17
The tribe has spoken, Mr. Kennedy, bring us your torch
conservative dem 05/05/2006 102 5 1 7
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