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Alabama Joins the Secession Movement
In order to remove any doubt that Alabama is a backward, racist place to live, now a petition is being circulated at, seeking permission for Alabama to secede from the United States ...
contrary1965 11/10/2012 58 13 - -
Ladies, it's time for an updated Lysistrata!
Hey, ladies! If you, like me, are just a wee bit upset over the recent kerfuffle over contraception and your man just doesn't get it, perhaps we should look to an oldie but a goodie, Lysistrata!!
contrary1965 02/19/2012 11 18 2 100
WTF!!  Fox must be Programming Yahoo!News
OK, so I log onto the computer this morning to get caught up with the news and go to the Yahoo! front page to read some headlines. A video clip about an emergency landing for Gov. Schwarzenegger's ...
contrary1965 06/20/2009 22 7 - 14
Vote Republican on Tuesday and Democrat on Wednesday, says local radio talk-show host in Huntsville
Democrats seek probe into election day ...
contrary1965 06/10/2009 16 13 1 86
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