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Butte County kossacks of CA-01
A place for the lonely liberals of northern California's very red 1st Congressional district to meet, organize and socialize.
Central Valley Kossacks
Central Valley (California) readers of Daily Kos. A forum for DK readers from Redding to Bakersfield to get to know each other virtually and in the real world.
LGBT Kos Community
This is the group for the Daily Kos LGBT Community.
LGBT Rights are Human Rights
This group will focus on the issue of LGBT rights and the efforts to limit them by homophobes throughout the world. Initially, it will concentrate on Russian homophobia and the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but as time passes we will zero in on cases of legalized homophobia around the world (including instances in the United States as well). The keywords of this group will be LGBT Rights, free speech and homophobia.
Milk Men And Women
The intersection of Gay and Politics for LGBT Kossacks and their Allies, Supporters and Others.
Remembering LGBT History
Much of history is hidden, especially for groups outside the mainstream of dominant culture. This group is devoted to the recovery of LGBT history, and it welcomes anyone interested in the subject.
Shamrock American Kossacks
Kossacks who take their Great Orange Satan with a bit o' the Green. If your appreciation of Irish geneaology, history, culture or politics informs your views, this might be the group for you.
The definition of SLUT seems now to be ANY WOMAN USING BIRTH CONTROL or ANY ONE CONCERNED AND FIGHTING FOR WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH (according to the GOP) FINE! We are sluts and PROUD OF IT As with "Slut Walks" we will own the word and take the power of the word away.
For LGBTQI users and their friends across all groups to discuss what unites us. Focus on how we can all come together to promote change and acceptance.

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