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World Autism Awareness Day-I Can't Let it Pass Without a Diary
Happy World Autism Awareness Day. My very first diary in 2009 was for Wold Autism Awareness Day, though I'm pretty sure I missed the actual day. I've written a diary on April 2nd every year since.
coquiero 04/02/2015 6 14 - -
A Cop Video that Must be Seen to be Believed
With all the bad press for police these day, and there has been a lot, it was nice to see this release from the Delaware State Police. Just watch it. I was guffawing within five seconds, and it ...
coquiero 01/17/2015 14 15 - -
A Plea for an End to "I've Been Told I Have Autism"
People have autism.
coquiero 01/08/2015 64 13 - -
Graphic Novels for Tween Spectrum Readers
Crossposted on Mama's Blog , a blog about parenting a teen on the Autism Spectrum. Spectrum teens are just like all teens; some of them love to read, some of them like to read, some of them hate to ...
coquiero 12/27/2014 20 33 4 -
Let's Piss Off Grandma and Share Family Holiday Recipes
Family recipes are a closely guarded secret in my family. Only marriage into the family will grudgingly bring out the recipe box, along with reminders that sharing brings the Dreaded Evil Eye upon ...
coquiero 12/24/2014 41 17 1 -
Thanksgiving and Autism
The following is a rant. Not everyone will agree with me. That is all.
coquiero 11/26/2014 17 16 - -
It's Your Right to Defend Your Home With a Gun, but the Risks are Steep
I worry about people who defend their homes with guns. I REALLY worry about people who defend their homes with guns who say things like, "I know what I'm doing with guns. I would never have an ...
coquiero 08/13/2014 46 17 1 -
Perspective and Inspiration in Art and Autism
Crossposted at Ellie's Blog Ellie’s sense of perspective, artistically speaking, has always been very good. From a young age, she could draw two airplanes and you could tell ...
coquiero 06/12/2014 20 34 1 -
My 6th Annual World Autism Awareness Day Diary - Moving Beyond Awareness to Acceptance
Happy World Autism Awareness Day, Daily Kos! ( Link to previous World Autism Awareness Day diaries) I've been wishing that to all of you for 6 years now, but the times they are a'changing. A ...
coquiero 04/02/2014 28 16 - -
The Atlantic Magazine is Looking for Essays About Autism Diagnosis. Here's What I Submitted
Do you have a child on The Spectrum? I like to capitalize The Spectrum; it seems kind of cool. I read Hannah Roisin's article titled, "Letting Go of Asperger's", with some skepticism, since I ...
coquiero 02/20/2014 88 81 2 -
Creepy Statue Brings Negative Attention to Wellesley College
My sister called me. "Your alma mater is in the news again."
coquiero 02/05/2014 172 10 - -
The Best Piece I've Read on the Whole Woody Allen Thing
I read Dylan Farrow's open letter about her abuse with heartache. My heart got even heavier after reading defense after defense of Allen; on The Daily Beast (It was an awful article, I'm not going ...
coquiero 02/03/2014 133 33 - -
What I Hope is a Righteous Rant About SPED Kids and Vocational Education.
Crossposted at my blog: Mama's Blog @ I write about my daughter, Ellie, from time to time here on Daily Kos. She's almost fourteen and autistic. She's what some people would ...
coquiero 01/06/2014 77 57 4 -
A Shameless Plea for Likes for Autistic Artist
This will be short and sweet. I've written about my daughter Ellie before. She is 13, autistic, and a pretty great artist. Her entry into a self-portrait challenge at Laika Studios , the very ...
coquiero 11/16/2013 10 21 - -
Feminists Flinging Feces: False! (Remember the Texas State Capitol Story?)
Remember Tampongate ? July 13, 2013, a day that will live in infamy. It was four days after Wendy Davis, my personal hero, filibustered SB-5, the ...
coquiero 08/28/2013 58 125 - -
Rick Perry - Liar With a Toupee
This diary will be short, my only purpose in writing it is to refute a lie of Rick Perry's that I know from personal experience is a lie.
coquiero 08/20/2013 20 35 - -
NSA/Snowden Flame Wars-Solved!
I have the perfect solution to end the NSA/Snowden flame wars, which are bringing shame upon Daily Kos. Follow me for the answer to all our problems.
coquiero 08/19/2013 132 17 - -
Hinojosa says: Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas
My new favorite women in the world this morning are Texas State Senators Wendy Davis, Judith Zafforini, and Leticia Van de Putte. My favorite new man is Kirk Watson, who I'm proud to call my Senator.
coquiero 06/26/2013 16 28 - -
After Everything Else, Now This?
No. Please no.
coquiero 06/10/2013 21 7 - -
Parenting on the Autism Spectrum - That's Going to Leave a Mark
My daughter is twelve, and she has autism. I diary about her from time to time, as I find her a pretty fascinating kid. She's an artist, and I have a website for her. It's ...
coquiero 06/08/2013 50 19 - -
Parenting on the Spectrum - How "Bat" is a Conversation
I write from time to time about my daughter Ellie. She's twelve and autistic, and a pretty amazing kid. She has a website: where I showcase her many artistic endeavors. ...
coquiero 05/14/2013 35 45 1 -
The Conversation - End of Life Care
There's a wonderful article over at The Atlantic called How Not to Die . It's worth reading in its entirety, but I wanted to summarize it here because the work of Dr. Angelo Volandes is so important.
coquiero 04/25/2013 74 78 6 -
My 5th Annual World Autism Awareness Day Diary - Social Isolation and Making the Best of Things
Welcome to my 5th Annual World Autism Awareness Day Diary! April 2nd, as you might have guessed from my title, is World Autism Awareness Day. You might notice people around you wearing a little ...
coquiero 04/02/2013 77 38 - -
Wow, These Guys are Gluttons for Punishment
Rumors are afoot, my friends. Scott Brown dashed the hopes of all good Republican Massachusetts-ans (ites? I lived there my whole life and I don't know how to refer to myself! Oh, yeah, Mass-holes)
coquiero 02/04/2013 8 4 - -
Developmental Delay, Menstruation and Denial
My daughter is twelve. She has a severe developmental delay, due to her autism. If you ask me, she's brilliant, but communication is very difficult. Explaining complicated ideas is VERY difficult.
coquiero 01/26/2013 79 36 1 -
For Those of You Who Think Texas is Crazy
I see a lot of Texas bashing here on Daily Kos. I might have even participated in it from time to time before I moved here, but I Texas-bash no more. There are some loopy people who live here. ...
coquiero 01/07/2013 56 23 - -
Just Got a Robocall in Texas
The way these people twist reason is beyond my capacity to comprehend.
coquiero 10/31/2012 9 7 - -
I Recieved an Email Thanking me for my Nevada Vote, but I Voted in Texas
I just got a curious email from Jon Gad, Field Organizer, Organizing for America - Nevada. It says, the following:
coquiero 10/27/2012 18 5 - -
My Subversive Indoctrination of Neighborhood Children Begins
My son is a freshman in high school, and his Geography teacher is having them engage in a little bit of Civics by having them write an essay about who they support for President and why, as well as ...
coquiero 10/25/2012 10 5 - -
Texas Early Voting Open Thread
Good Morning, Texas! Early voting started this morning here in Texas. I'm wondering how the polling stations are looking for people. If you have some commentary or thoughts, leave them here.
coquiero 10/22/2012 36 10 - -
Wonderful Election Tool from League of Women Voters
I live in Texas, where our ballot this year is about 7,000 pages long. We have eleven local ballot initiatives and I personally have 45 races to vote for. Yes, 45.
coquiero 10/16/2012 7 9 1 -
She's Arrived at The End, and I'm Going to Miss Her, in a Sick Kind of Way
On October 2, 2008, Sarah Palin had her big night that had the whole world watching and waiting. Would she fall on her face? Would she say something so stupid that the race would be over? Would ...
coquiero 10/12/2012 20 7 - -
I Thought This was Mitt's Worst Goof and no one is Talking About It
I watched the entire debate last night, despite my inclinations to turn it off several times. (I found it very tedious) I am glad I stuck with it until the end, because the moment that made me sit ...
coquiero 10/04/2012 14 5 - 179
Obama is Socializing Tennis Courts by Locking them up.
I had an exchange with a gentleman that struck me profoundly. It made me realize in the most stark terms that there are some people in this country who will NEVER appreciate anything about Barack ...
coquiero 09/24/2012 27 8 - 216
I Didn't Think I Could Loathe Mitt Any More Than I Already Do, But I Was Wrong
Just when I thought my opinion of Mitt Romney could sink no lower, here we go with these leaked videos at Mother Jones of Romney talking at a private fundraiser. I've got just a few things to say ...
coquiero 09/17/2012 133 184 4 1422
The Pope is Against Fundamentalism-That's Rich...
The Pope is in Lebanon today. As a never-that-enthused-former-Catholic, I never thought I would feel such derision and scorn for any head of the Catholic Church as I feel for this man Listen to ...
coquiero 09/14/2012 17 6 - 80
Reports that Ansar al-Shari Possibly Behind Libya Attack
BBC and Reuters both reporting possible links between little known Islamist group Ansal al-Shari and the death of the American ambassador to Lybia, J Christopher Stevens, and three other officials.
coquiero 09/12/2012 6 10 - 112
Those With Weak Stomachs, Do Not Click On This Diary
In the Intro, I'm going to tell you what this diary is about, so in case you clicked out of curiosity but are rudely faced with what I'm actually writing about and feel grossed out by the content of ...
coquiero 08/10/2012 17 11 - 313
Cool New Image Uploader In Action-Test Diary
I'm just testing this out. Wish me luck!
coquiero 07/17/2012 18 5 - 115
Romney Camp Demands a Retraction from Boston Globe. Updated with Globe Response
Yeah, because that went so well last time. In June, The Washington Post printed an article stating that Bain Capital moved jobs overseas. Romney's camp freaked out and ...
coquiero 07/12/2012 212 413 3 3278
Texas Primary Open Thread
Forgive me if there is another diary of this same title, I searched but could find none. As I just finished voting, I thought I'd note my observations and give others a chance to weigh in with ...
coquiero 05/29/2012 6 6 - 58
Corky the 87 Year Old Christian Won't Let Go of my Disabled Daughter
I have long noticed that Christians, or, if you prefer Andrew Sullivan's term, "Christianists", have a weird attitude toward disabled children. What is the best word to describe it? Fetish? Zeal?
coquiero 05/17/2012 41 28 - 369
The Philosophy of Educating a Special Needs Child
I'm seething right now, and was going to write a long angry diary about how wronged I am by the world and aren't I oppressed by the system and boo-hoo, poor me. Instead, I will posit a question, in ...
coquiero 05/03/2012 53 21 1 134
A Short Tribute to Daily Kos
Apropos of nothing, take this diary as you will.
coquiero 05/01/2012 27 21 - 262
A Totally Random Question to Help Get My Son To Read
Short diary, random question. Mostly for Doctor Who fans, but all suggestions are welcome.
coquiero 04/25/2012 162 25 1 306
My 4th Annual World Autism Awareness Day Diary-Dreams For The Future
I wrote part of this diary on April 2nd, which was World Autism Awareness Day, but wouldn't you know it, life got in my way and prevented me from finishing it and publishing it on the 2nd. I ...
coquiero 04/04/2012 23 37 2 163
New CDC Numbers on Autism-Something No One Can Agree On
The big news in the Autism Community the past few days has been the new CDC numbers about the prevalence of autism. I begin with the usual disclaimer that I'm not a scientist, I'm just a mom who ...
coquiero 03/30/2012 46 13 - 229
Parenting a Child With Autism - Silly Putty Edition
I wrote a diary yesterday that was about the earthquake in Mexico City. Well, it was supposed to be about the earthquake, but it was more about my feelings toward the earthquake and only later did ...
coquiero 03/21/2012 15 10 - 92
My Husband Just Called From the 22nd Floor-Earthquake Mexico City
Freaking out a little.
coquiero 03/20/2012 183 153 - 1635
Palin is the Guy From Memento
Meaning she seems to have total short term memory loss. Sorry, this will be a short diary as I have 1,000,000,000 things to do today and shouldn't even be writing this but I sat down with my Torchy'...
coquiero 03/07/2012 20 8 - 114
Reporter from The Economist Cuffed at Romney Victory Speech
First we had Anne Romney "jokingly" threaten to strangle the press . She's a real comedienne, that Anne! Almost as funny as Mitt mocking some NASCAR fans and their raingear . What a pair of ...
coquiero 02/29/2012 159 288 1 2149
A Very Insightful (if old) Comment About Mitt Romney
I was reading Andrew Sullivan's Blog (He's away this week, he's got some guest bloggers), and this entry linked to an old entry from the 2008 election. I thought this comment hit the nail on the ...
coquiero 02/10/2012 30 24 - 184
Study About Gay Parents v. Bigoted Parents
There's a new study out there. I won't tell you who wrote it, I won't quote directly from it, I won't tell you for which publication or institution it was written for.
coquiero 01/08/2012 7 9 - 113
Parenting a Child With Autism - Travel
O, how complicated and full of conflicting feelings is the Holiday Season!! Now, throw a disabled child into that mix and imagine what fun it might be. Add a dash of concerned and well meaning ...
coquiero 12/27/2011 53 39 - 291
To My Anonymous Benefactor
I feel like a character in a Dickens novel, because I have received a subscription to Daily Kos and the gift-giver was listed only as, "An Anonymous Benefactor".
coquiero 12/13/2011 12 20 - 109
Parenting a Child With Autism - The Nutcracker
There is an organization here in Austin called Texas Parent to Parent . From their website: "Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) is committed to ...
coquiero 12/03/2011 66 96 - 472
Texas Gets This Right
Two facts are pertinent to this diary. One, we moved from Virginia to Texas in August. Two, one of my children has severe autism. I was appalled when my husband said that word. "Texas". It sent ...
coquiero 11/16/2011 71 68 - 608
Good Progressive Texas Blog/Site?
Sorry for the short diary, but this new Texan just realized that there is an election coming up (thank goodness I registered when I got my license!)
coquiero 11/04/2011 15 5 - 77
Karma is a Bitch - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Edition
Remember Randy Hopper? He's had a bad coupla' years.
coquiero 10/17/2011 33 25 - 323
Sexual Harassment at Fox News? I'm Shocked, Shocked!
Roger Ailes, current boss of Sarah Palin, said to the AP "I hired Sarah Palin because she was ...
coquiero 10/05/2011 28 10 - 246
How to Repay a Gift From an Anonymous, Surely Underpaid Malaysian Worker
I have a strange quandary going on. It's a small thing, but so strange, and I'm not sure how to proceed. Any opinions would be welcome.
coquiero 09/30/2011 13 4 - 89
HP Stock Down After Whitman Appointment
Hoo, hoo, I laughed out loud when I read this headline .
coquiero 09/23/2011 23 7 - 151
I Knew It!! Breaking News about Autism
This will be a quick diary since it seems the findings haven't been formally presented yet, but I'm so frickin' excited about this I just wanted to share quickly. First of all, may I say (and I ...
coquiero 09/15/2011 119 31 - 610
A Petty Reason Why I Don't Like the New DKos Format
Well, perhaps a few of them.
coquiero 09/13/2011 29 2 - 182
Parenting a Child With Autism - Middle School
My daughter, who I've written about a bit here at DKos and on my blog about her, is entering Middle School for the first time this year. She's also in a new school because of a recent relocation. ...
coquiero 08/31/2011 91 64 4 426
"Kids for Cash" Judge Gets 28 Years
With all the bad news out there, here's a little ray of justice. I didn't see this mentioned yet, and it's worth knowing that occasionally , the justice system sides against corporate, ...
coquiero 08/11/2011 15 28 1 167
Job Creators, or Job Killers?
I have been hearing, ad nauseum, this argument, everywhere I turn. The wealthiest Americans shouldn't be taxed anymore, even through the closure of loopholes, because they are the ones that employ ...
coquiero 07/23/2011 3 5 - 45
Dallas Area Kossacks, Please Help!
My family is moving to Texas for work reasons. Austin, they said. Great! we said. As a mother of three with a disabled kid, I don't take moving lightly, and a LOT of research goes into choosing ...
coquiero 05/26/2011 32 11 - 170
My 3rd Annual World Autism Awareness Day Diary, Late to the Party
I am by nature a punctual person, time-wise, but not date-wise. I can't keep a date in my head to save my life. I am frequently on time for appointments, only to find that I'm there on the wrong day.
coquiero 04/07/2011 20 22 - 160
"She Was a Real Norma Rae Type"-GFAC Open Thread
Well, I feel a little guilty publishing a diary about genealogy on a day like today when so, so many important and frankly life-threatening events are occurring around the world. But, I made a ...
coquiero 03/11/2011 25 15 1 146
Books That Changed My Life-Jane Eyre
Books That Changed My Life is a new diary series that began last week with a stirring diary by Aravir. If you missed it, you may and should read ...
coquiero 03/04/2011 118 45 2 561
Personal Diary: Advice on Austin, TX needed
I've just been informed that we're moving to Austin this summer. I have three kids, all school age, and could use some advice. I've always found DKos-ers to be exceedingly helpful with information ...
coquiero 02/15/2011 63 3 - 200
What's Wrong With Daily Kos? UPDATED
No, I don't mean in a meta-logical sense.
coquiero 11/18/2010 167 18 - 84
Be Careful What You Wish For
Last night wasn't a great night for the Democratic Party. We got spanked pretty hard, but looking on the bright side, which I am wont to do, it could have been worse. Most of us are experiencing ...
coquiero 11/03/2010 10 6 - 28
VA-10: A Thoroughly Unscientific Reason Why I Hope Against Reason
VA-10. Not a race you've heard a lot about. The Democratic candidate for Congress here is Jeff Barnett, and he has a tough race against Frank Wolf, a Republican's Republican who has been in office ...
coquiero 11/01/2010 6 3 - 65
The Grieving Room-Modern Grieving in the Age of Social Networks
A special welcome to anyone who is new to The Grieving Room. We meet every Monday evening. Whether your loss is recent or many years ago, whether you have lost a person or a pet, or even ...
coquiero 08/16/2010 130 25 - 41
Parenting a Child with Autism
I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
coquiero 04/14/2010 36 9 1 47
Parenting a Child with Autism
I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
coquiero 04/11/2010 15 17 - 256
Parenting a Child with Autism-Happy "World Autism Awareness Day" Eve
I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
coquiero 04/01/2010 44 8 - 22
Parenting a Child with Autism
I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
coquiero 03/14/2010 14 12 - 25
Parenting a Child with Autism
I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
coquiero 03/12/2010 77 30 - 210
Parenting a Child with Autism
I blog about my daughter with autism, about her life, about her art, about funny stuff she does, about good times and bad. I thought I might start sharing some of my entries here, as an effort to ...
coquiero 03/11/2010 46 17 - 25
A Parent's Opinion of the Proposed Asperger's/Autism Diagnostic Changes
A revised posting of a blog post on my blog: The American Psychiatric Association is proposing to change how children ...
coquiero 02/12/2010 74 10 2 47
The Grieving Room--Hello, Darkness. On the Long Term Effects of Grief.
There are academics out there who study grief their whole careers. Volumes are dedicated to theories of surviving grief, the psychology of grief, the anatomy of grief, the philosophy of'...
coquiero 11/23/2009 126 29 2 78
My Dad Supports the Public Option-Knock Me Over With a Feather
Had an interesting conversation with my father this morning.
coquiero 09/25/2009 33 23 - 32
Healthcare Reform Rally in Washington, DC - 9/13/09 - Small, but Mighty! UPDATED
There was a rally today at Upper Senate Park in Washington, D.C. It was massive! There were at LEAST two million people there! We filled the entire park, with overflow filling the mall, the ...
coquiero 09/13/2009 207 209 4 263
I Need Sign Ideas for the March!
I'm marching on Washington, baby! And I'm bringing my whole family. Here is a diary with information about the march and a link ...
coquiero 09/01/2009 20 2 - 28
When did maternity benefits become a perk?
I'm applying for health insurance for my family after a move. We have to get private insurance because of my husband's employment. Needless to say, it's expensive, and the benefits suck, but this ...
coquiero 08/05/2009 72 17 - 18
Who Has Time to Govern Anymore?
Joe Matthews has written an interesting piece over at the Daily Beast with the off-putting ...
coquiero 07/08/2009 22 2 - 34
The Grieving Room: Chocolate Dipped Mouse Skeletons
A special welcome to anyone who is new to The Grieving Room. We meet every Monday evening. Whether your loss is recent or many years ago, whether you have lost a person or a pet, or ...
coquiero 06/22/2009 102 37 - 35
Why it bothers me when people say I'm a great Mom
(This diary has been sitting in my draft folder for about a month. I don't remember exactly what inspired me to write it in the first place, but some comments in a thread have inspired me to ...
coquiero 06/03/2009 130 22 - 71
Daily Kos Malaise and its Cure
Blackness fills the Daily Kos diary list. It's enough to drive a woman screaming into the street waving her arms, punching people indiscriminately. I forced myself to shut down this computer and ...
coquiero 05/19/2009 42 8 - 23
My World Autism Awareness Day diary
Here's my diary in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. It's my first diary, so please be kind!
coquiero 04/02/2009 38 36 - 231
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