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Yet another take on DK4
I usually don't do this. Really, I don't. However, like a few people around here, visuality and the presentation of information is my profession. My only complaint with DK4 is the visuality of it. ...
cosbo 12/28/2010 19 4 - 85
Perspective People!
I got this email a while back. Thought I'd share it with you.
cosbo 10/27/2007 68 39 3 21
Edwards won with this...
Obama won with his freshness Hillary won with her presence Dodd won with his hair Biden won with his yelling Kucinich won with his wife Richardson won with his um diplomacy? Gravel won a ...
cosbo 07/23/2007 609 340 12 32
Hysterical Maher New Rule on Falwell (video update)
Tonights Maher News rules were hysterical, especially his Jerry Falwell bit. I'll try and link the video later. But here's the last new rule...enjoy. *Update:* Video in.
cosbo 05/18/2007 175 208 8 49
For Charlie
This is just a short diary...for a brave little boy. I was down a bit in the last couple of days. My ten year old son, has a classmate and friend Charlie. Charlie's mother died a few days ago and I'...
cosbo 04/26/2007 12 6 - -
Edwards: The Outsider
The last few weeks I've been watching the presidential field with somewhat a cynical eye, sorry Obama, and I have to agree with Arianna Huffington that Hollywood have casted Obama in the role of ...
cosbo 03/13/2007 64 29 1 19
Al Gore: Punk
LOL Al Gore how could you do that us! How dare you tease us like that! Damn you!
cosbo 02/25/2007 44 5 - -
George Galloway: My Goodness!
cosbo 08/09/2006 40 10 - 3
Question: Does Anti-war equals Anti-Israel equals Anti-semite equals Anti-Jews?
cosbo 07/24/2006 100 5 - 1
YearlyKos 2006: We Had it All
cosbo 06/16/2006 5 4 - -
Al Gore for World President! Wow!
cosbo 04/17/2006 12 8 - 5
Al Gore on the DL
cosbo 09/04/2005 23 16 - -
Creepshow -- A Disturbing Glimpse into DEA Mentality
cosbo 06/18/2005 17 11 - -
GOP Looking to Repeal Food Labeling Laws
cosbo 11/17/2004 8 2 - -
Red State/Blue State Abortion
cosbo 11/11/2004 9 1 - -
If Votes Were Money...
cosbo 11/08/2004 3 - - -
Fixed election
cosbo 11/07/2004 4 5 - -
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