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Cat music!
[Just saw this on Raw Story]. University of Wisconsin researchers discovered this. It's SCIENCE!
cosette 03/04/2015 15 7 - -
Guantanamo detainee's diary to be published 1/20/15
[The Guardian] exposes brutality, rendition and torture. Written by detainee Mohamedou Ould ...
cosette 01/17/2015 3 16 - -
Thank You for getting out the Vote Today
For all of you that are doing everything in your power today: Driving folks to the polls; calling Dems to remind them about Election Day; putting up signs near election sites; manning the phones ...
cosette 11/03/2014 5 7 - -
My (our) Zoe girl is over the Rainbow Bridge
She was a 40 pound black Labrador mix that I found over 15 years ago so it's not an incredible was warned several months ahead of time. Not all of us were on the same page but all ...
cosette 10/18/2014 107 148 1 -
Cantor to resign Congress August 18
[Reports The Richmond Times-Dispatch]. He ...
cosette 07/31/2014 59 20 - -
I'm having a really hard time
with no news for MH370. Since we, in the US, are being spied upon by our government to the point that we can't even buy a six-pack or a bag of cat litter without our government knowing about it......
cosette 03/12/2014 22 2 - -
Who've they got? GOP 2016
I'm seeing a very slim field. Front runner Chris Christie and sloppy second Scott Walker look tarnished,
cosette 02/21/2014 15 6 - -
I haven't been killed by an NSA drone tonight.
Check in.
cosette 07/21/2013 178 44 1 -
Proposal: News. Action.Community
The "Community" portion of this site sickens me. There are postings that constantly need money and the same folks are always involved. It's fucking sad. (I'm so tempted to create a sockpuppet to get ...
cosette 07/21/2013 17 - - -
Does the fetus have a soul?
That's what this forced birther stuff is all about. Make them own it. Make them explain it.
cosette 06/26/2013 93 8 - -
If you care about electing 'more and better Democrats'
If you care about the mission of this site please read and Recommend [Texas Matters: Redistricting] Texas Matters is a ...
cosette 05/30/2013 11 8 - -
Mail carrier dead in Coldspring,TX
She was killed and her vehicle set on fire south of Lake Livingston and east of Huntsville, TX. [According to the news, so far, she was driving a rural route in her personal vehiclehttp://www.khou....
cosette 05/18/2013 10 11 - -
Need 2 Netroots Nation 13 Registrations
Has anyone purchased a registration that they cannot use? I can do Paypal or check.
cosette 05/17/2013 12 2 - -
Who is involved/owns West,TX fertilizer plant?
So far...I've found (TownHall link) [Bill Lauderback] and he [has a Twitter account] . Ha. He's only tweeted one tweet (
cosette 04/18/2013 22 7 - -
"I think it's going to be fine once it's all said and done," Mayor of Mayflower, AR
What are the local residents of Mayflower,AR hearing about the Tar Sands Bitumin leak from the Pegasus pipeline? According to the mayor of the city, Randy Holland, everything will be A-Okay. [Even ...
cosette 04/07/2013 10 10 - -
Stop the naming of Highway in Dallas after GWB
Please consider signing [Move-On Petition].
cosette 03/27/2013 55 16 1 -
Cruising... while not caucasian.
Hey! How about a cruise if you're not white? How welcome would you feel? Check out the mailings that you receive from companies that you may have cruised with in the past; those that they've sold ...
cosette 03/19/2013 17 5 - -
Anyone else watching The World According to Dick Cheney?
Basically posting this as an open thread for those with either a strong constitution and/or massive amount of booze or drugs. Currently on Showtime...half an hour in. Repeats at 10:00 pm CT on ...
cosette 03/15/2013 51 7 - -
i hid myself
no snark. It pained me for many years. i suffered. i thought myself all alone. But, I wasn't. There were many proud liberals/ progressives right in my own neighborhood but we didn't link up. We ...
cosette 03/10/2013 12 20 - -
A Christmas Miracle on I-84 PA Westbound.
One of mine's cars broke down westbound I-84 tonight about 9:30 EST near Lord's Valley PA. They were able to make connections with a shop nearby that can make the fix on Wednesday....part needed. ...
cosette 12/25/2012 26 53 - -
I spilled my guts to Ann Romney tonight
She invited my response but it was undeliverable twice. cosette jr is having a serious medical event due to her pre-existing condition... She is a college graduate working in a right-to -work state, ...
cosette 11/03/2012 9 6 - -
Let Sensata Workers Down? NO! NO! NO! We shouldn't be able to live with ourselves if we don't get their story out front more. It's the ickyest thing Bain Capital does but they do it day in and day ...
cosette 10/30/2012 3 8 - -
MD Congressman compares women to TV sets.
Roscoe Bartlett (MD-06) blamed traffic on I-270 and family stress in the home due to two breadwinners as a direct result of : When we drove the mother out of the home into the workplace and replaced ...
cosette 10/27/2012 6 8 - -
Wife shoots husband after he threatens cat.
Well, she 'allegedly' shot him in the stomach with a pistol after he picked up the cat and threatened to hurt it. [link
cosette 09/25/2012 28 9 - 389
Give it up for the Girl Scouts
We. Are. Not . Just . About. Cookies. We are so much more than that. Are the Boy Scouts totally defined about their yearly, stale popcorn sales? I don't think so. Recently, when I really needed an ...
cosette 05/31/2012 27 12 - 131
Updated: Help! Problem: Massachusetts rental agreement
Close friend is 'renting' a room and use of the rest of the house from the 'main renter' of the property that has extra space. The landlord is alright with this. There are others living there with ...
cosette 05/31/2012 29 2 - 219
Rifle toting man shot by HPD near Occupy Houston
Details just coming in. No one in Occupy Houston or Houston Police Department reported injured. Man aimed at many in Tranquility Park (irony) and shouted "Kill Me, Kill Me" at the police. Police ...
cosette 11/21/2011 14 15 - 267
Rick Perry's OneStar Scandal broke
BurntOrangeReport has a post up today that Rick had to high-tail it out of SC not because of the wildfires in Texas but because of breaking scandal with one of his Faith and ...
cosette 09/05/2011 35 9 1 602
Want some fun tonight?
Are you wanting to mess with the bottom-of-the-pond birthers and deathers? Here's your chance... Log-on to [Plains Radio Network
cosette 08/20/2009 7 - - 6
Begone! Where are you for this New Years?
I've almost used up my Finnish (tm) tolerance to hang in there for the Hawaiian Isles for NY2009. Are you around? We've been waiting for you.
cosette 01/01/2009 60 6 - 5
Where is Everybody?
Supposedly... according to the SiteMeter at the bottom of the site there were [around 14,000 here during the last hour], and over 400,000 for the day. ...
cosette 12/25/2008 162 10 - 23
Thank You, Barack and Michelle.
You've given me strength. I just saw your after-speech/ working the crowd in Columbus, OH on Sunday on C-Span. If you both can plunge into the crowd.... then we can all follow your lead and leave ...
cosette 11/03/2008 4 6 - 2
I feared she would do good
I thought she would do good... and she did. I have been crying here,, because there are many who don't know Sarah Palin's true agenda. She's all...I'm a victim of sexism ...which is so not true. Heck,
cosette 09/03/2008 25 3 - 3
Pretzels is dying.
My daughter's cat is dying. I've been up for several days waiting for that moment when I would know that "Pretzels"(black tortie) has decided that she has had enough. It is not easy to know when ...
cosette 07/28/2008 29 19 1 28
Open Thread needn't suck.
I've been around here awhile and have noticed that Open Thread needs to be sexed-up. Open thread has no schedule and no panache and thus gets no respect. Many "diaries" can be ...
cosette 06/22/2008 68 7 - 16
2008 Feral Pootie fest.
To start off: cosette jr. and I are foster-homing 3 ten-week old kittens and their mommy, Angel. My son live-trapped all of them at his apartment. All of them are currently: half to 'just a touch' ...
cosette 01/01/2008 21 17 1 10
Bagdad bank robbed of 282 Million US
Reported about six hours ago from [Iraqslogger]. Two security guards involved. The biggest theft in Iraq ...
cosette 07/12/2007 25 11 - 15
LA Times: Bush exempts himself from record oversight
Just reported on [Los Angeles Times site,0,863839.story?coll=la-home-center] that Bush claims exemption from oversight of ...
cosette 06/22/2007 278 195 5 38
You are not a Democrat.
cosette 05/10/2006 118 1 - 7
Cheney victim speaks at 1 pm Est.
cosette 02/17/2006 37 6 - 1
Breaking: Daytraders in Frist and Delay's offices.
cosette 01/18/2006 375 267 6 35
Would this be illegal?
cosette 10/06/2005 14 - - 4
Bush "News" Conference 10:30 am EST
cosette 10/04/2005 48 8 - -
The real deal: Hurricane Rita evac.
cosette 09/25/2005 21 4 - 1
Imus: 17 Spanish Troops killed
cosette 08/16/2005 10 1 - -
Brave Leader Must Meet with Ms. Sheehan.
cosette 08/15/2005 31 - - -
Nervous breakdown: How close is bush?
cosette 08/13/2005 21 7 - -
Blue Cross Ins? No! $35K Wednesday
cosette 07/18/2005 20 12 - 2
MS? Please, turn on your porchlight!
cosette 06/09/2005 9 - - -
How SCLM is going to keep sheeple in line
cosette 05/04/2005 24 3 - 1
Iran Embeds: Jump in!
cosette 04/22/2005 1 - - -
'We' allow 'Them' to get away with all the "Good" words..
cosette 04/14/2005 1 1 - 1
Prediction: Jeff Greenfield registering on
cosette 04/01/2005 20 - - 1
Plame/Guckert: Court TV 5pm et/pt Today
cosette 02/16/2005 5 10 - 1
Plame leaked by fake news source? Part III
cosette 01/29/2005 26 14 - 9
Hubble telescope shuttle servicing mission gets friday night ax
cosette 01/21/2005 42 6 - 3
i see dead people in franklin county ohio
cosette 12/14/2004 11 7 - 3
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