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What have you done for me lately.....
A once popular song by Janet Jackson. I wish that could actually become the theme music for the internet site. That is basically the bottom line that I surmise from reading post after post about "...
cpetty08 12/20/2012 21 9 - -
What I hate about so called progressives, democrats, liberals and whatever you call yourself......
What I hate about so called progressives is that we never stick by our "man", in this case President Barack Obama. There was a lot of work to get him re-elected by a lot of people here, but when ...
cpetty08 12/19/2012 188 11 - -
Sideshow Don......Deadline come and gone
Looks like the Donald's "deadline" (more like extortion plot) has come and fireworks yet. He is such a clown...yet Romney keeps him out there in full view (does he want to lose?)
cpetty08 11/01/2012 5 - - -
WTF, WSJ:Economic Model Predicts Narrow Romney Victory
I almost have no words as to the length of my disgust at the media. In no way, shape or form can Romney win without OHIO. There has been absolutely no CREDIBLE poll that has ever had him leading. ...
cpetty08 10/26/2012 30 - - -
Cherry-Picking Polls
The mainstream media has no interest in any polls not showing a trendline to Romney at this point. Example: Doesn't matter that PPP had Obama up by 3 in CO yesterday, which one did the media choose ...
cpetty08 10/26/2012 6 1 - -
Ugh........MSNBC Morning Shows
I used to listen on occasion to the morning shows (Morning Joe, Chuck Todd)on MSNBC since I heavily enjoy the programs in the evening. Ever since the 1st presidential debate....they have truly ...
cpetty08 10/26/2012 51 12 - -
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