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Report from the Home Front- The Brain Tumor known as Little C gets packed off to the guest bedroom.
Crystal Eyes (Pete Farr) (with his wife Snapples (Maureen Farr)) experienced the shock of a seizure April 27 which revealed a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. May the ongoing diaries of ...
crystal eyes 05/19/2015 11 20 - -
Brain Tumors and Black Birds Singing In The Dead Of Night
The mixing of tribes...... Mon May 18, 2015 at 1:43 AM PT : I posted this today on my community blog
crystal eyes 05/17/2015 99 237 3 -
Michael Sam is going to Dallas
The first openly gay football player is on his way to join the Dallas Cowboy practice squad. I am enjoying the wonderful saga of a black gay NFL football player who is going to change hearts and ...
crystal eyes 09/03/2014 42 22 - -
It's time to do more than blog
Rev. Lee has a message for us all. He is a black pastor at Community of Hope AME Church in Prince George's County, Maryland. He has a message for America. We need to lock arms amidst all of ...
crystal eyes 08/14/2014 6 11 - -
Let us pray, Dumbledore style
The invocation for the Sioux Falls City Council in South Dakota was given by an atheist. The Mayor gave permission for Siouxland Freethinker’s president, Amanda Novotny to open the meeting with ...
crystal eyes 08/06/2014 42 110 1 -
Krugman nails it- The Fix Isn't In
Paul Krugman writes in The New York Times that Cantor's defeat is a very big deal. Movement conservatism is "unraveling before our very eyes." Eric Cantor and the Death of a Movement The Rovian ...
crystal eyes 06/13/2014 362 351 9 -
CPAC Live Blog
There is a Comedy Central gold mind happening right now. Tune in and see the clip live as it happens before it gets set up by Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert. Paul Ryan opened by saying something ...
crystal eyes 03/06/2014 17 3 - -
Number 98
I'm not a big basketball fan, but today I am going to be buying a number 98 Nets t-shirt. Nets center Jason Collins ...
crystal eyes 03/02/2014 3 7 - -
The Tyrant's Checklist
The Atlantic has a must read analysis of the erosion of rights and safeguards under Bush and Obama. To an increasing degree, we're counting on having angels in office and making ourselves vulnerable ...
crystal eyes 06/08/2013 10 15 - -
OMG! Marco Rubio Drinks Water!
OMG! Marco Rubio Drinks Water! GOPUSA is fighting back. Here is the mind bending spin that Marco's water lunge might actually have been a good thing. The introductory paragraph begins..... A ...
crystal eyes 02/14/2013 27 8 1 -
Old School Graphics - Say "no" to guns with a block print
It begins with a promise. The one I made to myself after the Sandy Hook shootings. I will not forget. I will support gun control. I will get involved. Last week I attended a grassroots ...
crystal eyes 01/21/2013 17 41 - -
The video that explains the smell of smoke coming from Repulicans
What happens to the Republican mind when an inflexible mandate..... In the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, candidates and incumbents solemnly bind themselves to oppose any and all tax increases . While ...
crystal eyes 01/01/2013 7 22 - -
Huff Po Top Story- To Live and Die in America
Huffington Post is making a point. To Live and Die in America. Followed by a full screen small print page of gun violence headlines...... And the observation... Shooting deaths since Sandy Hook ...
crystal eyes 12/21/2012 13 30 1 -
Henri the Cat brings you holiday angst
May your holiday be filled with good cheer and love. ....and may you never be reincarnated as a philosopher cat.
crystal eyes 12/21/2012 8 23 2 -
Plan C
Back to the drawing boards , Republicans. Plan B just fell from a great height and made a crater. As a public service..... after the orange scrol-lique are some ideas for Boehner's Plan C.
crystal eyes 12/20/2012 14 16 - -
Let's hold their feet to the fire
I made a promise to myself at a candle light vigil for the Newtown Shooting victims.
crystal eyes 12/20/2012 11 18 - -
Obama's nine questions have two answers
When President Obama spoke at the Newtown Memorial, it was an overwhelming emotional experience. Communication was happening on many levels, mourning for the grieving nation, taking on the ...
crystal eyes 12/18/2012 4 5 - -
Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban On First Day Of Congress
Thank you Dianne Feinstein. Congress is being challenged to respond to the tragedy of Newton. "I'm going to introduce in the Senate, and the same bill will be introduced in the House -- a bill to ...
crystal eyes 12/16/2012 307 197 3 -
The right to keep and bear children
The NRA is a self proclaimed patriotic guardian of rights. Their logo displays an American eagle holding crossed rifles over an American shield. Their newletter website lists these email ...
crystal eyes 12/15/2012 115 267 2 -
Mitt goes to the fights
Fighter Manny Pacquiao got a visit from Mitt Romney in his locker room before his welterweight fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night in Las Vegas. "Hello Manny. I ran for president. I ...
crystal eyes 12/09/2012 24 3 - -
Henri the Cat is back for Halloween
After watching this video, I can never look at Happy Halloween with the same eyes The words of Heni also ring true in this crazy last week of political madness.... Henri on politics.... ...
crystal eyes 10/31/2012 20 48 1 -
How can we have three national debates without one global warming question?
Two presidential and one vice presidential debates are in the books and not one time has the vital question of climate change been raised. Below the orange squiqqle are global warming questions (...
crystal eyes 10/17/2012 20 12 - -
This Picture Should Go Viral
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this picture from the Chicago NATO protest is worth a million words. I wrote these words after looking at the body language from picture. Now ...
crystal eyes 05/21/2012 258 91 1 1721
Two Maps
Gas prices in the Seattle area are through the roof and will continue to rise for the next two weeks. Gas prices in Western Washington are up more than 60 cents over the past 3 months - jumping a ...
crystal eyes 05/15/2012 23 5 - 80
RedState Madness- The Sex Crazed Tarts of Georgetown
A recommended list diary on RedState is titled Horny Feminists Now Want Subsidized Sex. It has ten favorable comments including “ Very Good Rant ” and “ What's next, subsidized Doritos ...
crystal eyes 03/04/2012 48 41 - 369
Open Thread for a dazzling Rose Bowl
crystal eyes 01/02/2012 26 4 1 112
Sanitized News
It is breaking news that a manhunt on Mt. Ranier Washington is in response to the shooting of a park ranger. The latest report ...
crystal eyes 01/02/2012 7 15 - 114
Newt Thinks That Free Speech Is "Lucky"
The authoritarian mind set pf Newt Gingrich slipped out today in his interaction with a heckler. Newt thinks that free speech is lucky.
crystal eyes 12/21/2011 9 2 - 79
Confront the police state mentality
I have a bad taste in my mouth. Yesterday I watched my Occupy Olympia camp get evicted by marching troopers in riot gear. No one was arrested, No one was pepper sprayed. Great violence was done ...
crystal eyes 12/17/2011 11 14 1 63
What Questions Do You Want To Ask The Candidates?
So many Republican debates and so little substance. Here comes yet another media sponsored political infomercial of unchallenged talking points and inappropriate audience applause. I watch as much ...
crystal eyes 12/02/2011 6 - - 15
Current TV gets another MSNBC defector
Cenk Uygur is joining Keith over at Current TV with a new show on Monday at 7pm Eastern. Uygur is highly critical of MSNBC's reluctance to criticize ...
crystal eyes 12/01/2011 19 10 - 240
Tis The Season for Protest Carols
Yesterday the occupy movement gathered from across the state in Olympia used a wonderful weapon in the capitol rotunda. We gathered around the capitol Christmas tree and sang our protest carols to ...
crystal eyes 11/30/2011 17 25 1 93
A way to look at bad weather
The media and the city officials that want the Occupy Wall Street movement to fail are thinking that severe winter weather is their ally. They are hoping that our enthusiasm to camp out in public ...
crystal eyes 10/30/2011 1 4 - 30
An Invitation To Join The Transformation
I've got four nights under my belt of Occupy Olympia at Heritage Park. I am a 66 year old retired school teacher and at first I wondered if this was a good idea. (too cold, too wet, too dangerous)
crystal eyes 10/27/2011 2 13 - 38
Riddle me this
How can the CEO of G.E. say something like this...
crystal eyes 10/17/2011 5 3 - 60
A diary in four pictures
The Occupation of downtown Olympia, Washington began on Saturday in Sylvester Park. Here is a picture of the gazebo- our central speaking place.
crystal eyes 10/16/2011 16 56 - 247
The Joys of Occupation
For anyone who has not yet been to an occupy protest event in your area, here is a video of some dancing and drumming at Occupy Seattle on Saturday, October 8. Who knew that protesting could be so ...
crystal eyes 10/09/2011 6 4 - 46
OccupySeattle Eye Candy
Saturday's Occupation of Seattle's Westlake Park was a wonderful celebration of the human spirit. It was aso a time to enjoy humor, children, animals, dancing, music, art and lively conversation. I ...
crystal eyes 10/09/2011 17 27 - 134
OccupyPortland Eye Candy
The treasure of spending Thursday with the Occupy Portland family is in the many memories of the wondrous spirit of that day. Here are some snap shots of individuals and small groups that touched ...
crystal eyes 10/08/2011 24 44 1 271
The income inequality wealth divide
Reading an article on the debt ceiling crisis by Stephen Gandel in Time , I came upon ...
crystal eyes 08/07/2011 12 8 - 58
What I'm Fighting For on this Fourth
The Nisqually Indian Tribe is building a 700 prisoner regional for profit jail in my backyard.
crystal eyes 07/04/2011 3 7 1 38
Fighting Washington State Privatization
Calling all Kossack community organizers and website wizards. Check out these sites and give us some feedback. is the community bulletin board http://...
crystal eyes 06/29/2011 13 8 - 84
Countdown Anticipation
You've researched your Current TV channel by typing in your zip code at the top of Countdown's home page You've protected the hour from 5 to 6 (...
crystal eyes 06/20/2011 21 22 - 153
Fok News- Keith Makes Media Splash To Promote Countdown
Huffington Post Keith commenting on MSNBC, and Billo..... Olbermann is very critical of ...
crystal eyes 06/15/2011 10 27 - 185
Fok News-Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Anthony Weiner
Keith has kept a noticible silence on the Anthony Wiener sexting scandal. Now he tells us why. The link to the text of Keith's commentary ...
crystal eyes 06/13/2011 36 22 - 296
Fok News- God is Michele Bachmann's Adviser??
Keith Olberman's commentary today enters Mark Twain territory, exploring the humor of sanctimonious politicians who claim to have God's voice in their ear. ...
crystal eyes 06/06/2011 9 6 - 75
Fok News-Why Republicans aren’t running from the Ryan Medicare “reform” plan.
Keith explores why Republicans are doubling down on the Ryan "coupons for grandma" health care reform after their trouncing in the recent NY State special election. ...
crystal eyes 06/03/2011 13 20 2 211
Countdown Online: Is Glenn Beck ...Good?
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes content and opinion related to Keith Olbermann's upcoming television news show and his opinion ...
crystal eyes 05/28/2011 7 9 1 115
Welcome To Countdown Online's New Home
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes content and opinion related to Keith Olbermann's upcoming television news show and his opinion ...
crystal eyes 05/27/2011 20 27 1 174
Fok News- #29 Olbermann Comments on Michael Moore
Keith begins... My friend Michael Moore told CNN, quote, “We’ve lost something of our soul here in this country. Maybe I’m just an old-school American who believes in our judicial ...
crystal eyes 05/13/2011 127 41 1 317
Fok News- Guest Contributor Suggestion Box...
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes content and opinion related to Keith Olbermann's upcoming television news show and his opinion ...
crystal eyes 05/12/2011 21 15 - 76
Fok News- # 27 Lotto Nation Proved by Polling
Keith returns the the fascinating question of our time. Why are people who will never be rich so adamantly defending tax breaks for the rich?
crystal eyes 05/06/2011 9 11 - 61
Wilkerson: Let Me Waterboard Donald Rumsfeld and Then We'll See if He Says It's Torture or Not
In the aftermath of the termination of Osama bin Laden, Rummy is justifying the use of water boarding as a valuable tool to gain actionable intelligence.
crystal eyes 05/05/2011 17 23 - 167
Fok News- #26 Why?
Keith keeps asking himself.... Why did Obama release his birth certificate when he released it?" The answer is hilarious.
crystal eyes 05/05/2011 9 17 - 121
New Boogieman Needed for the GOP
Help Wanted Boogieman- Terror Specialist Announcing the immediate opening for the position for a theatrical evil presence skilled in capturing the news and election cycles. Must have working ...
crystal eyes 05/03/2011 32 30 - 270
Fok News- #25 Special Comment: The Death of Osama bin Laden
Keith assesses the impact of the death of Osama bin Laden in a special comment.
crystal eyes 05/03/2011 9 28 - 162
Fok News- #24 The bin Laden Edition
Bin Laden Dead- And It Was Live Tweeted Keith's take on the death of Osama Bin Laden brings up twitter, torture, Palin and Fox.
crystal eyes 05/02/2011 13 26 - 251
Fok News- #23 Maguffins 1 Obama 0
Tonight is a Fok double header! Keith comments on how the Trump birth certificate scam has morphed today into college transcript gate, ...
crystal eyes 04/27/2011 8 9 - 112
Fok News- #22- Keith Is Back!!!!!- with update and partial transcript
I'm thinking that fellow Olbermann junkies will enjoy the suspense. We are hours or perhaps minutes away from Keith's long awaited announcement about going back to live news broadcasting on Current ...
crystal eyes 04/26/2011 183 276 5 2417
Fok News- #21 FDR Home Movie
Keith brings to our attention a recently discovered home movie from January 20, 1941 on the ...
crystal eyes 04/25/2011 1 14 1 71
Just wait until the birthers get hold of this.....
Here is some lighthearted diversion from the pie fight wars with breaking news. Study the profile of Newt Gingrich carefully.
crystal eyes 04/25/2011 24 9 - 456
Fok News- #20 Republicans and the Lotto Nation
Today Keith asks the question, How come people who are not rich, will never be rich, are complaining about taxing the rich?
crystal eyes 04/20/2011 22 23 - 125
The Amazing 50 Mile Walk to Olympia
We Are Washington organized a four day 50 mile walk from Auburn to Olympia ...
crystal eyes 04/19/2011 9 20 - 80
Fok News- #19 Lying About the Civil War
Keith is outraged that four out of ten Americans actually believe that our Civil War was not fought over the abolition of slavery. Of course the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. It ...
crystal eyes 04/15/2011 15 15 - 109
Fok News- #18 Glenn Beck
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News . Keith reflects ...
crystal eyes 04/11/2011 7 11 - 112
7000 attend Olympia Washington Labor Rally
We are back from today's Olympia Washington state labor rally. Beautiful sunshine and beautiful people were motivated to send a message to our state legislators and to stand in solidarity with ...
crystal eyes 04/08/2011 41 116 3 369
Fok News- #17 April 6, 2011
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News . Keith has a ...
crystal eyes 04/06/2011 5 16 - 114
Fok News - #16 The Cornell Speech (with videos)
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News . Keith ...
crystal eyes 03/31/2011 8 25 3 118
Fok News- #15 Libya, Obama and the Five-Second Rule- With a Special Comment Video
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/23/2011 15 21 1 139
A video of coolness in action
This is going viral and I haven't seen it on DKOS. We can all watch and learn about how not to get swept away by adrenaline and walk away from violence.
crystal eyes 03/22/2011 8 7 1 134
Fok News- #14 Cut The Unions, Hire The Girlfriends
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/21/2011 9 22 - 136
Fok News- #13 Rudy Giuliani Mocks How Obama Talks?
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/19/2011 10 19 2 179
"A Glowing Report On Radiation"-By Ann Coulter
Fox asshattery has hit a new low. Ann Coulter is interviewed by Bill O'Reilly and she promotes her new column "A Glowing Report on Radiation ". She delivers the irresponsible and ...
crystal eyes 03/18/2011 42 14 - 240
Fok News- #12 Wikileaks: Japan Was Warned About Fukushima
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/17/2011 4 15 - 127
Fok News- #11 Thank You Mr. Science
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a nightly diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/15/2011 5 8 - 149
The Group Emporium Bulletin Board -Week of March 14
A place for talk about groups. We are all on a learning curve in working with groups since the curtain went up on DK4.
crystal eyes 03/14/2011 9 3 - 42
Fok News- #10 And Good Night American Nuclear Power
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a nightly diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/12/2011 47 13 - 250
Fok News- #9 The Suicide Of The Republican Party
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a nightly diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/10/2011 26 46 2 387
Fok News-#8 The Odd Inspiration Of Charlie Sheen
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a nightly diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News . Keith has ...
crystal eyes 03/09/2011 10 8 - 111
Fok News -#7 Racketeer Rabbit Republicans
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a nightly diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/06/2011 20 24 - 175
Citizen Journalism- A Shaky First Stab at Video Posting
Dennis Kucinich came to town February 21 in support of the labor protest in Olympia, Washington. He spoke at the Olympia Film Society on the True Cost of War. Dennis spoke brilliantly without ...
crystal eyes 03/05/2011 11 9 - 59
Fok News-#6 Nick Charles: Lead Pipe Cinch
The Fok News DKOS Group publishes a nightly diary summary of Keith's opinion blog Fok News .
crystal eyes 03/04/2011 3 9 - 85
A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes For Obama
You never know what might result from a comment. I posted this last night on the diary I No Longer Hope For ...
crystal eyes 03/03/2011 34 12 - 152
Fok News - Commentary#5 Scott Walker: Follow The Money
This is a summary of Keith Olbermann's opinion commentary for today, Scott Walker: Follow The ...
crystal eyes 03/02/2011 13 24 1 199
Fok News -Commentary#4 Scott Walker - That Man Is An Idiot
The DKOS Fok News Fok News group provides a regular place to discuss and enjoy Keith Olbermann's commentary and satire.
crystal eyes 03/01/2011 24 20 - 256
Fok News- Commentary#3 New York Times Punk’d By Anti-Union Plant
The DKOS Fok News group is under development and evolving to provide a regular place to discuss and enjoy our Keith Olbermann's commentary and satire. This is a chat thread for Olbermans latest ...
crystal eyes 02/28/2011 9 20 2 176
The Group Emporium - Mistakes and Lessons Learned in the Brave New World of Groups
A place for talk about groups. We are all on a group learning curve since the curtain went up on DK4. I am learning each day new facets of group formation and communication. Accepting new users, ...
crystal eyes 02/28/2011 30 12 - 125
Fok News-#2 Even the Media Began To Sit Up And Take Notice...
Keith Olbermann's Fok News blog is off the ground and ...
crystal eyes 02/27/2011 14 41 - 489
Olympia WA Solidarity Rally Updated with CNN reporting that will make you gag
Today 2500 were on the Olympia Capitol Grounds for a Solidarity rally in support of Wisconsin. The feisty creative spirit of Washingtonians was on magnificent display. It was a peaceful but ...
crystal eyes 02/26/2011 63 116 5 723
FOKNews #1 doing it live tonight!
From The Raw Story... FOK NEWS debuts tonight!
crystal eyes 02/25/2011 47 48 - 571
The aftermath conversation
Oh to be a fly on the wall when Scott Walker and David Koch have a phone conversation about ...
crystal eyes 02/23/2011 11 8 - 89
Keith is coming to FOK News!- updated with FOK logo
Wonderful News! The great Keith Olbermann drought is about to end.
crystal eyes 02/22/2011 151 239 7 2785
The Group Emporium Bulletin Board-Week of 2/21/11
This diary serves as a bulletin board for ideas that become new groups.
crystal eyes 02/21/2011 11 3 - 42
I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!
CNN has a story about the Wisconsin protests that needs to be called out. It is CNN's only featured story on ...
crystal eyes 02/20/2011 5 8 - 54
The Group Emporium- The Ongoing Exchange of Ideas on Groups We'd like to see
This is a continuation of a ...
crystal eyes 02/15/2011 22 8 1 94
The End Is Near- Prepare Yourself!
Not much longer until the big change and DK3 is no more. Are your prepared for the ...
crystal eyes 02/10/2011 15 4 - 78
Welcome to the Group Emporium- DK3 Edition
This is a repost of the welcome diary of the DK4 group The Group ...
crystal eyes 02/08/2011 34 13 1 190
Let Geico Know This Is Not Acceptable
We have just informed Geico that we are going elsewhere for car insurance because their advertising spokesman R. Lee Ermey has not been fired for making this ...
crystal eyes 02/07/2011 49 23 - 179
A lesson from the land of Oz
You DARE to come to me for a heart, do you? You clinking, clanking, clattering collection of kaligenous junk!
crystal eyes 12/09/2010 5 - - 39
I know Keith is reading this...
Keith, you are an inspiration. Thank you for the demonstration of principal and integrity in the shabby media world of flip flop, spin, and flim flam.
crystal eyes 11/07/2010 36 23 1 64
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