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When are Conservative Voters going to Stop Blaming Dems
America is in decline, we know it, they know it. The difference between them and us are facts. We have the facts on our side, they get to blame the boogie man for low wage jobs and a crumbling ...
csainvestor 05/22/2015 21 5 - -
The TPP will cause Job Loss, the politicians admit to this
I mean, What else do we have to say, it says it in black and white. There is funding for the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which has been created to support workers that will lose their ...
csainvestor 05/18/2015 5 13 1 -
Will the Tea Party save the Emperor from himself and save the rest of us from Obama Trade
How many times have we wished for the tea party to jettison an unpopular Obama position? One time, is too many times already, and this has pushed me over the edge. We need to enrage the tea party ...
csainvestor 05/15/2015 6 1 - -
Obama and the Cons join forces (again) to screw workers
I've already had my peter finch moment. Now In fact i've moved on being damn angry, at this point i'm just despondent. On Obama Sucks and Here Is Why I'm sick and tired of: -An increasing amount ...
csainvestor 05/15/2015 5 7 - -
On Sanders Being A Socialist
The entire country has moved so far to the right we need to understand what the true meaning of these parties are. Republicans are now Fascists Democrats are the new Republicans Socialists are the ...
csainvestor 05/04/2015 41 5 - -
Congressional Salary $175,000 Constituent Salary $17,500
Congress gets benefits, and a pension. Their constituents are lucky if they can afford a holiday dinner. Many members of congress are complaining that their salaries aren't sufficient. Once they ...
csainvestor 12/22/2014 17 5 1 -
Grimes Probably voted for Rmoney
Don't forget Rmoney won the white women vote. Look at the Obama track record: stock market highs unemployment lows deficit cut by half millions with health care for the first time ever Multi year ...
csainvestor 11/05/2014 14 2 - -
Chained CPI- TPP- Keystone- Lower taxes on the rich- Which will Obama capitulate on first?
The Republicans have a Mandate. Do Democrats have Ebola? This isn't a traditional America anymore. Americans no longer want social security, nor do they want a living wage. In this Christian nation,
csainvestor 11/05/2014 40 9 3 -
"Congress Approves 300 million in aid to help stop violence in chicago" Err israel
More innocent civilians will be shot, and killed in Chicago this weekend than in Israel. Did i miss the headline where chitown got 300 million in emergency funding before recess? What could ...
csainvestor 08/02/2014 3 8 1 -
Toyota Is Moving From CA to TX- Will CA Residents Boycott Toyota?
Lets not forget that California has thirty million people, and an economy so large, it could power a nation. Texas was able to entice Toyota with 40 million. This will probably result in the loss ...
csainvestor 04/28/2014 25 5 - -
Corporations Caught Colluding to Reduce Worker Wages
So here we have billionaires and millionaires, a group of "free market capitalists" that tout meritocracy, conspiring and colluding to cripple wages for their workers. That DOJ suit became the ...
csainvestor 01/27/2014 162 330 12 -
Industry has poisoned the water for 300,000- deregulate, blame the EPA
three hundred thousand west Virginians have been warned not to drink, touch, or smell the water coming out of their pipes. And the company that gave these citizens this special liberty water is ...
csainvestor 01/11/2014 16 20 1 -
Automation and the end goal of Capitalism
If most jobs will no loner require humans- where does that leave capitalism? If no one wants to purchase a workers wages, we hit a dead end. Watch this documentary, you will most certainly learn ...
csainvestor 01/10/2014 13 8 - -
Updated with the backpedal. I know it was you Murray. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!
Murray: Compromise was necessary on military pension cuts Posted by CNN's Dana Davidsen Updated 12:54 p.m., 12/18/2013 (CNN) – Sen. Patty Murray, co-crafter of the bipartisan budget agreement ...
csainvestor 12/18/2013 13 6 - -
I don't understand- 22k homeless children in NYC
In the richest nation on earth, ensconced in the same city as wall street, in the finance capital of the universe, there are twenty-two thousand homeless children living amongst the largest ...
csainvestor 12/12/2013 23 28 - -
FOX News Isn't For Idiots, It's For Children
Once upon a time, i was raised Catholic, and i believed. Then i learned about Buddhism, and Hinduism, and Mormonism, then i grew up. My hometown, city, state, country, and deity, aren't the center ...
csainvestor 12/12/2013 3 3 - -
They Are Scared
That screed that we read in the wall street journal represents panic. The reason for crisis management is simple. There is no way to defend the growing chorus to increase social security. This is ...
csainvestor 12/10/2013 4 16 - -
Ted Rall was on the radio discusing DKOS censorsip
The program was heard on KPFA. "The Morning Mix Project Censored - December 6, 2013 at 8:00am" was the morning show. The interview starts around 30 minutes into the broadcast. I am curious, what ...
csainvestor 12/06/2013 266 8 1 -
Walmart could double wages if they charged 20 bucks more a year.
That's 20 bucks more a year on 1500 dollars worth of annual merchandise. People have done the math on this. Who would possible reject to paying 20 dollars a year more to double wages? Doing this won'
csainvestor 11/22/2013 13 2 - -
YES! Union employees should ‘take over’ Boeing factories, says Seattle’s new councilmember
Seattle’s first Socialist council member is now on record with a “radical” option for union workers in their standoff with Boeing: take over the factories. “The workers should take over the ...
csainvestor 11/21/2013 39 18 - -
Economists are seriously considering basic income for all citizens
This is a tacit admission that our form of capitalism has failed. Here is a pretty good article on the subject from the economist of all places.
csainvestor 11/20/2013 18 17 1 -
employers feel entitled to employ people, often at low wages, without providing healthcare
In addition, the bigger question there is why employers feel entitled to employ people, often at low wages, without providing healthcare for them. Is the idea that when they get sick or die, they'll ...
csainvestor 11/19/2013 5 9 - -
Walmart my family and i spent 100k at Costco over the last 5 years.
my siblings don't shop at walmart, my parents don't shop there, and i will never step foot in your store until you raise worker wages. you have lost 100k from our family and all of that revenue is ...
csainvestor 11/16/2013 31 24 - -
Do you want to fly on a Boeing plane made with underpaid workers?
This is a real question that i ask above. we all fly on these jets. are we ok that they are slashing worker wages? The south Carolina plant pays it workers half as much as their Washington state ...
csainvestor 11/16/2013 8 12 - -
Billionaires have Doubled their net worth faster than ever before
Fill A Stadium with the rich, it will be worth 5-6 Trillion - 50 thousand people Fill a stadium with the bottom 20% and it will be worth less than zero.- 60 million people Fill it with the bottom 50%
csainvestor 11/16/2013 9 9 - -
Economic Issues and Boeing Union Busting
Washington State is willing to bribe Boeing with 8 billion in tax incentives. This bribe to stay put in the state that made them the premier corporation for aviation and space travel amounts to five ...
csainvestor 11/15/2013 4 3 - -
Insurers Disgusting, Manipulative and Exploitative to scare people away from the ACA
Ahh, the power of the magical and mystical free market at work. If Donna had done nothing, she would have ended up spending about $1,000 more a month for insurance than she will now that she went ...
csainvestor 11/04/2013 4 10 - -
Want to get people off welfare? Raise the minimum wage!
And raise it now! case in point, look no further than a casino in NYC. Jeannine Nixon looked as if she had hit the jackpot. Ms. Nixon, a customer relations representative at Resorts World Casino ...
csainvestor 10/28/2013 13 27 1 -
To Those that are on the ACA subsidy cusp- MAGI
This is important, AGI, doesn't matter when it comes to the ACA, MAGI is what counts. If a family or an individual has MAGI deductions that they don't currently take, look to see if you can take them.
csainvestor 10/28/2013 9 6 1 -
Everyone needs to read this article on the ACA
Health Care Costs Increase Strain, Studies Find Even as Washington and Wall Street debate the best way to avert an economic disaster, increasing numbers of Americans are struggling with another ...
csainvestor 10/27/2013 18 28 1 -
The TPP Explained
No matter how many times i watch this, it haunts me. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT, and AT&T, and Du Pont, Dow, Union Carbide ...
csainvestor 10/23/2013 15 6 - -
Why so much hate for Bart Union Workers?
Its scary and disgusting at the same time. How dare workers make 60k in the Bay Area, where median home prices are over 500k- WTF is going on? I am sick and tired of people with agendas lumping ...
csainvestor 10/18/2013 60 14 - -
America might pay it's debts, but then again, it might not.
And the question is "what are you gonna do about it?" America sells its debt to the world, to investors large and small, inherit in every sale is a promise to pay in full, and to pay on time. The ...
csainvestor 10/08/2013 4 - - -
What do the republicans want? downton abbey
The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin [Kindle Edition] Corey Robin (Author) Since the modern era began, men and women in subordinate positions have marched against ...
csainvestor 10/08/2013 6 4 - -
Vote with your dollars and say it loud.
I shop at Costco because they pay a living wage. I will never go to walmart again. My family and I spend thousands of dollars at Costco, thousands that walmart will never get. I am a firm believe ...
csainvestor 10/01/2013 6 9 - -
How to save the economy: part 1
I think crowd funding / cooperative owned business / locally sourced / locally funded will change the country. Take a look at kickstarter lending club and mosaic
csainvestor 09/14/2013 4 8 - -
How we can fix the local economy: Part 2
Read the first part in this series to see the intro to crowdfunding and cooperative workplaces.
csainvestor 09/14/2013 4 1 - -
Trader Joes and the ACA please watch this. While i may have been critical of the president on many issues, the ACA isn't one of them. Obamacare has the ...
csainvestor 09/13/2013 13 3 - -
We got a serious party problem.
You see what i see when it comes to the President and Syria? I see passion, tenacity, stubbornness, a dogged determination to go it alone. However i don't see any of these traits if we talk about ...
csainvestor 09/08/2013 27 13 1 -
The president has bungled Syria Beyond belief.
He has put himself and the party into a no win situation. Watch Fox news, or listen to any of the right wing ding bats, you would think you were listening to reasonable isolationists in the world,
csainvestor 09/06/2013 57 6 - -
No, I don't want to send 100m to Syria.
They want to spend 100 million to arm the Syrian rebels. 300 Million to Eqypt to support what? Lets spend tens of millions or more to scare the north Koreans with a show of military tactics and ...
csainvestor 04/27/2013 30 22 - -
The Rundown- Or things that really pissed me off!
That NPR segment on disability- i just can't let it go. When Fox news, Drudge and Briet effing Bart gushingly compliment an NPR story you know something is really REALLY F$%#3CNG wrong! The ...
csainvestor 04/26/2013 2 5 - -
The rich are poor in empathy.
Psychologist Dacher Keltner at the University of California, Berkeley says the rich really are different, and not in a good way: His research has yielded the following results. “We ...
csainvestor 02/01/2012 8 25 3 121
Jesus of Nazareth sounds just like "no insurance for the sick Santorum"- its uncanny.
To the GOP, and those running for president- it looks like he stole your talking points.
csainvestor 01/05/2012 18 11 - 243
If you thought Bloomberg even had one shred of decency- think again.
A Living Wage, Long Overdue Published: December 25, 2011 Published in The New York Times. New York City provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year in taxpayer-financed subsidies ...
csainvestor 12/25/2011 8 16 - 204
Ladies and gentlemen, we can always change things for the better. Just look at SOPA vs godaady.
Close to 40,000 customers have left godaddy in the last two days because of their support of that disgusting bill named SOPA. Godaddy was staunch and unapologetic in their support of SOPA, up until ...
csainvestor 12/25/2011 51 111 3 642
Is Michele Bachmann truly an Evangelical?
Take this recent exchange from a devout Evangelical female. RUSSELL: But gender is an issue for some, like Santorum supporter Molly Gordon, an evangelical homemaker from Sioux City. ...
csainvestor 12/16/2011 27 3 - 128
This is one of the most important articles i have ever read. Courtesy of Steven Van Zandt on huff po
We need to discus this. Reflect upon it, and Take action to make it happen. It needs to go viral, and we can certainly make it so.
csainvestor 12/13/2011 27 19 1 449
Increases in Income, on Newts tax plan.
The Gingrich’s plan: The top 1 percent of taxpayers, who earn more than $629,809, would receive an average tax cut of $343,993 in 2015. That change would boost their after-tax income ...
csainvestor 12/13/2011 2 1 - 18
Bloomberg's hypocrisy knows no bounds.
The mayor is going after Congressman Jerrold Nadler because he has the audactity to question Lord bloomberg's heavyhanded tactics against the occupy protests. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg ...
csainvestor 12/08/2011 22 24 - 116
The GOP is afraid of Obamacare- here's why. Also, Mittens the wimp is dodging Trump.
I am pretty sure Newt has the Donald’s endorsement in the bag, and if the Donald holds true to form, he will probably bash the other candidates. Paul, and Hunstsman had nothing to gain by getting ...
csainvestor 12/07/2011 2 1 - 73
Lets hold politfact to account on medicare.
We CAN effect change, here at Daily KOS, Collectively, we can make a difference. In just a short time we have had some major wins. Make no mistake; Bank of America had to retreat with their debt ...
csainvestor 12/06/2011 2 5 - 60
To all Daily KOS readers: If Michelle Bachman or Herman Cain become president- what then?
I know many of you are going to say it's an impossibility, you are going to take this as a joke. well, i assure you, while this is a hypothetical question, it is feasible, she could conceivably win.
csainvestor 11/23/2011 64 1 - 475
the ultimate republican / tea party hypocrisy- the patriot act!
Whatever your personal thoughts on the effectivenss of the patriot act, it represents a massive increase in government overreach. The tea party supposedly stands for limited government, a ...
csainvestor 11/22/2011 16 3 - 68
What a joke Cuomo is.
While He is running around cutting taxes on millionaires, and billionaires, he is begging Washington not to cut the 40 billion in state aid that NY receives annually. ALBANY — Gov. ...
csainvestor 11/18/2011 6 3 - 72
Does congress have your consent to govern?
This is an ugly question, I am reluctant to even ask this, but it needs to be said. New polls show that approval for congress is at an all time low- 9 percent. While Congress embodies a single body ...
csainvestor 11/16/2011 15 - - 119
A judge has had enough of the banks.
Bank Excuses on Foreclosure Growing Stale By MICHAEL POWELL Published: November 14, 2011 The Bank of America lawyer laid down a patented rhetorical move heard in ...
csainvestor 11/15/2011 6 27 - 133
boycott David Gregory- he is too biased.
If i want bias- ill watch fox news and msnbc. week after week Gregory spews GOP talking points- he never challenges GOP lies. He goes after democrats time and time again. I watched Russert for ...
csainvestor 11/14/2011 45 4 - 244
The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen- read it!
The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen Our common treasury in the last 30 years has been captured by industrial psychopaths. That's why we're nearly bankrupt If ...
csainvestor 11/12/2011 15 5 - 118
Citibank is charging 20 dollars a month for a checking account.
If you have a 15 thousand dollar balance they will waive the fee. Citibank is lucky that they haven’t been as maligned in the media as BOA has, but that doesn’t mean, that they aren’t just as ...
csainvestor 11/11/2011 20 18 - 203
Hit piece on Warren is a joke! lol!
I've never seen a worse hack job in my life. hahahaha it's so stupid its comical. did the hermain cain writers put this together? lets find the funny bits together. 1st- they make sure to ...
csainvestor 11/10/2011 6 3 - 83
Income inequality between the old and the young, has soared to all time highs.
cbsnews report The typical U.S. household headed by a ...
csainvestor 11/10/2011 5 1 - 46
Elated and bummed about what happened in Ohio.
We got a Huge win for labor and the middle class. Its was long overdue for one of these extremist republican politicians to get smacked down. We finally broke through the fox news talking points, ...
csainvestor 11/08/2011 17 6 - 294
Illinois workers pay taxes to their employers, not to the state. read on.
If that headline had you confused- here it is again. Some companies in Illinois have convinced the government to let them pocket their workers taxes. In other words, if you work for one of these ...
csainvestor 11/05/2011 13 20 1 233
Time to call out the twisted republicans for what they really are.
The meme is that they are pro rich, pro job creators, anti socialists, and fiercely pro capitalist. While all of this is true to varying degrees- this isn’t their true selves. In truth they are ...
csainvestor 11/05/2011 11 6 - 120
To the celebs at #occupy- thanks!
The right wing hacks are on a smear campaign against the celebs that are protesting with occupy. Their argument goes something like this: The celebs are very rich; they are in the one percent! ...
csainvestor 11/03/2011 1 4 - 81
If you want real dirt on Bloomberg- read on.
These policy's are disgusting in their insidious nature. The man has shattered lives. Words fail me to adequately decribe what he has done to so many. The man is on a war against ...
csainvestor 11/01/2011 3 6 - 121
Straight from the FED- the Community Reinvestment Act did not cause this crisis.
The Subprime Crisis: Is Government Housing Policy to Blame? Robert B. Avery Senior Economist and Kenneth P. Brevoort Senior Economist Division of Research and Statistics Board ...
csainvestor 11/01/2011 9 21 1 96
The super committee is a complete and utter scam- here's why. Max Baucus is on it.
It's over, It's done, It's a complete sham. The Super Committee only needs a simple majority to pass the bill, this means only one Dem has to agree with a unified republican plan and its over. ...
csainvestor 10/28/2011 8 7 - 71
Michele Bachmann- please do not QUIT!
Ned Ryun supports Rick Perry, and you are just as crazy as Rick Perry. So his position is STUPID. You can lie better than his pick, and you can wear a blouse better than he can. We need your ...
csainvestor 10/28/2011 6 - - 64
Red dogs. Are there any good republicans out there?
Has any republican in the house or senate repudiated their ghastly brethren? Is there a republican that is the opposite of Max Baucus- Max Baucus is a contorted disgusting gollum that pretends to ...
csainvestor 10/28/2011 17 - - 91
In New York city the top 1% earn 45% of all income. NY is the most unequal state in the nation.
let that sink in again. In New York city the top 1% earn 45% of all income. in 1980 the top 1% in NYC earned 12% of all income. There are 8.4 million people that live in nyc. This is who ...
csainvestor 10/27/2011 7 3 - 73
Did anyone see the Mayor Quan conference today?
In it she said something to the effect: I tried reaching out to Occupy protesters, but most of them are anti government. I'm going off memory here, and i can't seem to find the exact quote or ...
csainvestor 10/26/2011 13 5 - 187
hahaha lol. the new, err newer Herman Cain ad.
in case you missed it- here is the original. now, the new and improved ...
csainvestor 10/25/2011 6 10 - 109
The poor already pay more than their fair share in taxes.
Over and over we need to hear lies from the right that half of the country doesn’t pay taxes. Over and over again we need to dispute the tripe that the right-wingers pollute the airwaves with.
csainvestor 10/20/2011 1 4 - 49
Enough! Blacklisting, Remember Elia Kazan, McCarthyism- it isn't making a comeback, its already here
We need to express outrage at an NPR host that was fired because she supported the occupy protests. Explain to me how this any different than blacklisting citizens for political viewpoints? ...
csainvestor 10/20/2011 6 5 - 95
Gov cuomo would rather tax the poor instead of taxing the millionaires.
The mta is going to jack rates up by at least 30% in the next three years. The mta needs serious funding for new operations and maintenance over the next few years. Since the federal government, ...
csainvestor 10/19/2011 1 5 - 33
The Mitt Romney economic plan- cut everyone's pay by 25%
The Mitt Romney economic plan- fire 10% of the federal work force. Cut the remaining workers salaries by 25% Last night, Mitt said- he doesn’t think federal workers should be paid more than those ...
csainvestor 10/19/2011 2 6 - 79
Bloomberg knows all about class warfare. Recall the Mayor!
The mayor engages in class warfare on an unprecedented level. His net worth is 20billion and he doesn't think the poor pay their fair share. He refuses to raise taxes on the rich ...
csainvestor 10/14/2011 2 4 - 67
The republicans have betrayed this country.
There has always been an unspoken and unbroken (until now that is) agreement within the nation. The poor fight the wars, the rich pay for them. That pact has been broken, and no one on fox news ...
csainvestor 10/13/2011 3 1 - 72
The states are gouging us, especially the least of us.
As most know, as the federal government has reduced or eliminated aid to states- the states need to take matters into their own hands. State and local taxes are incredibly regressive. Some states ...
csainvestor 10/13/2011 2 2 - 35
Would you accept a 1% national sales tax.
All this talk about a flat tax got me thinking. First, lets get this out there, Cain's plan is garbage because it is incredibly recessive. We know that The 999 plan will tax the majority of ...
csainvestor 10/13/2011 40 1 - 148
An open letter to moderate conservatives.
If you’re a evangelical- I get it, this letter isn’t to you. Maybe I don’t know where to look on the internet, but I haven’t seen any dismay on the current crop of candidates. Where is the ...
csainvestor 10/12/2011 1 2 - 53
They gave wealth inequality a 30 second soundbite.
Fitting i guess, that is probably all the time they devote to thinking about the poor anyways. They finally ask a real question about wealth inequality and perry can only blame obama for the last ...
csainvestor 10/11/2011 6 3 - 73
999 is a worthless POS gimmick.
Why would we dissolve the current system of taxation only to replace it with a flat tax that generates fewer revenues? Cain, the reason the rich advocate for a flat tax is, they swear that it ...
csainvestor 10/11/2011 11 3 - 97
What do the 99% want?
They are sick and tired of being screwed by the 1%. That 1% doesn’t just include Wall Street banksters, it includes congress. Income inequality and wealth disparities are at all time highs. The ...
csainvestor 10/06/2011 2 3 1 26
I’m boycotting Erin Burnett.
Her segment on Occupy Wall Street wasn’t even crap reporting it was a hit piece. If she doesn’t get what it’s about, if she can’t even report in a fair and balanced way on a story that ...
csainvestor 10/05/2011 29 11 1 273
The tea leaves are telling me the GOP is going to try and impeach the President over Solyndra.
The GOP led Solyndra Probe has deepened, this is going the Joseph McCarthy route. What Did You Know, and When Did You Know It? Remind me here, did we go after Bush on Iraq? What happened to ...
csainvestor 10/05/2011 18 3 - 203
The death of Steve Jobs marks the end of American exceptionalism.
The death of Steve Jobs marks the end of American capitalism. The death of Steve Jobs marks the end of American consumerism. The death of Steve Jobs marks the end of American innovation. Make no ...
csainvestor 10/05/2011 12 1 1 83
Former adviser under both Presidents Reagan and Bush gets it. transcript
Check it out. The hosts are incredulous that this is coming from a conservative. Bruce Bartlett is a genuine, country first conservative. He does not adhere to current right wing radical ideology ...
csainvestor 10/05/2011 12 5 - 172
Here are the facts on Obamacare.
Wait! If you don’t need medical coverage, don't ignore this message, I’m serious. Even if you don't need it today, you will tomorrow, or someone in your family will. The GOP (the tea party in ...
csainvestor 09/28/2011 5 1 - 74
The Tea Party vs. a Democrat. Action packed and animated.
Just put this video together. Its pretty cool and easy, anyone can make ...
csainvestor 09/28/2011 9 - - 99
Let the USPS raise rates! Let the USPS raise rates! Let the USPS raise rates!
What do we want? Let the USPS raise rates! When do we want it? Let the USPS raise rates now! What do we want? Let the USPS raise rates! When do we want it? Let the USPS raise rates now! ...
csainvestor 09/26/2011 24 10 - 94
Presidents plan won't cut social security. WSJ report.
The Journal reports: President Barack Obama's new deficit-reduction proposal will leave out changes to Social Security, and may exclude any increase in the Medicare eligibility age, ...
csainvestor 09/14/2011 7 8 - 109
If Gandalf were president…
As liberals we want to help people, we need to help our neighbors. I may not have children but I will gladly pay a tax to school your children. Gay rights, all the way. Bullies and criminals need ...
csainvestor 09/12/2011 17 2 - 128
Some wonder why Ron Paul is unelectable.
Ron Paul would end the wars – plural. He wants to end the war on drugs. The war on terror. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gay marriage- he doesn’t give a shit, get the government out of ...
csainvestor 09/12/2011 29 - - 183
The USPS has been murdered. Get angry!
I am sick and tired of the GOP controlling the narrative. They are going to spin the USPS as a failed union government organisation that needs a huge tax payer bailout (money) in order to function ...
csainvestor 09/06/2011 9 18 - 218
The Te armageddon Party. Cats and dogs living together...
If you live on the east coast, this clip says it all. The "Tea Party ...
csainvestor 08/26/2011 9 4 - 102
The poor and the middle pay more in tax than the rich.
The poor pay much more than there fair share in federal taxes. To state otherwise displays ignorance, stupidity, or a lack of integrity. Federal income tax generates less than 50 percent of all ...
csainvestor 08/19/2011 7 2 - 111
I will be a liberal until i die, but...
Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air. I don't like his stance on social issues, and he is too libertarian, but his honesty is genuine. It's infectious, and it provides hope that someone in his ...
csainvestor 08/12/2011 16 1 - 133
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