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I second that: Non Negotiable!
Preview: I had trouble sleeping last night. It seems that we are being thrown under the bus. How could they do this? How could they drop the public option?
cscanzoni 08/17/2009 7 3 - 46
FROM THE U.S. SENATE: Laughs, Tears, and Hugs... It's Goodbye Day!
Today, in the 111th session of the United States Senate it was a day of goodbyes.
cscanzoni 01/15/2009 13 32 - 25
Gracias por su apoyo!
This is...
cscanzoni 01/11/2009 6 5 - 15
My Transformation on Israel, Hamas, and Gaza...
I was one of those "hawkish liberals" [oxymoron as I've been told] that have been hammered for incessant and continuing support for Israel. I, as a young student thought that the injustices ...
cscanzoni 01/05/2009 268 39 - 21
Sunday Afternoon Coffeehouse Musings
Why I think my generation will be the next 'greatest generation'... [DISCLAIMER]: I'm eighteen years old and strongly opinionated.
cscanzoni 01/04/2009 14 8 1 12
[REPOST] Calling all Kossacks...
This is...
cscanzoni 01/03/2009 14 5 - 12
Barack Obama can't be the only one to help and change the world...
This is my story as an organizer on the East Side of Cleveland. Please recommend this diary. I need help - read to the end to see what I mean. Goal: $1600 Current: $...
cscanzoni 01/01/2009 5 10 - 11
"It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little ...
cscanzoni 12/02/2008 2 11 - 2
Ohio=Obama's... Promise! (w/ Poll)
-Diary 3- NOTE: This Diary is a part of a series of diaries: Diary 1 - How I First Got ...
cscanzoni 06/11/2008 15 4 - 1
BREAKING: I Will Help Obama Win Ohio in November!
-Diary 2- NOTE: This Diary is a sequel to a previous diary . Kossacks are encouraged to read the first one.
cscanzoni 06/10/2008 13 14 1 -
Cheers to a 'Blue' Ohio and a GE Obama Win!
-Diary 1- Ohio Organizing Fellowship $ Meter: CURRENT: $85 GOAL: $550 (As donations ...
cscanzoni 06/09/2008 7 4 1 -
URGENT: Another Obama Fellow in Desperate Need!!!
My name is Chris Scanzoni, I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina, and I will be attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall as a Freshman. I have often posted ...
cscanzoni 06/08/2008 19 5 1 5
Don't Beat Repubs. by Acting Like Them!
The May 6th North Carolina Primary is days away. It would seem by the coverage of the media that the Presidential race here in North Carolina is the only important election that will take place; ...
cscanzoni 04/27/2008 9 10 - 3
URGENT: While you're calling PA Indies...
Call John Edwards' Office and politely urge him not to endorse Hillary Clinton. This will not be a long diary, just straight to the point. Below the fold is an email I received from an anonymous ...
cscanzoni 03/17/2008 14 3 - 2
Obama-esque Personality in NC-Senate Race (UPDATED!)
I am a 17 year old high school student living in Asheville, NC. I am overly thrilled that this year is the chance to dethrone Liddy Dole and be one step closer to a 'bluer' North Carolina. I am ...
cscanzoni 02/27/2008 21 12 - 3
"And 2Morrow..."
A very moving piece we can all learn from by the late Tupac Shakur...
cscanzoni 02/24/2008 1 1 - -
One Young American's Journey: Called to Action for Barack Obama
For me, It started in 2004. Seeing Barack Obama at the 2004 DNC Convention Speech was magic to me. Not because he was "new" or "fresh" - It was magic to me because he understood my situation. Ever ...
cscanzoni 01/30/2008 11 21 2 6
Bill Clinton for Obama??
Interesting aspect from Clinton's 1992 bid for the presidency. In a debate, Clinton is asked if he has the right amount of experience to take the job of Commander in Chief... WATCH HERE! http://www....
cscanzoni 07/29/2007 87 3 2 13
American Churches Apologize for "Terror"
cscanzoni 02/19/2006 2 2 - 1
US to Close Borders, Latin America to Fight It
cscanzoni 02/15/2006 10 1 - -
That's What Diplomacy Is For...
cscanzoni 02/14/2006 - 1 - -
Bush Cautions Against "Irresponsible Debate"
cscanzoni 02/13/2006 6 2 - -
The Final Count
cscanzoni 09/25/2005 3 - - -
No Mas Guerra!
cscanzoni 09/24/2005 - - - -
The New WAR?
cscanzoni 09/21/2005 2 - - -
American Soldiers
cscanzoni 09/20/2005 5 1 1 -
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