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Here we go eviscerating again...
Two recommended diaries with "eviscerated" in the title. Let's go for three. Please rec this diary up and eviscerate me in the comments.
dances with beagles 03/13/2014 31 17 - -
Obama wins Florida - AP
AP RACE CALL: Obama wins Florida, topping Romney in final electoral vote tally 332 to 206. — The Associated Press (@AP) November 10, 2012 Nuff said...
dances with beagles 11/10/2012 31 24 - -
Bloomberg Endorses Obama (updated with President's response)
Just a got a tweet from Bloomberg News that the NYC mayor has endorsed President Obama. I guess if any news service should know they would be the first. No article yet but will update asap.
dances with beagles 11/01/2012 215 266 3 -
Fukushima may be still leaking...
Short diary here, just passing along the latest comments from Tepco. Move along, nothing to see here... Ken Buesseler, senior ...
dances with beagles 10/26/2012 13 5 - -
One vote won..for the children
I was out by the pool at my condo complex on a sunny 80 degree Florida day (just to rub it in a little to all of those in the War of Northern Aggression states) and struck up a conversation with a ...
dances with beagles 10/21/2012 5 7 - -
Senator Corker whitewashes JP Morgan gambling losses
"Senator Bob Corker (R-JPMorgan), ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, calls for whitewash and cover up of JP Morgan gambling transactions" Well, that should be the latest headline news ...
dances with beagles 05/15/2012 1 4 - 55
MSNBC: Suicide attempts by Murdoch Journalists
Via MSNBC, two Murdoch journalists have attempted suicide. Presented without comment. Apologies if already diaried. If so I'll take this one down, also if someone can offer more insight than just ...
dances with beagles 03/06/2012 21 7 - 440
Bank of America to Perry: We will help you out
This is my first diary so have mercy and I will keep it very short, as the video says it all. After a speech in Bedford, NH Perry is mixing with the crowd. A tall but not too dark and handsome ...
dances with beagles 08/19/2011 14 16 1 169
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