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October 2012
OCTOBER 2012 Iraq – The Al Basrah Maternity Hospital reported 1.37 birth defects per 1,000 children born in the period of the year ending October 1995. In the full year of 2003, by contrast, ...
dancewater 11/01/2012 6 4 - -
September 2012
Early in the month of September, I felt that there was a LOT going on in the fields of foreign policy and human rights by the US government. So, I started a list. Here are the things that the ...
dancewater 10/02/2012 24 1 - 79
human rights and letter writing
There are human rights abuses all around the world, and the United States is one of many countries who violate human rights. I am busy this week with writing letters for Amnesty International. ...
dancewater 12/10/2010 2 1 - 26
US troops kill another Iraqi civilian
I guess this should come as no surprise – the US troops are still running around Iraq and still killing civilians. This time it was an unlucky guy headed to work. And, as usual, the US ...
dancewater 11/30/2010 99 11 - 55
Yes, it’s BOMBS AWAY in Pakistan, especially in Northern Waziristan, part of the semiautonomous tribal region.
dancewater 11/29/2010 2 2 - 39
Targeted assassinations, death squads, tanks demolishing homes and entire neighborhoods, burning up fields or other wise destroying them – just some tactics in the BOMBS AWAY GAME now going on ...
dancewater 11/28/2010 21 10 - 42
With no debate or vote in Congress, Obama has ordered Special Forces (they are so *special* that they get to hang around in 75+ different foreign countries!) and drone bombings into Yemen. He is ...
dancewater 11/27/2010 92 14 - 51
The USA is certainly doing a lot of bombing in various places around the world. This includes air bombing, ground bombing, and god-only-knows-what-else. Of course, the USA is not doing this ...
dancewater 11/26/2010 11 9 - 44
Vets for Peace Message
This is a special message, in honor of Veteran's Day. Vets for Peace addresses the issues around Veteran’s Day, and issue a plea for our nation to demand a cessation of war. I have permission ...
dancewater 11/11/2010 6 6 1 34
In Remembrance, Part Four
In Remembrance: He gave his all Lieutenant Roman Unishchenko was 20 years old when he was killed by a sniper in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He was protecting a local official who was ...
dancewater 11/10/2010 1 1 - 38
In Remembrance, Part Three
In Remembrance: More grief from America [sometime in the future.... Where Russia is bringing freedom and democracy to the USA and Canada...] Sadly, two more Russian soldiers were ...
dancewater 11/09/2010 12 - - 38
In Remembrance, Part Two
In Remembrance: A Family Man [Sometime in the future.... Where Russia is bringing freedom and democracy to the USA and Canada...] A soldier and father of two dies in ...
dancewater 11/08/2010 37 1 1 34
In Remembrance, Part One
In Remembrance: A Decorated Soldier from Moscow [Sometime in the future.... Where Russia is bringing freedom and democracy to the USA and Canada...] Last week, the leader of the ...
dancewater 11/07/2010 66 1 - 34
Breaking:  List of names of alleged illegal immigrants mailed in Utah
Just wanted to get this out there in the public eye. List of alleged illegal immigrants mailed in Utah The names and ...
dancewater 07/13/2010 86 48 1 130
“away goes the white dog and now comes the black dog”
The above is an old Iraqi saying. It means, according to this post , that the difference between two people is so small that expecting a ...
dancewater 07/12/2010 14 17 - 27
LGEN Mattis is an evil piece of work
Lieutenant General James Mattis of the US Marines Corps has been picked to take over US Central Command. This is damn unfortunate, because he has a heart of darkness, and should not even be allowed ...
dancewater 07/11/2010 59 9 - 38
Memorial for 23 dead
It happens again and again and again in Afghanistan, just as it does in Pakistan, and has happened again and again in Iraq. A US drone sees something that the drone operator thinks is militants, ...
dancewater 05/31/2010 12 11 - 17
The making of an Iraqi insurgent
I ran across this article about a week ago. It is titled: My Life As An Insurgent, And Why I Quit This ...
dancewater 05/02/2010 20 10 - 170
Further fall out from the WikiLeaks video
Here is a link to a post that has the WikiLeaks video and background information. Some new ...
dancewater 04/27/2010 23 26 - 230
Further information on the WikiLeaks video
In a post earlier this month, I talked about the WikiLeaks video from a US gunship in Iraq in July 2007.
dancewater 04/20/2010 21 25 - 38
US soldier in WikiLeaks video apologizes to Iraqis
Two soldiers who are connected to the US Army company that shot and killed two Reuters employees and about a dozen other Iraqis in July 2007 have publicly apologized. The WikiLeaks video was ...
dancewater 04/16/2010 42 38 - 39
Our military has an honesty problem
This is a letter that I sent to Obama, Burr, Hagan and Rep. Shuler today: This week has really highlighted the very serious problems with the ongoing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. The US ...
dancewater 04/11/2010 31 13 - 38
Afghan civilian deaths up 14% in 2009 (with poll)
The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has reported that there were over 2,400 civilian deaths in 2009, with thousands more injured. ...
dancewater 01/22/2010 7 14 - 16
Cancer rates exploding in Iraq
A very serious after-effect of the US/UK invasion and occupation of Iraq is the exploding rates of cancer. It is reported to be “spreading like wildfire” in places like Fallujah, Babil ...
dancewater 01/18/2010 60 37 - 47
More Afghan civilians killed under Obama in 09 than Bush in 08
The United Nations released figures this week showing that civilian deaths rose 10.8 percent in the first 10 ...
dancewater 01/04/2010 134 11 - 33
My heart is with Gaza tonight
Gaza got bombed day and night, for 23 days. In the end, over 1400 people were killed, over 300 of them children. All the dead children were from Gaza. As always, it is the non-combatants who ...
dancewater 12/26/2009 30 30 - 50
Iraqi Christians at Christmas time
In Amman, Iraqi Christians are continuing the traditional celebrations of Christmas – trees, nativity scenes, church services, and presents – but they are far from feeling festive. It ...
dancewater 12/24/2009 7 7 - 50
What if all your friends died or moved away?
What if – every friend you had was either recently dead or had moved to another country? In an 800+ ...
dancewater 12/10/2009 27 24 1 264
Torture continues
Bagram prison has long had a reputation for torture by US agents in the forms of sleep deprivation, beatings, and sexual humiliation. The movie “A Taxi to the Dark Side” covers how one ...
dancewater 12/06/2009 23 22 - 102
Secret prisons continue
We are still running secret prisons, at least in Afghanistan. This news came out just last month. The prisoners are being held without access to the International Committee of the Red Cross. This ...
dancewater 12/05/2009 45 35 1 248
Rendition continues
We all, of course, know that rendition (kidnapping) continues under the Obama administration. He told us he would do so. But he also promised to be extra careful about the rendition prisoners and ...
dancewater 12/04/2009 31 10 - 96
25th Anniversary of Bhopal disaster
Twenty five years ago today, the city of Bhopal, India was hit by a deadly chemical leak from Union Carbide. I remember being appalled at the time – that they would let such a horrific thing ...
dancewater 12/03/2009 15 19 - 227
A surge will only magnify the crime
from Wikipedia: Malalai Joya (born April 25, 1978) is an Afghan politician who has been called "the bravest woman in Afghanistan."[
dancewater 12/01/2009 31 21 - 65
What War Brings: birth defects and infant death
I thought I had finished up my series on WHAT WAR BRINGS to civilians, but I clearly missed at least one issue: birth defects. There has been stories about US troops coming home from combat and ...
dancewater 11/14/2009 34 20 - 198
What War Brings:  the series and the ending
What War Brings: the series and the ending Summary post In this series, I have covered the nature of war and its effect on the civilians caught in the crossfire, and its effect ...
dancewater 10/23/2009 18 10 1 20
What War Brings:  lies, lies, lies and MORE LIES
What War Brings: lies, lies, lies, and more LIES This is another topic that could fill many books, or possibly an entire library. We are all familiar with the lies about WMDs and ...
dancewater 10/22/2009 42 9 1 84
What War Brings:  unending grief
WHAT WAR BRINGS: unending grief It is really stating the obvious that wars and occupations bring unending grief to the people in the occupied countries. Yet, no matter how good ...
dancewater 10/21/2009 20 10 1 16
What War Brings:  refugees to foreign countries
WHAT WAR BRINGS: refugees fleeing to foreign countries Yes, wars and violence and occupations always result in refugees running to a place that is safer, or at least, some place ...
dancewater 10/20/2009 9 19 1 305
What War Brings: internally displaced people
WHAT WAR BRINGS: internally displaced people Every war and occupation brings about human catastrophes, such as lacking basic necessities, poverty, insecurity and massive violence.
dancewater 10/19/2009 8 10 1 13
What War Brings:  unending imprisonment
WHAT WAR BRINGS: unending imprisonment and disregard for the rule of law Well, technically, people who are thrown into prison are not there indefinitely. If nothing else, one day ...
dancewater 10/16/2009 8 12 - 231
What War Brings:  environmental destruction
WHAT WAR BRINGS: severe destruction of the environment We have here on Daily Kos a series of almost daily diaries on the environment, called Green Diary Rescue or DK GreenRoots. ...
dancewater 10/15/2009 11 13 1 206
WWB:  deterioration of women's rights
WHAT WAR BRINGS: deterioration of women’s rights One of the many proposed reasons for going into Afghanistan was to restore women’s rights to the Afghan women, who ...
dancewater 10/14/2009 9 13 - 4
What War Brings:  drone bombings
WHAT WAR BRINGS: drone bombings that kill civilians I was not going to include this in my series originally, because drone bombs have not been a part of most prior wars and ...
dancewater 10/13/2009 132 19 - 89
What War Brings:  death squads
WHAT WAR BRINGS: death squads In wars and occupations, lots of different people and lots of different groups take up killing other people – for a variety of reasons. One ...
dancewater 10/12/2009 3 10 1 26
WWB:  violence and oppression to gays
WHAT WAR BRINGS: violence and oppression to gays Yet another sad aspect of a war and occupation is the violence and suppression of minority groups, particularly religious and ...
dancewater 10/11/2009 5 6 1 11
WWB: violence and oppression to minority religious groups
WHAT WAR BRINGS: violence and oppression to minority religious groups IRAQ Violence and terror against Iraq’s minority Christian population has been ...
dancewater 10/10/2009 7 5 - 21
What War Brings: widows and abandoned elderly
WHAT WAR BRINGS: widows and abandoned elderly This post is probably just pointing out the obvious: men get killed the most when wars and occupations come to your hometown, ...
dancewater 10/09/2009 7 12 - 16
What War Brings: orphans
What War Brings: orphans Yes, every war and every occupation produces orphans. In more recent times, this is especially true because civilians are so impacted by the wars and the occupations. ...
dancewater 09/18/2009 7 7 - 31
WWB: severe trauma to children
WHAT WAR BRINGS: severe trauma to children In any war or occupation where there is a refugee crisis, children are deeply affected. They, like their parents, often flee their ...
dancewater 09/16/2009 12 20 - 271
WWB: destruction of educational systems
WHAT WAR BRINGS: destruction of educational systems Like all other institutions in a country at war, education suffers greatly. This post is going to look at how much education ...
dancewater 09/15/2009 2 6 - 59
WWB: children forced to be militants
WHAT WAR BRINGS: children forced to be militants In both Iraq and Afghanistan, children were forced to be militants. Sometimes this was for money, sometimes as an after-effect of ...
dancewater 09/14/2009 4 10 - 14
What War Brings: vicious injuries
What War Brings: vicious, horrific injuries to civilians All wars and occupations bring injuries, and this post is going to focus on the horrific physical injuries suffered by the ...
dancewater 09/13/2009 1 8 - 74
WWB: neighbors and friends turning on each other
WHAT WAR BRINGS: neighbors and friends turning on each other in violence In a lot of occupations by a foreign power, the indigenous population will dissolve into a civil war. ...
dancewater 09/10/2009 4 7 - 13
What War Brings: suicides
What War Brings: suicides We have heard of the increase in suicide rates among Iraq war veterans and Afghanistan war veterans, but I am focusing on what war brings to civilians in ...
dancewater 09/08/2009 26 8 - 213
WWB: combatants storming hospitals
WHAT WAR BRINGS: combatants storming and bombing hospitals One would think that hospitals would be seen as a “no-go” zone for combatants, but one would be wrong. ...
dancewater 09/07/2009 11 20 - 183
WWB: lack of electricity and clean water
WHAT WAR BRINGS: lack of electricity and clean water No one can say that a lack of electricity is a part of all wars and occupations, since we didn’t even have electricity ...
dancewater 09/01/2009 12 22 - 332
What War Brings: rape and sexual torture
One of the uglier aspects of wars and occupations is the rape of men, women and children. It is always a part of wars and occupations, and it is mainly the civilians who are the victims. The ...
dancewater 08/31/2009 27 28 2 303
WWB: dead bodies dumped on the street
WHAT WAR BRINGS: dead bodies of unknown persons found dumped on the streets, and nearly anywhere else also A part of all wars and occupations is the vast rise in murder and violence in the society ...
dancewater 08/25/2009 4 9 - 12
What War Brings: mercenaries
WHAT WAR BRINGS: mercenaries Sometimes these mercenaries are called “security contractors” here in the USA, or just “contractors”. But they are mercenaries,
dancewater 08/24/2009 23 33 3 290
WWB: drug addiction
WHAT WAR BRINGS: drug addiction There are multiple causes of the growth and development of a drug addiction population in a war zone. The break down in security and the easier ...
dancewater 08/23/2009 5 6 - 11
WWB: the destruction and murder of Ali’s family
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the destruction and murder of Ali’s family Today is the fourth anniversary. On Saturday evening, August 20, 2005, Ali’s ...
dancewater 08/21/2009 5 8 1 1
WWB: homicide by torture
WHAT WAR BRINGS: homicide by torture In all wars, and all occupations, people are captured or kidnapped and then tortured to death. This certainly happened in Guantanamo, ...
dancewater 08/20/2009 7 11 - 3
WWB: long term occupations
WHAT WAR BRINGS: long term occupations It is a fact that wars and occupations come to an end one day. Could be weeks, months, years, decades, but they do come to an end. However,
dancewater 08/18/2009 14 8 - 5
WWB: destruction of culture
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the destruction of a culture Having a war and occupation in your town, city, province means that the area – and the people who live within – will be ...
dancewater 08/18/2009 3 6 1 3
WWB: human rights abuses
WHAT WAR BRINGS: human rights abuses This is a broad topic, a very broad topic. One could easily write a book on human rights abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Amnesty ...
dancewater 08/17/2009 6 10 - 404
WWB: poverty and homelessness
WHAT WAR BRINGS: vast increases in poverty and homelessness War and occupation makes the poor much poorer, and often leaves the formerly well-off in a destitute condition. Jobs ...
dancewater 08/16/2009 4 19 1 181
WWB: civilian casualties from shootings
WHAT WAR BRINGS: civilian casualties from military shootings Of course in every war and occupation, there will be cases of civilians being shot and killed by the superior military ...
dancewater 08/14/2009 2 6 - 43
WWB: torture
WHAT WAR BRINGS: torture Where there is war and occupation, there will ALWAYS be torture. ALWAYS. They are destined to go to together, and always have, and always will. If you ...
dancewater 08/13/2009 4 4 - 9
WWB: shattered families
WHAT WAR BRINGS: shattered families Nearly every family in Iraq in the years 2003 to 2009 is a shattered family. Almost none of them are untouched by the refugee crisis, the ...
dancewater 08/12/2009 8 7 1 4
WWB: killing of nonviolent protesters
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the killing of nonviolent protesters Pictures of non-violent protest in Iraq. And there are many, many ...
dancewater 08/11/2009 3 4 - 8
WWB: kidnapping
WHAT WAR BRINGS: kidnappings This is a brief overview of who does the kidnapping, who is a victim of kidnapping, and what might be motivating this criminal activity in Iraq and Afghanistan. But,
dancewater 08/10/2009 1 7 - 26
WWB: weapons in "enemy" hands
WHAT WAR BRINGS: weapons ending up in ‘enemy’ hands American taxpayers are rightly prepared to pay for all the equipment our soldiers need to defend ...
dancewater 07/24/2009 2 2 - 11
WWB: mass graves
WHAT WAR BRINGS: creation of mass graves Before the invasion of Iraq, we were told (repeatedly) of the mass graves of Saddam. We were told that they contained between 300,000 and ...
dancewater 07/23/2009 8 8 - 75
WWB: confronting your family’s killers
WHAT WAR BRINGS: confronting your family’s killers in court This is a peculiar case – because generally, you do not get the chance to confront a foreigner who is part ...
dancewater 07/22/2009 6 7 - 70
WWB: ongoing war crimes
WHAT WAR BRINGS: ongoing war crimes Recently, blog posts and corporate media have been paying attention to a war crime that happened in the year 2001 in Afghanistan. Our ‘allies’ ...
dancewater 07/20/2009 4 7 - 22
WWB: destruction of health care
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the destruction of health care in affected countries In the years before sanctions and the US invasion and occupation, Iraq had a health care system that was considered to be one ...
dancewater 07/20/2009 8 8 - 5
WWB: Corruption
WHAT WAR BRINGS: corruption Where war and occupation goes, corruption follows, like night follows day. This is not to say everyone involved with the wars and occupations are corrupt. I suspect ...
dancewater 07/19/2009 11 19 - 236
WWB: the killing of journalists
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the killing of journalists Iraq is one of the deadliest places for journalists. The killing of journalists started when the US forces reached Baghdad in 2003.
dancewater 07/18/2009 9 13 1 224
WWB: kidnapping of journalists
WHAT WAR BRINGS: kidnapping of journalists Yesterday I covered the imprisonment of journalists by US forces without charges. I called that ‘kidnapping’. Today, I am going to cover ...
dancewater 07/17/2009 7 3 - 98
WWB: imprisoning journalists without charges
WHAT WAR BRINGS: imprisoning journalists without charges This blog post will cover some of the journalists who were detained by US authorities, that is, the US military. I am not ...
dancewater 07/16/2009 5 6 - 10
WWB: bombs going off in civilian neighborhoods
WHAT WAR BRINGS: bombs going off in civilian neighborhoods This post is going to cover bombs going off in regular neighborhoods in Iraq. Now imagine this is YOUR neighborhood.
dancewater 07/15/2009 7 15 - 44
WWB: deep sense of injustice
WHAT WAR BRINGS: A deep sense of injustice In Iraq, the country and culture has been destroyed. No Iraqi has been untouched by violence and chaos from the US invasion and ...
dancewater 07/14/2009 7 6 - 10
WWB: Children detained and tortured
WHAT WAR BRINGS: children detained without charges and tortured An Afghan child, Mohammed Jawad, spent over six years at Guantanamo. He was originally picked up by the Afghan police, then handed ...
dancewater 07/13/2009 25 51 1 227
WWB: destruction and murder of Ali’s family
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the destruction and murder of Ali’s family On Saturday evening, August 20, 2005, Ali’s entire family was murdered. He was the only survivor of the ...
dancewater 07/12/2009 6 10 - 5
WWB: the disappeared
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the disappeared This edition of WHAT WAR BRINGS will focus on the disappeared from war zones and the unrelenting agony that causes the loved ones left behind.
dancewater 07/11/2009 32 14 - 208
WWB: brain drain
WHAT WAR BRINGS: brain drain One of the sadder effects of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq is the massive “brain drain” that has resulted. Thousands, or tens of ...
dancewater 07/10/2009 6 7 - 35
WWB: the silence of children
WHAT WAR BRINGS: the silence of children Below is a re-post from March 25, 2007. It is all still true, as far as I know. This silencing of children is happening in Iraq, ...
dancewater 07/09/2009 23 12 - 1
WWB: Civilian casualties from crossfire
WHAT WAR BRINGS: Civilian casualties from crossfire This topic, just covering Iraq and Afghanistan since the US invasions, could fill an encyclopedia. I am going to list a few incidents I know ...
dancewater 07/08/2009 6 8 - 8
WWB: sectarian strife
WHAT WAR BRINGS: sectarian strife When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, there was no recent history of violence or aggression between Sunnis and Shia’s of Iraq. Instead, there was multiple ...
dancewater 07/07/2009 15 5 - 59
WWB: Civilian casualties from landmines
WHAT WAR BRINGS: Civilian casualties from landmines A report last month in McClatchy told of the casualties from landmines in the Basra area, and also told how Iraq is no longer clearing out the ...
dancewater 07/06/2009 12 12 - 18
WWB: Civilian deaths by air
This post is about US bombings of civilians. I cannot begin to cover all the air bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan (drone attacks), but I will cover a few examples. God only knows ...
dancewater 07/05/2009 26 7 - 8
What War Brings: the series
I decided to write up a story a day (for however long I can) on what war brings to people who are unfortunate enough to get caught up in it. I choose to start on July 4th, the ...
dancewater 07/04/2009 5 8 - 5
US drones kill 687 innocents
The US military has been busy this past month. They have killed innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
dancewater 04/12/2009 105 34 - 48
Israeli exports hit by boycotts
Over the years, there have been several groups and countries that have called for boycotts of Israel and Israeli ...
dancewater 04/11/2009 259 27 - 28
Some things you just never get over
After all, when you are dead, you’re dead. There is no ‘bringing you back’ or ‘do-overs’. All that can be done is to notice and to remember. And to say ‘never ...
dancewater 04/09/2009 23 16 1 219
Iraqi babies for sale, and other horrors
The Guardian newspaper (UK) has a story out about the trafficking of Iraqi babies and children. They say that at ...
dancewater 04/07/2009 8 14 - 36
Message from the President of Iran (with poll)
President Ahmadinejad: Today I want to extend my very best wishes to all who are celebrating Easter around the world. This holiday is both an ancient ritual and a moment of renewal, and I hope ...
dancewater 04/01/2009 23 6 - 3
To note one death
A 12 year old Iraqi girl was shot and killed by US troops in Mosul on March 17, 2009. Although violence is down in Iraq, there is still plenty of killing going on. The US military said this:
dancewater 03/29/2009 5 16 - 22
Saturday's Rally in DC
On Saturday, I went to the ANSWER coalition march on the Pentagon and war profiteers. I met up with some UNCG students at 5 AM (brutal) and got in a van to go to DC. The van was late and it was ...
dancewater 03/23/2009 4 6 - 9
Iraqi bloggers on the sixth anniversary, part two
Yesterday, I posted part one of this series . Here are some more clips from Iraqi bloggers on ...
dancewater 03/19/2009 27 17 - 156
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