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Killing our labor leaders. Remebering the Haymarket martyrs
This is the final installment of a four-part series that I first posted in 2006. The Haymarket bombing in 1886 Chicago gave the powers-that-be the excuse to have the police round up the most ...
dannyinla 05/05/2012 22 11 - 62
May 4th, 1886 - The Haymarket Bombing
This is the third in a four-part series about the Haymarket bombing in Chicago that I am reposting this week. The 2006 series originally coincided with a (still unproduced) screenplay I had written ...
dannyinla 05/04/2012 6 13 1 66
Something's amiss: Chen Guangcheng, Fox & Abortion
Shocker! I'm no expert on Chinese dissidents. Most of us at DKos aren't. I've been to China. Sort of. I've been to Hong Kong and Macau. Hardly the rural mainland. So, I freely admit that I don't ...
dannyinla 05/03/2012 19 12 - 145
Haymarket (Pt.II) May 3, 1886 - WORKING MEN, TO ARMS!!
Two days ago, I reposted the first in a four-part diary series about the Haymarket bombing in Chicago. The 2006 series originally coincided with a (still unproduced) screenplay I had written about ...
dannyinla 05/03/2012 10 10 1 48
May Day, 1886... and how four citizens came to hang
I rarely write diaries here anymore, but six years ago today I began a series on the history of the Haymarket bombing in Chicago. It coincided with a screenplay I had written (still unproduced, ...
dannyinla 05/01/2012 21 20 3 133
Oh, if you become VP, it's Canada for me... (2 videos)
7 days to go. And this is not, as kos writes, the time to leave anything on the road . Give ...
dannyinla 10/28/2008 13 5 - 8
May 4th, 1886 - The Haymarket Bombing
This is a repost of a diary I wrote two years ago on the 120th anniversary of the Haymarket bomb that forever altered ...
dannyinla 05/04/2008 11 22 2 42
May Day, 1886... and how four citizens came to hang
Two years ago today, I posted a diary about May Day and the Haymarket bombing. I decided to repost it today in honor of those hung by a corrupt Chicago political and judicial system.
dannyinla 05/01/2008 16 14 - 32
Lou Dobbs: Revolution is "the kind of change" Obama wants
(cross posted at MyDD ) Recently Jeffrey Feldman has begun posting a Violent ...
dannyinla 04/24/2008 55 19 2 88
Can Simi Valley turn blue? With your help... YES!
Okay I don't do this often... except when it seems right. There a diary on the Recent list that is in danger of scrolling off.
dannyinla 04/21/2008 12 6 - 17
Larry Johnson raising funds for anti-Obama smear campaign
There was a time in the not too distant past that Larry C Johnson, who tirelessly promotes his ties to the CIA, was a darling of the Left. He spoke out against those in Washington that were trying ...
dannyinla 04/10/2008 73 29 - 21
I. Am. A. Democrat.
There are a number of comments and diaries (both here and at other blogs) that have prompted this diary. But the biggest reason is that there are a handful of extremists on both sides of the Dem ...
dannyinla 03/31/2008 77 17 1 5
Daschle gives Russert a scoop: Obama won TX.
Yep. On this morning's Meet the Press , Tom Daschle gave Russert a huge scoop. But what did that hard-hitting, bulldog, millionaire pundit Tim ...
dannyinla 03/09/2008 42 32 1 15
For Nataline: A Diary that Deserves the Rec List
Thanks to the DKos mining of the Dairy Rescue bunch, I stumbled across this wonderful diary by Shockwave: At Natalin ...
dannyinla 12/28/2007 9 19 - 4
In the candidate's words: On Driver's Licenses (UPDATED)
I've grown weary of the constant battle here to degrade good Dem candidates in a sport of one-upmanship between diarists. I've opted to let the three leading candidates words speak for themselves ...
dannyinla 11/06/2007 29 4 - -
Fred, Frist and Schiavo: Forgets history, Remembers donors
Kagro X has a front-page post about Fred Thompson's recent visit to the Stepfordian sounding "The Villages" in which he suggests that ...
dannyinla 09/14/2007 10 7 - 13
For my daughters, 9/11 has just happened for the first time
I have two daughters - ages almost 10 and 7 1/2 - who went to bed tonight without knowing about 9/11. Just like we all did six years ago. And when we woke up, the world had changed. We had changed.
dannyinla 09/11/2007 4 15 - 16
On Petraeus and the surge: recognizing the WH blitz
Today's Washington Post tells us the following: Another new arrival in the West ...
dannyinla 09/09/2007 11 10 1 6
Drop the Impeachment Talking Point? Not Dana Milbank.
In wmtriallawyer's Recommended diary, The Impeachment Talking Point that Needs to be Dropped , the diarist makes a point that Cindy ...
dannyinla 07/24/2007 81 14 - 12
I'm using my diary tonite to promote a special diary
Once or twice in the past I've been compelled to pen a diary that promotes another diary that needs more attention.
dannyinla 04/29/2007 8 8 - 1
AP writer Nedra Pickler hears "voices": Obama lacks substance
The AP's Nedra Pickler is at it again. Is Obama all style and little substance? I'...
dannyinla 03/27/2007 58 19 2 11
Asking "Gotchya" questions... or isn't this why we hate Fox?
Here's a scenario that we know now will NOT happen thanks to the excellent efforts of the Left to squeeze Fox out of the Nevada Democratic Primary debate. But let's pretend for a moment: Fox is ...
dannyinla 03/15/2007 89 61 1 156
Do they come any dumber than Katie Couric?
I will admit that I have yet to watch Katie Couric "do" the news on CBS. I find it to be a cruel joke on the American public perpetrated by CBS News. In an era when, more than ever, we need ...
dannyinla 02/27/2007 398 237 - 40
George! Come Back! ummm... I don't think so.
Sammy Sosa is planning a comeback.
dannyinla 02/16/2007 10 7 - 11
Catfight Schmatfight. Can't a reporter have some fun?
I wrote a diary recently which included an attack on the MSM for its seemingly habitual inability to relate the news without a ...
dannyinla 01/04/2007 35 28 1 148
Bite the newbies!
In the movie Shattered Glass , a bunch of newbies at The New Republic piss off their ...
dannyinla 12/30/2006 456 251 5 37
Foley and the Pages: In Their Own Words
dannyinla 10/04/2006 13 18 - 19
An amazing Darfur diary scrolled away
dannyinla 09/23/2006 9 12 - -
Stop BBC2 from airing The Path to 9/11
dannyinla 09/07/2006 10 9 - 6
Paul Begala apologizes for his nose-picking quip
dannyinla 05/18/2006 47 24 - 21
May 5th, 1886 - Rounding up the Haymarket martyrs
dannyinla 05/05/2006 33 19 8 161
May 4th, 1886 - The Haymarket Bombing
dannyinla 05/04/2006 26 24 5 234
May 3rd, 1886 - WORKINGMEN, TO ARMS!!
dannyinla 05/03/2006 14 14 5 45
May Day, 1886... and how four citizens came to hang
dannyinla 05/01/2006 16 25 7 171
The charitable Dick Cheney - what does his dollar buy?
dannyinla 04/19/2006 51 38 6 167
My chat with a frustrated soldier as he held his infant son
dannyinla 04/09/2006 155 212 3 18
FIGHT BACK: Anti-Feingold attack ads begin
dannyinla 03/21/2006 203 274 1 18
Why Al Gore Will Run and Win
dannyinla 03/20/2006 15 8 - -
SCHOOL TESTING SCANDAL: When Low Scores Are High Scores
dannyinla 03/14/2006 26 8 - 9
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