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How to fix climate change for free
One of the problems with addressing climate change is that many people think it will be "too expensive" or that we will have to live in a cave. But there is a way to address climate change that ...
dannym999 10/25/2014 23 17 2 -
Dual Deals With the Devil
Climate scientist James Hansen has published an article that explains the lack of warming in the past decade as well as the slowing of the uptake of CO2 in the atmosphere while the burning of ...
dannym999 03/31/2013 16 57 1 -
James Hansen: Less than 10 Years Left to Reduce CO2
Climate scientist James Hansen spoke at the TED conference last week and laid out the risks of continuing on our business-as-usual greenhouse gas emissions path. He also offered a policy solution ...
dannym999 03/12/2012 243 158 4 816
Already Too Late to Avoid Catastrophe by Only Reducing CO2 Emissions
I'm co-author of a recent paper in the journal Oceanography that shows that even if all man-
dannym999 03/23/2010 53 37 2 72
Can CO2 warm the Earth if it's only 0.04% of the air?
Some people wonder how CO2 can have such a big influence on global warming since it is such a small part of the atmosphere -- only 0.04% (390 parts per million or ppm). It turns out that CO2 is ...
dannym999 03/07/2010 414 249 10 155
Climate Change and Car Crashes
I previously posted about the scariest global warming graph I've ever seen . This was a ...
dannym999 09/09/2009 6 11 - 101
Scariest global warming graph I've ever seen
After posting my first kos diary a couple of days ago on Climate change will be much worse than you think , I read a ...
dannym999 02/25/2009 39 51 6 530
Climate change will be much worse than you think
Climate change will be much worse, much sooner than most people think. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) recent ...
dannym999 02/23/2009 508 299 24 361
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