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Mon Mar 09, 2009 at 10:53 AM PDT

signing statements constitutional?

by darwinsfeet

President Obama says he will use signing statements sparingly, to indicate if he thinks a portion of a bill is unconstitutional. Being a constitutional scholar, I'm sure he will have a great insight to that kind of question, but that is irrelevant.

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# Story Highlights # House Republicans unveil list of "wasteful" Senate stimulus spending (about 20 billion out of 880 !!! ) # Stimulus bill passed in the House without any Republican support # One provision: A $246 million tax break for Hollywood movie producers # Another concern: $75 million for salaries of employees at the FBI

the GOP is making a stink for a 2% difference in the stimulus package. That is how important they are, 2% !

the GOP is the party of nothing. party of little or no significance. party of 2%.

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but it was only released today, why was FOX talking about it a week ago?

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some of my friends keep forwarding me these stupid wingnut emails, and they think they are funny. When i snap back at them and tell them these emails are garbage, they patronise me with fluff psychoanalysis and tell me to take a chill pill. Here is one such email and the exchanges I had with my friend. Let me know what you think. I think we need to stand up to these stupid non-funny "joke" emails going around. The memes must be killed.


what do you think about my response?

27%17 votes
3%2 votes
40%25 votes
1%1 votes
26%16 votes

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why bother to bail out GM and other failing auto makers, so they can continue to build the same crappy cars that nobody wants (hence their impending failure)? We don't need more and more cars on the road, which add to traffic jams, pollution, and reliance on oil. what we need are high speed trains crisscrossing the US! If the French have it, why can't we???
I say bail out GM only if they will start making these rather than their crappy cars:

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A friend of mine on facebook wrote a status message of "I'm debating my political choices". She is a Physician. So I said to her

what's there to debate? on one hand you have an old fart who insults women and has put a dumb bimbo a 72-year-old-4-time-melanoma heart beat away from the Presidency, and on the other hand you have a young vibrant intelligent person who has the potential to unite the world and inspire a new generation. Quite an easy choice I think :)
Unless you are wondering which Judges to vote yes/no for. I never know what to do on those either...

Another friend of hers, who is also a Physician, said to her...


Who has the better health plan?

96%193 votes
3%6 votes

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