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Time for a third party?
When I read about Obama's latest sell out I can't help but wonder. Why am I a Democrat? Obama never even gave Single Payer a chance. He threw the house away in the debt ceiling "negotiations". NO ...
davethefave 12/17/2012 68 3 - -
Sunday Rally at the NRA office
I just wish that this Sunday rallies could be held at any NRA offices that exist around the country. Would that be possible? Could it be done? Let's face it - they're the problem. Maybe we could ...
davethefave 12/14/2012 4 4 - -
Roll up the sleeves
I made my own pro-Obama bumper sticker and drove around Orange County, CA with that thing on the back. For those not in the know - the OC used to be called "Reagan Country". It's the birthplace of ...
davethefave 11/08/2012 3 1 - -
At least he didn't cry.
But it was sad. Like watching an athlete throw a game because she won't throw a punch. Like watching a balloon deflate. Like watching a self-deportation. But who did we expect? We saw the true ...
davethefave 10/03/2012 37 - - 430
NPR Audie Cornish - swings right
Hmmm - today I listened to Audie Cornish "interview" Richard Williamson, Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy adviser. On NPR's afternoon All things Considered. It was disappointing. http://www.npr....
davethefave 09/14/2012 26 9 - 191
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