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"The problem is we can't discriminate"
Well folks, here in Florida we're witnessing quite a sight: the last, desperate gasps of the anti-gay bigots. Now that the courts have declared, once and for all, that Florida can no longer treat ...
davidkc 01/03/2015 84 105 - -
FL Boy Scout Troop Gets Offers From Many Churches After Being Booted by Anti-Gay Church
I was in the Boy Scouts for many years and have fond memories of my experience. I had a lot of fun learning about camping, tying knots and all the rest, and also learned a lot of great life ...
davidkc 12/08/2013 22 80 - -
Cory Booker Wins US Senate Seat!!
Congratulations Senator Booker! I don't always agree with you, but mostly I do and I'm proud to have you as the next Dem in the US Senate!
davidkc 10/16/2013 14 30 - -
Allen West Update: St. Lucie to Recount All Early Votes
The Allen West-Patrick Murphy saga just grows more twisted and bizarre. On Friday night the St. Lucie County canvassing board voted to recount all early votes for the West-Murphy race, the Palm ...
davidkc 11/17/2012 47 31 - -
FL voters: You can vote Sun. or Mon.!! - Updates for Orange, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade!
In-person early voting ended on Saturday in Florida, but what many people don't know is that you can still vote early in many counties on Sunday and/or Monday by picking up a vote-by-mail ballot in ...
davidkc 11/04/2012 76 210 2 -
The Romney Death Stench Grows: Ryan Allies Leak His Post-Loss Plans
docstymie has a great diary on the rec list right now showing one sure sign that the Romney campaign is unraveling: confidential campaign insiders pointing out that Romney really wanted Chris ...
davidkc 11/03/2012 191 339 4 -
Ryan: "It would take me too long" to explain our tax plan
In yet another stunning display of the Romney campaign betting on the stupidity of the American people, today Paul Ryan steadfastly refused to offer any specifics on Romney's tax plan in an ...
davidkc 09/30/2012 19 16 - 107
David Frum: "Romney did Obama a huge favor" with Ryan pick
Well that didn't take long. Conservative columnist and pundit David Frum has a new opinion piece up at CNN that is highly critical of Romney's decision to pick Paul Ryan as his running mate. His ...
davidkc 08/13/2012 95 153 3 1806
Did you watch Politics Nation tonight? Wow! Insider lays bare FL GOP's voter suppression
Did you watch Rev. Al Sharpton's Politics Nation show on MSNBC tonight? If not, all I can say is "Wow." I wrote in a recent dkos diary about how, in a recent court deposition, former Florida ...
davidkc 08/09/2012 21 30 1 308
Former FL GOP chair calls party officials liars, "whack-a-do, right-wing crazies''
Lost amid the Olympics and Romney's gaffe-a-thon is some stunning Republican Party in-fighting here in Florida - just in time for the RNC Convention in Tampa! In a stunning deposition that just ...
davidkc 07/28/2012 32 83 1 607
Guardian: How Romney's Getting Away With His "Pervasive" & "Reckless" Lying
There's a must-read diary by News Corpse which details Steve Benen's list of the top ten lies told repeatedly by Mitt Romney - among the many, many, many lies he tells all the time. Over at the ...
davidkc 06/23/2012 215 369 9 2054
Sanford, Florida's Long, Troubled History of Racism & Racial Injustice
The tragic, racially motivated shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, and the continued refusal of the city's judicial system to charge his shooter after more than a month, is less ...
davidkc 04/01/2012 33 105 1 473
Have you seen this NY Times story? Centrist women fleeing the GOP!
There's a story in today's New York Times that I think could be one of THE most important trends in this year's presidential election: How the Republican Party has managed to send women fleeing in ...
davidkc 03/11/2012 249 512 9 3051
RNC tries to screw over businesses for 2012 Convention
Republicans are supposed to be all about supporting small businesses and free market and all that crap, right? This week in Tampa, hotel owners across the Tampa Bay region found out that Republicans ...
davidkc 10/29/2011 58 122 1 643
Judge Stops Florida Legislature From Privatizing Prisons: A Union Victory
Here's some rare good news from Florida: On Friday a Florida judge ruled that the [ Florida Legislature violated the law and ...
davidkc 10/01/2011 8 17 - 114
Floridians Speak Out and Stop Rick Scott's Scheme to Pave Paradise
I have some good news to report out of my crazy state of Florida today: average Florida citizens have successfully fought back against Gov. Scott's horrific plan to pave over more of Florida paradise.
davidkc 07/09/2011 99 229 2 1040
Advertiser boycott of NBC's "The Apprentice" begins
The beginnings of an advertiser boycott of race-baiting Donald Trump's NBC show "The Apprentice" is taking shape. Today Groupon announced that it will block its advertisements from appearing on The ...
davidkc 04/28/2011 182 426 11 2864
Stunning: Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Out NBC for Its Role in Trump's Latest Racist Move (Updated 7x)
I just watched a stunning performance by Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC. He just callled out his employer - NBC - for being complicit in Donald Trump's racist campaign against the President of the ...
davidkc 04/27/2011 607 691 8 5957
Buh-bye Dr. Laura, don't let the door hit ya
After years of spewing wingnutty blather, Dr. Laura announced on Larry King tonight that she's [
davidkc 08/17/2010 487 483 3 222
Did CNN pull rent boy story involving Florida AG McCollum?
As I was reading [$60, tiponeill's diary] telling the despicable tale about how Florida Attorney General (and ...
davidkc 05/07/2010 30 42 - 138
Ruh-Roh: Florida AG's HCR lawsuit looks like a major FAIL
Ruh Roh. It looks like Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's ludicrous, backwards, racist-tinger, taxpayer dollars-wasting lawsuit against the federal government over health care reform is ...
davidkc 04/19/2010 149 281 4 51
Florida Republican Party Imploding Fast! (Updated 3x)
Let me get you non-Floridians up to speed: the Republican Party in Florida is imploding - Fast. Every day this week has revealed another layer of a growing scandal of corruption, greed and unlawful ...
davidkc 04/03/2010 305 662 6 374
Teabaggers hurl racist, homophobic slurs at Reps. Lewis, Frank, Others (Updated 8x)
As historic health insurance reform legislation gets closer to passage, the Teabaggers are getting increasingly desperate and ugly, and are exposing their true colors. Today a Tea Party protester ...
davidkc 03/20/2010 880 754 5 947
Dick Cheney Assails Capture of Taliban's Top Military Commander
Former Vice President Dick Cheney today assailed the U.S. military's capture, under President Obama's leadership, of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s top military commander who ranks ...
davidkc 02/16/2010 27 22 - 98
What Obama did right on health care - learning the lessons from 94
I'm as disappointed as anyone with the current health care legislation as it heads to conference. If we end up with something resembling the Senate bill, which I think is highly likely, I consider ...
davidkc 12/26/2009 23 21 1 59
Why do Republicans hate Christmas?
Well, it appears that there has been a new assault in the War on Christmas, and it was launched by...the Republican National Committee. As noted on [
davidkc 12/25/2009 7 5 - 18
Red states lead in food stamp usage (updated)
Today's New York Times has a depressing but important story about the [ growth in food stamp usage] in our country. If you look at the [http://...
davidkc 11/29/2009 165 116 8 408
Fed'l judge lobs "bombshell" challenge to White House on GLBT rights
Last week Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals threw down a major challenge to the Obama administration over equal rights for same-sex couples, fast on the heels of ...
davidkc 11/27/2009 438 346 5 747
A Media Return to Reality: NY-23 Loss Was a "Disaster" for GOP (Updated)
Now that the overblown hype over the governor's races in New Jersey and Virgina has died down, cooler heads are starting to prevail among the DC pundits and politicos. Today the NY Times has an ...
davidkc 11/07/2009 223 388 6 169
Alan Grayson Shows Dems How to Play Hardball (Updated 2x w/ video!)
Count me in the camp that loves Alan Grayson, Florida's freshman Congressman from the 8th District. Finally, we have a Dem in Congress who is showing a spine, standing up to the Republicans' BS and ...
davidkc 10/03/2009 464 682 15 208
Just who is Alan Frumin? He may be the key to health care reform
NicolasC's [ diary] discusses the good editiorial in today's New York Times that spells ...
davidkc 08/30/2009 14 18 2 30
Krugman breaks it down: Why free markets can't cure health care
Paul Krugman's latest [ blog entry] explains in clear, simple and unequivocal terms why a reliance on the free market ...
davidkc 07/26/2009 335 468 23 181
Even GOPers agree: Republicans' Sotomayor hearing performance a major FAIL
If anything notable came out of the Senate's confirmation hearing for Sonia Sotomayor, it is this: The Republicans are going to be a minority party for a long, long time. I myself found the ...
davidkc 07/19/2009 50 27 - 38
Kept From a Dying Partner’s Bedside: This Crap Has Got to Stop
One of the worst things I can ever imagine happening is my partner of 15 years suffer some kind of serious health problems; I love him so much that it would pain me beyond belief to see him ...
davidkc 05/18/2009 34 62 2 560
Success: Florida GOP retreat from anti-voter bill
As reported in [ ProgressiveSouth's alert diary] a few days ago, late last week the Republicans in the Florida House tried to ram through a ...
davidkc 04/24/2009 26 55 1 14
Now we know why Condi is in CYA mode (Updated)
Watching [ Rachel Maddow interview Philip Zelikow], a top State Department lawyer under Condoleezza Rice, about his ...
davidkc 04/22/2009 436 688 13 75
The Right's Agenda Loses Traction in (gasp!) Florida
Pity the wingnut these days. It looks like the conservative right's loony agenda can't gain any traction even in the loony Republican-controlled legislature in Florida, as noted in today's [http://...
davidkc 04/12/2009 16 20 - 21
Homophobia's destructive power: T.D. Jakes' son caught in gay sex sting (Updated)
In a sad but fitting reminder of the need we all have for love, on this Valentine's Day I came across a story that shows, once again, the personal pain that can result when people continue to rail ...
davidkc 02/14/2009 436 394 9 44
FL GOP House Speaker Steps Down; FL House in "Chaos"
If you haven't been following Florida state politics over the past few months, you've missed quite a drama. Republican Ray Sansom has undergone a stunning fall from grace in the past few months. ...
davidkc 01/31/2009 35 57 - 193
My Top Ten Political Blogs of 2008 (w/poll)
We Americans have an obsession with creating Top Ten lists at the close of every year, for reasons I have not bothered to figure out. So I woke up today deciding to create my own Top Ten list of the ...
davidkc 12/31/2008 44 11 3 23
“I am enjoying this” recession
The quote in my diary title is from L. William Seidman, one of the lawyers, investors and lobbyists who are absolutely giddy over the current economic recession, as described in an [http://www....
davidkc 12/29/2008 227 248 6 33
Pastor Warren thinks I'm evil
Pastor Rick Warren issued a [ new video] yesterday in which he accuses people who have called him out for his virulent anti-
davidkc 12/23/2008 139 30 1 25
Florida GOP chair's $3,600 dinner for two
In these tough economic times, you'll be glad to know that Florida's Republican Party leaders are doing their part to stimulate the economy. In fact, the [
davidkc 12/06/2008 17 8 - -
My advance apologies for Florida
Well, the afterglow I felt when Florida turned blue for Obama sure didn't last long. Sen. Mel Martinez's surprise announcement that he won't seek re-election in 2010 has suddenly turned the state's ...
davidkc 12/04/2008 52 12 - 15
School district submits request for TARP bailout money
Now THIS is the kind of bailout I can get fully behind. A financially distressed Ohio public school superintendent has [ filed a ...
davidkc 12/03/2008 26 16 2 333
Fox News 0-4 at Obama pressers
Looks like President-Elect Obama is giving Fox News the finger, and I couldn't be happier. [ FishbowlDC] points ...
davidkc 11/26/2008 74 45 2 38
Banking exec: "Banks will be back for more handouts"
New York Times business columinist Joe Nocera has a [ truly ...
davidkc 11/25/2008 18 9 1 1
Heard at the gym: Repugs who voted Dem for the first time
The gym where my partner and I work out is not the place where politics is discussed much. But this past week that changed, and boy did we learn a lot by talking to a lifelong conservative and ...
davidkc 11/22/2008 40 31 - 42
How Claire McCaskill became Obama's "most reliable surrogate"
This early post-election period is a great chance to look back at some important untold stories from the campaign, and the Kansas City Star just published one such story about how Senator Claire ...
davidkc 11/21/2008 55 69 1 247
Barack Obama wants to hear from you: where do we go from here?
A lot of us have wondered how Barack Obama, as president, planned to utilize this enormous grassroots movement that he created over the course of his groundbreaking campaign. I got perhaps the ...
davidkc 11/19/2008 33 14 1 19
The e-mails that brought down a Republican Governor (Updated 2x)
The controversial e-mails that brought down the administration of Missouri's Republican Governor, former GOP golden boy Matt Blunt, were finally released to three media outlets this week, and this ...
davidkc 11/17/2008 171 700 20 227
Utterly tasteless: Fox News mocks black reporter's tears over Obama win
Here's one utterly tasteless moment from Fox News that slipped through the cracks on election night. Late night Fox News host Greg Gutfeld reached a new low, even for him, when he [http://rawstory....
davidkc 11/08/2008 68 36 - 24
A bit of good news for gays in FL amid the very bad
While people across the country are rightfully upset about the passage of the anti-gay Prop 8 in California, the GLBT community in Florida is also mourning the passage of an anti-gay marriage ...
davidkc 11/06/2008 9 10 1 4
How Obama Won Florida
When I chatted with my fellow volunteers at the Obama call center in Tampa, we often talked about how we not only wanted Obama to win the election but how we desperately wanted him to take Florida. ...
davidkc 11/05/2008 44 26 1 34
Two boys peering through the glass
I volunteer every day now at the Obama voter hotline office in Tampa. We handle calls from all over the state related to any type of voter questions or problems. There are usually at least 30 ...
davidkc 11/03/2008 10 24 - 18
Top FL voter questions answered
I volunteer every day at the Obama campaign's voter protection hotline for Florida, which is based in Tampa. It's an impressive operation. At the height of the day there are probably 30+ ...
davidkc 11/02/2008 3 14 - 23
FL GOP still irked at Crist; Dems extend early-voting lead
Florida Republicans continue to complain about Gov. Charlie Crist's decision to extend early voting hours in the state, as reported today in the conservative [
davidkc 10/31/2008 44 47 - 23
FL election offices revolting against GOP tactics (updated w/good OH news)
As I've reported often to you for several months now, things are changing here in Florida politics in 2008. I'm not saying Florida is in the bag for Obama, but I am saying that regardless of the ...
davidkc 10/30/2008 270 850 18 62
A promising start for Obama in FL: let's keep it up!
The latest early voting figures in Florida hold a lot of positive signs for Barack Obama. Figures through Tuesday, just released by the [ ...
davidkc 10/29/2008 25 13 1 1
12K+ Floridians could lose their vote: what you can do
Floridia's onerous new "no match, no vote law" has now ensnared 12,165 newly registered Florida voters who may be denied the right to vote , the [
davidkc 10/28/2008 27 38 - 18
Obama winning FL's early voting 60% to 40%!
A new [ Suffolk University poll] shows that Obama is crushing John McCain in Florida's early voting: 60% ...
davidkc 10/27/2008 42 17 - 16
Palin: "People are not free" under Obama presidency
Wow. Sarah Palin took the McCain campaign's divisive scare tactics to a new low in Iowa yesterday, suggesting that Barack Obama would turn the United States into some kind of nightmare communist ...
davidkc 10/26/2008 102 49 1 36
Bachmann's still at it; Help pro-America bloggers for Tink!
After her failed attempts to blame her McCarthyist rant on Chris Matthews, the liberal bloggers (that's us!) and her own stupidity (well, she got that one right), and her laughably failed attempt to ...
davidkc 10/25/2008 15 7 1 51
St. Pete Times Poll: Obama +7 in FL; independents reject McCain
A new poll out today by the [ St. Petersburg Times] shows Barack Obama with a 7-point lead here in Florida. That's good news, of course, ...
davidkc 10/24/2008 13 21 - 17
WaPo exposes the "real," patriotic America (updated w/video)
Say what you will about Dana Milbank, he has his moments. His column in today's [ ...
davidkc 10/23/2008 286 618 25 47
"You trusted Obama": Undecided Floridians swing big for Barack
Last month I wrote a [ diary] about an interesting focus group the St. Petersburg Times was conducting with a group of 11 truly ...
davidkc 10/22/2008 15 19 - 12
Charlie Crist: John Who?
I've written several diaries about the widening rift between the McCain campaign and the Florida Republican Party -- from McCain [ McCain ...
davidkc 10/21/2008 34 31 1 27
FL GOP: McCain has most "poorly run presidential campaign of the last 25 years"
Big, big news out of Florida today: The state's most conservative daily newspaper, the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, where McCain used to live, announced today that it will NOT endorse John ...
davidkc 10/20/2008 34 43 - 39
Wave of FL endorsements for Obama
With early voting set to start tomorrow here in Florida, this weekend saw a wave of endorsements for Obama from a string of newspapers across the state. The endorsements have come from papers ...
davidkc 10/19/2008 44 38 1 42
McCain admits regret over Palin pick (Updated)
Faced with mounds of polling data showing that Sarah Palin has sunk John McCain's presidential campaign, and with a growing number of conservatives throwing Sarah Palin under the bus, I guess it was ...
davidkc 10/18/2008 444 560 17 82
Obama might win...Sarasota?!? (updated w/ rejected voters list)
I've written many diaries about the importance of Florida's I-4 corridor to Obama's chances of victory in the state. Running across the center of the state, from the Tampa Bay region through ...
davidkc 10/17/2008 52 24 1 16
FL's breaking for Obama, but watch out for "GOP anxiety"
Folks, I have been writing for several weeks now that something is happening down here in Florida, something that's making me hopeful that Obama can win the Sunshine State. Numerous recent polls ...
davidkc 10/15/2008 63 40 1 25
FL GOPers are (still) freaking out!
A little over a week ago I wrote a [ diary] about how the Republican Party in Florida was freaking out over John McCain's sagging ...
davidkc 10/13/2008 64 42 - 18
Lookout! A McCain "comeback" is heading our way
This past week certainly appeared to be another in a string of good weeks for Obama and bad weeks for McCain, as summarized nicely in [ ...
davidkc 10/12/2008 52 19 1 23
Voter suppression in FL: new voters could be shut out on election day
Florida officials [ revealed yesterday] that a total of 7,400 newly registered voters in the state could be prevented from voting on Nov. ...
davidkc 10/11/2008 19 13 1 9
Tampa papers blast McCain: "erratic," "reckless," "dangerous" (Updated)
After Sarah Palin blitzed through the Tampa Bay region with her latest hatefest this week, both of our local dailies have wiped off the slime and come out with editorials blasting John McCain and ...
davidkc 10/09/2008 238 662 15 29
The biggest loser in the debate: Tom Brokaw
There is near unanimous agreement that Barack Obama won last night's debate. There also seems to be a growing consensus that the biggest loser in the debate was not John McCain but Tom Brokaw. My ...
davidkc 10/08/2008 94 37 - 39
FL rejecting McCain's "unworthy campaign of lies": Get off my (Obama) lawn!
Lots to talk about re: Florida and the presidential race. Yesterday Sarah Palin was in my neck of the woods [ spewing more hate] (I guess ...
davidkc 10/07/2008 30 43 1 28
Rabid Republicans in Rural MO: We. Hate. Her. (Updated)
Well, it looks like the candidate in this election who will be the ultimate uniter won't be Barack Obama but Sarah Palin. Yesterday I was booowled over to learn that some rabid, rabid Republicans ...
davidkc 10/05/2008 648 840 21 308
Wow, who spiked the grey lady's Metamucil?
Today the New York Times' opinion pages are a complete anti-Palin/pro-Biden tirade regarding the VP debate. There are no less than four separate columns/editorials that blast Palin's performance and/
davidkc 10/04/2008 344 667 17 70
Palin's FL, MO reviews are in: "Incoherent," "inarticulate," "superficial," "simplistic"
Over the past 10 years I've lived in two battleground states, first Missouri and now Florida (lucky me!), and in both my former city (Kansas City) and current city (Tampa/St. Petersburg), Palin's ...
davidkc 10/03/2008 44 67 - 29
Florida GOPers are freaking out! (Updated)
The Republican Party in Florida is freaking out right now. Yesterday many of us were caught off-guard, and pleasantly so, by a string of polls showing Obama with a sizable and growing lead in the ...
davidkc 10/02/2008 430 723 24 38
Something's happening here in Florida (Updated x5)
The [;&strTime=0 shocking new poll] out by Quinnipiac today shows Obama with an eight-point lead in my state of Florida.
davidkc 10/01/2008 488 663 17 66
"We just can't (vote Republican) anymore"
We are seeing so many diaries lately with kossacks telling their personal stories of friends and family members who have always, or mostly, voted Republican but are now switching to vote for Obama --
davidkc 09/30/2008 20 50 1 161
GOP strategist: McCain will be "hurt" by bailout failure; Bush "finished"
GOP asshat strategest Ed Rollins proclaimed today that John McCain will end up being "hurt" by the failed passage of the bailout bill today, [
davidkc 09/29/2008 22 20 2 2
AP uncovers more ethical problems for Palin: Corrupt from the start!
As if Troopergate and all those gifts Sarah Palin received as governor were not enough to expose Palin's questionable ethics, [ the AP has ...
davidkc 09/28/2008 16 41 1 21
Dear Bill Clinton: Thanks for nothing (Updated w/ Chris Rock vid from Letterman)
I was really steamed when I got on the New York Times website yesterday morning and saw a link for an article entitled "Clinton Praises McCain." The article on the Caucus blog talked about all of ...
davidkc 09/26/2008 56 18 - 15
Looks like Dems will cave again
So let me get this straight. Americans from all points on the political spectrum are [ united in opposition] ...
davidkc 09/25/2008 112 22 - 15
How Obama can win over undecided women: sound advice from Rachel Maddow
Last night on her TV show, Rachel Maddow presented some key points that she thinks would help Obama further his outreach to undecided women voters -- all related to John McCain's dismal record on ...
davidkc 09/24/2008 4 3 - 10
Gas brawls in NC: another sign that s&#$ is hitting the fan (Updated 3x)
As if the collapse of our nation's financial markets weren't bad enough, here's another sign that you-know-what is hitting the fan after eight years of disastrous Bush-Cheney Republican "governance":
davidkc 09/23/2008 67 28 1 46
Alaska paper: Palin has "abdicated" her Gov. duties
Perhaps nowhere is the takeover of Sarah Palin by the McCain campaign playing out worse than in her home state of Alaska. Alaskans have not been happy at all to see the McCain camp swoop in and ...
davidkc 09/20/2008 522 742 11 147
Palin driving undecided Floridians to Obama (Updated - with witches!)
Well, here's more damning evidence to bust the Sarah Palin "star power" myth. Palin may be a "star" with far-right social conservatives, put she's scaring the pants off of everyone else, ...
davidkc 09/19/2008 554 782 26 56
Collins on Morphin' McCain: "Bob Dole impersonating Huey Long"
I've never been too enthralled with Gail Collins' political columns for the New York Times. In the past she's often been too milquetoasty for me, and trying a bit too hard to be witty -- a MoDo-lite.
davidkc 09/18/2008 19 19 - -
Palin no longer speaking for herself
I am one of the people who has been railing against the preponderance of Sarah Palin diaries, but this one is just to hard for me to pass up. [
davidkc 09/17/2008 445 648 12 24
Obama lays '08 financial crisis at McCain's feet, Biden slams McSame (Updated)
This morning [ Barack Obama effectively reminded Americans] that the failed Republican policies supported by John McCain are solely responsible ...
davidkc 09/15/2008 31 45 - 21
St. Pete Times: McCain Ads "Hogwash" and "Absurd"
My local paper, the St. Petersburg Times, has joined the growing chorus of traditional media outlets that are calling the McCain campaign on its lies. The paper's Politifact section, which gauges ...
davidkc 09/12/2008 14 21 1 2
Wolfson: Obama "pulled it off" in Denver
Howard Wolfson was one of the most visible public faces of Hillary Clinton's primary campaign, and one of the most annoying ones to folks like me who were solid Obama supporters. Which makes his ...
davidkc 09/01/2008 46 39 - 26
Three priceless local headlines today (bad news for McCain)
I woke up early this Sunday morning and was greeted with three headlines from my two local dailies that brightened up my day: Tampa Tribune: [
davidkc 08/31/2008 88 47 1 21
Sarah Palin under investigation for ethics violations: Troopergate!
As if we needed more proof that John McCain will represent more of the same in Washington, his newly annointed VP pic, Sarah Palin, is currently under investigation for ethics and personnel ...
davidkc 08/29/2008 30 15 - 2
Who does George Bush think he is?
George W. Bush has done a lot of things to upset me over the past eight years, and I mean A LOT of things. But I just learned about something he did in 2004 that tops them all. You see, I just ...
davidkc 08/28/2008 19 26 1 26
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