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REPORT: Pentagon Subsidizing Pro-War Movies & Blocking Anti-War Movies
NOTE: This post draws on my new book's research into the deep connections between the Pentagon and the ...
davidsirota 03/16/2011 11 9 - 129
GOP Mantra: For Me, But Not for Thee
"For me, but not for thee" - this could be the motto of 21st century elitists, or Republican politicians (which are more or less the same thing) and two stories this week show how that mantra works ...
davidsirota 01/24/2011 12 23 - 75
What's With Our New 1980s Fetish? We're Going BACK TO OUR FUTURE
As Tron: Legacy becomes the top grossing movie in America this weekend , we need to ask a seemingly ...
davidsirota 12/19/2010 34 12 - 53
Is Virgina Court's Health Ruling an Inadvertent Progressive Victory?
Over the past day, the mediasphere has been ablaze with talk that Republicans and their insurance industry backers supposedly won a huge victory with a Virginia court's ruling that the mandate to ...
davidsirota 12/14/2010 91 25 - 69
Thank You, Dick Cheney, For Giving Me the Proper Words
Like many of you reading these pixels, I've found myself in the last year burnt out on American politics, mostly because it has become a glorified red-versus-blue summer camp color war devoid of ...
davidsirota 11/04/2010 121 51 - 293
Ignore the Media Conflictinator: 2010 Vote Was Turning Point Against Conservative Doctrine
There is no shortage of disturbing/depressing meta-messages from last night's election results. There was the "What's the Matter With Kansas" message of populism being channeled into the cause of ...
davidsirota 11/03/2010 25 27 1 65
The Tea Party Test Case
What is the Tea Party? Many have tried to answer that question ever since CNBC’s Rick Santelli first launched the backlash with his trading-floor rant against the poor.
davidsirota 10/22/2010 13 5 - 53
GOP Radio Host Pushes Terrorist Attack on Any Islamic Center Built In Lower Manhattan
On Wednesday night, I debated KHOW's Peter Boyles and 850 KOA host/Denver Post columnist Mike Rosen in front of a sold out audience in Centennial. During a question about whether an Islamic Center ...
davidsirota 10/08/2010 26 33 1 106
AFSCME President McEntee's Profanity-Laced Phone Call to My Home
Last week, I wrote a post examining the ideological ...
davidsirota 10/06/2010 219 57 - 67
D.C. GOPers Attack Conservative Voters for Questioning Pentagon Waste
Over the last few months, we've seen some serious - and potentially groundbreaking - fractures in the old consensus over defense spending. In particular, we've seen the rise ...
davidsirota 10/05/2010 8 18 - 47
The "Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?" Dynamic
Rahm Emanuel was the chief legislative proponent of the North American Free Trade Agreement under President Clinton. As an investment banker, he publicly campaigned on the pages of the Wall Street ...
davidsirota 09/30/2010 117 38 - 52
From MacArthur to Haig to Petraeus: How the Military Brass Trampled the Constitution
In two separate newspaper columns over the last many months, I've argued that we are witnessing an intense assault on one of the most fundamental tenets of our constitution: the principle of the ...
davidsirota 09/22/2010 18 25 1 42
Who Is Responsible for the Progressive "Enthusiasm Gap?"
If you believe there is an "enthusiasm gap" right now between a demoralized progressive base and a mobilized conservative base (and I certainly believe there is), then the logical question is why? ...
davidsirota 09/20/2010 508 40 - 47
The Great Education Myth & the Neoliberal Bait-and-Switch
In simplistic, Lexus-and-Olive-Tree terms, the neoliberal* economic argument goes like this: Tariff-free trade policies are great because they increase commerce, and we can mitigate those policies' ...
davidsirota 09/13/2010 91 29 - 39
What More Threatens Our Security: 50 Idiots or Permanent Occupation?
In the last few days, politicians and the media have said that Pastor Terry Jones' and his 50 followers disgusting plans to burn Korans are a clear and present danger to America's national security ...
davidsirota 09/10/2010 95 42 1 45
AP Tells Its Reporters to Avoid Saying the Iraq War Is Over
Over the last few weeks, celebration has been in the air - celebration about the supposed end of the Iraq War. From the White House's victorious declarations to the media's "breaking news" graphics, ...
davidsirota 09/07/2010 152 20 - 45
What a Second Stimulus Should - and Shouldn't - Look Like
Recounting the findings of a new study by the Keystone Research Center, the Denver Business Journal ...
davidsirota 09/06/2010 16 8 1 25
WI-SEN: Meet Communist Ron Johnson, the GOP Candidate in Wisconsin
I never thought we'd see a Republican Communist - and certainly not one who is the nominee for U.S. Senate in a major swing-state. But as ...
davidsirota 09/03/2010 26 9 - 62
Upcoming NY Primary a Carpe Diem Moment for Progressives
Ferdinand Pecora, Banking Committee Counsel. Robert Moses, New York City Parks Commissioner. Sargent Shriver, Office of Economic Opportunity. Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Oversight Panel. These ...
davidsirota 09/02/2010 8 17 - 55
A Transpartisan Uprising Against the Individual Insurance Mandate
Could there be a transpartisan, left-right-center coalition forming against the unpopular individual health insurance mandate in the recently passed health care bill? Perhaps, if you consider three ...
davidsirota 09/01/2010 131 21 - 45
Military Leaders On Iraq Combat: "Our Mission Has Not Changed" UPDATED
As the Associated Press reports, there was lots of happy talk about the end of combat in Iraq this week throughout the ...
davidsirota 08/20/2010 172 22 - 49
Top Dem Echoes GOP Talking Points In a State Decimated By GOP Talking Points
Colorado Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper has released his first campaign ad, and beneath the terrific production value and smart branding lurks a very disturbing message. See if ...
davidsirota 08/19/2010 72 13 - 52
To Regulate or Bribe? That Is the Key Economic Question - With a Very Obvious Answer
Last year's debate over cramdown (ie. forcing banks to renegotiate the terms of their predatory loans) highlighted a central philosophical divide inside the Democratic Party. Should the power of the ...
davidsirota 08/16/2010 10 5 - 18
Will Obama Get a Primary Challenge in 2012?
That question is the subject of this front-page Hill newspaper story ...
davidsirota 08/13/2010 389 27 - 43
Can You Join Me Next Week In Taking the Low-Impact Challenge?
Recently on AM760, I ...
davidsirota 08/12/2010 44 28 1 65
CO-SEN: What The Final Days Say About the Beltway Media and the Progressive Movement
NOTE: We'll be broadcasting a special election-night show tracking all the results on AM760 tonight at 7pm Colorado time (9pm ET). Tune in on your radio dial here in Colorado or on the web ...
davidsirota 08/10/2010 22 10 - 21
CO-SEN: What DC Will Say vs. What the CO Election Will Actually Mean
NOTE: Apologies for the length of this post, but I wanted to go through all the arguments in both potential outcomes. I hope this provides a good overview of the race, even if you are just ...
davidsirota 08/09/2010 105 25 - 40
CO-SEN: Bennet Faces Bipartisan Probe Over Wall Street Deal From Dem-Led CO Legislature
After Friday's explosive front-page New York Times expose on Sen. Michael Bennet's tenure at the Denver Public Schools, the ...
davidsirota 08/08/2010 132 25 - 377
NYT: Bennet Helped Future Wall Street Donors Fleece Denver Schools
In a blockbuster front-page story, the New York Times tonight dealt the potential death-blow to Sen. Michael Bennet's already-...
davidsirota 08/06/2010 105 41 - 67
Report: Obama Outsourcing Program to Help Corporations "Take Advantage of Low Labor Costs" Abroad
In recent months, President Obama reversed his campaign promises on trade issues - first by dropping his ...
davidsirota 08/05/2010 1829 423 4 847
Obama's Obsession With Confrontation Against the Left (UPDATED)
Yesterday at OpenLeft, I wrote a post about how the Obama administration unduly shies away from ...
davidsirota 08/04/2010 1571 531 8 218
CO-SEN: Stunning Denver Post Poll Shows Romanoff Has Pulled Ahead - What's It Mean for Progressives?
davidsirota 08/01/2010 342 378 2 272
CO-SEN: Denver Post vs. Denver Post on Bennet-Romanoff Primary Fight
As a journalist who has remained neutral in my state's Democratic Senate primary contest (yes, I have steadfastly refused to endorse either candidate), I'm confused. I'm confused because I don't ...
davidsirota 07/31/2010 29 12 - 303
CO-SEN: As Poll Shows Dem Primary Tight, Newspaper Links Bennet to Major Gordon Gekko-Esque Scam
NOTE: I will be interviewing Guerin Lee Green, publisher of the Cherry Creek News, about the Bennet report that his newspaper published on Friday at 8:15am Colorado time (10:15 ET).
davidsirota 07/30/2010 47 25 - 39
DEFINING EXTREMISM: GOP Opposes Federal Fracking Regs REGARDLESS of Whether EPA Finds Poisoning
As natural gas exploration expands throughout our energy starved nation - from the West and now into the South ...
davidsirota 07/29/2010 15 30 - 99
The Summer That Resurrected the Cult of White Victimhood
NOTE: I will be discussing Senator Webb's op-ed with Tim Wise on AM760 Wednesday morning at 8am Colorado tim (10am ET). Tune in online ...
davidsirota 07/28/2010 291 190 3 74
Who Is Correct In the Democratic Civil War Over Taxes and Spending?
In the last 72 hours, we've finally seen the outlines of the inevitable Democratic civil war that's been brewing over taxes and spending. Both sides argue that their way is the path to economic ...
davidsirota 07/26/2010 80 42 1 57
The Roots of Obama's "Pundit Delusion"
In a sharp column entitled "The Pundit Delusion," The New York Times' Paul Krugman recently (and rightfully) lamented that the ...
davidsirota 07/23/2010 205 22 1 39
ABC: Bank Lobbying Group Says Consumer Bureau Must See Banks' "Side of Issues, Not Just Consumers'"
In a very solid piece about what the fight over Harvard Professor ...
davidsirota 07/22/2010 26 31 - 47
It's the Tax Cuts and Wars, Stupid
In a terrific column for , Pulitzer-Prize winner David Cay Johnston breaks down new government data and ...
davidsirota 07/21/2010 126 45 - 49
Elizabeth Warren and the Definition of "Controversial"
Over the last few days, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd ...
davidsirota 07/20/2010 116 57 - 50
C-SPAN As Red Pill: Camera Catches Senate Vote-Switching to Protect Credit Card Usury
Watching politics can be confusing because we so often see, hear or read one ...
davidsirota 07/19/2010 369 536 7 457
Obama Hires Fmr. Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law
From the Department of You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up, check out this little-noticed report from ...
davidsirota 07/14/2010 1966 624 10 501
McChrystal's Lesson: Trampling Constitution AOK, Using Mean Words Is Not
Earlier this year, I wrote a series of syndicated newspaper columns ( here ...
davidsirota 06/24/2010 23 24 1 49
Who Is Lying - Obama or Sen. Bennet?
In the aftermath of the U.S. Senate defeat of "cramdown" legislation (ie. the bill that would have allowed bankruptcy judges renegotiate the terms of mortages so as to prevent foreclosures),
davidsirota 05/05/2009 108 26 - 23
THE UPRISING Out Today In Paperback
Just a quick ...
davidsirota 04/28/2009 40 9 - 24
Who Woulda Thunk It? Populism Is Popular!
How, in a self-described democracy, is it possible for the concept of populism to be denigrated? Isn't democracy the most radically populist concept in political history, and shouldn't populism - ie.
davidsirota 04/27/2009 60 19 1 16
CNN Clip: Tapping Into Tea Party Anger While Debunking Right-Wing Myths
This past ...
davidsirota 04/22/2009 42 23 - 14
CNN Clip: Did Bush Keep Us Safe on 9/11?
I appeared on ...
davidsirota 04/21/2009 504 874 21 59
Columbine Questions We Still Don't Ponder
We're coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the Columbine massacre, and once again, we've seen a spate of awful, inexplicably random shootings. Every time these Columbine-like massacres happen, we ...
davidsirota 04/17/2009 47 11 - 28
The Teabags vs. The Douchebags
There's been a lot of talk over the last few days about the pitfalls of teabaggery, but let me, if I may, ruminate on the pitfalls of douchebaggery, and specifically U.S. Senate douchebaggery. The ...
davidsirota 04/16/2009 15 11 - 2
Gay Marriage & the Right's Selective Attacks On Democratic Institutions
I appeared on ...
davidsirota 04/14/2009 40 21 - 27
The Best Investment Money Can Buy!
This week, I did something I've really never done in my newspaper column - I ...
davidsirota 04/10/2009 26 12 - 20
CNN CLIP: Are Local Republican Parties Afraid of Obama?
I took part in ...
davidsirota 04/09/2009 26 19 - 19
Cons Go Batshit Crazy Over Progressives' Huge Tax Victory In New York
In the most important tax fight you've never heard about, I wanted to point out just how huge a conniption fit the national conservative movement is having over New York state progressives' success ...
davidsirota 04/06/2009 36 60 - 19
Clinton & Webb Tackle The Biggest Taboo of All
My new weekly newspaper column this week gives huge kudos to Hillary Clinton and Jim Webb - the two of them are trying (in their own ...
davidsirota 04/03/2009 481 342 8 56
MSNBC/MADDOW CLIP: The Bailout Double Standard & the Revival of Reaganism
davidsirota 03/31/2009 176 36 - 26
The Fear That You Are Becoming Very Bad At Everything You Do
Every week in some form or another, I am told by a column reader and/or Kossack that I am living the good life of a star on MTV's Cribs. Specifically, I am told I get paid hundreds of thousands - or ...
davidsirota 03/27/2009 160 43 2 18
CO-SEN: Bennet Facing Possible Dem Primary
I've been hosting the big drive-time progressive radio show here in Colorado for the last month, as regular host Jay Marvin has been out sick. In the last two weeks,
davidsirota 03/26/2009 38 20 - 89
The Economic Double Standard
We all know that despite the rhetoric that fills our political debate, there are two standards in this country: The standard for the very wealthy, and the standard for the Rest of Us. That's nothing ...
davidsirota 03/23/2009 32 18 - 26
The Politics of the Populist Moment
I appeared on ...
davidsirota 03/20/2009 55 13 1 16
Lying Or Incompetent - Either Way, Geithner Needs to Be Fired
I've never been a fan of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner - he's a Rubinite who has been too close to Wall Street, and too focused on using government power to protect private shareholders. This is ...
davidsirota 03/18/2009 951 490 11 67
On Health Care, For It Before They Were Against It
The idea of Republicans bashing anyone for flip-flopping is pretty ridiculous. This is the party that oversaw an explosion in federal spending and earmarking, and is now calling itself the party of ...
davidsirota 03/13/2009 5 13 1 -
VIDEO: Despite New Polls, Fox News & Bill Kristol Insist America Doesn't Trust Obama
Join the Facebook group to help put David Sirota in as the new 10pm EST host on MSNBC. Then send an email ...
davidsirota 03/05/2009 80 46 - 23
Simple Idea: If It's "Too Big to Fail," Then It's Too Big to Be Private
Join the Facebook group to help put David Sirota in as the new 10pm EST host on MSNBC. Then send an email ...
davidsirota 03/03/2009 55 43 - 15
MSNBC's 10pm Slot
Last month, the New York Times ran a story about MSNBC looking for a host to fill its open 10pm time-slot and many of you encouraged me to apply for the job. Of course, I didn't really know what ...
davidsirota 02/25/2009 214 40 - 17
The Media Business: It's the Perspective, Stupid
Over the weekend, I read The New Republic's report on the Politico - an article that, unto itself, ...
davidsirota 02/23/2009 7 17 - 14
Market Populism vs. Grassroots Populism - Which Side Are You On?
In two separate television clips yesterday, we saw the two most powerful political forces in America in their most pure form - and it's important to watch both clips back to back to see what I mean.
davidsirota 02/20/2009 80 39 - 22
Our Addiction to Fake Outrage
It's outrageous that President Obama gets driven around in a limo ! It's outrageous ...
davidsirota 02/13/2009 139 41 1 19
TAKE ACTION: Help Pass the Stimulus Right Now
I'm not happy that the stimulus bill was made less stimulative by reactionary Republicans and ...
davidsirota 02/12/2009 18 10 - -
A Team of Zombies, and Zombies Defending Zombies
Has Barack Obama created a "team of rivals?" I wish he had. As my new newspaper column out today shows, Obama,
davidsirota 02/06/2009 30 31 1 17
VIDEO: Bush SEC Holdovers Cite Exec Privilege In Stonewalling Congress About Madoff Scandal
This is cross-posted from , where we are continuing our ongoing reporting on the financial crisis and the government's response to it.
davidsirota 02/05/2009 19 36 - 91
The Untold Daschle Story: The Blacklisting of Progressive Economics
Amid the swirling headlines about Tom Daschle withdrawing his nomination for Health and Human Service Secretary is a very dark, very foreboding story that tells us a lot more about what to expect ...
davidsirota 02/03/2009 168 50 1 42
The "Make Him Do It" Dynamic
"I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it." - Franklin Roosevelt "We decided to move the ...
davidsirota 01/30/2009 11 33 - 21
The Rantings of Legislative Terrorists
How do you know House Republicans aren't negotiating in good faith and are acting as legislative terrorists? Because their rantings are verifiably crazy.
davidsirota 01/29/2009 36 24 - 19
MSNBC/Maddow: Stimulus - Sound Policy vs. D.C. "Bipartisanship"
I appeared on ...
davidsirota 01/27/2009 52 39 1 56
The Difference Between Hope and Change
Tune in tonight to Bill Moyers Journal on PBS, where I expand on this post and the underlying newspaper column it is based on. It has been an ...
davidsirota 01/23/2009 36 11 - -
The Rise of American Czarism
The San Francisco Chronicle asked me to write a piece for its pre-inauguration Sunday Insight section, and I decided to examine the trend towards authoritarianism that seems to be overtaking our ...
davidsirota 01/19/2009 32 27 2 32
Obama & The Politics of Money
"There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee -- that says, fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again." - George W.
davidsirota 01/16/2009 89 11 - 30
What Today's Bailout Vote Says About the New Senate
The Senate today voted to give Wall Street another $350 billion today. The vote tells us a lot about the new Senate (
davidsirota 01/15/2009 85 29 - 59
Bush's Last Month Sees Unemployment Hit 22%, According to Wingnuttia's Math
TAKE ACTION: Use the Campaign for America's online tool to tell your member of Congress to support the boldest possible ...
davidsirota 01/10/2009 17 33 - 14
Special Election: Donate to Geoghegan for Congress RIGHT NOW
Look, if you've read my work at all, you know I don't have a lot of good things to say about lots of politicians (pardon the understatement!), and I don't spend my time shilling for anyone simply ...
davidsirota 01/08/2009 19 27 - 42
The Forgotten Math
Cross-posted from the Campaign for America's Future On Christmas Eve, I appeared on Fox News to discuss the upcoming economic recovery package, only to be told that FDR's New Deal "...
davidsirota 01/06/2009 33 45 6 20
New Yorkers Saying No to Aristocracy As Sole Qualifier In a Democracy
As billionaire Republican Michael Bloomberg dispatches his thuggish aides to presumptuously berate Democratic Gov. ...
davidsirota 01/05/2009 144 16 - 15
The Unknown Aristocrat
As I said earlier , it's pretty clear that Michael Bennet was appointed to the U.S. Senate from Colorado solely because of his ...
davidsirota 01/04/2009 37 16 1 40
Harry Reid's Views on Race
NOTE: A day after this post, Reid appeared on Meet the Press to deny the Sun-Times report that he believes - or told Gov. Blagojevich - that he believed top Illinois African American leaders ...
davidsirota 01/03/2009 123 21 - 41
Senate Appointees & the Golden Age of Political Aristocracy
Aristocracy n Definition: Government by the best individuals or by a small privileged class .
davidsirota 01/02/2009 44 16 1 15
Fox News: "Historians Pretty Much Agree" That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression
I appeared on ...
davidsirota 12/25/2008 417 527 38 131
Maddow Busts Morgan Stanley Board Member for Lack of Transparency
Note: I'm hosting AM760 here in Denver this morning, and we're going to talk with Damon Silvers, one of the congressionally appointed overseers of the Wall Street bailout. Stream it ...
davidsirota 12/24/2008 383 512 7 40
COLUMN: Viva Las Vegas?
The week before last, I traveled to Las Vegas for the annual Progressive States Network/EARN conference for state legislators. It was a great ...
davidsirota 12/22/2008 28 25 - 20
Four Holiday Gift Ideas for Progressives
If you're a procrastinator like me, then you are frantically scurrying at the last minute to pick up holiday gifts for friends and family. So let me suggest four great gifts for you or any ...
davidsirota 12/21/2008 8 8 - 3
CO-SEN: Potential Huge Differences Between Candidates Have National Implications
Note: I'm going to be guest-hosting the big progressive drive-time radio show in Colorado starting this Friday (12/19) for a week. Tune in locally at AM760 on your dial between 6am-10am MST, or ...
davidsirota 12/18/2008 4 13 - 9
Maddow: Did America Get Punked On the Bailout? Yes...Now Here's What to Do.
I appeared on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC ...
davidsirota 12/17/2008 50 53 4 20
Fox Clip: Should States Raise Taxes Or Slash Spending?
davidsirota 12/16/2008 18 12 - 23
Executive Pay Packages: We Told You So, Part 4
My newspaper column this week looks at three new government reports that prove progressives were right in ...
davidsirota 12/15/2008 12 23 - 26
Gov't Studies Say Progressives Were Right, Beltway Was Wrong
My newspaper column this week takes a look at three recent government reports that prove when it comes to righting our economy, ...
davidsirota 12/12/2008 32 38 2 20
A Saturday Thank You
I'm still buried under my book proposal(s), alternating from my desk to my Xbox 360 for a game or two of Halo when I can't concentrate. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank readers for their help with my ...
davidsirota 12/06/2008 312 248 3 33
The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Orwellian "Pragmatism"
pragmatic Definition: of or pertaining to a practical point of view or ...
davidsirota 11/28/2008 34 22 - 21
Thanksgiving Belt-Tightening
Now comfortably at the in-laws place in Lafayette, Indiana, my wife and I have finally found a bit of time to go over our bills and try to find ways to cut our already thin budget. Without going ...
davidsirota 11/27/2008 23 39 - 18
MSNBC Maddow Clip: Can Obama Get Free Market Fundamentalists to Carry Progressive Policy?
I'm at Denver International Airport waiting for my flight to Indiana (aka. Americana ) for Thanksgiving. Having ...
davidsirota 11/26/2008 94 14 - 38
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