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Flying 99% Airline
"How did this happen?" said Senator Chuck Schumer. It was funny to me to see the reaction to the guy from Florida who flew his little air buggy to the Capitol building to protest the way our ...
deebee 04/16/2015 1 4 - -
Another gag order in Florida
Florida Governor Rick Scott has been accused of a quiet gag order against state employees from mentioning the dreaded words: climate change. Now it appears that he has advised his candidate for ...
deebee 04/08/2015 3 3 - -
Scofflaw and order
Just read a story that burns me. I'm a State of Florida employee and each year we have to go through mandatory ethics training. We lower employees have to be reminded that we're not allowed to take ...
deebee 11/13/2014 2 5 - -
Love in a time of lack
I have mixed feelings about this. McDonald's is offering a romantic dining experience at its locations in Tampa, complete with candles, flowers and waiters. ...
deebee 02/11/2014 1 3 - -
Reality creeping in?
Interesting story on the CBS Morning Show today. Link They were reporting that holiday hiring was going to down 11% this year. The major reason stated was that the economy was bifurcated. The upper ...
deebee 09/28/2013 6 13 - -
Romney's shoes
Wouldn't want to be in them, though they are undoubtedly expensive ones. But with the way things are not going in his campaign, everything is pointing to the debate next week. Talk about pressure! ...
deebee 09/26/2012 1 - - 51
Back to School
From the County School Superintendent: Parents, It’s time to think about getting your children back to school. I hope that they had a good time this summer, and that they are ready to take on a ...
deebee 07/22/2012 2 1 - 31
Politics ain't softball
Occasionally I go over to the other side. Y'know, check out the conservative blogs to see their take on what's going on. Saw a post on Redstate that gave me that Schadenfreude feeling. In it, ...
deebee 07/13/2012 6 2 - 61
Pride rules in Florida
Despite a ban on equality in our state constitution, 80,000 people came to St. Petersburg yesterday to celebrate gay pride. There were no problems. Only happy people out to celebrate who they were - ...
deebee 07/01/2012 3 3 - 38
No more Mr. Nice Guy
I'm tired of seeing Democrats trying to be the "adults" on the scene while the Republicans demonize teachers, public employees, climate change scientists, liberals, feminists or anyone who is ...
deebee 06/30/2011 6 2 1 61
Support Anthony Weiner
I just wrote to Rep. Weiner's congressional office urging him to stay on. This is a man who is guilty of being human. He is also guilty of being a ferocious advocate of the progressive side. For all ...
deebee 06/08/2011 161 22 - 428
I registered as a Republican
For most of my life (I'm 58), I was a registered Democrat. Then I tired of the political bickering and frankly seeing Democrats engaging in corrupt and inept behavior themselves, so I switched to ...
deebee 04/16/2010 57 5 1 39
Voter purge
Strange goings on in the election offices around the country. All of these voter registration drives that are going on may come to naught in the end. In looking at a story printed in the New York ...
deebee 10/09/2008 - 2 - 24
I voted for Ronald Reagan
I confess it. I voted for Ronald Reagan. Once. He was the only Republican Presidential candidate that I have ever voted for. The year was 1980. This was a very bad year. I had just bought a house ...
deebee 10/08/2008 27 4 - 2
Oh those low Bush poll numbers
Those low poll numbers on Bush are coming home to roost. Saw Pelosi on the news tonight stating that she's only going to give Bush $50 Billion dollars for Iraq. (Only!) Not the $200 Billion that he ...
deebee 11/08/2007 11 5 - 2
An economics lesson
Saw this in my local St. Petersburg Times quoting the New York Times. Does that make it a copy of a copy? Anyway the message isn't faded or blurred but pretty stark. It details what the money that ...
deebee 01/21/2007 3 2 1 4
Big oil to the rescue
deebee 09/03/2006 4 - 1 1
Make your vote count!
deebee 09/02/2006 1 1 - 1
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