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Illinois comptroller Judy Baar Topinka dead at age 70 of stroke.
delver rootnose 12/10/2014 29 6 - -
Mayor deblasio's dog and pony show
I mean press conference. Step one get as many minorities behind you. Step two mouth stupid platitudes. Then say family doesn't want violence, like the cops care about violence before or after ...
delver rootnose 12/03/2014 15 3 - -
Random late night musings on way home from club.
Well I started a little pissed. I was supposed to meet up with friends at a club rather far from my home. They blew all their money earlier at a casino so they didn't meet up with me. All that ...
delver rootnose 05/27/2013 2 3 - -
A diary for those stressing over the election
This is a short diary and place for humor and little politics please. If you are stressing over the election and are not working on the election watch this ..
delver rootnose 11/06/2012 5 2 - -
What debate did they watch?
Short diary sorry. Watch Morning Joe and I am wondering what debate they watched. Obama Pummeled Romney and they are acting like Romney did good not to make a complete fool of himself. Low ...
delver rootnose 10/23/2012 11 2 - -
Snow plows as crowd control. The security state we live in.
This is a paranoid rant. If you don’t like paranoid rants then I don’t think you will enjoy this. Snowplows awaiting crowd control duty.
delver rootnose 05/20/2012 75 13 - 307
how do I get that stupid...
ribbon off the middle of my screen. If you really want me to donate first don't be irritating in you ads. Make them classy, not negative like this one is and don't shove it in my face. Any ...
delver rootnose 02/04/2012 19 7 - 200
"Kill the Rich"
There it was in neat little 1 inch high block letters written in the corner of the wallpaper of my condo’s elevator. It was scratched a little as if someone tried to blot it out and caused more ...
delver rootnose 03/09/2011 60 10 - 288
In regards to demographics.
This will be a short mostly substance less diary. In several diaries, which I largely cannot read, the affluence of DK4 is mentioned. Well all I can see is that the average affluence of DK4 is ...
delver rootnose 03/08/2011 25 1 - 145
Curfew just announced in Egypt.
This will be a very short diary which I will probably delete. You should watch this . Al-Jazeera english It is real bad in in Egypt. ...
delver rootnose 01/28/2011 16 8 - 65
Bernie Mac has passed away.
Just now WBBM Radio Chicago reported that comedian Bernie Mac has passed away from pneumonia. I believe he was ...
delver rootnose 08/09/2008 93 21 - 31
Keith Olbermann is older today.
Well I could be wrong because I really don’t trust anything I get on the tubes. But today is Keith Olbermann’s Birthday. So let’s all sing a round of happy birthday to the only ...
delver rootnose 01/27/2008 28 11 1 2
ted kennedy on the raido.
delver rootnose 03/26/2006 2 1 - 1
Village People or Reno 911? With immigration poll?
delver rootnose 02/03/2006 5 - - 1
Village People or Reno 911? With immigration poll?
delver rootnose 02/01/2006 8 - - -
So Kos did we win...
delver rootnose 01/30/2006 11 3 - 1
It's a muscle not ammunition:
delver rootnose 09/29/2005 7 6 - 28
Chapter 28: Or whom do we get to do it to us?
delver rootnose 06/27/2005 2 - - -
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