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The Alarming Rise of GOProud
Crossposted at The Politicizer As a sexual minority within the indisputably homophobic conservative movement, gay conservatives face an unenviable set ...
dem4evr 02/24/2010 10 2 - 17
Enthusing the Urban Base for 2012
Crossposted at The Politicizer 2010 is going to be ugly. While Republicans will likely fall short of recapturing the Congress, they are almost guaranteed ...
dem4evr 01/31/2010 5 1 - 14
Harry Reid and the "Political Race Card"
Cross-posted at The Politicizer More than anything else, the Harry Reid controversy reveals the way in which the political arena debases our country&...
dem4evr 01/15/2010 5 1 - 11
The Significance of Parker Griffith's Defection
Cross-posted at The Politicizer Last week, Democratic Congressman Parker Griffith of Alabama officially became a Republican. As the media trumpets Griffith&
dem4evr 12/30/2009 18 7 1 39
Feeding America's Food Deserts
Cross-posted at The Politicizer A disproportionate number of urban and rural Americans lack access to healthy food. In the absence of mainstream ...
dem4evr 12/05/2009 13 7 - 120
The Political Geography of "Palin Politics"
Cross-posted at The Politicizer The media has pathological obsession with Sarah Palin and her personal life. For an unsuccessful running mate who can barely ...
dem4evr 11/23/2009 28 8 - 298
Bringing Back the Coat Hanger
cross-posted at The Politicizer If you had told me a few months ago that the passage of health care reform would ultimately come down to ...
dem4evr 11/18/2009 17 12 - 142
Reaganvilles: The Legacy of Fiscal Conservatism in the Inner-City
Crossposted at The Politicizer Once upon a time, West Baltimore was a bustling mixed-income community that characterized a ...
dem4evr 10/01/2009 14 8 - 34
Ralph Yarborough and The Senate's Courage Deficit
Also available at The Politicizer My political hero is an almost unknown Democratic Senator from Texas named Ralph Yarborough. Senator Yarborough, an ...
dem4evr 08/23/2009 5 5 - 42
Don't Let Them Swiftboat Health Care
Also available at The Politicizer In the 2004 Presidential election, Bob Shrum and Mary Beth Cahill, John Kerry’s ...
dem4evr 08/14/2009 2 1 - 9
We're All Affirmative Action Babies...Sotomayor and the Politics of College Admissions
Crossposted at The Politicizer Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court has exposed a deep-seeded bitterness in ...
dem4evr 07/21/2009 6 1 - 35
An Unforgettable, yet Anti-Climactic Inaugural Weekend
I’ll forever remember nearly every detail of the nine hours I spent as history was made yesterday. The celebration of this new era in America was equally memorable at Sunday’s “We ...
dem4evr 01/21/2009 2 1 - 14
An Excellent Pickup Opportunity in Oklahoma's First CD
Congressman John Sullivan is George Bush with an Irish surname. The son of wealthy Tulsa family, Sullivan is an unaccomplished politician whose appeal derives from an affable personality that makes ...
dem4evr 07/15/2008 17 8 - 8
Clinton and Obama are Both Clueless on Trade
As many of you know, I'm a former Edwards supporter who now supports Senator Obama. While I strongly support Obama, I want more courage than what I just saw in his 60 minutes interview with Steve ...
dem4evr 03/02/2008 63 6 1 8
I Would Not Vote For Hillary In the General If...
I was a John Edwards supporter but was gladly willing to switch to Obama when my guy dropped out. Obama had been my steady number two throughout the campaign and for a variety of reasons, I even ...
dem4evr 02/17/2008 132 12 - 11
Help a Conflicted Edwards Supporter...Does Edwards Hurt Obama?
Throughout my comments I've posted lately and in my last diary, I've comitted myself to Edwards "til the bitter end." I recognize, as Joe Trippi even conceded today, that Edwards is a longshot at ...
dem4evr 01/26/2008 182 6 1 7
I Will Follow Whatever John Edwards Decides to Do
Hillary Clinton is a disasterous candidate and will be a horrible POTUS. Her comittment to public service takes a backseat to her ambition and I cannot stand the ammount of calculating she puts into ...
dem4evr 01/14/2008 27 11 - 1
What College Campuses Are the Most Politically Active?
I figured Daily Kos would be a great place to ask this question.I appologize for taking up space on the diary list with this. If you think I should delete, speak up and I will. I'm a high school ...
dem4evr 12/15/2007 21 8 - 27
Maybe O'Reilly Was Right About Daily Kos.
Right before YearlyKos, O'Reilly was going after this community like never before. One of his craziest attacks was in this exchange with ...
dem4evr 10/28/2007 137 10 - 15
Andrew Rice (OK-Sen): Telling the Truth About Taxes.
Many of you remember Oklahoma's 2004 Senate race that pitted then congressman Brad Carson against Tom Coburn. It was an open Republican seat that the DCCC heavily targeted. To top everything off, we ...
dem4evr 09/16/2007 4 5 1 5
To Primary, or Not to Primary? A Mixed View of the Blue Dogs
This diary is my response to Stoller's diary on the rec'd list right now. While I agree with him that our caucus needs to be more unified, I am very hesitant to jump on his anti-Blue Dog ...
dem4evr 08/22/2007 29 5 - 21
The Social Responsibilities of Executives Go Beyond Charity.
For the past week, I've been on a lovely vacation in gorgeous Aspen, Colorado. One of my best friends comes from an incredibly wealthy family and they definitely know how to roll out the red carpet ...
dem4evr 07/24/2007 4 3 1 140
The Dehumanization of Politics.
As the child of two very progressive Democrats, I inherited the vast majority of my parents' political beliefs. As I got older and more interested in politics, I discovered some bombastic, ...
dem4evr 07/14/2007 2 3 - -
An Issue We Cannot Continue to Ignore: First Installment in Death Penalty Watch
Is the progressive blogosphere apathetic towards the death penalty? Perhaps our country is simply too engulfed by Bush's fuckups to care about persisting controversies that would be around regardless.
dem4evr 06/17/2007 7 3 1 14
Fox News Invites Shrum to Bash Edwards
Hannity and Colmes kicked off the second half of their program tonight with Bob "0-8" Shrum who's got a new book out called "No Excuses." Despite the title, a good portion of the book does nothing ...
dem4evr 06/04/2007 24 6 - -
Draft Brad Henry for U.S. Senate
Jim Inhofe is the worst Senator around right now. Perhaps you could also make a case for few others. Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell both come to mind but Inhofe's global warming lunacy puts him ...
dem4evr 04/07/2007 18 6 - 86
Let's Mount a Primary Against Dan Boren in 08 (D-OK)
I've had it with Dan Boren. On Thursday Boren was one of two Democrats to vote against the Employee Free ...
dem4evr 03/03/2007 28 2 - 48
Second Tier Senate Pickups- Texas
This is the second installment in my series about those pickup oppertunities in 2008 that don't look super promising. Second tier, if you will. About a month ago, I wrote the first installment about ...
dem4evr 01/18/2007 36 15 2 20
Eric Massa Could Have Taken the Hill.
I just watched Taking the Hill, a phenomenal documentary about veterans running as Democrats this past ...
dem4evr 12/12/2006 47 13 1 9
Second Tier Senate Pickups in 2008: Oklahoma
This is the first installment in my series of those pickup oppertunities in 2008 that don't look super promising. Second tier, if you will. Tonight, we'll focus on Oklahoma where Jim "global warming ...
dem4evr 11/25/2006 25 16 1 46
College Football Open Thread
dem4evr 10/07/2006 13 2 - -
Where Were You On 9/11? and My Admiration for Muslim Americans
dem4evr 09/11/2006 11 7 - -
Rush Limbaugh on the CBS Evening News?
dem4evr 09/07/2006 78 26 - 9
What is Wrong With Jim Inhofe? w/ poll
dem4evr 08/22/2006 31 10 - 4
Senate Predictions: August Edition
dem4evr 08/21/2006 19 9 - 2
Parents Vs. Teachers and a Moral Value in Education
dem4evr 08/14/2006 10 8 - 2
We are Better Than This. (Islamaphobia is Plaguing This Country)
dem4evr 08/11/2006 12 6 - -
Breaking- Bob Ney Will Not Run For Re-election
dem4evr 08/07/2006 101 99 2 10
Tonight, I Became a John Edwards Fanatic
dem4evr 08/03/2006 109 33 1 32
A Rundown of Oklahoma's Primary Yesterday
dem4evr 07/26/2006 22 7 1 5
Oman free trade agreement passes 221-205
dem4evr 07/20/2006 13 5 - -
Zimbabwe: An African Crisis
dem4evr 07/09/2006 13 11 - -
MD Senate: Kweisi Mfume is a Better Candidate Than Cardin
dem4evr 07/05/2006 44 6 - -
Who are your favorite congresscritters?
dem4evr 06/26/2006 39 3 1 -
OK-1: We Have a Candidate!!!
dem4evr 06/07/2006 12 5 - 3
Emergency Note For OK-1 Residents (and 50 state strat believers)
dem4evr 06/06/2006 19 4 - 4
Thoughts on comments in "BREAKING: Rural People NOT Fucktards After All
dem4evr 05/20/2006 88 13 2 9
Immigration is Dividing my Progressive Principles
dem4evr 05/16/2006 43 14 2 8
Top Fifteen House Pickups to May
dem4evr 05/14/2006 16 5 - -
Apathy Kills- Our Failure Regarding Darfur
dem4evr 04/30/2006 2 1 1 -
How the protests affect me and my midwestern community
dem4evr 04/10/2006 7 14 - 145
Reflections After a Two Week High School Exchange in China
dem4evr 03/26/2006 58 22 - -
06 Senate Predictions and Analysis
dem4evr 02/15/2006 35 2 - -
Nic Kristof Teaches O'reilly a Lesson About Moral Values
dem4evr 02/08/2006 2 3 1 -
Thoughts from a depressed Cowboys Fan
dem4evr 02/05/2006 40 1 - -
How Low Will They Go: Hannity and Colmes does a shameful hatchet job on John Murtha
dem4evr 02/03/2006 22 15 - 11
ted koppel gets it:the problem with our irresponsible media
dem4evr 01/30/2006 2 2 2 -
The case against a filibuster
dem4evr 01/28/2006 49 1 - -
When money comes before God in the bible belt
dem4evr 01/25/2006 11 2 - -
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