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Coralville Iowa 1 AFP 0
Despite their best efforts and Americans for Prosperity proved once again they can not be trusted to handle their donors money. All of the candidates backed by AFP have been soundly defeated. The ...
demiowa 11/05/2013 44 166 1 -
There is a chance for change. What do you propose?
Now is the time to make something happen. There are people with long histories of NRA loyality who are saying now is the time. What should be done is not the same as what can be done. The ...
demiowa 12/17/2012 7 - - -
Tax returns vs birth certificates
At some point Pres Obama will hold a press conference. At that time I hope he is asked about Mitt Romney's tax returns. I would love to see the reaction of the press (and GOP) if he would ...
demiowa 08/13/2012 11 7 - 83
How Fleetwood Mac can save Obama
In 1992 Bill Clinton had a secret weapon. It wasn't a stagnant economy. It wasn't an inept response to a major hurricane. It wasn't a press that treated him fairly. It was Fleetwood Mac. In ...
demiowa 09/12/2008 24 13 - 14
Of Michigan, Florida, Iowa & New Hampshire
A few quick thoughts about 4 states whose roles in this primary have been discussed much. Iowa & New Hampshire have, once again, chosen the nominee. As a matter of fact, the only people left ...
demiowa 02/09/2008 10 1 - 8
Congressional Oversight: Big Oil vs MLB
demiowa 04/28/2006 2 3 - 2
IA-01 Open Seat Update
demiowa 07/22/2005 6 - - 14
Chris Shays for Speaker of the House
demiowa 12/02/2004 10 6 - -
I don't care that Cheney lied about meeting Edwards
demiowa 10/06/2004 9 - - 4
Forget W ketchup, try his lemonade
demiowa 09/16/2004 - - - 3
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