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ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement
(THE WORKING CLASS OCCUPY MOVEMENT HAS MOVED BEYOND JUST WALL STREET)! Our group was Co founded by METEOR BLADES and DEMOCRATS RAMSHIELD. Meet our blog editors which are some of your favorate writers: teacherken,slinkerwink,X,Laurence Lewis,boatsie,LaFeminista,Eclectablog, MinistryOfTruth,xxdr zombiexx,Barbara Morrill,JekyllnHyde,Jake McIntyre, Eclectablog,Ojibwa,icebergslim,BruinKid,CityLightsLover,Mentatmark to name but a few. As members of the MOST PROLIFIC AND LARGEST GROUP AT THE DAILY KOS...
Dedicating to electing more Democrats - Better whenever possible.

If it's a moderate or conservative in a liberal district in California or New York, then by all means, primary away. However if it's in a conservative district in Mississippi, then it's a completely different story. The simple act of supporting Democratic control of the House or Senate makes those bodies as a whole more liberal and progressive because that organizational vote determines the Speaker or Majority Leader...
New York Hudson Valley Kossacks
A group intended to initiate and maintain social connections amongst Hudson Valley kossacks.
New York State
This is a group dedicated to covering, you guessed it, the Federal, State and local politics of the Empire State.
Shamrock American Kossacks
Kossacks who take their Great Orange Satan with a bit o' the Green. If your appreciation of Irish geneaology, history, culture or politics informs your views, this might be the group for you.

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