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DRA won't work on Chrome 42+
Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say that because Google has disabled support for NPAPI (the old Netscape plugin protocol), Dave's Redistricting App will no longer work on Chrome. DRA uses ...
dgb 04/19/2015 23 9 - -
New DRA with 113th Congress Shapes
Hi everyone! Version 2.2.23 is released! Spurred on by a mention of DRA in Sam Wang's NYT article I've spent most of this weekend enabling DRA to load the 113th Congress shapes as the "Old CDs." ...
dgb 02/10/2013 29 16 - -
Why Jay Inslee will win
Tonight I've been looking at the numbers for the Washington governor's race and I have a lot of confidence that Jay Inslee will win when the count is done. Inslee is up 51.16% to 48.84%, about 49,...
dgb 11/07/2012 36 17 - -
Dave's Redistricting: DC & PR
Dave's Redistricting now supports Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. You'll need the new version (2.2.20). DC is supported with both 2010 and 2000 block ...
dgb 01/11/2012 28 6 - 214
Dave's Redistricting New Data & Feature
Happy New Year! I've uploaded a new version (2.2.19) of Dave's Redistricting , which enables (a) Extra data sets to be loaded and (b) Alaska to be ...
dgb 01/02/2012 38 9 - 234
Unhappy about WA Redistricting
As you've seen Washington Redistricting Commissioners Gorton (R) and Ceis (D) have released a compromise map . It protects all incumbents ...
dgb 12/30/2011 58 7 - 321
U Map NY - Newsday Redistricting
Newsday, the suburban NYC newspaper has launched U Map NY . It includes opinion pieces, maps drawn ...
dgb 12/20/2011 15 5 - 150
Dave's Redistricting 2.2.16, Florida map [updated]
There's a new version of Dave's Redistricting . The big change is that you can Auto Color a voting district map from a block assignment file. Previously ...
dgb 12/02/2011 15 6 - 237
Washington Redistricting: Numbers
The individual members of the Washington State Redistricting Commission came out with their redistricting proposals yesterday. As most of you have already read, the commission has 2 Democrats and 2 ...
dgb 09/14/2011 21 9 - 189
Dave's Redistricting: Updated Precincts for NM & PA
New Mexico and Pennsylvania have released new voting district (precinct) files. In both cases some voting districts are new and there have been splits and merges, meaning there are new shapes and ...
dgb 09/07/2011 8 3 - 79
Dave's Redistricting: Better Color By Population Control
Based on feedback from my previous diary (about 6 weeks ago), I've added additional controls to allow fine-grained viewing of population demographics. You can now select a single demographic group ...
dgb 08/26/2011 28 9 - 257
WA State Commission Accepting Redistricting Plans (and how to use DRA for it)
The Washington State Redistricting Commission is accepting redistricting plans from the public until August 15th, 2011. The Information Page ...
dgb 07/13/2011 9 3 1 114
Dave's Redistricting: Better Colors Showing Population and Election Data
I have uploaded a new version of Dave's Redistricting App (2.2.9), which changes the colors that are displayed for showing population demographics and election data. I think the information is much ...
dgb 07/13/2011 41 9 - 203
WA Redistricting: New District in King County
Last week I posted a couple of diaries showing alternative plans for Washington's 10 districts. ...
dgb 07/06/2011 13 9 - 193
WA Redistricting: Keep Counties Together
Yesterday I posted a diary outlining what an Olympia-oriented 10th district might look ...
dgb 06/29/2011 13 5 - 157
Dave's Redistricting: NJ & TN Election Data
I've uploaded election data for NJ and TN and (finally) corrected NM data for Los Alamos. The TN presidential vote counts are about half of what they should be, I think due to early and absentees (...
dgb 06/29/2011 22 8 - 166
WA Redistricting: New District around Olympia
Washington State gets a 10th Congressional Seat. But where to put it? And what might the delegation look like? There's been some talk of centering a new district around Olympia (Thurston County), ...
dgb 06/28/2011 58 10 - 284
Dave's Redistricting: CA Election Data
Thanks to roguemapper we have California election data! Yay! You will need Version 2.2.7 to see it. Caveats: the presidential data has some ...
dgb 06/22/2011 27 6 - 180
Dave's Redistricting: New Stuff & CA Draft
I've uploaded DRA Version 2.2.6 today. The big new feature since Version 2.2.4 (my last diary) is the ability to read a 'block equivalency' file and color the map according to the ...
dgb 06/21/2011 17 6 - 215
Dave's Redistricting: New for California
I've uploaded DRA Version 2.2.4, which has a new feature for California, which allows you to work with a subset of the state at a time. Because California is so large, even on a fast machine panning ...
dgb 06/12/2011 14 10 1 211
Daves Redistricting: IN, NM, OK, PA Election Data
I've uploaded election data for Indiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma (thanks to Steve Ansolabehere's team) and Pennsylvania (thanks to roguemapper). DRA now has election data for 19 states. IN and PA ...
dgb 06/07/2011 22 7 - 200
WA Redistricting w/ Majority Minority District
Back in March George Cheung, director of the Win/Win Network proposed that Washington State could have a majority minority congressional district. (...
dgb 06/03/2011 76 25 1 358
Dave's Redistricting: FL, NY, NC, MI Election data
I've uploaded election data for four states: FL and NY (data from roguemapper) and MI and NC (data from the professors). Florida and New York have only presidential data. Michigan and North ...
dgb 06/01/2011 33 16 - 301
DRA: Legislative & County Redistricting
Dave's Redistricting Version 2.2 now has full support for Legislative and County redistricting. This means you can create maps for upper and lower house ...
dgb 05/24/2011 50 13 - 352
DRA: Improved GA Election data
I've uploaded Georgia presidential election data with the early/absentee votes factored into the precincts. In case you hadn't ...
dgb 05/13/2011 13 2 - 146
DRA: Election data for TX, OH, WI, GA, SC
dgb 05/10/2011 61 9 - 335
DRA: Election data for IL, MN, NV, AZ
dgb 05/03/2011 52 9 1 247
Daves Redistricting - Final States & WA Election Data
Dave's Redistricting now has 49 states with 2010 data (all but Alaska). New ones (with block groups) are OR, KY, MT, RI. Also, I added data from ...
dgb 04/04/2011 9 15 1 108
Daves Redistricting in WSJ & USA Today
Two articles out today talk about Daves Redistricting and how technology is changing redistricting. ...
dgb 03/21/2011 10 7 - 71
Daves Redistricting & Progressive Congress [Update]
Dave's Redistricting Application is now a project of ...
dgb 03/14/2011 4 6 - 36
Daves Redistricting -- More states & fixes
Hi Everyone, Last night I upload 2.1.2 and this morning I added 2010 data for more states. New States: DE, KS, NE, NC, WY. Key fixes: -- 2010 VT shapefiles are WAY SMALLER , like almost 1/10!
dgb 03/06/2011 1 2 - 17
Daves Redistricting -- More 2010 Data
Just a quick note to say I'm back from vacation and have uploaded all available states, except Oregon. That's AL, AR, CO, HI, IL, IA, MO, NV, OK, SD, TX, UT, VT, WA. (Already there were IN, LA, MD, ...
dgb 02/28/2011 5 5 - 49
Daves Redistricting 2.1 - 2010 Data [Update]
2010 data is here! Yesterday evening I uploaded Daves Redistricting 2.1 . Here's what is new: 2010 data is available for VA, MD and NJ. More states will ...
dgb 02/17/2011 11 5 2 50
Daves Redistricting 2.0.5
Thanks to all of you who filled out the survey. Highlights below the fold. But first, I uploaded a new version a couple of nights ago. The changes are: -- the New Way to color is the default (Old ...
dgb 01/19/2011 14 4 1 17
Daves Redistricting 2.0.4 and Survey!
It's been a while since I've written a diary here. Check out my page on SwingStateProject to see about the recent evolution of Daves ...
dgb 01/05/2011 1 3 2 79
6 More States for Free Redistricting Tool
Just a quick diary here to let you know I've enabled 6 more states (as of last weekend) for my free redistricting web ...
dgb 06/12/2009 6 7 1 67
Free Redistricting Tool Now for 12 States
The free congressional redistricting web application I launched a few weeks ago ( see diary ...
dgb 05/27/2009 15 8 - 23
Free Congressional Redistricting Tool Ready
I'm nervous about releasing this into the wild. There are bugs, but I think it's good enough now to let you all check it out. So, ...
dgb 05/04/2009 23 11 1 22
Redistricting: If Washington State had 10 congressional districts...
With the likely passage of a bill creating 2 more congressional districts (1 for DC and the other into the mix), it’s possible Washington State could get a 10th CD. Democrats current hold a 6-...
dgb 05/01/2009 38 10 1 269
More on Florida Redistricting
Brownsox wrote Sunday about the Fair Districts Florida initiative that is gathering signatures now ( A New Hope For Redistricting in ...
dgb 03/06/2009 23 8 - 195
Redistricting: Florida Petitions Gathering Signatures Now
Two Florida constitutional amendment petitions that would restrict gerrymandering are gathering signatures until October 2009. One for congress; the other for the legislature. They need 676,811 ...
dgb 02/13/2009 15 7 - 26
What's the Expected Number of Dems and Reps If Redistricting Were "Fair?"
I've generally thought that the current state of redistricting skews the balance between Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives. But how much and in whose favor? And how do we ...
dgb 02/03/2009 4 5 - 26
Two New Congressional Districts Back on the Table
When I posted last week ( here ), it came up in the discussion that a bill had been introduced in the last Congress to ...
dgb 01/26/2009 10 5 - 7
More on the 2011 Reapportionment
Last week I wrote about the projected 2011 reapportionment of congressional seats, referring to DavidNYC’s ...
dgb 01/23/2009 28 13 - 279
Redistricting 2011: Projected reapportionment and Texas
Congressional districts will be reapportioned among the states after the 2010 census. Current projections for gainers and losers look something like this:
dgb 01/16/2009 6 5 - 101
A new blog on Redistricting
I have just launched DavesRedistricting , a new blog on redistricting. I'm cross-posting entries here to hopefully pique your interest over time ...
dgb 01/09/2009 10 4 - 11
WA-08: Election eve
It’s crowded at Darcy Burner’s Bellevue headquarters, even more than it has been over the last month. I quit my job at Microsoft a couple of months ago (partly to do more politically, ...
dgb 11/03/2008 9 7 - 19
Compassion, the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama
The Dalai Lama has been in Seattle over the last few days for the Seeds of Compassion series of events. Friday evening he had a conversation with Dave ...
dgb 04/14/2008 11 16 - -
Dean Wants Nominee Decided by April
A few paragraphs in this morning's paper caught my eye. The narrow margin in delegates, and the growing likelihood that it will remain close, stirred concern on Wednesday from the ...
dgb 02/07/2008 78 17 - 45
Obama email to my friends
In November I sent email to a long list of progressive friends and relatives saying that I am supporting Obama. Last night I sent the followup email. I got some good responses, so I figured I post ...
dgb 02/02/2008 13 13 1 -
Mark Udall (CO-Sen) & Barack Obama in Seattle last week
This past week I had the pleasure to attend two fundraising events in Seattle, one for Mark Udall and one for Barack Obama. I’d like to share my impressions of those events. Although ...
dgb 12/16/2007 11 26 - -
WA-08: Seattle Times endorses Reichert
dgb 10/15/2006 11 6 - -
WA-08: Joe Wilson, patriot, at Darcy Burner event
dgb 10/14/2006 5 20 - 19
WA-Sen: Libertarian Buys Into Debate; Weird Millionaire's Amendment
dgb 10/03/2006 8 1 1 6
WA-Sen: Libertairan Self-finances
dgb 10/01/2006 25 1 - 18
Karl Rove at Microsoft today
dgb 09/15/2006 198 167 3 32
Global Warming: Big Seattle Times Article Leaves No Doubt: Humans Are at Fault
dgb 10/09/2005 11 13 2 -
King County (Washington State) Redistricting -- Update
dgb 01/09/2005 - 2 - 34
King County (Washington State) Redistricting
dgb 01/04/2005 3 3 - 9
The Night Before Christmas 2004
dgb 12/25/2004 1 - - -
NY-29: Samara Barend's race still wide open
dgb 10/30/2004 2 1 - -
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