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Rereading "Black Theology and Black Power" After Twenty Years
"How many of Cone's books have you read?" Ever since Jeremiah Wright posed that question to Sean Hannity eight years ago, I've been meaning to write a diary on James Cone, the premier figure of ...
dirkster42 04/26/2015 13 14 - -
MininstryOfTruth Needs Help (NYC)
I just saw this tweet and received MinistryOfTruth's permission to post something: Been effectively homeless for over a month now. I have money to rent a room if only I could find a room I can ...
dirkster42 04/23/2015 99 330 3 -
Gaia and God: As Global Warming News Ramps Up
I've spent the weekend feeling fairly depressed, much of which I think is a reaction to recent news about how imminent a real global warming catastrophe is, about the fact that for Brazil, it's ...
dirkster42 03/08/2015 58 42 3 -
Muslim Women in National Legislatures
One of the classic strategies of Western colonialism is "white men protecting brown women from brown men," in the words of post-colonial theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. (Handy discussion on ...
dirkster42 12/15/2014 18 9 - -
Carter Heyward: Lesbian Relational Theologian
"Relational theology" is a line of thought in contemporary theology. It has gone in a direction I am not very happy with . Steering the conversation back to one of its original voices, Carter ...
dirkster42 12/09/2014 23 19 - -
Sisters and Brothers: Prayers for the Evening
Centering: Meredith Monk, Gotham Lullaby ...
dirkster42 04/07/2013 24 18 - -
RIP Beverly Wildung Harrison
I have been meaning to write a diary on Beverly Wildung Harrison's breathtaking - and inexcusably out-of-print - book Our Right to Choose: Toward a New Ethic of Abortion for some time now. I just ...
dirkster42 12/19/2012 3 7 - -
Sisters and Brothers: Invitation to Wisdom
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly ...
dirkster42 12/02/2012 39 24 - -
Look, Everyone! I published a book!
Today is the release date of Voices of Feminist Liberation: Writings in Celebration of Rosemary Radford Ruether , which I co-edited with Emily Silverman and Whitney Bauman. It was very much a labor ...
dirkster42 11/30/2012 74 106 5 -
MORE prominent Christians COOL with Evolution (and a little on why we don't hear about them)
Several months back, I tried to bash the historical reality of a pervasive theological affirmation of evolutionary theory into the oversimplified narrative of religion against science. I've seen ...
dirkster42 10/31/2012 143 81 11 -
Sisters and Brothers
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious ...
dirkster42 09/16/2012 55 25 - 133
Ph.D. to Food Stamps
In 2010, I earned a Ph.D. in theology. Within a year, I was on food stamps. I'm not alone. According to the latest records, there are 33, 655 people in my position. In my case, the issue has ...
dirkster42 08/23/2012 86 57 2 341
So, how did a nice gay boy like you become a theologian?
A couple of years ago, I defended a dissertation in theology, and am struggling to establish a career as a professional theologian. I am also an openly gay man. Of course, many queer folk have ...
dirkster42 08/08/2012 46 31 - 231
Dear Mr. Bezos: Pay Your Workers Before You Support Me
According to the NYT: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos pledges $2.5 million for gay marriage in Washington State . Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of, and his wife, MacKenzie, have agreed ...
dirkster42 07/27/2012 19 29 - 195
Saying Goodbye.
Over the last twenty years, I've worked with strands of liberation theology and liberal theology, both of which aim to bring faith down to earth and aim our hopes for a better future toward a just ...
dirkster42 07/25/2012 92 75 7 924
This science/religion question wasn't posed to me, but
I'm going to try to answer it anyway. In a recent diary, Va1kyrie asked Out of curiosity... (0+ / 0-) (...and now I find I have a hard time framing the question without sounding like a standard ...
dirkster42 07/18/2012 60 17 1 329
PPP: Ohio African-Americans more supportive of gay marriage.
From Public Policy Polling -Voters in Ohio are still opposed to gay marriage, but they've moved quite a bit on the issue over the last eight months. 37% think it should be legal to 50% who believe ...
dirkster42 07/05/2012 16 18 - 201
Thoughts on Bible Classes
For the last several months, I have been tutoring two kids, brothers, aged 11 and 14 in Bible. They're homeschooled, but come from a non-religious family. Although I am a theologian, I am not ...
dirkster42 05/24/2012 286 181 6 1396
Sisters and Brothers
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious language, but may ...
dirkster42 05/20/2012 54 23 - 137
Mormon Bishop apologizes to LGBT community
Kevin Kloosterman is a bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. A bishop in the LDS is the leader of a local ward (congregation), not the equivalent to a bishop in the Catholic, ...
dirkster42 04/18/2012 21 33 - 218
Two Recent Faith Critiques of Religious Interference with Gov't Assistance
First, megachurch pastor Joel Hunter has looked at the facts and voiced that it is impossible for churches to do all the work that the government does in assisting the poor, according to an article ...
dirkster42 04/12/2012 18 20 1 155
Wichita Church Hears Gay-Friendly Lecture
Matthew Vines is a 21-year-old gay Christian man who took a year off college to study the question of homosexuality and the Bible, and delivered his results in an hour-long lecture to a United ...
dirkster42 04/09/2012 17 12 2 177
Sisters and Brothers: Strange Resurrections
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious language, but may ...
dirkster42 04/08/2012 49 28 - 186
Gay Brigham Young U. Students Come Out
This is how change begins. Remains to be seen where this goes, but the conversation that's been happening behind closed doors in the Mormon Church since Proposition 8 has just gone to YouTube.
dirkster42 04/07/2012 24 32 - 262
We're Not a Christian Nation, Mr. Aitken
As you can see on the rec list, the canard that "America was founded as a Christian nation" has made it to the level of presidential primary discourse. There's one particular historical instance ...
dirkster42 03/20/2012 75 174 9 1235
Tucson Faith Communities Go Green
According to a Tucson Sentinel article, Tucson Churches Join Movement linking Religion, Sustainability , various faith communities in the Tuscon region are switching to renewable energy. You can ...
dirkster42 03/19/2012 13 6 - 65
Premier Historian of Liberal Theology discusses Occupy Movement
Gary Dorrien is the author of the magisterial three-volume survey of American liberal theology, The Making of American Liberal Theology , Volume 2 ,
dirkster42 03/12/2012 28 17 - 100
Catholic Faculty Stand Up for Contraception
Commonweal reports that faculty at John Carroll University, a Catholic institution, have requested that the school's president include contraception coverage in the university's insurance and stand ...
dirkster42 02/28/2012 21 37 1 209
Brothers and Sisters: Between Two Holinesses
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious language, but ...
dirkster42 02/19/2012 48 28 - 152
The Rest of My Life Will Suck. I Have No Regrets.
For the last three years, I've been trying to find my way into an academic job. That's what I'm trained for. I go through phases where I start to give up that idea and try to sort out what other ...
dirkster42 02/13/2012 226 179 3 1805
Why I Support Mitt Romney
This picture is still pertinent.
dirkster42 01/29/2012 21 10 - 390
Guantanamo: 10-year anniversary actions
Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo prison. In response, the National Religious Campaign Against Torture is putting on events around ...
dirkster42 01/10/2012 3 6 - 31
ABC features lesbian African-American minister
In a feature, Holiday Homophobia: Is it Christian to Reject Gay Partners? ...
dirkster42 12/29/2011 7 19 - 109
Good Riddance 2011
What a crappy year. I don't think I've been so happy to see a year depart in a while. I'm looking back on it as a year that was sucked away by facing some inner demons. I suppose that was ...
dirkster42 12/29/2011 26 7 - 108
I don't know who you are, but THANK YOU!
It's the tail end of a long day that began with getting to work at 7:30 AM, working until 6, $8/hour, no overtime, and having to hang around after work to stop by a Free Clinic to get the results of ...
dirkster42 12/15/2011 23 34 - 153
In an earlier missive, So, Like, Are You a Christian? , I expressed my impatience with being pigeonholed ...
dirkster42 11/30/2011 52 37 3 763
The Evening Before ...
I'm looking forward to the outpouring of solidarity tomorrow, with some apprehension of what the police will be doing when I arrive downtown Oakland tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm drifting around ...
dirkster42 11/01/2011 14 12 - 100
Religion on the Ground: Interfaith Worship Doubles since 9/11
A Christian Science Monitor article From Fear of Islam to Outreach ...
dirkster42 09/08/2011 22 22 - 163
Pro-Evolutionary Theology: 19th-Century Voices
So, it looks like Rick Perry is going to be shoving creationism down our throats for the rest of the campaign season. Lovely. This, of course, is wearying to me as a theologian because it will ...
dirkster42 08/29/2011 88 62 11 430
The Religious Left: Carter Heyward
If you don’t like triangulators, Carter Heyward may appeal to you. Heyward was one of a group of eleven women who broke the barrier to women’s ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal ...
dirkster42 08/24/2011 27 20 - 169
Sisters and Brothers: Evening Hymns
Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meet-up for prayer* ...
dirkster42 08/21/2011 60 26 - 154
Opportunity for CA Kossacks to Oppose Solitary Confinement
The National Religious Campaign Against Torture is joining several prisoners' rights advocacy groups in hosting a rally prior to the California Public Safety Commission's hearings on Solitary ...
dirkster42 08/18/2011 9 14 - 69
Be There!!! Sacramento Rally Against Solitary Confinement
The National Religious Campaign Against Torture is holding a rally at the ...
dirkster42 08/16/2011 29 29 1 106
Sisters and Brothers: Our Help in Ages Past
Opening Hymn: O God Our Help in Ages Past Welcome to ...
dirkster42 08/07/2011 78 32 - 174
It's Official! Conservatives Hate Me!
WHOOOT!!! Claremont Conservative: Dissertation Silliness of the Day Yep - I wasn't even ...
dirkster42 08/05/2011 73 16 - 198
Gordon Kaufman: 1925-2011
Back when I was studying for my qualifying exams, I often would read a chapter of Gordon Kaufman'...
dirkster42 07/26/2011 5 12 1 123
A Chronicle of Religious (well, Christian) Affirmations of Evolution
A while back, I was sitting in my therapist's office, and he offered some perspective on an issue with a reminder that a dimension of the problem at hand could be traced to the basic "fight-or-flight"
dirkster42 07/18/2011 60 46 15 479
The Rebirth of the Religious Left?
I'm not sure, but In These Times seems to think so . The big story of the next few decades, spiritually speaking, might be the re-
dirkster42 07/08/2011 49 39 1 223
evolution, theology, in progress
Earlier today, I told someone I was taking a break from the site. Now, I'm feeling kind of brain dead and old habits die hard. For a while now, because I got tired of bumping into the unreflective ...
dirkster42 06/27/2011 56 25 4 200
Grappling past hesitation to speech on queer whiteness
There's an essay by the late, great gay historian Allan Berube called "How Gay Stays White and What Kind of White It Stays" ...
dirkster42 05/31/2011 135 95 4 826
Two Degrees, Lights Out, Finding (or Making) Purpose
For a while now, scientists have been warning us of Global Warming. Collectively, we haven't been able to adjust. Each warning is more dire than the last. Since 2007, the IPCC has told ...
dirkster42 05/30/2011 26 21 - 159
My Favorite Authors/Books: Rosemary Radford Ruether
A few years ago, I was heading out the door with my backpack packed, ready for a day of studying at the library. But I didn't get very far - a package with the copy ...
dirkster42 05/23/2011 48 36 3 275
My Activities on Rapture Day.
Well, first the cat had to torment me by meowing at 6 AM until I fed her at 7. This would be reasonable enough, after all it's when I usually feed her. But, I didn't go to bed until late last night,
dirkster42 05/21/2011 32 11 1 121
Atheists I appreciate.
One of the perennial features of Daily Kos is the a/theism pie-fight. One of these days, I need to go back to the Buddhist doctrine of non-duality, which made the particular opposition - theism/...
dirkster42 05/17/2011 52 31 - 435
Sisters and Brothers: Turning from Beauty to Justice
Psalm 112, sung Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the ...
dirkster42 05/08/2011 61 32 - 149
Galileo Goes to Jail: Book Review
Galileo Goes to Jail is a collection of essays by historians ...
dirkster42 05/05/2011 62 37 1 366
Preview from my draft file.
Since DK4, I've found that I've had a much harder time getting quality diaries out of my hair. I'm not sure what the changeover has to do with my inability to get my words out (some of it might ...
dirkster42 05/03/2011 26 10 - 154
Preventing Another Bradley Manning
I have seen many people who are rightfully disgusted with the treatment of Bradley Manning. There's something you can do about it. Once a month, I sit in on a conference call with ...
dirkster42 04/18/2011 25 21 - 163
SOUL Kos Friday Open Thread.
OK, round two of getting this diary written. My computer is sluggish this morning. Might need to reboot. When was the last time you needed to reboot? The words of my week have been TIRED and ...
dirkster42 04/08/2011 48 11 - 90
SOUL Kos Open Thread
Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! How did it get here so fast? I only have a few minutes before I need to jump in the shower. I think I might be almost ready to start writing substantive diaries ...
dirkster42 04/01/2011 16 8 - 71
SOUL Kos Open Thread - Parents and Play.
So, it's Thursday night as I'm typing, but it will most likely be Friday morning as you read this invitation to share your weekend plans, take stock of the week that just went by, or vent, or put ...
dirkster42 03/25/2011 26 11 - 68
SOUL Kos Open Thread
To quote the Mother of all Open Threads, "jibber your jabber." I've got to run, hope everyone's got an excellent weekend in store.
dirkster42 03/18/2011 12 7 - 64
Turning 40 while the world goes to sh*t
Tonight, I will be celebrating my birthday. As my coffee takes effect, however, I wonder what there is to celebrate. Yet another nuclear disaster, and people still want to tell me that nuclear ...
dirkster42 03/17/2011 33 12 - 131
SOUL Kos Open Thread with Scarlatti
TGIF!!! Ready for the weekend? I am. What are your plans for fun? Last week, Corelli provided the aubade. Per CherryTheTart's request, this week it'll be Scarlatti. Domenico's the more well-...
dirkster42 03/11/2011 30 10 - 75
The Spate of Anti-Choice Legislation: A Friend Responds
Last weekend, a friend from my seminary days was staying with me and mentioned that in response to the intense misogyny coming out of Congress, she'd written up a statement that she wanted to fax to ...
dirkster42 03/10/2011 25 46 4 186
State Legislation Against Solitary Confinement - CO, ME, TX
Just got off a conference call with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), where among ...
dirkster42 03/09/2011 6 15 - 59
Religious Opposition to Islamophobia: News Releases
Today's press release from the National Religious Campaign Against Torture NATIONAL RELIGIOUS CAMPAIGN AGAINST TORTURE For Immediate Release: March 8,
dirkster42 03/08/2011 8 9 - 69
SOUL Kos Friday Open Thread
Greetings in absentia - my internet connection at home is on the fritz, so I've set up the open thread for auto-publication. As I'm typing I'm playing some Corelli - -
dirkster42 03/04/2011 25 4 - 79
African-American Churches and LGBT: Two Recent News Stories
The New York Times reports that Rev. Peter J. Gomes Is Dead at 68 . Gomes was an ordained minister who is best known for his many ...
dirkster42 03/03/2011 59 61 1 353
Soul Kos Friday Open Thread
We had an open thread last Friday morning. Thought it might be a good idea to keep something consistent. Last week, your important question was about ice cream. Today, please tell us about ...
dirkster42 02/25/2011 31 10 - 90
What is "Religious Left" to you?
In Friday's Open Thread, CherryTheTart said: I want to talk about this: What is a Religious Left? I think I am a ...
dirkster42 02/21/2011 97 20 - 217
Religious Liberals - Who's Already Active?
Instead of reinventing the wheel over and over, let's see what religious liberal organizations are already doing things. This is a partial list .
dirkster42 02/21/2011 42 28 - 155
SOUL Kos Open Thread
It's the end of the first week of DK4 - some people are cranky, some are leaving, some are confused, some are excited, and all of us have no clue what exactly these significant changes mean for the ...
dirkster42 02/18/2011 61 27 - 190
DK4: The Refutation of "Crashing the Gate"
The strategic importance of kos's Crashing the Gate was ...
dirkster42 02/16/2011 95 55 - 332
How did you become a spiritual progressive?
Basically, here's a chance for us to share some stories about how we got to the place that makes participation in SOUL Kos something we want to do.
dirkster42 02/14/2011 83 36 1 293
Sisters and Brothers: At Which Beginning?
First Brothers and Sisters of Daily Kos 4 - in the midst of the birth pangs... Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an ...
dirkster42 02/13/2011 92 35 1 177
On the Invisibility of the Religious Left
So often, when religious leftists object to criticisms of religion as inherently conservative, we hear in response, so why aren't you doing anything? Which is odd to our ears because we've been ...
dirkster42 02/11/2011 398 247 14 339
Yes, My Tax Dollars Should Pay for Abortions
To answer the rhetorical question posed by the noxious ad I see on the main page, YES. I offer this image in response.
dirkster42 02/08/2011 92 30 - 122
Gay Ugandan Killed After Being Outed in Newspaper
From the NYT: As the most outspoken gay rights advocate in Uganda, a country where homophobia is so severe that Parliament is considering a bill to execute gay people, he had received a ...
dirkster42 01/27/2011 21 20 - 72
Late Night Depressive Open Thread with the Stone Roses
I discovered the Stone Roses through a personality quiz, "Which musician would you be?" and I turned out to be John Squire of the Stone Roses. Had only seen the name while browsing at CD stores ...
dirkster42 01/23/2011 36 10 2 54
Lessons from Egyptian Muslims on Nonviolence
While I was processing the violence in Tuscon this weekend, I got a link to a story from Egypt about a response to violence there. For those who missed it, on New Year's Eve,
dirkster42 01/10/2011 17 18 1 57
2011 - I intend to read.
I specifically intend to read the books mentioned on the flip. I'm hoping someone finds something in the list they want to read, as well. Before the flip, the books I haven't read yet for the ...
dirkster42 01/04/2011 25 14 - 83
Ruminating on religion on December 30th
If you are familiar with my diaries, chances are you know me primarily as an expositor of liberal religious views. That's what I put most of my energy into, both here and elsewhere. I joined up ...
dirkster42 12/30/2010 132 30 - 72
Scott Fujita (and some others).
Got tired of seeing Michael Vick diaries over and over and over. I have, however, started to watch football recently. I used to just like seeing hunky guys, but I've started to actually be able to ...
dirkster42 12/29/2010 77 20 - 369
Luddite (Self-Censored) Rant
I read this in the diary at the top of the rec list The new website is designed for high-res, high-end monitors (like the kind we use in our studio) and has lots of wonderful white space ...
dirkster42 12/21/2010 86 17 - 57
Tea Party against United Methodist Church
From Talking Points Memo , where Josh Marshall's dug up a screed from ...
dirkster42 12/20/2010 52 35 - 287
"So, Like, Are You a Christian?"
Because I am a theologian , this is a question I get a lot. I have ...
dirkster42 12/18/2010 57 49 1 244
Dear Rep. Bachmann: From a Praying Person
Dear Rep. Bachmann, I never thought you and I would have something in common, but appears that we both have prominent roles in prayer groups in our respective political homes. Speaking on behalf ...
dirkster42 12/11/2010 31 43 - 51
Not Meta-Crap.  Something Else.
I'm not feeling well today - have a bad histamine reaction to something. In the meantime, there's nothing but the usual "My strategy is right! You are a fucking poopy-head!" "No! MY strategy is ...
dirkster42 11/29/2010 58 15 1 45
U.N. vote.  OK to stone gays.
Chalk up another example illustrating why the idea of "progress" is illusory. On November 17, the United Nations General Assembly voted to remove sexual orientation from a statement condemning ...
dirkster42 11/23/2010 293 244 4 258
Once again, for perspective, Sharon Welch
It's just the midterm elections. Yes, the Republican takeover of the House is a serious setback. Yes, I dreaded it. Yes, I donated what I could to stave it off. Yes, it will limit opportunities ...
dirkster42 11/03/2010 14 7 2 30
O'Donnell, O'Donnell, O'Donnell
Every indicator notes that Christine O'Donnell's bid for the Senate is toast. And yet, she remains a cynosure*, a bright shiny object, a distraction from the work that really needs to be done in ...
dirkster42 10/14/2010 36 30 - 87
Get Rep. Ellison's back.
According to the American Independent , an ironically-named organization, Americans Against Hate , has launched a petition to have Rep. Keith ...
dirkster42 10/09/2010 12 16 - 90
Focus on Schadenfreude: FoF lays off 110 workers.
This will be a fairly short diary, but one which most people here will celebrate: Focus on the Family has cut its workforce by nearly half since 2002. Friday’s layoff of 110 ...
dirkster42 08/03/2010 41 30 - 38
Honduras - resistance continues a year after coup.
I have a goal of really getting up to speed on the situation in Honduras. As I do, I post what I learn, previously ...
dirkster42 07/26/2010 34 19 1 71
Night Music with Hans Werner Henze
Hans Werner Henze is a classical composer who brings a passion for political radicalism to much of his work. Although his political-musical activism really took off in the 1960s, he developed a ...
dirkster42 05/20/2010 21 12 1 35
Seven Journalists Killed in Honduras. (Now with update.)
Tomorrow, I officially join the Peace and Social Concerns committee of my local Quaker meeting. To get myself prepped, I've been digging a little on the situation in Honduras. According to a story ...
dirkster42 04/26/2010 15 31 1 73
Books I have given as gifts.
One of my greatest pleasures in life is seeing to it that someone gets just the book they need at that moment in their life. Below the fold is a list of books that I've given to friends and ...
dirkster42 04/15/2010 18 12 2 31
What my diaries REALLY mean.
I have decided to bare all. I have written my diaries in code, unbeknownst even to myself. Luckily for us all, I have stumbled upon the decoder -
dirkster42 04/01/2010 11 7 - 25
DK Niebuhr Book Club, and today's violence.
I got a late start on re-reading Moral Man and Immoral Society for today's diary, meaning I started re-reading today . And it struck me as the most timely of chapters - "The ...
dirkster42 03/25/2010 21 17 2 55
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