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Blaming Baltimore's Problems on a Black Mayor
A friend of mine, a right winger, shared this on his Facebook page:
BhaiDin 05/03/2015 3
1st quarter GDP, March income and outlays, et al
this week we'll review the advance report on 1st quarter GDP , which was released on Wednesday, and the March report on Personal Income and Spending , which was released on Thursday...
rjsigmund 05/03/2015 3
Robert Reich Hammers TPP As More "Trickle-Down" Economics: "Have We Learned Nothing?"
Headlines like this really say it all: Republicans push Barack Obama to rally Democrats for TPP vote Yes, the same Party whose economic philosophy led to the meltdown of the economy in 2007-2008 ...
Dartagnan 05/03/2015 50
Americans Continue To Delude Themselves That They'll Be Rich Someday
No, the odds are you're really not going to get very rich, or even moderately rich, although you'll probably go to your deathbed ...
Dartagnan 05/03/2015 15
That 2012 Bernie Sanders Speech That Could Help Him Win In 2016
"You know, I, for the love of me, I cannot understand why people who have billions of dollars are compulsively driven for more and how many people have got to die because they don't go to a doctor,
Leslie Salzillo 05/03/2015 30
US Auto Industry Digs Itself Back Into the Same Hole
Talk about a flat learning curve - the US auto industry was bailed out back in 2009 as part of the TARP stimulus package for the banking and auto industry, but they're right back to the same ...
campskunk2 05/03/2015 128
The OPOL Report: Fake change in a new box edition
Look, I don't know what we're supposed to do about our bullshit political system but it seems to me that it must start with facing up to the facts. Believing that this time, someone is actually ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 05/03/2015 132
Bernie Sanders is the most Christian of all candidates. By an enormous margin.
Far too many of the already-declared and yet-to-declare candidates for President invoke G-d or Christianity -- both as way of ingratiating themselves directly to (Christian) voters as well as a way ...
Mage11an 05/03/2015 29
Is " the Pursuit of Happiness" still an "inalienable right" with a criminal background?
The Declaration of Independence was the foundation that this country was built on. The sentiments included in it are no less important today than they were when it was first written and delivered. ...
alicetben 05/03/2015 3
Sanders wants to Help Workers -- in a way that might Surprise you
Besides standing up against Trade Deals that end up exporting American Jobs; Besides calling for more equitable Tax rates on the Wealthy, that will reduce the dangerous and growing gaps in Income ...
jamess 05/02/2015 156
Kansas as a Microcosm of Regressive Taxation in America
One of the less reported trends in America over the past 20 years or so is the indirect establishment of a flat tax, when one aggregates federal, state and local taxes. This has been accomplished by ...
rvanheertum 05/02/2015 9
Building Bridges Radio: Roll Back Low Wages: Stories of New Labor Organizing with Sarah Jaffe Roll Back Low Wages: Nine Stories of New Labor Organizing in the United States with Sarah Jaffe, labor ...
buildingbridgesradio 05/02/2015 1
Ferguson, New York City, Baltimore,...
50...... FIFTY FUCKING YEARS... AND YOU RIGHT WING SHILLS... STILL WANT TO KEEP THIS SHIT UP.... You fucking still blame the victims. Do you fucking understand that over 100 convicts.... were SET ...
warrenproject 05/01/2015 2
The Death of National and State Sovereignty, Separation of Powers, and Democracy
Most of the critical attention given to the Fast Track Trade Agreement legislation and to the associated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Congressional – Executive Agreement on mainstream corporate ...
Letsgetitdone 05/01/2015 6
Winning Rural America as a Proud Socialist
With deference and thanks to Lawrence O'Donnell, the term "liberal" has lost a considerable amount of the tarnish it has worn as a political label in recent history, in no small part because of "the ...
pseudonym76 05/01/2015 12
Bernie Sanders: Agenda for America
Bernie Sanders has an Agenda for America . Bernie is not following in the wake of public opinion, which itself is following in the wake of social/human need. He is leading, because to people like ...
Words In Action 05/01/2015 59
Who's policing the one percent while our cities burn?
If we are on track for unspeakable disparities between the haves and the have-nots, then we might just want to ask ourselves: what kind of policing would such a world of inequality require?
alyceejl 05/01/2015 2
Festering Wounds
Unjustified deaths of African American citizens by the hands of law enforcement are one catalyst for recent rage in the U.S. This week via social media discussions, I have advised that I am opposed ...
PaisleyPerspective 05/01/2015 2
Must See TV: Alan Grayson on TPP
Hat tip to Gaius Publius over at Digby's Place for posting about this. Alan Grayson has a video that must be seen. In 9 minutes, Grayson blows away all the BS about the 'Free Trade" benefits. GP ...
xaxnar 04/30/2015 26
Her stance on TPP = none. People! She is just another Elitist!
HRC dodges the question about what her stance on TPP is. Ed Schultz Blasts Hillary Clinton's Stance On TPP by Rising ...
DKAtoday 04/30/2015 188
How the Clinton Presidency Made Baltimore Worse
In May of 2009, Harvard University researchers Devah Pager, Bruce Western, and Naomie Sugie released the results of a large scale field experiment conducted in New York City about the effects of ...
pseudonym76 04/30/2015 17
Baltimore - why all the anger?
While I do not condone the violence in Baltimore, I think it would be beneficial to understand the root cause of the anger that fueled the violence. That anger does not just exist in specific ...
rgantibully 04/30/2015 7
Alan Grayson chats about Free Trade
Well, well, well... I stumbled across this video by Alan Grayson trashing "free trade". Not just the TPP but any "free trade". Thank you Alan Grayson for making this video. It took guts. Why? ...
yingyang 04/29/2015 16
Why are the Baltimore Youth Rioting?
One of the questions asked is, if the Baltimore riots are a result of 400 years of oppression, then why are the youth rioting? I submit that the reason lies in the hopelessness that many of them ...
Eternal Hope 04/29/2015 8
Ridiculing Concerns About TPP Tyranny
People who support the Administration's efforts on the TPP have been known to reply to my posts on this subject by attempting to ridicule the scenarios I've presented as possible under the TPP ...
Letsgetitdone 04/29/2015 31
Why the economy is slowing
First quarter GDP numbers were, well, bad. The economy grew at 0.2 percent. I'll sum up the problem, their simply is not enough money. Money can have many meanings. M1 is the total amount of M0 (...
GShaw 04/29/2015 12
Wisconsin Governor Walker Failures Not Evidence of a “Style” Problem
(Wisconsinites see much deeper deficits. The Press has a duty to broadcast these to the nation.) A recent puff-piece suggested Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the white-bread Republican ...
Heywaitaminute 04/29/2015 2
Steve Forbes has morals??
Somehow, I got onto an email list for Newsmax. It is funny reading some of their junk. So, I go to my inbox and here's another one from Newsmax. The subject reads, "Private chat with Steve Forbes ...
DamYankee 04/29/2015 7
PPT Note to President Obama
President Obama, Mr. President, like the First Lady's intentional behavior in regards to the American Obesity Epidemic it appears that COKE is the White House favorite beverage of choice regardless ...
Mushin 04/29/2015 7
Liberal Strategies for 2016 and beyond
How are we going to win the battle for votes next year and beyond? Most progressives do not have the sort of cash available to compete with the Kochs and Adelsons of the world for campaign spending.
NorthSouth 04/29/2015 4
How Apple single-handedly lays waste to conservative ideology
kos 04/28/2015 362

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