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Tea Party and Know-Nothings
More nuts from the Tea Party - From Newsmax.Com "(Newsmax) – Militia members and other concerned U.S. citizens are converging on the border town of Laredo, Texas, on Friday to create a blockade ...
discocrisco 06/29/2014 14 7 1 -
Bernie Madoff Proves Why We Need Tax on Greed
Madoff opens him off and he has prove why people like him needed to be taxed at a high rate.
discocrisco 03/21/2014 4 3 - -
The End of The Texas Dealth Due to The European Drug Companies?
Is the Texas Death House Finally Coming to Grinding Halt?
discocrisco 03/20/2014 6 2 - -
Cutting Food Stamps is a dumb idea
Why is cutting food stamps is a dumb idea?
discocrisco 10/27/2013 6 9 - -
Scott Walker's Labor Day Tweet
The Hill blog reports the following tweet was made by Scott Walker " Happy Labor Day This is a truly ironic tweet from a man who has done more try to destroy organized labor than most governors.
discocrisco 09/02/2013 8 18 2 -
Mumia No Longer Serving Death Sentence
The Death Penalty Was Dropped ...
discocrisco 12/07/2011 9 3 - 87
Life Sentence For Selling $10 Worth Of Crack
Why A Life Sentence For Selling $10 crack is not a fair sentence.
discocrisco 04/21/2011 34 8 - 200
Ben Nelson, Just Call Yourself a Republican
It is Time For Ben Nelson To Call Himself A ...
discocrisco 12/01/2010 15 9 - 28
UK to Undergo Austerity Measures
The UK faces the consequences of ...
discocrisco 09/12/2010 7 7 - 60
Cenk Is On the Way Up
Cenk from the Young Turk Is Moving On the Way ...
discocrisco 09/07/2010 98 16 1 53
Imagine Having Your Teeth Being Cleaned By The Leader of the Birther Movement
It's ...
discocrisco 08/11/2009 20 3 - 11
Fearmongering And Appeal to Emotion Are Tactics Used By the Right to Oppose Healthcare Reform
These are some tactics used by the right to argue for healthcare. In this post, I have evidence that right uses fear to market its message to their followers in the area of government intervention ...
discocrisco 07/29/2009 4 2 - 7
The RNC Was Officially Behind the Tea Parties
Checking my hotmail this morning, I found an e-mail from Michael Steel in the junk mail. The e-mail provides sufficent documentary evidence that the Republican Parties were behind the tea parties ...
discocrisco 04/16/2009 67 29 - 16
Glen Beck Tea Parties
What goes on that Glenn Beck Tea ...
discocrisco 04/12/2009 56 2 - 1
Jim  Cramer
Why Jim Cramer aganist the Employee Free Choice Act and Why He is ...
discocrisco 03/28/2009 5 2 - 7
Why a Zero Percent Corporate Income Tax Rate Makes No Sense
Conservative advocate zero-percent income tax. That is ...
discocrisco 03/10/2009 62 4 - 48
All the Talk, Where is it?
So everybody is talking about the stimulus. Should we let the media do the talking for us or let us have the power to talk our ...
discocrisco 01/28/2009 3 - - 2
Direct Diplomacy With Iran
Finally, we actually have some people that have some sanity on this issue.
discocrisco 01/26/2009 18 8 1 -
A Link
Could Not think of anything but I want to share a link with my fellow Kosers.
discocrisco 01/25/2009 70 - - -
BBC And Censorship in Gaza
The AP reports that the BBC would not show a charity fund raising appeal for Palestians in the Gaza Strip. The AP also reports that ITV and Channel 4 which are the UK's version of the Big Four ...
discocrisco 01/24/2009 62 12 1 15
Obama and Gaza
How Obama needs to deal with ...
discocrisco 11/13/2008 24 1 1 1
I might have a opinions that people do not like but this home
Well, oh well.
discocrisco 09/02/2008 101 1 1 -
I am so sick of Anti-Obama ignorance
And they are dead wrong and I got the links that stab that Anti-Obama crew in the heart and they will die a slow death. They will die to treasure chest of government reports. Dailykos. Welcome ...
discocrisco 08/05/2008 9 2 - -
What I need to do
It is is my ...
discocrisco 08/02/2008 2 - - -
You put 42 Comments on the last Diary But You are Wrong
Peak Oil and it is impact on oil ...
discocrisco 07/31/2008 20 3 2 1
Stop Thinking Gas Is About Speculation
A story about high gas ...
discocrisco 07/21/2008 42 2 - -
Congress on Mobile Phone
Okay Kosers, this is link from hell. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will not this link because now we have access to the Congressional Record and this link works on mobile phone (
discocrisco 07/17/2008 - - 2 -
The US News Industry and how to solve it
The US Newsindustry is in Decline and how to solve ...
discocrisco 07/06/2008 2 1 - -
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