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Updated: Jeb Bush Wants Your Child's Data
In the last few days, two reports have come out form the business wing of think-tank-land, both of which should be chilling for the future of public education. And yes, The Jebster co-chaired one ...
dizzydean 06/18/2014 33 69 - -
Sure, It's the Tenure: 20% of Philadelphia Students Involved with DHS or Juvenile Courts
Yes, Michelle Rhee, Broad Foundation and others. It's about those rotten teachers and their tenure--THEY'RE the ones keeping down students from poor districts. It's their fault. Their tenure ...
dizzydean 06/11/2014 23 12 1 -
Hoover Institution: Ed Tech Will Destroy Teachers' Unions
Hi folks, As a teacher, I've been resistant to bringing more educational technology into our classrooms (in the form of a 1:1 iPad program). I have many reasons, from student distraction to the ...
dizzydean 05/10/2014 65 55 6 -
Apple is Evil: $130 Billion Offshored to Avoid Taxes
Apple is evil. There's no way around it. They have become one of the world's great tax dodgers, pissing off governments from Australia to France by their tax-dodging ways, all the while using the ...
dizzydean 04/30/2014 72 23 - -
Ford vs GM: Ford Proves They Get It
I'll make this brief...remember this annoying Superbowl ad for Cadillac? I hate this commercial--I want to kick that asshole in his Fourth Point of Contact for his materialistic, Republican ...
dizzydean 04/01/2014 18 7 - -
EU Foreign Ministers Issue Statement on Ukraine
See here-- it's two pages and is worth reading to see where the EU is right now.
dizzydean 03/03/2014 4 8 - -
Update: Russia Issues Ultimatum; 2014 or 1914
I've been closely following the situation in Ukraine for some time. In the one hundredth anniversary of the start of The Great War, I have to say I am horrified by the potential for a new great ...
dizzydean 03/02/2014 91 48 - -
Must See: David Simon of The Wire Nails It on The Bill Moyers Show
David Simon is someone who gets it--not only did he write and create The Wire, but he spent much of his life on the mean streets of Baltimore as a journalist. He's seen first-hand what our society ...
dizzydean 02/02/2014 11 49 - -
Republicanland is a Strange Place
I know. Duh, right? However, I've always been one (and I don't think I'm alone) who has believed that with the right amount of facts and logical arguments, someone who holds a view different from ...
dizzydean 01/29/2014 15 10 - -
22 Dead in 20 Days
Philadelphia has a reputation as a pretty rough place in terms of crime, especially homicides. It was once known as Killadelphia, and, as you can see from this map of homicides in the city , the ...
dizzydean 01/21/2014 9 12 - -
Worldwide Clean Energy Investment Falls for Second Year in a Row
In a short item from this weekend's Financial Times , the FT reports that worldwide investment in clean energy fell 11% in 2013 on the heels of a 9% drop in 2012. Why is this important? The ...
dizzydean 01/20/2014 9 8 1 -
"Football is just 100 n*****s getting cheered by white women."
Ugh. So, I made my annual Family Foray to the South this past week. A trip to the Nashville area to see my momma, which, from Philly is an 850 mile trek, mostly through Virginia. Along the stops ...
dizzydean 12/29/2013 379 320 5 -
Updated: Leave the Medical Device Tax Alone
This is exactly the sort of thing that gives Democrats a bad name. In forging a compromise of sorts with the GOP, they are giving into the lobbying by an industry, which is making shit up regarding ...
dizzydean 10/14/2013 15 1 - -
Tales from Today's Inqy: Disengenuous Republicans and Why Big Business Should Support the ACA
Hi folks--read two articles in today's Philadelphia Inquirer that are worth reading. The first is by a real classy group of asshat Republicans who find themselves between a rock and a hard place. ...
dizzydean 10/06/2013 4 5 - -
A Modest Suggestion for Those Wanting Undisturbed Conversations in Diaries
Just a thought. Since Kos shot down the idea of having closed diaries and from recent rec-listed diaries making accusations of bullying, hijacking, shilling etc., how about this: 1. Post the diary,
dizzydean 09/05/2013 34 3 - -
Where were you on Darfur?
As the debate over what is best to do in Syria continues to rage, many within the Democratic Party and the political left are split on what to do. Many diarists here at DK are against intervention ...
dizzydean 09/03/2013 28 4 - -
The Liberal Case for Intervention in Syria
I'm not going to provide much of my own commentary, but here are what some of the liberals in the US and world are saying. Hopefully this will add to the discussion.
dizzydean 08/31/2013 69 16 1 -
Do You Spend Too Much Time at Daily Kos?
So, Ol Diz was having a "chat" with someone here about ya know, doing stuff as opposed to ranting about it, 'cause it seems to Ol' Diz that there's been an awful lot o' cryin' and not much doin' '...
dizzydean 08/23/2013 72 14 - -
Republican Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) Proposes New NSA Legislation
I know--an asshat Republican from a gerrymandered district in PA, has proposed NSA legislation that is worth our attention. It's especially important to see this, as there is a real debate ...
dizzydean 08/22/2013 14 7 - -
"Americans React to the Poor with Disgust"
Americans react to the poor with disgust," said Susan Fiske, professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University and the designer of the neuroimaging tests. She has studied attitudes ...
dizzydean 08/05/2013 139 183 4 -
Structural Reform: SCOTUS
This is the second of four diaries on the following structural issues that can make a major difference in pursuing a more liberal agenda. All four are possible, but with various levels of difficulty.
dizzydean 07/30/2013 19 6 - -
Structural Reform: Ending the Gerrymander
This is intended to be the first of four diaries on the following structural issues that can make a major difference in pursuing a more liberal agenda. All four are possible, but with various ...
dizzydean 07/28/2013 37 14 2 -
Two Algerians Released from GITMO--Obama Meeting Yemeni President Next Week
The White House has announced that two Algerians are to be repatriated, as one of the first steps taken since President Obama announced a new push to close the detention facility. These sorts of ...
dizzydean 07/27/2013 19 14 - -
Today is National Weiner Day
No really! It is! Tuesday, July 23 is National Hot Dog Day: a holiday near and dear to our mustard-clogged hearts. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council predicts that American ballparks will ...
dizzydean 07/23/2013 24 6 - -
10 Dead in Four Days
You'd think this would be a big deal. Maybe make the national news, be a front page headline or maybe the lead article in the local paper. Uh-uh. Business as usual. I found out on page B3 of the ...
dizzydean 07/17/2013 7 14 - -
The Plutocratization of Cities
Ol' Diz was out walking his dog a few nights ago when he noticed something odd. For the first time since moving into an apartment in Center City, Philadelphia, there were contractors out putting ...
dizzydean 06/21/2013 51 70 1 -
America is Not Exceptional
There it is. One would think that many, if not most, liberals would already understand this. However, both of these myths are very powerful and have been drilled into most Americans' heads since ...
dizzydean 06/19/2013 113 62 1 -
Children with iPads: A Brave New World, Indeed
Children with iPads and smartphones. All brought to us by our friends, the for-profit technology companies. This is a follow up to an earlier diary on how we are willingly giving up our privacy, ...
dizzydean 06/09/2013 3 4 - -
We Do Not Have an Expectation of Privacy with the New Technologies: We Give It Away Willingly
Technology is killing privacy. While it may seem like the recent announcements about the NSA data-mining look like some sort of Orwellian police state in action, the truth is that we gave away the ...
dizzydean 06/07/2013 44 17 - -
Study: White Repubs and Southern Evangelicals More Likely to Claim Reverse Racism
Well, I suppose it's not a surprise, but Stanford researchers reported last month that they found whites who think there is anti-white racism are more likely to be from the South, and identify as ...
dizzydean 02/06/2013 31 11 1 -
Inspiration from Vincent Harding, author of Beyond Vietnam Speech
Hi folks, I had the privilege some years back of meeting Dr. Vincent Harding. He's an amazing man and a true inspiration to those of us who fight for what Dr. King called a true revolution in ...
dizzydean 01/21/2013 1 3 - -
Why Vets Should Vote for the Dems
Ever talk to a vet? Ever get frustrated by the knee-jerk conservatism that many vets have, despite the evidence that the Democrats are the party that supports their issues the most? I have, and it'...
dizzydean 10/02/2012 11 9 1 71
The Greatest Nuclear Threat?
Amidst all the clamor over Rush, Stupid Tuesday, etc. an old evil is raising its head that needs attention. We face a new era in nuclear proliferation that has the potential to bring about a ...
dizzydean 03/05/2012 38 3 - 127
Cookin' with ol' Diz: Eating Cheap
I wrote a comment the other day on lightbulb's diary regarding a very ...
dizzydean 09/28/2011 13 16 2 99
Cookin' with ol' Diz: Southern Indian Chicken & Peach Curry
Awrigt...I did not intend on doing another of these for some time, but I got me some peaches (pronounced "petches" where I'm from) and thought I'd spice things up in preparation for Obama's job ...
dizzydean 09/09/2011 27 12 4 107
Cookin' With Ol' Diz: Afghan Chicken and Cherry Stew
This is the first of who knows how many intermittent diaries on cookin' with ol' Diz, who is not what he used to be, but who,the hell is? (that's a Dizzy Dean quote--you can look it up on the ...
dizzydean 09/02/2011 25 9 1 120
George McGovern's Open Letter to President Obama
I'm just getting around to digging through this month's Harpers and was very pleasantly surprised to see George McGovern--perhaps the most liberal candidate for the presidency from a major party--...
dizzydean 08/17/2011 35 46 3 255
ISI Tries to Influence Elections: Dan Burton (R-IN) Top Recipient of Campaign Funds
Stranded Wind had a diary yesterday mentioning this, but more info is coming to ...
dizzydean 07/20/2011 15 7 1 61
UPDATED: Gateway Books for Students Who Do NOT Love to Read
Not taking away from the regularly scheduled book diaries, but I am teaching summer school this year to a number of students, most of whom do not read and lack a basic knowledge base that is rather ...
dizzydean 06/29/2011 108 7 1 211
Meta: We Can Do Better
I hate to see what is happening here. We have a major election coming up in 2012, yet many old divisions are causing unnecessary distractions from what should be our main effort: reelecting ...
dizzydean 05/21/2011 42 3 - 170
Updated: A Day in Philly: Living in the City
I've been living in downtown Philadelphia now for 4 years. It has its rewards, but then there are days like today, which often make me wonder what the hell I am doing here.
dizzydean 05/11/2011 23 4 - 99
Libya: We're Doing the Right Thing and in the Right Way
I was reading the Philly Daily News today and saw this: Q. What are liberals saying about the fighting in Libya? ...
dizzydean 03/22/2011 61 20 2 170
President Obama is NOT a Neoliberal
I'm writing this diary because I have seen quite a few folks here at DK call the president or the Democratic Party neoliberal, which just gets me riled up. I get riled up not because I don't think ...
dizzydean 01/29/2011 174 34 1 92
My First Gulf War--20 Years Ago
I want to make this brief, as I have a bunch of papers to grade, but the war has been weighing on my mind a lot as of late and I thought I could get a few things off of my mind by writing this. You ...
dizzydean 01/15/2011 16 22 1 233
Corbett Wants to Suppress the PA Vote
This is a really big deal in PA right now--Tom Corbett, GOP Attorney General and not the brightest bulb when it comes to watching what he says, spoke what the GOP wants for the country. ...
dizzydean 10/30/2010 11 8 - 140
I Registered 10 Voters This Week
This is not a pat on the back to my ego, but a reminder of what needs to be done. Someone yesterday had suggested I turn this into a diary, so here it is. I'm sick and tired of meta bullshit ...
dizzydean 09/24/2010 21 20 - 56
Weekly Jobs Digest #3: Socially Responsible Companies
Please see here if you want to know what this is about and the general ground rules: As per the above, if you have a job posting ...
dizzydean 09/13/2010 13 3 - 98
Weekly Jobs Digest #2
Hi folks! Happy Labor Day! Please see here if you want to know what this is about and the ...
dizzydean 09/06/2010 5 3 - 41
Weekly Jobs Digest #1
Hi's the first edition of the Weekly Jobs Digest! Make sure you package it in cellophane for collectors down the road! Please see here if you want to know what this is about and the ...
dizzydean 08/30/2010 20 20 2 251
Weekly Jobs Digest
Hi folks...I had kicked this around with some other posters yesterday in a diary and thought it would be a cool idea. Essentially, I am hoping to get a DKos Weekly Jobs Digest off the ground ...
dizzydean 08/26/2010 9 7 - 17
Don't Be a Douche-nozzle!  The Return of the Great Schlep
Remember Sarah Silverman and the Great Schlep of 2008 ? Barak Obama is the goodest person we've ever had as a presidential ...
dizzydean 07/16/2010 9 13 - 22
The Conventional Wisdom Cannot Hold: Prospects for the Senate
I'm a fan of Realclearpolitics...I like the selection of articles chosen from all sides of the political spectrum, even if some make me cringe. However, what has made me follow them since 2008 is ...
dizzydean 06/08/2010 29 9 - 31
UPDATE: Tort Reform Hypocrisy:  GOP States W/Out Caps
The usual line of tort reform from the GOP is that this should be an integral part of any HCR bill. For years they've lived in a world where this is the number one contributor to costs. Yes, what ...
dizzydean 02/27/2010 75 14 - 37
Mr. President, Start Airdrops NOW
In any disaster situation, time is of the essence...perhaps no more so than in earthquake responses. Right now, there are people buried under rubble for whom the clock is ticking. There are people ...
dizzydean 01/14/2010 166 20 - 28
Obama is the Best President Since JFK
Ok folks, the time has come to face reality. We have the best president in nearly 60 years in the White House. Are we going to bitch and moan or are we going to get behind this guy and help him ...
dizzydean 12/21/2009 135 27 2 41
Understanding the Blue Dog Senators
Seriously, folks...after bondadd's diary yesterday, I thought we might be moving away from attacking politicians and others who are on the fence instead of the rec'd diaries here that hammer away ...
dizzydean 08/25/2009 68 13 2 44
Films for HS Government Class
Hi folks, A request this time...I teach American Government and Politics at a private all-male school in Philly (both AP and non-AP). I'm trying to figure out what to show this year, and am ...
dizzydean 08/22/2009 137 6 2 43
Catholic Bishops Support Health Care Reform
This is important, not so much because of the religious issue, but because the Church could be a key ally in getting passage of a bill. It also can assist in making arguments with conservatives (...
dizzydean 08/17/2009 35 15 1 24
Nagasaki Remembered
Today marks the 64th anniversary of the last use of a nuclear device. The true horrors of the modern age became known on August 7 and August 9, 1945. While the Japanese were a formidable enemy, ...
dizzydean 08/09/2009 35 14 - 17
Lovelock, Global Heating and Geoengineering
I'm writing this not because I am an expert, but because I read something that scared me and want to see if there are any Kossites who can give some information. I recently read James Lovelock's ...
dizzydean 08/08/2009 31 10 - 18
You Want to Bash Christians?  What about These?
It's always a little disconcerting to see the anti-religion vibes on Daily Kos...yes, the death of Dr. Tiller was awful, but this is one incident by a crazy. Just as there have been plenty of other ...
dizzydean 06/02/2009 275 38 1 22
GOP Links Dems to Swine Flu--Bachmann Compares Obama to Carter
I called this the other day in a comment--that it was just a matter of time before the Orcs tried to link Obama to Carter via Swine Flu. And who do I have to thank? Why, none other than our old ...
dizzydean 04/28/2009 28 8 - 87
Iraq War--Do People Still Care?
It's been awhile since I posted anything here--life and the usual time constraints have kept me from being active. I do come here on a daily basis to see what's up. However, I have to ...
dizzydean 03/20/2009 35 8 1 4
Voting in the Gulf Coast after Katrina
I'm still following the Native American peoples of SE Louisiana and will have a new diary up for them tomorrow. They've taken it on the chin from Ike's flooding, with 10,000 homes flooded...this, ...
dizzydean 09/14/2008 4 5 - 24
Fear and Loathing on the AK Energy Commission
As much as I am loathe adding to the Palin feeding frenzy, she has repeatedly called attention to her time on the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission as evidence of her "experience" on energy matters. The ...
dizzydean 09/13/2008 7 9 1 11
SE LA: Ike Storm Surge and Call for Help
While a lot of attention is being focused on Texas, SE Louisiana--particularly bayou communities--which are still recovering from Gustav are being affected by Ike already. This is almost a repeat ...
dizzydean 09/12/2008 16 61 - 42
Update, SE LA Native Americans: Why Don't We Matter?
Why hasn’t something been done sooner to protect our community? Is it because the Island is a poor Indian community so it doesn’t matter what happens to us? ...
dizzydean 09/07/2008 7 18 2 11
Mental Health Parity and the 2008 Election
For those interested in the Native Americans of Southern LA, I'll post on that tomorrow...however, this is another issue that burns me up, so here's the rant on this...
dizzydean 09/05/2008 31 12 4 268
Saul Alinsky, IAF and Community Organizing
In order to put the GOP's nonsense from last night into context, I thought it would be nice to show what the Industrial Areas Foundation has to say about community organizing. This is the ...
dizzydean 09/04/2008 7 7 2 14
Update: Houma and Chitimacha Tribes after Gustav: News and Commentary
Maybe it's me, but it seems that not only has the MSM floated along in its coverage of what's going on in LA for New Orleans but the peoples that were ignored last time around are even more out of ...
dizzydean 09/03/2008 8 14 - 20
Update: Chitmacha and Houma Tribes Weather Gustav
Gustav rolled into Terrbonne Parish and so far the damage estimates have yet to really come in from the bayou communities. There apparently was a lot of wind damage. Before the Houma newspaper went ...
dizzydean 09/02/2008 7 9 - 22
The Chitimacha Face Another Storm
Hurricane Gustav is headed for Louisiana, and, while a lot of attention is going to be paid to New Orleans, there are other communities that will be sorely affected. One is the Chitimacha tribe, ...
dizzydean 08/31/2008 14 16 1 35
Abortion and the Catholic Vote
Now that the VP picks are in, it looks like abortion is going to be used as a wedge issue yet again. Already, prominent conservative Catholics such as Rick Santorum, are hammering away at the issue,
dizzydean 08/30/2008 35 7 1 -
UPDATE: Filling in Some Blanks on Palin via Lexis
I started this after finding a silly item on Palin agog over Ivana Trump, but dug up some interesting things. This goes from 1996 to 2005. I'll dig around in her governorship later...
dizzydean 08/29/2008 42 24 1 181
McCain, Labor and FedEx
Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx, John McCain's campaign co-chair and potential VP candidate or cabinet level position holder is in a world of trouble. Having built up the company (and his personal salary, ...
dizzydean 08/25/2008 4 11 - 11
Anniversaries: The Prague Spring, 9/11 and Katrina
There are some significant anniversaries rolling around these next few weeks. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Prague Spring, a date which is even more significant given the Russian invasion ...
dizzydean 08/21/2008 1 2 - 4
McCain and False Memories: Cross in the Sand
This was initially going to be a comment on TomP's diary, but I decided to expand... I think McCain would be a lousy president, but, as he is running for office in the 21st century, is doomed to ...
dizzydean 08/17/2008 23 5 - 9
Russian Troops 30 miles from Tblisi
Despite the cease fire negotiations, Russia continues to push closer to Tblisi. Now that American servicemembers are in the Tblisi airport, the brinksmanship continues...
dizzydean 08/15/2008 91 3 1 2
Obama's Cabinet: Secretary of Treasury
So far in the polling we've done here (entirely unscientific) we have Wesley Clark as SecDef (with a strong second by Chuck Hagel) and Joe Biden (in a close race with Bill Richardson) as Secretary ...
dizzydean 08/13/2008 17 1 - -
Misunderstanding the Catholic Vote
Nothing like getting incensed while reading realclearpolitics in the morning. Our good friend, Pat Buchanan (Buch the Puke)
dizzydean 08/12/2008 70 8 1 3
Obama's Cabinet: Secretary of State
I was going to let this go for a few days, but given Russian efforts to play power politics in Georgia and W's tepid response, I think this highlights again the importance of the decisions Obama has ...
dizzydean 08/11/2008 50 3 - -
Obama's Cabinet: Secretary of Defense
Just read Mark Green's interview with Ted Sorenson on the Huffingtonpost. Among the things they discussed, they hit the issue of what would make or break an Obama presidency...
dizzydean 08/09/2008 85 7 - 23
Bin Laden, US Contractors and a Plan to Bridge the Red Sea
One of the reasons I subscribe to The Economist is for the little stories...this one blew me away. Apparently, there is a serious plan being put together by the brother of Osama to work with a US ...
dizzydean 08/03/2008 10 9 - 5
WTF! Bin Laden, US Contractors and a Plan to Bridge the Red Sea
One of the reasons I subscribe to The Economist is for the little stories...this one blew me away. Apparently, there is a serious plan being put together by the brother of Osama to work with a US ...
dizzydean 08/02/2008 17 11 1 34
UPDATE: The Iowa Jungle
Yesterday's lead editorial in the NY Times follows up on the great injustices being done to the immigrant workers ...
dizzydean 08/02/2008 - 8 - -
UPDATE: The Economist on McCain/Obama Tax Plans
Today's hearing of the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections on “The Growing Income Gap in America,” really brought home the point of my diary from this morning. According to today'
dizzydean 08/01/2008 9 10 1 -
UPDATE: The Economist on McCain/Obama Tax Plans
Today's hearing of the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections on “The Growing Income Gap in America,” really brought home the point of my diary from this morning. According to today'
dizzydean 07/31/2008 12 25 2 28
Religion and the Democrats
This is a follow up to my diary from yesterday on the evangelicals and the democrats. The main point of that diary was to ...
dizzydean 07/30/2008 27 - 1 -
Obama and the Evangelical Vote
Never thought I would write this, but there is a very good opportunity this year for Democrats to gain some ground with evangelical voters. The keys are to appeal to those who look to the common ...
dizzydean 07/29/2008 74 2 - -
Immigrant Workers Screwed: Child Labor Again
The NY Times had an important article today on the shocking conditions at a meat packing plant in Iowa. Of the many things Obama and the Dems have to clean up, doing more enforcement work against ...
dizzydean 07/27/2008 18 14 1 39
Katie Couric is an Ass; Strategy vs. Tactics
Katie Couric proved in her interview with Obama that she's really in over her head and ought to return to the happy fuzzy realm of the Today Show. Her asinine attempts to get Obama to admit to ...
dizzydean 07/24/2008 13 12 - -
Principles, Curiosity, Openness and Healing
I threw this out there on John Edwards's thread, and found that it something that is reattling around in my head. As we look forward to 2008 and beyond) and start to ask ourselves what we want in a ...
dizzydean 11/20/2006 3 3 - -
Olmert and Netanyahu on Iran
dizzydean 11/15/2006 56 5 - -
Israeli Minister: We May Have to Attack Iran
dizzydean 11/10/2006 116 3 - -
Bush Unbound
dizzydean 11/08/2006 1 1 - -
Neocons Want Lieberman!
dizzydean 11/03/2006 4 5 - 7
Iran and Israel
dizzydean 11/02/2006 16 2 - -
Ike Strike Group in the Red Sea
dizzydean 10/31/2006 17 2 - -
My Momma in TN Voted for the GOP
dizzydean 10/30/2006 75 7 1 17
Get the Young People Out to Vote!!!
dizzydean 10/27/2006 8 - - -
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