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Erick Erickson has a Sad about Subtraction
Erick Erickson is sad. Or mad. I can't tell. We'll just call it "smad" to make it easier. Why is he smad? Because the Common Core-based math book his third-grade daughter brought home contains ...
djrez 10/06/2014 49 39 1 -
JeffCo School Board Adopts Curriculum Review Committee Updated
Talk about tone deaf ... GOLDEN, Colo. - Three conservative Jefferson school board members voted to approve a curriculum review committee Thursday night with a compromise of including students and ...
djrez 10/02/2014 22 33 - -
College Board Issues Statement Supporting Jefferson County School Board Protests
Student protests continue across Jefferson County, Colorado. In fact, now parents have joined in the protest. We're even making news across the pond . In the midst of board members appearing on ...
djrez 09/26/2014 16 62 - -
JeffCo School Followup
A quick post this morning to follow up on last Friday's diary about how the School Board in Jefferson County, Colorado wanted to eliminate Advanced Placement US History. All schools are open today.
djrez 09/22/2014 5 21 1 -
Jefferson County, Colorado, School Board Wants to Eliminate AP History UPDATED
Standley Lake High School students take to the street with signs showing support for their teachers and a quality education. (Love the Jay-Z reference!) Last year, a slate of conservative ...
djrez 09/19/2014 244 450 5 -
Thanks, GOP
Last election, the national GOP, for the first time, spent party money in local school board elections in Colorado. As a result, the board was populated by school choice and voucher advocates. ...
djrez 11/01/2011 8 10 - 93
501(c)4 Organizations
This post was written by our summer intern, Christopher Stanko. Chris is currently a second-year JD/Masters of Accounting candidate at the University of Colorado Law School and Leeds School of ...
djrez 09/01/2011 15 5 - 56
Section 9006 Repealed
After a mention by President in the State of the Union Address, last week , the Senate has finally passed an amendment to repeal Section 9006 ...
djrez 02/03/2011 7 3 - 137
Tuesday Office Soundtrack - 12/14/10
I've been writing a weekly series about music for the past three weeks. Until this week, it had nothing to do with the law. Now, that trend is over!
djrez 12/14/2010 1 - - 25
IRS Scrutiny of Non-profit Tax Exempt Petitions
Normally, the IRS will grant tax-exempt, 501(c)3 status to non-profit organizations that serve an educational purpose. Such an organization can usually expect to wait around six months for status ...
djrez 12/03/2010 15 1 - 65
Tax Provisions Expiring December 31st, 2010
The following is a list of tax provisions that will expire or are expected to expire at the end of the year if Congress does nothing to extend them. They include the provisions of the Bush Tax Cuts ...
djrez 12/01/2010 4 3 - 87
EFTPS Phishing scam
People and companies have been receiving emails, purporting to be from the IRS, stating that their EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System – or EFTPS – payments have been rejected. ...
djrez 11/30/2010 3 14 2 62
The Small Business Jobs Act and Your Small Business (Part II)
On Monday, I summarized the portions of the Small Business Jobs Act relevant to small businesses. Today, I'll go over what those sections of the Act actually mean to the small business owner. I ...
djrez 10/20/2010 24 18 4 234
The Small Business Jobs Act and Your Small Business (Part I)
At the end of September, the President signed the Small Business Jobs Act into law, looking to provide support for small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. In a nutshell, the Act ...
djrez 10/18/2010 5 7 2 46
Course Materials for CLE on Section 9006 of the Health Care Bill
In case it interests anyone who doesn't feel like taking the 90-minute course that I'm teaching in December (during which I'll probably tell inane stories) I'm going to host the course materials on ...
djrez 10/12/2010 5 1 1 127
More Federal Money for Small Businesses
Two weeks ago, The Small Business Jobs Act became law, providing $30 billion in funding for community banks to lend to small businesses and $12 billion in tax cuts for the same. Today, the Treasury ...
djrez 10/08/2010 7 4 - 87
Interstate Notarization, Foreclosures, and H.R. 3808
Sitting on the President's desk today was a bill that, somehow, in today's adversarial political climate, passed the Senate without debate. The bill, introduced in the House in 2007 as H.R. 3808, ...
djrez 10/07/2010 2 1 - 60
Form 941 Updated for HIRE Act
The IRS has issued a new Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return - to allow ...
djrez 05/18/2010 3 2 - 93
DOMAs Reclassified as a Tax
Anthony Infanti, Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh, published a paper in the most recent issue of the Michigan Journal of Gender & Law that redefines what constitutes a tax. ...
djrez 05/14/2010 18 6 - 20
Opposition to Section 9006
It seems that response to my post about �9006 of the heath care bill has been a bit more heated than I expected. Both sides of the political spectrum are displaying strong opposition to the ...
djrez 05/08/2010 5 - - 8
Health Care Bill Section 9006 and Your Small Business
When Congress passed the Health Care Bill in March, they inserted a seemingly insignificant section that will eventually have sweeping implications. It will increase accountability for the small ...
djrez 05/06/2010 50 6 1 179
Marketing Junk Food to Children
Some days, when I'm trying to take a break from people's tax issues, I come across something that scares the bejeebus out of me. Yesterday was one of those days. While trying to pare down my RSS ...
djrez 05/04/2010 55 14 - 296
It's Tax Day!
Everyone fears the taxman, right? When push comes to shove, despite a complex tax code and who knows how many possible forms and schedules, it's not all that hard to get your taxes filed. And the ...
djrez 04/15/2010 13 3 - 11
Pioneer Elementary in Parker, CO has Banned Obama's School Speech
You may have read my previous diary regarding the passing of my girlfriend's mother, last September. Well, that very same girlfriend is a teacher in Parker, CO. Parker is one of the larger towns ...
djrez 09/04/2009 57 19 - 36
Conservative Creativity - Two Ohio Voters File Suit Against ACORN
The Buckeye Institute of Columbus, OH has filed a RICO suit against ACORN. I would like to spend a few minutes discussing the reasons that this action is idiotic and just plain wrong. According to ...
djrez 10/17/2008 15 16 - -
McCain Report Clears Palin - "But, I have a note from the Campaign!"
Just when you thought the Troopergate scandal was going to do some damage to the McCain/Palin ticket, we have BREAKING NEWS! The campaign has released a report clearing Palin of any ...
djrez 10/09/2008 14 6 - 8
Sometimes, the world stops
In this season of political madness and punditry, I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are all individual people, thrust together by a rather arbitrary process called birth. Though ...
djrez 09/26/2008 6 2 - -
"We Win Because"...How Obama Can Speak to Working Class America
Tonight, I had a few beers with a friend. He grew up on Long Island, went to Boston College, graduated from American University Law School and immediately joined the Army JAG Corp. During his time ...
djrez 09/18/2008 7 4 - -
Obama on O'Reilly, Part IV
Round four of the Obama interview on the O'Reilly Factor. Last Thursday was the first installment of a four-part conversation between Barack Obama and Bill O'Reilly. I can't honestly say I've ever ...
djrez 09/10/2008 57 112 21 46
Obama on O'Reilly
Take a look at the most current iteration of this thread here .
djrez 09/04/2008 66 44 2 14
The plane never sold on eBay
I posted this in a comment, but I thought it was important enough to post again as a diary. Sarah Palin has repeated her plane on eBay story many times now. I guess it's supposed to be some sign ...
djrez 09/04/2008 65 36 1 55
CO-Sen - Fighting over green creds
Both Mark Udall (D-Eldorado Springs) and Bob Schaffer ( one seems to know) are claiming to be stewards of the environment in the race to replace Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Loveland) and to ...
djrez 09/02/2008 5 2 - 9
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