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Meanwhile, Palin goes to NJ and Joe the Plumber posts racist missive
We've all be consumed by the GOP-motivated government shutdown, it's sometimes hard to remember that there's a US Senate race next Wednesday in New Jersey to replace the departed 5-term Senator ...
djsands 10/10/2013 47 49 1 -
Consider a donation to Special Olympics; In Memorium: Eunice Shriver
Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away today surrounded by her family. The Shriver family chose to have Mrs. Shriver's championed charity, The Special Olympics, announce her death and to act as the ...
djsands 08/11/2009 7 12 - 31
Obama wins in Utah! (well, SLC anyway)
The final votes from the November 4th general election are still being tallied, with provisional and absentee ballots still being counted across the country. The Democratic party's pick up of ...
djsands 11/19/2008 15 5 - 56
ID-01 Minnick Wins; Sali Concedes! (Finally)
The Boise-based Idaho Statesman, Idaho's largest newspaper, reported less than an hour ago that one term Republican Congressman Bill Sali has finally conceded in his congressional race for the 1st ...
djsands 11/06/2008 14 15 - 25
WASHINGTON STATE Caucus Experience
I travel around a lot for work -- I'm a native of Oregon, lived in Nevada last year, and moved here to Seattle last November. Today I walked the 2 blocks to my local precinct to go caucus for my ...
djsands 02/09/2008 97 41 - 5
Get ready for Bill O'Reilly's latest "war on X-Mas"
O'Reilly milks his so-called "war on Christmas" story every year, usually casting the ACLU as the season's "Grinch". While we here at Kos understand the Establishment Clause in the Constitution has ...
djsands 12/11/2006 92 2 1 9
Where's Dick Cheney?
djsands 11/09/2006 38 2 1 1
Maine & Oregon (R) Senators switch parties?
djsands 11/08/2006 40 4 - 6
Over 50% of Oregon votes have been cast AS OF YESTERDAY
djsands 11/07/2006 9 3 - 9
My Ultra Conservative Idaho parents are voting Democrat
djsands 11/05/2006 10 13 - 23
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