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The Thing About Darren Wilson Nobody Seems To Discuss
We're a nation of wimps. That's what this whole Darren Wilson shooting has come down to. People can discuss all day about whether or not Michael Brown attacked Darren Wilson. There's conflicting ...
djtyg 12/16/2014 23 27 1 -
Yes, the Brown Detractors are Racist, and I'm Calling Them Out
They say it's not nice to generalize, but when EVERY single encounter I've had with people who make arguments against Michael Brown are making bullshit racist statements, then I can say from my own ...
djtyg 08/21/2014 38 37 - -
According to Socialists, Sarah Palin is More Socialist Than Obama
Well here's something you don't hear everyday: "Socialized health care" is on its way. The "socialist ...
djtyg 04/15/2010 16 13 - 73
Congrats, TeacherKen! (A Music Video Diary)
As most of you can tell from the rec list , teacherken has won the 2010 Agnes Meyer Award for ...
djtyg 04/05/2010 4 11 - 23
The Idiocy Of The Federal Poverty Level
Here's the Federal Poverty Guidelines as of 2009: Persons in family Poverty guideline ...
djtyg 12/26/2009 43 21 - 32
It's a Punk Rock Xmas!
Hello, everybody. I'll be your DJ in this diary. We have some excellent Christmas music for those of you who are just plain tired of the same old crap playing on your radio every year. There's no ...
djtyg 12/25/2009 23 21 1 31
To Joe: Other Things We Love and Hate
Well, Joe, you've now gone and shown that the only reason why you're not backing the public option or the Medicare buy-in is because we, the liberals, have shown support for it. In fact, ...
djtyg 12/16/2009 7 2 - 42
If Only They Could Bottle The Tears Of Conservatives (Photo Heavy Diary)
The best part of the health care bill passing the House is that we get to watch conservatives cry.
djtyg 11/08/2009 13 5 - 64
A Layman's* Refutation of the Tenther Movement
If you've ever spent any time debating right-wingers on the issue of health care (or Social Security, Medicare, or-in my case-the Air Force), you will likely come across a "tenther". This post is ...
djtyg 10/16/2009 25 11 2 132
My Mom's Plea To President Obama
My mom isn't a liberal in the slightest. During the Bush years, I argued with her constantly about the need to get out of Iraq, Bush's screwing over of veterans, and the evils of privatizing Social ...
djtyg 09/09/2009 4 10 - 17
Conservatives Hate America And It's Time We Said It
Look, it should be obvious to all that conservatives hate America. The teabagging, hateful idiots that protest have proven it. First of all, look at the flag they've been waving around at their ...
djtyg 09/06/2009 13 12 - 298
Help Stop Another Astroturf Protest!
Yes, I know this diary is short, but word needs to get out nonetheless. On Saturday, August 22, Congressman Sander Levin (MI-12) is being protested by the Teabaggers. Rep. Levin hasn't had any ...
djtyg 08/19/2009 9 7 - 4
Right-Wing Health Care Conspiracies Debunked!
The Liberty Counsel, the political arm of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, has made a list of things that they say are in HR 3200 (...
djtyg 08/11/2009 18 12 1 27
How We Beat The Tea Baggers (and Other Lessons Learned)
While most of the media (and our friends at Daily Kos) have picked up on the insanity that was Rep. Dingell's town hall meeting, there was another protest going on with the right wingers in Michigan'...
djtyg 08/06/2009 36 54 - 244
We Should Be Having Our Own Tea Parties!
All week long we've been seeing unruly protesters, organized by insurance company lobbyists and other right-wing douchebag groups. We complain about their bullying, their desire to drown out ...
djtyg 08/06/2009 28 11 - 16
What's The Point In Being A Democrat?
In 2004 we were told that if we just get rid of Bush, it would solve everything. The war in Iraq would end, we'd get universal health care coverage, the economy would be great, etc. We didn't get ...
djtyg 07/29/2009 136 30 3 84
Max Baucus says he's a "sh*tty Senator"!
From America's Finest News Source: I've been "serving" the great state of Montana in the U.S. Senate since 1978. You'll notice I ...
djtyg 07/28/2009 16 13 - 29
Labor Diary Rescue 7/16/09
Hello, everybody, and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. My apologies on missing Monday's LDR. My "insane work schedule" had me working a 12 hour shift ...
djtyg 07/16/2009 6 14 - 10
Labor Diary Rescue 7/9/09
Hello, and welcome to the Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. The Labor Diary Rescue is done every Monday and Thursday evening barring a bad internet connection, my insane work schedule,
djtyg 07/09/2009 4 14 - -
Labor Diary Rescue, 7/6/09
Hello and welcome to another Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. It's been a long time since I've done this, but if there's any senior management from the Stella D’Oro Biscuit ...
djtyg 07/06/2009 4 14 - 11
America, F*** Yeah!
Happy Independence Day, everybody. As a special tribute, I thought I'd give you guys a nice video diary with some patriotic quotes from great American leaders. Despite what the idiotic right-...
djtyg 07/03/2009 15 9 - 12
DK Greenroots: Labor Diary Rescue, 7/2/09
Hello everybody and welcome to Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. As you guys know, this is DK Greenroots week and I've been asked to show the alliances between labor and ...
djtyg 07/02/2009 5 28 - 45
Are Your Representatives Bought And Paid For By Big Pharma?
For a long time we've been approaching the healthcare debate with the approach of persuading other Americans that a public healthcare system available to everyone (whether it be a single-payer ...
djtyg 07/01/2009 17 10 2 27
DK Greenroots: Labor Diary Rescue 6/29/09
Hello, everybody, and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. Before I get to all that, The Oakland Press, my local (right wing rag of a) paper, allowed my ...
djtyg 06/29/2009 8 40 - 33
Labor Diary Rescue, 6/25/09
Hello and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. To make the LDR list you must have a pro-union diary with less than 100 comments, have the words “union&
djtyg 06/25/2009 7 14 - 1
Labor Diary Rescue, 6/22/09
Hello and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. You guys know the drill. The LDR is done every Monday and Thursday night, barring a bad internet connection,
djtyg 06/22/2009 2 17 - 22
Labor Diary Rescue 6/18/09
Hello, everybody, and welcome to Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. The Labor Diary Rescue is done every Monday and Thursday evening, barring a bad internet connection, my insane work ...
djtyg 06/18/2009 4 22 - 15
Labor Diary Rescue 6/15/09
Hello, and welcome to Labor Diary Rescue. Before I do anything, while looking at the pro-union diaries this week, I saw that well known labor ...
djtyg 06/15/2009 9 21 - 26
Labor Diary Rescue 6/11/09
Hello, everybody, and welcome to Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. You all know the drill by now. The LDR is done every Monday and Thursday evenings barring a bad internet connection,
djtyg 06/11/2009 2 19 - 17
Labor Diary Rescue 6/8/09
Hello and welcome to Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. Wow! I originally started the LDR because I wanted to see more exposure on union-related issues. There were some Kossacks who ...
djtyg 06/08/2009 4 19 - 27
Labor Diary Rescue 6/4/09
Hello and welcome to tonight’s Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold.
djtyg 06/04/2009 6 13 - 11
Labor Diary Rescue 6/1/09
Hello and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. The GM plant I work at is going to be one of the plants that are expected to close later this year. I’m more than a little ticked ...
djtyg 06/01/2009 12 15 - 8
Labor Diary Rescue 5/28/09
Hello, everybody. It’s Thursday and time for another Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. The Labor Diary Rescue is done every Monday and Thursday evening barring a bad internet ...
djtyg 05/28/2009 10 15 - 216
Labor Diary Rescue, Special Memorial Day Edition
Memorial Day has been a hard day for me since Iraq. While everyone is busy enjoying an extra day off, I just keep remembering those who didn’t make it home. So, in a break with the normal ...
djtyg 05/25/2009 8 24 - 21
Labor Diary Rescue 5/21/09
It’s Thursday night, so it’s time for another session of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. The Labor Diary Rescue is done every Monday and Thursday evening barring a bad ...
djtyg 05/21/2009 10 14 1 -
Labor Diary Rescue 5/18/09
Hello and welcome to another installment of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. I while back I posted a clip from Network in the comments of a diary. It's where the newscaster goes on ...
djtyg 05/18/2009 8 21 - 16
Labor Diary Rescue 5/14/09
Hello and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. There’s times when being a Union Steward can take its toll. For me, today’s been one of those ...
djtyg 05/14/2009 8 16 - 18
Labor Diary Rescue 5/11/09
It’s Monday night! Do you know where your union diaries are? You know the rules by now, the diaries are posted below the fold, and if you want to be rescued, please post a pro-union diary ...
djtyg 05/11/2009 5 21 - 15
Labor Diary Rescue 5/7/09
On Kos’ new, non-front page diary , he’s discussing the ability to “favorite” an ...
djtyg 05/07/2009 7 16 - 156
Labor Diary Rescue 5/4/09
It’s Monday, so it’s time for another session of Labor Diary Rescue. We have eight diaries rescued tonight, catch them below the fold. As you know, the LDR is done every Monday and ...
djtyg 05/04/2009 5 21 - -
Labor Diary Rescue 4/30/09
Hello and welcome to another installment of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. As usual, if you want your diary to make the LDR your diary must have the word “union” in ...
djtyg 04/30/2009 2 15 - -
Labor Diary Rescue 4/27/09
They say insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. General Motors has been downsizing its American workforce for years now, in the hopes that it can turn a profit by having ...
djtyg 04/27/2009 2 18 - 7
Labor Diary Rescue 4/23/09
Hello, everybody and welcome to another installment of Labor Diary Rescue. Apologies on not having posted last Monday. I’ve been getting hit on all sides where I work and haven’t had a ...
djtyg 04/23/2009 7 14 - -
Labor Diary Rescue 4/16/09
Hello and welcome to another installment of Labor Diary Rescue. So how many of you guys attended a tea party for shits and giggles? I attended one in my county. It was pretty tame compared to the ...
djtyg 04/16/2009 6 11 - -
I Went To A Tea Party. It Was Boring.
If it weren’t for the serious potential for a terrorist attack, I’d find all the stuff that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh says hilarious. Listening to the clips of them on Daily Kos and ...
djtyg 04/15/2009 24 21 - 16
Labor Diary Rescue 4/13/09
Hello, everybody and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. I was asked last week if I would do this more than twice a week, so the rescued diaries could still have a better chance of ...
djtyg 04/13/2009 3 11 - -
Labor Diary Rescue 4/9/09
Welcome to another installment of Labor Diary Rescue. Diaries are below the fold. Before we get to them, let’s look at Ed Schultz’ new show. He really takes it to the “centrist ...
djtyg 04/09/2009 10 19 1 19
Labor Diary Rescue 4/6/09
Sorry, everybody, about not being on here last Thursday. My internet connection went down for a little while and I couldn’t get the diary posted. But the good news is that because of the ...
djtyg 04/06/2009 10 15 - -
Labor Diary Rescue 3/30/09
Hello and welcome to another session of Labor Diary Rescue. As you guys know, the LDR is done every Monday and Thursday night. In order for a diary to get rescued, you must have a pro-union diary ...
djtyg 03/30/2009 3 12 - 7
Labor Diary Rescue, 3/26/09
The rescued diaries are below, but I’d like to tell a story before we begin. You can really tell that the Republicon talking points on the EFCA have been working when your own union ...
djtyg 03/26/2009 6 15 - 2
Labor Diary Rescue, 3/23/09
Well, word around the campfire is that a few “progressive” businesses like Costco and Starbucks are working on a compromise on the EFCA in which 70% of the workers would have to sign ...
djtyg 03/23/2009 4 18 - 20
Labor Diary Rescue 3/19/09
Hello, everybody and welcome to another Labor Diary Rescue. Tonight’s diaries are below the fold. As usual, the Labor Diary Rescue is done every Monday and Thursday nights, and if you want ...
djtyg 03/19/2009 4 11 - 3
Labor Diary Rescue, 3/16/09
Sorry for being late, everybody. Before I bring you tonight’s diaries, let me just say that anyone who watched Real Time last week can join me in a chorus of “Fuck Bill Maher!” on ...
djtyg 03/16/2009 7 8 1 -
Labor Diary Rescue, 3/12/09
Wow! A record 10 diaries tonight! That’s great! The usual disclaimer: The purpose of the Labor Diary Rescue is to promote pro-union diaries that have slipped through the cracks. If you ...
djtyg 03/12/2009 4 10 - -
Labor Diary Rescue, 3/9/09
Wow, when it rains it pours! We have eight diaries up for rescue tonight, our largest collection to date. And now for the usual statement: The Labor Diary Rescue is done every Monday and Thursday ...
djtyg 03/09/2009 4 12 1 3
Labor Diary Rescue 3/5/09
Hello, everybody and welcome to tonight’s Labor Diary Rescue. It’s a real short list tonight, with only two labor diaries below the fold. As usual, the requirements for being rescued ...
djtyg 03/05/2009 4 11 - -
Labor Diary Rescue 3/2/09
Sorry for being a little late on the rescue, everyone. I work nights and haven’t been getting much sleep. Over at another blog I write at, Blogging For Michigan,
djtyg 03/03/2009 6 14 2 1
Labor Diary Rescue, 2/27/09
Hilda Solis received the nod as our new Secretary of Labor. Sweet.:) If you’re planning on writing a labor diary and you’re worried about it slipping through the cracks, make sure you ...
djtyg 02/27/2009 9 13 1 -
Labor Diary Rescue, 2/23/09
Hello, everybody and welcome to the first Labor Diary Rescue, where we look at the pro-union diaries that didn’t quite make it to the rec list. Treat the comments section as an open thread, ...
djtyg 02/23/2009 8 11 - -
Please God, Make Teh Stupid Stop
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan. My local paper, The Oakland Press has always had a reputation for leaning towards ...
djtyg 02/22/2009 26 16 - 17
Blackwater Kicked Out Of Iraq!
Today was a good day: Blackwater: Agency can leave Iraq in 72 hours U.S. embassy ...
djtyg 01/29/2009 50 36 1 19
Another (Under) Insurance Horror Story
I am over $11,000 in debt and may have to file for bankruptcy. Not because I go crazy with my credit cards-mine are paid off and I only use them for emergencies. Not because I made the mistake of ...
djtyg 01/14/2009 16 23 2 27
Breaking: Carl Levin Planning Investigation in Bush and Cheney's Use Of Torture!
I know that this is going to be a very short diary, as this story just now broke on the Rachel Maddow show. I'll provide video footage as soon as I can. But Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) has stated ...
djtyg 12/17/2008 108 43 2 17
My Letter To The Gang Of 18
As promised , I sent this to every Repug senator ...
djtyg 12/12/2008 14 12 - 9
Top Ten Ways Obama Can Still Lose The Election
There's been a lot of lists going around the intertubes showing possible ways that Obama could still lose the election. Mine is below the fold.
djtyg 11/02/2008 18 16 2 1
The Exhaustive List of McCain's Ties To Terrorists
As SusanG said in a post written earlier on Daily Kos, the American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as:
djtyg 10/25/2008 6 18 2 1
Breaking: McCain Has Solution To Economic Crisis!
djtyg 09/24/2008 7 6 - -
I Quit Smoking. Need Help.
Alright, this diary is taking a break from politics because I need some advice, and I know there's plenty of ex-smokers on here who can help. I quit smoking two weeks ago. It wasn't too difficult,
djtyg 09/06/2008 61 5 - 7
Democrats At The Convention, Please Tell The Media To STFU About PUMA!
I wasn't one of the lucky ones that was able to make it to the convention. I had to work, and I also have my own campaign going on. But as I continue to watch the cable news channels at the ...
djtyg 08/25/2008 20 9 - -
OIF Vet Sounds Off On Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan.
djtyg 07/29/2008 19 36 1 171
On Service And Supporting The Troops
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan. There's been a lot of hoopla over the ...
djtyg 07/09/2008 8 30 - 178
UAW Endorses Obama-Obama Has Just Won Michigan!
I don't know if this has been diaried yet, but I haven't seen it on the rec list, so here it is: From the ...
djtyg 06/11/2008 62 47 - 92
My Candidate Lost
In the Democratic Primary, my candidate lost. My candidate was about as progressive as you can get. Pro-choice, supports unions, a friend to the environment, and the list goes on. Unfortunately ...
djtyg 06/04/2008 5 4 - -
The Democratic Party (Finally) Stands Up To The Right Wing
Recently the DNC unveiled a new ad attacking McCain for saying that he wants American forces to be in Iraq for the next 100 years. McCain, predictably, isn't happy about it. The Repugs have asked ...
djtyg 05/02/2008 30 32 - 12
Obama! Run These Ads!
The ad begins with a clip of Rev. Wright screaming "Not God bless America, no! God damn America!" Then have a voiceover of a southern white woman in her mid 40's saying: "This is ...
djtyg 04/23/2008 23 11 - -
Leaked: George Stephanopoulos Interviews McCain!
Brave New Films got a hold of this footage of the upcoming ABC interview. I thought the interview was extremely thought provoking and ended the free pass that the media has been giving McCain. I ...
djtyg 04/20/2008 9 7 - -
ACTION ALERT: The Media Is Anti-Obama and Pro-McCain.  So What Are You Going To Do About It?
If you're watching MSNBC, you've been seeing two stories in regular rotation: 1. McCain talking about the gas tax. 2. Oprah losing support, supposedly because she endorsed Obama for President.
djtyg 04/15/2008 11 11 - -
On Burnout
Disclaimer: This post isn't directed towards any specific person. Trust me, I've been hearing this from just about everybody. A year ago liberal activists were in high spirits. We had just ...
djtyg 02/12/2008 63 48 - 20
Bill O'Reilly Insults Homeless Vets, Calls Them Junkies
For those of you who have been following the saga, Bill O'Reilly originally ripped into John Edwards for mentioning the plight ...
djtyg 01/19/2008 29 16 - 10
I'm Pathetic And So Are You!
Here I am, on Christmas Day, sitting in my bedroom on my laptop, pressing the refresh button 800 times a day while I try to find the newest recommended diary or front page post. What the hell am ...
djtyg 12/25/2007 13 8 - -
The Plan To Save The GOP: Keep Doing What You're Doing
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan Thaddeus McCotter (MI-11), aka Thinskinned McCrybaby, is head of the ...
djtyg 12/16/2007 8 8 - 3
The Strategy Of Idiots-In Response To thereisnospoon
This diary is in response to thereisnospoon’s excellent diary on the real reason the Democrats continue to give Bush his war funding (amongst their total ...
djtyg 12/13/2007 46 33 - 5
So Many Thanks, So Little Time
Dinga-dang-dong we’re the champions!
djtyg 11/28/2007 4 4 - 2
Can You Give $67 To Support The Troops? If So, Read On...
djtyg 11/24/2007 26 12 1 10
Two Years Ago-An Iraq Thanksgiving
djtyg 11/22/2007 17 7 - 4
Naked Girls and Beer!
Sorry for the title, but I posted a diary about this yesterday, only to see it flushed down the drain.
djtyg 11/12/2007 31 17 1 15
Read This And Help Support The Troops!
djtyg 11/11/2007 6 22 1 15
John Edwards vs. Hillary Clinton on healthcare
This is a diary in response to This is why Edwards is right, and Hillary is wrong on Health Care. There were many factual errors ...
djtyg 11/02/2007 72 10 1 7
The New Word: Republicon
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan (Sorry for the short diary, but I'm up past my night shift bedtime). Many of us ...
djtyg 10/05/2007 11 10 - 7
Melanie Morgan Insults Troops, Defends Rush Limbaugh
I wish I could say I was surprised, but on Hannity & Other Guy, Melanie Morgan was sent in to defend Rush's comments about "phony Soldiers". It looks like Melanie agrees with him. If you're ...
djtyg 10/03/2007 19 8 1 3
Union Songs For Our UAW Brothers And Sisters
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan Here's a collection of union songs for our UAW workers-and some good music for ...
djtyg 09/24/2007 18 11 - 5
We Knew It Would Happen, And We Were Right
We all knew what was coming with the troop surge. Bush would get to the point that he couldn’t sustain the surge any longer, pull out the 30,000 troops involved in the surge, and declare that ...
djtyg 09/11/2007 7 9 - -
Black Man Beaten By Whites, Then Arrested
It's not the Jena Six, but it's close. A black man was arrested after defending himself against a group of white men attacked him for having a white girlfriend: ...
djtyg 08/27/2007 74 49 1 20
"Thank You For What You're Doing For Us"
Crossposted at Blogging For Michigan This was given to me by Ian Chinich of Iraq Summer. There over in the Michigan's ...
djtyg 08/23/2007 6 13 - -
VIDEO: Rep. McCotter Runs Away From Iraq Summer
The video was taken from a camera phone so the quality is less than great, but it shows Rep. McCotter of Michigan's 11th Congressional District running away from Iraq War Protestors:
djtyg 08/15/2007 3 4 - 3
We Are NOT Michelle Malkin!
To my fellow Kossacks: About a week ago, a Soldier outed himself after controversy was brewed over his anonymous writings to The ...
djtyg 08/05/2007 32 18 1 -
DKos Blogger Being Bashed By Hometown Paper!  We Need Your Help!
If you don’t live in Michigan, you may not have heard of Bruce Fealk. But you might have read his diary in which he mentioned ...
djtyg 07/21/2007 22 19 - 35
ACTION: Help The Jena Six!
Last fall in Jena, the day after two Black high school students sat beneath the "white tree" on their campus, nooses were hung from the tree. When the superintendent dismissed the nooses as a "prank,"
djtyg 07/18/2007 8 18 - 30
New Poll: America Really, Really Hates Bush
I’ve bought a lot of great T-shirts from . One of my personal favorites says “According to the latest ...
djtyg 07/08/2007 8 9 - -
On Patriotism
Crossposted at "The peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only ...
djtyg 07/04/2007 2 14 - 142
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