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A Georgia girl's take on 10.2.10 march (with poll AND PICS)
Just got in a few hours ago, and I'm exhausted from all the walking and the long bus rides up and down. I've commented at a few diaries about my experience, so I'm going to start with a repeat of my ...
dkistner 10/03/2010 43 36 1 137
How will we recognize each other at the 10.2.10 march?
Thanks to my wonderful sponsor at, which DiegoUK put together, I'm going to be coming up to D.C. from Georgia on the Cobb County NAACP bus, arriving the morning of 10.2. I ...
dkistner 09/23/2010 25 22 - 220
Voter registration fraud in GA? Frustrated!
Okay, I'm starting to suspect there is some real voter registration fraud going on in Georgia. I am getting very frustrated, because I have a strong suspicion my vote is not being counted. I have ...
dkistner 09/07/2010 21 4 - 60
Still looking for a job? Are you qualified to teach AP science courses?
I just got an email from my brother David, who has been living and working in China now for years. He loves it over there. I don't know if it's kosher to post this kind of thing here or not, but if ...
dkistner 05/31/2010 16 12 1 29
Suggestion Box
This will be a short diary. I just woke up to read dengre's excellent diary (as well ...
dkistner 01/22/2010 6 3 - 15
To Chambliss/Isakson ( petition)
I wanted to shared with you the comments I added to the letter to my senators ...
dkistner 09/11/2009 7 2 - 22
"What's in the bill" debunked on David Scott's web site!
This is the email I just sent out to everyone in my address book, especially those I know who know a lot of wingnuts: I was at that Saturday morning town hall with my representative, David Scott, ...
dkistner 08/25/2009 8 23 - 35
Hey, if you don't have anything better to do...
You wanna get away from the tiring ruminations, laugh some, and have a little fun? A friend just sent me one of those "be afraid, be very afraid" emails about the swine flu, and I expect it's going ...
dkistner 06/27/2009 6 2 1 11
Help me. Have you lost a dear pet/companion?
My dear Juliet, a 13-year-old longcoat chihuahua who was diagnosed with Cushing's disease in 2001, died in my arms last night. She'd started going down, and I learned a few weeks ago that her Cushing'
dkistner 03/12/2009 115 43 1 14
What are you going to buy and why? What are your criteria?
I was replying to Anglico's short but excellent diary, Upper Crust or Dead Meat , and his tip jar, in which he asked us ...
dkistner 02/26/2009 79 12 - 43
I am SHOCKED! Pleasantly SURPRISED! There MAY be a future after all!
In the interest of self-disclosure, know that this could be construed by some to be a shameless plug for a new venture launched by my artist-student-son and his collaborators, ...
dkistner 02/12/2009 20 16 1 16
EVERYONE, please start growing food!
I just read something very disturbing. Here I've been thinking about myself and my family as I try to garden, but this alarming ...
dkistner 02/11/2009 196 58 16 88
Veterans, can you help us help homeless veterans? UPDATE
UPDATE: I moved the original intro to below the fold. Here I want to update what happened a few days after I called Rep. Allen Boyd's office. I got a call back from Michael, who told me he was going ...
dkistner 01/30/2009 17 19 1 89
Strategies for paying an upside-down auto loan (with poll)
After reading TylerFromNE 's diary yesterday, I'm rethinking my strategy for dealing with debt. Other than the fact that (when ...
dkistner 01/29/2009 88 1 - 89
THE BLUE SWEATER (a great book)
Here's my review that I just posted on Amazon of Jacqueline Novogratz' book, "The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World." I can't stop thinking about this ...
dkistner 01/02/2009 5 3 - 88
EFT and cults? [Rant-On]
I was gratified recently to find that my diary about telling veterans about EFT made the front page. There was some good discussion going on it, but then somebody posted a comment about how they had ...
dkistner 11/22/2008 16 5 2 43
Please tell all the veterans you know about EFT (Updated)
I posted this as a comment in answer to idahospud44's excellent, very disturbing diary (and comments), Bobby Sent Me a Human Ear in the Mail:
dkistner 11/15/2008 35 16 17 210
Sign Petition for International Election Observers
I just received an email from asking me to sign a petition to allow international election observers in to observe our election and ensure fairness. Here's the link if you'd like to go ...
dkistner 10/31/2008 4 10 - 1
OMDG! Saxby Chambliss is robo-calling FLORIDA! ***UPDATE***
I kid you not. I'm in Tallahassee, and I just got a robo-call from Saxby Chambliss, virtual hat in hand, "humbly" asking for my vote. (I admit that it felt good to yell at the recording, "When have ...
dkistner 10/27/2008 19 13 - 20
Just got a GREAT Robocall in Florida! How about you?
It was Jill Biden, with a very professional, to-the-point message urging me (if I hadn't already voted) to vote early and vote "all Democrats." (Good coattails work there, Dr. Biden.) But the best ...
dkistner 10/26/2008 24 15 - 1
A gift to Kossacks from my Republican sister
My sister (in Georgia) and I (in Florida) have had major political disagreements over the decades, but this year she early-voted for Obama. Not only that, she'll wake up at 3 a.m. worried about what ...
dkistner 10/19/2008 9 22 2 10
Are others here having scary nightmares, too?
I have nightmares extremely rarely. Like maybe one every ten years. But last night I had a TERRIBLE nightmare about this empty shell of a person who looked like a combination of Sarah Palin and ...
dkistner 10/18/2008 13 1 - 5
Amazon’s Kindle has something called NowNow, where you can send them a question about anything via your Kindle and you’ll get up to three answers “from real people.” This was ...
dkistner 07/14/2008 8 1 - -
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