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Hands Up/Don't Shoot: Occupy & Terrify
Our government is broke. We need to cut food stamps, Social Security, and make a profit off of student loans. Wars are expensive, and the defense budget needs more money because freedom god damn ...
dkmich 08/18/2014 14 24 2 -
Terrify and Occupy
Short and sweet, tell him to get the WAR and SPY toys the hell out of our communities. [Federal Officials Rethink Giving Excess Military Gear To Police
dkmich 08/16/2014 23 18 - -
NN14, Rev. Barber, and the snake line.
At Netroots Nation, many panelists and the awesome Reverend Barber told us dissent was good and necessary and had to be directed at both parties. They made the case for moral accountability ...
dkmich 07/20/2014 51 69 2 -
We are all right-wingers now....
Thomas Frank, What's the Matter With Kansas , interviews Adolph Reed, Jr., professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania and contributor to The Nation, on his essay in the ...
dkmich 03/09/2014 263 154 2 -
Here's Where You Can Get Arrested For DUI Weeks After Smoking Marijuana
A very interesting and eye-opening article from [HuffPo] on pot, legal or otherwise, and driving under the influence. Driving ...
dkmich 12/31/2013 36 18 - -
XL, Koch Brothers, & Third Way
Because global warming isn't bad enough.... What is at issue in the Keystone XL and Alberta tar sands matter and governmental policies that will determine whether the tar-sands oil will undercut the ...
dkmich 12/22/2013 51 17 1 -
Elizabeth Warren: Education Department Shouldn't Be A 'Lapdog'
Warren is the only one out there with a clue or a bat. No accountability in Washington, NSA, Pentagon, Education, DOJ, or any place else infiltrated and own by the Wall Street crooks. Time to ...
dkmich 12/06/2013 31 23 - -
While everyone's focused on XL.....
When a ruptured pipeline spilled 20,000 barrels of oil into a North Dakota wheat field last month, a state health official said it was “the best place it could’ve occurred” — far from ...
dkmich 10/25/2013 61 53 3 -
dkos needs to keep up with the group
I am certainly not a part of the social media generation, but even I know enough about Twitter to make dailykos and its content more effective. In two minutes, I found two prime examples of how ...
dkmich 10/21/2013 331 153 4 -
Sen. Bernie Sanders Will Be On Budget Conference Committee
Talk about waking up to good news on a beautiful and rainy fall day, this is it. Bernie Sanders is on the Budget Conference Committee. The only thing that could make it better would be Elizabeth ...
dkmich 10/19/2013 212 268 2 -
Nameless and Shameless
I saw this story in the Huffington Post, and I was disgusted and angered. I have been sending it to media outlets and posters on dailykos that do a much better job of writing than I do - ...
dkmich 09/19/2013 7 15 - -
End the War on Drugs
and quit turning out kids into criminals. [We are criminalizing more people faster than any country on the globe.] Since 2002, the ...
dkmich 07/18/2013 49 20 - -
John Roberts Shows Cold-Blooded Calculation In His Supreme Court Rulings
This [article] written by Howard Fineman for HuffingtonPost gives voice to the manipulation that is ...
dkmich 06/27/2013 16 18 - -
Nancy Pelosi Booed, Heckled Over Edward Snowden, NSA Comments At Netroots Nation 2013
As she spoke about the need to "balance" privacy and security, a man stood and yelled, "it's not a balance, it makes us less safe." The man continued to decry "secret courts," and staffers began to ...
dkmich 06/22/2013 561 166 2 -
Jobs - Help Wanted
I got this list from someone I know. If you are looking for a new job, here is an extensive list of positions available in SE Michigan. Please apply as directed.
dkmich 05/20/2013 3 5 - -
Need help: Adobe XI Standard
I need to merge several different files, word excel, pdf, into one PDF document. I also want to hot link the table of contents. What software should I use? I am no techie, designer, or desk ...
dkmich 05/01/2013 13 1 - -
Facebook Paid A Negative 40.4 Percent Tax Rate In 2012
Facebook isn’t the only company using such loopholes to lower its burden. Levin’s Senate subcommittee accused Apple, Google and Microsoft of dodging billions in taxes by using potentially ...
dkmich 04/11/2013 9 7 - -
Losing is losing, and I've had enough of it.
[How conservatives still run America, despite losing elections] Social security and gun safety are but ...
dkmich 04/06/2013 104 43 - -
As a species, we leave a lot to be desired.
I always donate to the Humane Society, and I do click on the link below daily to help feed shelter animals. It is free and easy to remember to do if you link it to your bookmark task bar. I ...
dkmich 03/25/2013 10 4 - -
Detroit's EFM: four tax liens in four years
It really can't get much funnier than this. Detroit, MI: As of Friday morning, recently-appointed Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr had two outstanding liens on his $1 million home ...
dkmich 03/16/2013 116 132 2 -
Snyder to appoint Romney as Detroit's EM?
Snyder is on TV as giddy as a 14 year old girl with a date with Justin Bieber. He says his candidate for the job of Detroit's Emergency Manager is "big". Speculation is running rampant all over ...
dkmich 03/04/2013 59 21 - -
This is too good an opportunity to miss.
On the front page, Joan McCarter posted the following diary: [What are your budget priorities? Tell the Senate Democrats
dkmich 02/01/2013 3 6 - -
Jennifer Granholm: Romney Stuck 'A Knife In Our Back' With Auto Bailout Opposition
dkmich 10/26/2012 9 23 - -
MI POLL - stick a fork in him
Metro Detroit is mainly comprised of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. Per the 2010 Census, they represent almost 30% of the state's entire population. Oakland County is Republican. Our ...
dkmich 09/19/2012 28 35 - 314
MI Labor Shortage
As the great recession threw millions out of work and into state employment and training offices, one thing became obvious. Labor market information from the state and the [Bureau of Labor Market ...
dkmich 03/11/2012 10 18 1 106
Dow Jones: Obama Wins
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared 62% since President Barack Obama took the oath of office during some of the darkest days of the Great Recession. The Dow was just below 8,000 then and ...
dkmich 02/18/2012 19 6 - 197
GM stock soars, workers get 7K bonus, and MI hands Romney his @ss.
OMG. Michigan's primary season is on, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The season kicked off this afternoon when Gov. Snyder personally showed up to endorse Romney at the Farmington ...
dkmich 02/16/2012 94 164 1 1023
"bin Laden's dead & GM is alive"
The Great Recession gave a knock out punch to an already struggling auto industry and thousands of MI engineers and IT people poured into the unemployment lines. Things were so bleak for so long ...
dkmich 02/05/2012 62 120 3 847
Need a Job and Affordable Housing?
There are jobs everywhere for engineers and IT in Michigan. If you have skills and need a job, Michigan is the place to be. The highest wages were reported in Auburn Hills, Michigan for ...
dkmich 12/11/2011 6 9 1 80
MI Teachers Recall Teabagger Nemesis
Hooray and one big attaboy to the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and teachers. They did what the Michigan Democratic Party and the rest of Michigan's unions are refusing to do, which is to ...
dkmich 11/09/2011 50 176 2 873
Meet the 0.01 Percent: War Profiteers
The real welfare queens in this country aren't old people, unions, or single moms. They're the .01%. Like parasites on a host, they are latched onto the taxpayer teat; and they don't intend to ...
dkmich 10/27/2011 13 12 - 72
2 Wed at Occupy Detroit
Today a couple, not encamped but sympathetic to the cause, tied the knot at Occupy Detroit in Grand Circus Park. The ceremony was performed by a local celebrity who produces a horror-movie TV ...
dkmich 10/22/2011 4 12 - 77
Taibbi clarifies his advice to OWS: Break up the banks!
Break up the Banks!
dkmich 10/15/2011 55 37 2 282
Taibbi: My Advice to WS Protestors w/update on picture
If anybody understands how corrupt Wall Street and our politicians are, it would be Matt Taibbi. When you have time, a colorful, emotional and informative read through his work is worth every ...
dkmich 10/13/2011 157 315 9 2299
100+ MI jobs, $30-60/hr.
There are 100 plus jobs available in [Plymouth] and [Holland], Michigan. Please feel free ...
dkmich 09/17/2011 5 13 - 158
More Meta - but w/a smile
dkmich 09/13/2011 11 5 - 135
Obama: the only case for bi-partisanship.
Well lo and behold this opinion piece written by an Australian and published in [aljazeera] actually makes Obama's case ...
dkmich 09/05/2011 10 9 - 135
TU is broken.
[On tip jars and auto-ban] was posted by Kos yesterday. If you missed it, please take the time to read the meat ...
dkmich 08/31/2011 362 64 4 1378
9/11: Ten Years Later, Americans Still Stupid and Vulnerable
I normally don't take the time to read or listen to things that pertain to 9/11. Thanks to Bush, Guilianni and a useless press, there isn't much written or said that I find worth my time. As 9/...
dkmich 08/28/2011 11 6 - 74
New York Attorney General Kicked Off Government Group Leading Foreclosure Probe
I encourage you to [read the whole article] for the twists and turns, but what it boils ...
dkmich 08/24/2011 390 373 7 2181
Taibbi: Democrats take a dive. (w/update)
As only Taibii can..... Now, Barack Obama has surrendered control of the budget to the Tea Party, whose operatives in congress used the same suicide-bomber tactic, threatening a ...
dkmich 08/01/2011 524 410 11 3190
Progressive Caucus Calls Emergency Meeting
This whole heist deserves a roll call vote on the record. If Obama can pass his grand bargain, let him. Call, write, email lobby the members of these two groups, and ask them whose side they're ...
dkmich 07/31/2011 282 307 6 2613
Free solar lighting in the slums of Manila
Ingenious project in the slums of Manila gives thousands of poor Filipinos solar light by sticking plastic bottles filled with water and bleach into the roof of their homes. You just have to check ...
dkmich 07/29/2011 18 22 1 85
Democrats to meet terrorists demands.
No puzzle here. Why accept 75% of the loaf when you know you can have it all. White House: Before Boehner walked, debt deal was close at hand Bob Cusack and Sam Youngman - 07/22/11 ...
dkmich 07/25/2011 31 16 - 176
Michigan Polls: Romney slight edge
Please check out the links. There's a lot more information behind them. [Michigan Democrats unhappy with party's failures, poll shows
dkmich 07/21/2011 30 4 - 111
General Motors: Made in the USA
[ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich.] — General Motors is trying to do what no other automaker has accomplished before — make money on ...
dkmich 07/16/2011 34 28 1 170
MI: Foster children would only be allowed to get clothing from second hand stores
Seriously, no one can make this kind of stuff up. It only goes to show that Republicans like Casswell belong in therapy and not in the legislature. Under a new budget proposal from ...
dkmich 04/24/2011 441 458 8 2364
Why Progressives Keep On Losing: Premature Exhilaration
This [article] was written by Richard (RJ) Eskow, Consultant, Writer, Senior Fellow with The Campaign for America's ...
dkmich 04/09/2011 155 28 3 258
Snyder, dismantling k-12
If education is sooooooo important to jobs and Michigan jobs are #1, why is Snyder destroying our K-12 schools, pricing 4 year degrees even further out of reach of Michigan's parents and children, ...
dkmich 03/27/2011 45 37 1 241
Snyder, sinking like a rock.
Public Policy Polling found that 50% of Michiganders disapprove of the job Rick Snyder is doing, compared to 33% who approve. He has sunk lower and faster than Walker in WI and Kasich in OH. His ...
dkmich 03/22/2011 292 420 5 2814
MI doesn't pay for teacher retirement
Rick Snyder can't wait to cut funding to Michigan's public universities and K-12 school districts. He is holding the community colleges harmless, which I find suspicious - but that's another story.
dkmich 03/19/2011 19 23 3 154
America's Shrinking Billionaire Class
The Forbes list revealed that the top ten wealthiest have a combined net worth of $406billion, up from $342billion in 2010.
dkmich 03/12/2011 18 22 1 182
More austerity for the unemployed..another safety net bites the dust.
First, they lost their jobs, then their unemployment checks and probably their homes. Now the government wants to take away their retraining money and kick them out of school. The ...
dkmich 03/05/2011 48 73 2 352
Feds award $8.4 million to help develop batteries for electric vehicles
The U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium LLC today awarded an $8.4 million development contract to Cobasys LLC in Lake Orion, MI for the development of electric-vehicle lithium-ion battery packs and ...
dkmich 03/03/2011 17 16 - 96
Workforce Development: Detroit market has 800+ tech jobs available
Detroit knows about income equality better than most, and its doing its best to keep manufacturing jobs in the US. Detroit now ranks as the fastest-growing metro area for technology jobs, ...
dkmich 02/20/2011 9 13 1 47
Workforce Development: 1000+ jobs in SE MI for IT, Engineers, Other (w/updates and thanks)
Engineers and IT pros who have left Michigan in search of work— it's time to come home! Out-of-state job seekers that cannot attend should forward their resumes to gentrym@...
dkmich 02/11/2011 118 242 6 466
Workforce Development:   Engineering & IT Jobs
As most of you know, the southeast area of MI got hammered by the recession and the automotive bankruptcies. Many of our dislocated workers left town with their families for new jobs in new states ...
dkmich 02/09/2011 19 9 - 239
How dare Detroit be seen in a positive light!
OMG, something good happened to Detroit, and the right wing is pissed. Mark Steyn, a conservative commentator filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Monday, used the radio program and Chrysler's Super ...
dkmich 02/08/2011 57 31 1 118
Workforce Development: The Ten American Industries That Will Never Recover
It has become clear that jobs in some industries may never come back or if they do it will take years or decades for a recovery. 24/7 Wall St. examined the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ ��
dkmich 02/06/2011 88 26 - 165
Workforce Development: dkos job board
Meteor Blades asked me to post a few diaries on jobs, careers, training, and free job placement and training resources. This is my third diary on this topic, and I invite you to participate. ...
dkmich 01/29/2011 59 38 3 176
Workforce Development: As goes GM, so goes the!
People are still losing their jobs. The economy isn't creating enough jobs fast enough, but! things are looking up. Google plans to hire 6,200 new ...
dkmich 01/27/2011 47 20 - 95
NYT:  Financial Meltdown Was Avoidable
Well, it seems everyone could have predicted. All the damage, all the money wasted, all the broken families and businesses, and it all could have been avoided.
dkmich 01/25/2011 38 35 - 103
Reich:  China is eating our lunch.
Robert Reich is a strong advocate for a fairer distribution of the wealth and writes many articles on the plight of the economy and American worker. He had some thoughts on Obama's big pow wow ...
dkmich 01/20/2011 69 20 - 82
No way in hell.
The problem is not only the staggering number of people who have lost their jobs, but the fact that many states entered the downturn with too little money salted away in the trust funds ...
dkmich 01/15/2011 67 37 - 65
Playing for Change....
The Inspiration [Playing for Change] is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. ...
dkmich 12/04/2010 28 15 - 53
Workforce Development:  Job Search and Training
The job market is tough; but with some good research and careful planning, you can be better qualified and more marketable for the [jobs that are out there
dkmich 08/28/2010 21 45 9 289
dkmich 11/25/2009 322 240 3 115
Stupak:  Lip stick on a Democrat
dkmich 11/07/2009 71 12 - 32
Selling of America
dkmich 04/10/2009 25 13 - 19
Obama forces Wagoner Out..Contracts only matter when they belong to WS
Apparently contracts and sacrifice from the people receiving taxpayer money are only off limits when it applies to Wall Street. I have no clue if Wagoner was good or bad or should have or shouldn'
dkmich 03/30/2009 1414 418 7 49
WS now wants to cut SS & Medicare because we can't afford it.
[ Guardian]: The classic definition of "chutzpah" is the kid who kills both of his ...
dkmich 01/18/2009 437 353 6 83
Social Security
Update: -Boomers screwed again?- I had to change the title. It was turning this into something generational and that was never meant to be. WTF. What does our [
dkmich 01/08/2009 164 15 - 35
Damn those welfare queens..
Am I talking about moms in mink coats driving Cadilacs and having babies for money? Nope. I'm talking about corporate welfare. Here is a close up look at the handouts that have been going on in ...
dkmich 12/14/2008 367 518 41 83
Workforce Development: One-stops
dkmich 11/28/2008 17 18 4 59
The Great Lakes: Trends and Impact.
[Cross posted at Dochdharma] The modern history of the Great Lakes region can be viewed as a progression of intensifying use of a vast natural resource. ...
dkmich 10/05/2008 22 17 1 10
Great Lakes:  Introduction
Physical Characteristics The Great Lakes - Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario – span more than 750 miles from west to east and are an important part of the ...
dkmich 09/28/2008 10 16 2 18
"Pompous, Self-Serving Son of a Bitch” Endorses McCain"
As the GOP primary battle waged, the wingnuts including Paul Weyrich opposed McCain with all of their holy rightousness and threatened to vote third party. Who is Paul Weyrich? ...
dkmich 09/17/2008 26 24 2 4
The Great Lakes:  fresh water seas
Over the course of history, many types of pollution have inflicted and been reduced in the region, yet significant challenges remain. These range from threats to divert water out of the Great ...
dkmich 08/30/2008 56 22 3 41
North Pole Stand-off
Canada, Russia, Denmark, Norway and the United States are squaring off over 1.2 million square kilometers (460,000 square miles) of Arctic seabed, thought to hold 25 percent of the world's ...
dkmich 08/24/2008 46 30 2 232
What a drag it is getting old.....
Michael Philip Jagger was born in Dartford, Kent on 26th July 1943. When he was 4 he met Keith Richards until they went into secondary schools and lost touch. But one day in 1960 they ...
dkmich 07/26/2008 32 19 1 32
What would you like to say to Stenny Hoyer?
dkmich 06/20/2008 56 9 - -
John McCain hates America.
The lobbying firm of McCain campaign manager Rick Davis acted in direct opposition to American foreign interests, which prompted a warning to McCain's Senate office from the United ...
dkmich 06/13/2008 6 7 1 -
Take this job and shove it.
[Updated Job Data Analysis - January 2001 to April 2008] From January 2001 to April 2008, only 3.8 million private-...
dkmich 06/07/2008 21 13 - 1
IT Professionals Need a Job?  
I routinely have access to jobs for IT, Engineers and other professionals. These jobs are full-time, permanent positions (not with a staffing company) in MI. There are no fees charged to the job ...
dkmich 02/19/2008 47 18 1 14
Obama, what you really need to ask.
Disclosure: I am an eclectic Independent supporting Edwards. Although race, religion, and age are a part of this diary, they are extraneous to the topic. The focus of this diary is unity and ...
dkmich 12/16/2007 204 5 3 13
Jane Hamsher on Obama
Disclosure: I support John Edwards, Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, and Russ Feingold for President. Warning: This diary has been rated R and may contain ICB (Insensitive Candidate Bashing) or ...
dkmich 12/05/2007 210 25 1 15
Different day, same ol'
[We need somebody to get in the race and challenge Democrats to be Democrats again.] This Jack Lessenberry article was ...
dkmich 06/21/2007 14 7 - 5
Dems broker deal with NRA.
Another deal has been brokered by the Democrats. This time, it doesn't make me want to run screaming out of the US and into Canada. The limited scope of this bill should be an example of how ...
dkmich 06/10/2007 71 27 1 10
Pelosi rescues big oil from alternative fuels.
The original diary was deleted by me. I was angry when I wrote it because I am sick and tired of the attacks on Michigan's unemployed. No one on this site would use "retard" or snarl at Katrina ...
dkmich 06/06/2007 153 8 - 4
Democrats Sold us Out
They sold us out on the war, immigration and trade. So how much is this immigration bill gonna cost you? As you read this, just remember that social security is going broke, and we can't afford ...
dkmich 05/22/2007 10 11 - 9
Rangel & Pelosi really pissed me off.
Yesterday, I read [Sirota's diary on trade]. I was furious that Pelosi and Rangel were cutting secret trade deals in the backroom with the biggest ...
dkmich 05/11/2007 77 35 1 12
What's that sucking sound?
40 million high-skill American jobs leaving for other countries. Alan Blinder, a Princeton economist, predicts that 40 million computer programming bookeeping, graphic deisgn ...
dkmich 04/20/2007 71 31 3 30
 Frost Belt is Irrelevent
[Michigan has become irrelevant] Written that campaign check yet to Hillary ...
dkmich 04/09/2007 97 22 - 22
Poll: Approval Rating Of Dem-Controlled Congress Sinks To 28%
This isn't good. A new poll finds that the approval rating of the Dem-controlled Congress is on the skids among not just Republicans, but Democrats, too -- and the pollster speculates ...
dkmich 03/20/2007 89 45 - 18
Boomers, Who We Are
We have had lots of demographic polling at dkos about who we are. The more extensive polls go into great detail to clearly define or describe the choices that are being laid out. From those polls, ...
dkmich 02/04/2007 211 21 3 8
Highway Robbery
[Big bucks on Wall Street stirs up outrage,0,1507173.story?coll=am-topheadlines] Goldman Sachs disclosed this week it paid CEO Lloyd ...
dkmich 12/31/2006 15 12 1 17
FYI: Moyers Return to Investigative Reporting on PBS in October
dkmich 09/10/2006 129 262 21 45
DKos History: The Pie Fights
dkmich 05/29/2006 185 15 9 141
The case for publicly fund elections for the House, Senate, and WH.
dkmich 05/06/2006 26 7 - 8
Hamiltonian Democrats.
Who are they? What are they planning as our future? Will you vote for one of them in 06? 08? Are you betting that global warming will destroy you before they do? Their plan for the working and ...
dkmich 04/23/2006 41 19 1 9
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